St Mirren benefit from recency bias


Celtic comprehensively destroyed St Mirren on 2 January, our last impressive performance against an SPFL club.  Since then, St Mirren have won three of their four games, conceding only once (to Newco).  Their last two wins, 0-3 at Easter Road and 2-0 home to Dundee, put them nine points ahead of their two city rivals and comfortably in fifth place in the table.

We should be aware of recency bias, though.  Before the winter break, St Mirren lost seven in nine games.  One of their wins since then was 1-0 at home to third tier Queen of the South in the last round of the Scottish Cup.  While Hibs were a close match for Celtic on Wednesday, their capitulation to St Mirren told more about their fragility than the victors.

Celtic’s loanee Kwon Hyeok-kyu has picked up a lot of the credit for St Mirren’s current form.  I am split between wanting to see how he performs against a top side and hoping his deal means he will be sitting in the stand tomorrow.

A few eyebrows were raised (including by me) when we signed the midfielder from the Korean second tier.  Although Brendan has yet to offer Kwon any gametime, I hear he thinks the player is a prospect.

Stephen Robinson had Saints press at Celtic Park earlier in the season.  After two wins, I expect nothing less on Sunday.  It should be an entertaining cup tie.

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  1. GP 12.43am



    Since no response we will agree to disagree



    In my opinion you love your wee conservative / Labour world …



    Aye … oil & gas has helped Scotland … only on a tory voters mind

  2. GP



    I take it you have now fell asleep dreaming of Brexit and a great unionist future ahead …



    Still find it strange you haven’t asked others to do an Ally McCoist and name names … such a Hun trait



    I thought a (Celtic) blog was just all about Celtic opinions … I suppose unless those Celtic opinions don’t suit others Celtic opinions ….



    Sometimes on this Celtic blog I feel far removed from some other Celtic fans ….



    Especially the oil, gas & tory fans …



    Trust me … we have far more fans that are just like our board than many realise



    On that note …



    Sleep well fellow Tim’s … 100% behind Brendan 🍀

  3. GFTB,



    Enjoy your night.



    Later on today, I would like to see us play three at the back and Kyogo and Ideh up front.. I can only hope..


    We need goals from open play.




  4. GP 2.02am



    Totally agree … although main thing is we are in the draw …



    Pretty sure most is us just want Celtic winning




  5. Every game from now is a cup final. I am sure Brendan and the bhoys know this and will want to rise up to the challenge. I like the idea of three at the back and two forward, Calmac can stay deeper if his legs need a rest.



    New Zealand went from a progressive if not maybe too aspirational centre left government to an Atlas network alt right flat earth big oil big tobacco business round table right wing government. So far they have kicked the Hornets nest by trying to redefine the Treaty with the minority Maori, reversed the ban on new oil and gas and provided tax breaks for tobacco companies. They haven’t done anything but spin so far but sadly too many take the populist view, it’s a scary conspiracy world out there.



    I think that the transition from oil dependency to renewables will take time, maybe even two steps forward one back at times but we will eventually get there. We have too.



    One game at a time. St Mirren away is not an easy cup game. Strongest team out there and get the magic back. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

  6. Good happy matchday morning from a chilly but dry 2 degree Garngad.



    Much to do before game time, shower, grandsons footy, take my very tolerant wife for messages and maybe treat her with a bit of jewellery for valentines day.



    Then no pub for game today, guys coming into mine with my family coming up as well.



    3 – 1 The Bhoys



    On the fossil fuel stuff I think we would all do more if it was cheaper but it is just as dear, for instance buying an electric car, extortionate then charging it extortionate. Solar panels extortionate for someone who is nearly 60 I would need to live to 100 with the debt to pay back. I even got a price for new windows ffs they guy wanted £16K he got show n out of my house.


    I know a few window fitters and will give them the cash.



    I think yet again Governments are ripping the pish out of of it and certainly car manufacturers and electricity companies are.



    Anyway that’s for another day.



    H H



    Let’s get the power of Possitive Mental Attitude behind the team.. think win and win well.






    D. :)

  7. Glaikit Glibby fae the brig supports anti women and girls fascists cause krankie told him to lol



    Global warming is a con just like Covid and the fakeugee invasion.



    When`s Indy day ya banger?



    Wee androgynous arsehole krankie said it was gonna be last October then she sneaked away with all your money after killing all the old people with midazolam which is used to kill death row prisoners in the states ya muppet lol



    Celtic died in 2012 when they souled out to the Old Firm which is more important than Celtic.



