St Mirren benefit from recency bias


Celtic comprehensively destroyed St Mirren on 2 January, our last impressive performance against an SPFL club.  Since then, St Mirren have won three of their four games, conceding only once (to Newco).  Their last two wins, 0-3 at Easter Road and 2-0 home to Dundee, put them nine points ahead of their two city rivals and comfortably in fifth place in the table.

We should be aware of recency bias, though.  Before the winter break, St Mirren lost seven in nine games.  One of their wins since then was 1-0 at home to third tier Queen of the South in the last round of the Scottish Cup.  While Hibs were a close match for Celtic on Wednesday, their capitulation to St Mirren told more about their fragility than the victors.

Celtic’s loanee Kwon Hyeok-kyu has picked up a lot of the credit for St Mirren’s current form.  I am split between wanting to see how he performs against a top side and hoping his deal means he will be sitting in the stand tomorrow.

A few eyebrows were raised (including by me) when we signed the midfielder from the Korean second tier.  Although Brendan has yet to offer Kwon any gametime, I hear he thinks the player is a prospect.

Stephen Robinson had Saints press at Celtic Park earlier in the season.  After two wins, I expect nothing less on Sunday.  It should be an entertaining cup tie.

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year to all.



    “Xīnnián hǎo” (新年好),



    Let’s hope we are fired up and turn on the heat tomorrow .



    I predict Scales as MOM.



    HH. , the Lunar journey continues.

  2. GREENPINATA on 10TH FEBRUARY 2024 9:06 PM


    Happy Chinese New Year to all



    “Xīnnián hǎo” (新年



    Let’s hope we are fired up and turn on the heat tomorrow



    I predict Scales as MOM.




    😁As much as the like young Liam, I sincerely hope that hat-trick hero Kyogo is mom, tomorrow. Playing 442, with him behind maeda and Idah. Kyogo must start. Our season depends on Hart, O’Riley, mcgregor, kyogo, and hopefully soon, Taylor, CCV and Hatate. These guys turn up, we’re in a better place. Support the team.

  3. A wee trio of tunes from a brilliant band, ‘ The Isley Brothers




    The Isley Brothers – Who’s That Lady




    Isley Brothers – Behind A Painted Smile




    The Isley Brothers This Old Heart Of Mine




    Nite y’all



    Stay classy



    Tell your friends, they’ll like it.



    It’s good to be a Tim.







  4. FAIRHILL BHOY on 10TH FEBRUARY 2024 8:45 PM


    Bada- our board relies on the OF.



    The ‘Chairman ‘ admitted that,and negotiated a better TV deal for the huns when they got liquidated

  5. Bada 9.24pm



    I think the majority of the fan base do as well, ground full, I know local boozers when the game is played it’s ticket only .. supply & demand … whether we like it or not .. old club, new club or next club it’s an attraction .. and for all the fans who dismiss it as a new club, why get annoyed if they beat us or win a league…



    In my opinion am delighted I witnessed them being liquidated… wish my old man had lived to see it, but in my opinion it’s still the same hatred as their previous being



    Still think .. even though we all want more, we are still top of the league and I think Brendan will deliver this title

  6. I was at the Hartson and Sutton legends evening last week in Cork opera House and I think it’s fair to say that a majority of the audience were not enamoured about Brendan returning, but they were fully behind the team. I also remember a conversation with a fellow Celt on the boat home from the flag day game, against Aberdeen I think, and the comments made were that brendan needed us to rehabilitate his reputation after Leicester and would drop us again in a heartbeat if the right offer came along.



    At the risk of confirming my status as a board apologist,back of the bus, old firmest sheep I don’t see how the same board and Peter Lawell that drove Brendan away with their penny pinching could have fooled such an astute operator again by enticing him back and then failing him in the transfer window. My, admittedly uninformed, opinion is that either the players we wanted didn’t want us or we didn’t want the players that we could get.



    If someone has actual proof Peter Lawell and the board undermined our manager to pad their own bonuses then bring it on and I will light the first torch as we gather in the car park.

  7. Owen 9.53pm



    Why would any Celtic fan undermine Celtic for the Huns …



    online fantasy fae …. whoever

  8. GFTB



    My point exactly.



