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    Every time I see M.J on the ball, I hear in my head Del Amitri’s “Nothing ever Happens”.

  2. We are trying to go through the middle every time. It is not working. Why don’t we go round the outside and cut it back?


    Johnston screws up again. Useless.

  3. About this point, and in the same situation, the MIB would conjure up a penalty for the Zombie Club.

  4. Lots of football to be played and reinforcements to come but I’m concerned that six points might be a bridge too far.



    We can worry about the performance later – we just need a goal.

  5. close – keep pressing celtic they will make mistakes a they tire – need conviction when chances arrive !

  6. to get a penalty , we need to attack the box and commit defenders. haven’t done it since MJ shot on 15 mins