    No Old Firm and the park was half empty…60,000 empty heads era rools ya bass!

  8. Just seen the Goldstein late challenge and leg breaker on an Ayr utd player.



    Shocking there is a linesman, Colum and var it can only be cheating that he never even received a yellow never mind a red.



    D. :)

  9. Not caught up with the football from yesterday. Full on day at the rugby.



    Gutted at Scotland being totally robbed by a weak ‘letter of the law’ interpretation and ultimately by an indecisive Irish clown who apparently runs a business coaching decisive leaders.



    Scottish rugby seems to constantly be victims of really crap refereeing. Maybe it’s the wee country thing but that was so bad yesterday. Still the Aussie ref and the Irish TMO will no doubt get plaudits as they seem to and we will moan and the score won’t change.



    Celtic need to take the officials out of the equation to secure the double this next 17 games. Today will show us if the team are up to it. Next week will show if the support is willing to align behind them or want to let their egos desire to self combust win.

  10. I still do not know any Celtic supporter who does not want the team to win every game.



    Some would like change at boardroom level but the team to keep on winning.



    Are people so thick they cannot get that into their mixed up head or is it loyalty to Peter and Mark and the rest.



    Anyway as my earlier post said 3 – 1 to the tick and a good performance we can discuss the rest later.



    D. :)

  11. 418 / Kev



    Nae bother mate …



    Canny rage yiu setiois .. you don’t even support Celtic… canny even remember any actual fitba posts fae the McQuade (sic) multi monikers



    At least your well enough to keep posting all your shoite … must be lonely in that heid of yours



    Any win will do today … but we are going to hammer somebody soon. I would be more worried when we aren’t creating chances



    (Kevin give us a wee fitba post, if you can)



    Hail Hail 🍀

  12. Canny take you serious (the above should read)




    Although surely even you knew that I meant Mr McQ

  13. BURNLEY78 on 11TH FEBRUARY 2024 8:43 AM



    I thought the ref, overall, was fair and, as I understand the clear and obvious rule, he didn`t have any real choice other than to say he didn`t see the ball being grounded.


    My own view was that it must have been but I didn`t actually SEE it touch the ground so would have to say it wasn`t `clear and obvious`.


    It was a good game, though and Finn Russell is a class act.

  14. Morning Celts



    Game day and no better feeling,time to support the Celtic,God Bless Them



    Cheers to GreenockCsc for the TommyBurns supper on Friday,great night with class Celts


    Thank You







  15. David 66



    Maybe I am thick or not as clever as you ? I absolutely owe no loyalty to anyone where Celtic is concerned. I have more than paid my dues this past 62 years at every stage.



    I can’t stand criticism from a position of ignorance and folks not knowing the full facts before jumping to tabloidesque conclusions. Eg £70m in the bank at a peak point being trotted out as nauseum and chat that folks who are not bonus driven get bonuses for this. Absolute shite like that bugs me and is totally divisive within the support.



    As for folks shouting about sacking boards. This is fine by me if the same folks have anything resembling something that really will make Celtic better to suggest ? But I have not seen anything like that.



    To me it’s like I don’t want this but I don’t know what I do want so I will destroy this and hope something better happens. That is not helpful and likely to improve things.



    Man the barricades if you have a plan which has credibility by all means. If not then you are simply handing the initiative to a pretty weak opponent.



    From what I can see there is no one who has put forward suggestions of an alternative strategy for our club nor even better signings we really could have made in the winter window.



    If it suits you and you really think creating further discontent right now and backing so called protests will help us win the league then I personally I feel you are misguided.

  16. bournesouprecipe on

    If ever there was a time for a change in format after Brendan’s ‘freshening up’ in midweek it would be now. A very tired ‘system’ has seen us struggle in all three matches since the break, but a tricky away game Cup tie isn’t the time or place for experiments .Tired system, previously great when you’re free scoring.



    Reckon Brendan will have a five Hart Ralston Welsh Scales Bernabei, two CB’s as per, same midfield O’Riley, McGregor, Bernardo, the ‘ forwards ‘ less predictable. Talking point will be Kyogo to resume his place or return from the bench. A real change would be Kyogo and Idah both starting. Kuhn didn’t exactly inspire at Easter Rd, so Palma might replace him. Brendan favours Daizen Maeda at all costs, so reckon he’ll start.



    Arguably the most important game to win, (there’s no drawn game today) from a potential season defining sequence in part two of the campaign. Still in the cup at time up, will do.

