Stomach knots, dig deep Dave


Do you remember the knot in your stomach when we were five points behind in the league race, when every game was a ‘must win’ event? Five points is a substantial gap, eight is huge. I seriously doubt Derek McInnes reckons Aberdeen have a remote chance of winning the league, but should the gap increase to eight points tomorrow, he could be excused if he gets carried away for a moment.

Celtic will win the league but only because they will improve and win important games, like tomorrow’s against Hearts. The knot’s back in my stomach; we need the win. Although Hearts are not the league challengers this season, the scenario mirrors their visit to Celtic Park a decade ago, when they were the last non-Glasgow club to open the league season with a flurry of wins.

Resist, resist, we must resist

300 years and the tune never changes. Newco chairman, Dave King, proclaimed, “This application will be strongly resisted”, as he confirmed Charles Green has been to court to enforce the contract which, apparently, obliges Newco to pay his legal fees for actions in connection with the club, a liability which was recorded in Newco’s 2012 IPO prospectus.

King seemed to confirm Green had a good case by telling journalists Green’s legal difficulties concern his time “his time as an officer of the Club”, closing speculation on one possible angle of defence.

There’s nothing unusual in this clause in Green’s contract. Company directors can be held criminally liable for acts of corporate wrong-doing. They can be fined or jailed for actions carried out by their staff, even without a direct instruction. If you are a company director, it is your responsibility to ensure Health and Safety regulations are enforced and appropriate, and that actions by the company are not criminal.

In the event a criminal charge is levelled against a director (or former director) of a company for acts carried out by, or on behalf of, the company, directors will seek the assistance of the company in preparing and funding their defence.

This is how business is conducted and the responsibility of the non-executive directors to ensure that the actions of directors are consistent with the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders (in this instance fans).

If Green holds a contract, Kings will know his protests are empty bluster. I see estimates of legal fees in the region of £500k. There will be no change from £500k on this one, not even close. That figure might cover the photocopying costs. Dig deep, Dave.

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  1. Just catching up and the response and compassion shown by one Tim to another on here from HTs post through to Olivia,KevJ and others is why im proud to be a member of the Celtic and CQN families.



    till later all

  2. GG,



    I also had a wee smile at that sentence.



    Did my heart good because the knots have started for me about tomorrow’s game. I seem to get worse the older I get. I think it is because I started watching in the 50s and there were so many let downs.



    I hope we’re both smiling tomorrow evening.



    And Bitton must start. Imo, he is a different sort of player to Wanyama but if they were playing together, we would have some midfield.

  3. Aberdeen out of Europe at first hurdle.



    Aberdeen out of League Cup at first hurdle.



    One game each week until Christmas and very few players on International duty.



    No need for them to struggle on more than one front until the Scottish Cup starts next year.



    Should we be smelling something?

  4. bigyininmilan



    In a surprisingly positive turn for me, I will say ‘yes …. its called success’.

  5. BigYinMilan on 25th September 2015 2:13 pm



    Given Aberdeen’s finances it’s highly unlikely they want to be out of any competitions at all.

  6. BIGYINMILAN on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2015 2:13 PMAberdeen out of Europe at first hurdle.  Aberdeen out of League Cup at first hurdle



    Not sure if you are up to speed mate,since Sevco got pumped by St Johnstone on Tuesday,getting beat is a great thing to happen to you.HH

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Three things really cost Aberdeen a real chance last season – a poor start, a poor finish and losing all four games against us. They have already overcome two of those this season.


    That’s not to say they won’t trip up somewhere else of course.





    You’re an absolute waste of time,ya tease. You promise to come over and meet the troops,at great expense,and a last minute no show.



    We were all looking forward to meeting this lovely and talented lass of yours,an exchange of minds was on the cards.



    But no.



    Spring,you say?



    Easter 2016?




  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Who was responsible for the restoration of JW Madden’s grave? I was in Prague on holiday in July, but unfortunately only learnt about “The Father of Czech football” on my return. Do you know where the grave is exactly? Great post, thank you.