    Brendan returning was not my preferred option but I love Celtic and if he brings success I will tolerate his presence but I will not buy into his “Celtic man through and through” male bovine excretia again.

  9. Owen 10.03pm



    Totally agree .. Celtic is more important than all of us :-)



    Tell that Dena29 (hope I have got the correct connection) I hope all is well 🍀

  10. GFTB



    Spot on Dena is my wee big sister.



    She and I bought our season tickets and shares together and have seen some ups and downs in all the years we have been travelling to games, but we have never seen success like this.



    Since I moved to Cork I don’t get over as much but my daughter has recently been to few games with me and seems to have caught the Celtic bug. Which is nice.

  11. Owen 10.13pm



    Brilliant 🍀



    Glad I got that right …



    I was bit worried my daughter might have strayed to the dark side as her mum & 2 big sisters follow every club fae Govan … Covid was shoite for many but watching the games with me has made her such a wee Tim… walking by her bedroom with “graffiti on the walls” blaring … I just nodded quite content … I have actually read a few posts out to her from CQN and she said … “dad do they people even like Celtic”



    And “your just as bad as them for posting as well”



    Out of the mouths of children 🍀🍀

  12. Jimtim 10.34pm



    Morton at home (so they can cook the books)



    But if they get Morton young (ex-Celt) Ryan Mullen will keep them out



    He was up for it last season but the Morton manager brought in Jamie MacDonald (ex-Hearts) when the draw was made …



    Ryan is an ex-Celt but a massive Celtic fan 🍀🍀

  13. GFTB



    My girl has no memory of her first game, Inverness Caledonian Thistle, other than it was cold, November so right. Sometimes when she talks about games and results she sounds like the Soccer guy. Love her to bits mind

  14. ZIGGYDOC1 on 10TH FEBRUARY 2024 9:17 PM



    Deep down I really hope Kyogo will spectacularly regain his scoring touch.


    But Scales has been unexpectedly commendable and firely for us and since it is the year of the Dragon I plumped for him.



    Incidentally, one train of thought is that Huntolopers on CQN and Dragons are both myth.



    Cheers and HH.

  15. Owen 10.40pm



    My wee yins first game as a kid was Broonys testimonial.. Johnbay from here got us the tickets .. she then went to a few games with the Kano Foundation through her primary school … (the Kano foundation are so important to our young fans who couldn’t attend Celtic Park) and Owen lastly me & her went to James Forrest testimonial… whit a day, father & daughter with many memories ..



    We should enjoy every minute we have of Celtic 🍀

  16. Greenpinata 10.44pm



    If you think every poster that posts is a Celtic fan



    No wonder you want more oil & gas out of the earth

  17. Anyone on here know why those employed at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) adjusted the 1943-1945 temperatures downwards at Los Alamos, New Mexico by more than two degrees?



    The only reason i can think of is they believe that the scientists who built the first atomic bomb were reading the thermometer incorrectly.

  18. G F 11.44pmm



    Much like the Celtica internet




    Never believe the words you read



    Just concentrate on the league table

  19. GFTB



    As Fairhill bhoy asked, please name the Huntolopers on here.



    As for wanting more oil and gas out of this earth. Not me, however I want a just transition away from Fossil fuels in the UK not a knee jerk reaction.



    I would wager the clothes/ nightclothes you are currently wearing were manufactured using a by product of oil and gas.



    I would definitely suggest, the phone, tablet or computer you typed your post on was a by product of oil and gas.



    I know the TV you watch is a by product of oil and gas.



    I am interested in protecting workers and communities as we switch our energy sources.



    Your glib comment is so ignorant of the fact that many countries rely on oil and Gas and economic diversification is a pipe dream to many.



    Education education education.

  20. GP 12.43am



    A wee bit like nearly every post you try and have a dig at the SNP …it’s soooo obvious



    Obviously you have made more money than a wee minion like me will ever earn



    As for the glib comments … have a wee look in any mirror mate …



    Not sure if you have any kids but am afraid this world we live in isn’t just about the here and now .. by the way am not the only poster who has mentioned hunterloopers … if you think every poster is a genuine Celtuc fan fair pay :.. going by your politics maybe they are just like your good self



    But I guess ..: it’s all about the money