  17. BSR



    Many of us (fans) probably do not appreciate Daizen, but every opposition team are terrified of him, I think he is a cert to start… probably won us the game in first 10mins on our last visit to paisley (nearly wrote love street) … would love to see Kyogo & Idah both start, but Brendan will stick with one striker, and no way Brendan will bench our 2 goal match winner from the other night… so think Kyogo will be on the bench to start with

  18. onenightinlisbon on

    DAVID66 on 11TH FEBRUARY 2024 8:55 AM


    I still do not know any Celtic supporter who does not want the team to win every game.



    Totally agree. Maybe some of those on here who immediately label anyone who has a different opinion to them a hun should take note…..

  19. Morning all.






    Just caught up with your post from last night.



    I’m just back in from a game of silent tennis, it’s the same as real tennis but without the racket, :) :)




  20. BELMONTBRIAN on 11TH FEBRUARY 2024 10:51 AM





    Is that right ?



    I had a Girl friend who played Tennis…………Her name was ANNETTE.






    HH Mate.

  21. Happy Birthday to ADAM IDAH who is 23 Today.



    The Celtic new Bhoy is 25/1 to score a Hat Trick today with BET365.


    I took that bet…..however, I then noticed that IDAH is odds of 33/1 to score a Hat Trick today with BETFRED….So I took a bet on that also.



    Go on young man….be a hero !




  22. bournesouprecipe on




    Yip, a steal at £1.6M still only 26. If only every Celtic signing gave such good value and service. I also think it’s one or the other striker for BR, with Kyogo again on the bench.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    St Stivs – yesterday.



    Thank you for share information links.




  24. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Re. the rugby – in my book any team that goes out not to lose deserves to be beaten.



    Neither team deserved to win yesterday and I’m glad i watched it from the comfort of my couch as I’d have been mightily pissed off if I’d shelled out for an exorbitantly priced ticket to witness that second half.



    I was at The Hive on Friday night to watch the U20 game. Far better entertainment.

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Our board relies on the OF.






    FB, actually they don’t.



    And have said as much …. without mentioning the OF words as it happens.



    Unfortunately a proportion of our fans rely on the OF.



    Including two distinct groups (whose demographic may or may not overlap).



    Those who did not buy season tickets during Sevco’s first four years of existence.



    Those who are absolutely terrified that the big blue bogey man is comin’ !

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good news on the Frimpong front.



    Jeremie getting lots of attention.



    I have no clue how DoFs or managers think …. but I’d be amazed if no one triggers his €40m release clause in June.



    If they do? Good for us.

  27. Was it the “data dudes” or Neil Lennon who signed Frimpong ?



    Funnily enough I thought he was a terrible defender but going forward pretty good … (shows what I know)



    Although maybe some other fans might have thought he was too “wee” :-)



    Really hoping we get a couple of early goals today, like rugby park & pittodrie both games should have been done / won by halftime … we are going to skelp somebody soon



    Hopefully big Idah gets big Jimmy his 33/1 up in the first half :-)

  28. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    No intention of subscribing to Viaplay so any recommendations for watching the game in Edinburgh?



    I watched the Buckie game in Malones, but their choice draught lagers is dreadful.



    Much appreciated.

  29. GFTB,


    Same old guff about Maeda.When was the last time he terrified any team.When was the last time he used his mythical pace to go by any full back and deliver a good cross?.He has one huge drawback,he is brainless.The one that really put the tin hat on it for me,was against Lazio,Celtic Park.Put clear on his own,defender chasing behind.Instead of boring in on goal,across the defender,better chance scoring or pulled down for penalty,he hit the ball in the direction of the GB,away from goal,then hit a trundling effort,from impossible angle 10 yards by far post.Brainless.Balloons attempted crosses out of play,some behind the goal,his speciality,out of play,far side.An impostor.This,he runs about a lot nonsense.Done nothing whatsoever at Hibs..Done nothing against the scum last time.A man down in most games,at the time we can least afford it.


    The King with no clothes.

  30. Some good news today.Keevins has severe doubts we win today.Also writing us off for the League.In total thrall of the magnificent undead creature at Ibrox.


    H,mm,sounds like he could be posting on here.


    Will the real Slim Keevins please stand up.


    The Double is on.

  31. Turkeybhoy



    I do get what your saying but surely Ange, Brendan and the Japanese manager know a bit more than us, I actually like listening to Andy Halliday on SSB and he has continually said both Daizen & Kyogo terrify our opponent’s… I do get your frustration with Daizen but personally I would rather have him as an option than not



    All about opinions :-)