  10. McInnes knows to win the league and to be Champions he needs his team to come to Glasgow and get two results against us, they’ll drop daft points and so will we but the head to head last season wasn’t even the difference between us.



    The head to head this season will influence it but I think the depth of our squad will see us through injuries and suspensions, will Aberdeens? Doubt it and if they take one point from us in Glasgow they will be doing well.



    Bring it on I say you dastardly Sheep..

  11. Good afternoon Tim land. just managed to join and hope to contribute in the future.


    What ‘The People’ don’t understand is that while they cheated for years all other teams and supporters were cheated too. It’s was a league of many teams competing, not just ‘The People’

  12. CultsBhoy likes living wage hates heated driveways on

    Be interesting to see how AFC respond… Also Ronny needs to get Commons going





    Strangely I was talking about him-and Gil Heron-earlier today.



    BRT&H did a marvellous wee tale about the tie-in with Lubo,Dr Jo and Mr Madden.



    And you know what?



    I canny find it!



    Having said that,trawling his archives is time well spent…

  14. Don’t even know who or what is Silesia. My ignorance not yours.



    But a warm welcome to you, no matter what clique you are in.



    HH to you.

  15. Officer of the club,…………….


    not the company………………………….?




  16. Hail Hail Bhoys and Ghirls and thanks for the welcome. Not many of them where I live, Wroclaw in Poland. Although I did have a laugh when I did notice one worky weary the deeead company strip from many years ago!



    Celtic Bars needs to be updated! I cant find a single Celtic pub in the whole place!





    Zkxwebrxtijktjmner,so of course.



    Alternatively our Polish correspondent may be able to help.



    I think that’s Katowice way,so maybe not. But you’re looking for Zbyszek. That’s the man.

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    The longer Aberdeen are top the more pressure it will bring them. Teams will want to beat them more.


    Also, they have an advantage over us in that teams defend against us home and away. Against Aberdeen teams attack at home.


    Maybe the Hearts game where they were good on the counter-attack will make teams more cautious against them (at home) and hence more difficult for them.

  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    It says on Wiki that it is an old part of Prussia.



    You aren’t a currant bun SILESIATIM, are you?



    RightOfPassage CSC

  20. Silesia is in Poland.



    Well it was the last time I looked!



    Welcome to SILESIATIM.



    Ur ye btw?




  21. West End of East End on

    Had to Google Silesia as well and still not sure if it’s in Germany, Poland or Czech..



    Are you a hun ?

  22. BMCUWP thank you


    Zbyszek – I’m sure is from Warsaw, if I remember correctly from previous posts :)


    I’ve been reading here for many years and luckily (thank you Paul) I’ve now managed to get a username.

  23. hehehe, I don’t think anybody has ever asked me if I was a current bun! Born and brought up the good old fashioned Celtic way (from Glasgow originally).

  24. Paul67 et al



    The more I think about it the more I think the blogger JohnJames has Dave King’s number. King is down on virtually every front moneywise, whose best hope is some kind of payout or dividend from BDO, a possibility at the moment as remote as Craig Whyte’s erstwhile £billions. Back in 2012 Dave King threatened to sue David Murray for the £20 million he ‘invested’ in RFC in 2000. The threat, and here is the funny part, was over Murray’s use of offshore EBTs to pay players and employees, a practice which led to the ‘Big Tax Case’ claim from the HMRC. At the time Duff & Phelps dismissed the claim, and seemed to question the nature of King’s investment twelve years earlier. Since when of course BDO have listed King as an unsecured creditor for that very same £20 million. Now, serious question, does anyone on here know the actual process through which King ‘invested’ in RFC? Was it a Joe Lewis style investment from the late 1990s, was it some form of underwriting, or was there some kind of share issue in 2000? There was one in 2004 we know about that, for £50 million, which nobody took up, apart from MIH as it turned out. What type of ‘investment’ is King’s claim based on?





    You must be a glutton for punishment,bud.



    But welcome to the madhouse!

  26. West End of East End on

    Googled the football teams in Silesia to see if I’d heard of any of them, nope. Will need to wait until they put St Johnstone out next season….

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