Strain-related injury, the Belgian travels


With Leigh Griffiths and Moussa Dembele both approaching full fitness, the continued absence of Odsonne Edouard for the trip to Lithuania should not be too much of a concern, but the fact that our three strikers have all missed games due to strain-related injuries should give the fitness team matters to consider.

There is no surprise the Belgian will travel for the game against Suduva.  He can make his return to the team far away from all but a few fans.  After this game, the two remaining fixtures before most of Europe’s transfer windows close are at home, to Hamilton and Suduva.  If the result in the away European game goes well, I suspect we might not see much of our World Cup hero.

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  1. Either PL goes or he accepts he has a training issue and enrols on a course to rectify his deficiencies in recruitment. Also I wonder what professional recruitment qualifications and recruitment courses Mr Congerton has.


    Referring to our one experienced quality centre half as “the Belgian” is beneath you,Paul.

  3. If our EL group participation is reliant on an error prone, huffy Belgian centre half then we are in bigger trouble than would appear.


    If a back three of Lutsig, Ajer, KT cant get us through a 2 leg tie with Sudova then our problems go far deeper than signing a centre half.

  4. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 21st August 2018 1:08 pm





    We must have reduced the criteria. Best, arguably, but that’s more to do with neglect and negligence in that area.

  5. Transfer window ( so far ) ( in order of importance ) players all linked away from Celtic by MSM



    Keiran Tierney retained long term improved contract



    Moussa Dembele retained pending new improved contract



    Olivier Ntcham retained pending new improved contract



    Kris Ajer retained long term improved contract



    Tom Rogic retained long term improved contract



    Leigh Griffiths retained pending new improved contract



    James Forrest retained pending new improved contract



    Scott Sinclair retained



    Craig Gordon retained



    New players signed to date



    Odsonne Edouard ( club record signing )



    Lewis Morgan (Scottish wonder kid )



    Emilio Izzaguirre ( Honduran wonder kid )



    Daniel Arzani ( Australian wonder kid )



    Revolving Door?



    Dedryk Boyata



    Ryan Christie



    Scott Allan



    Cristian Gamboa



    Marvin Compper

  6. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    I’m with Paul67 on The Belgian.



    Personally, I’ve never been a fan of his, too many errors.



    As someone who watches Scotland, I’m not a fan of Scott McKenna either.



    Glad I just hit a keyboard and don’t make football decisions!

  7. traditionalist88 on

    Boyata quality hahaha



    At least you still get a laugh on here, intentional or otherwise!




  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Didn’t Van Dijk – ahem – “miss” a game against Dundee when he didn’t get a move in 2014?


    Came back in the next game and we ended up getting £20m for him.

  9. hankray on 21st August 2018 12:30 pm



    Timaloy29……………….maybe after a trip to Lourdes for Marvin C





    Haha brilliant



    Still, it’s not impossible the big lad will get on his feet again.

  10. Bet you Boyata isn’t the first transfer seeking Celtic player to refuse to play and he won’t be the last.



    We can villify him, abuse him and send to the youths or the stand and he signs a pre-contract in January or we can play him and recoup a half decent fee before the end of the month.



    It’s not personal, just business.



    Meanwhile we sign another CB but, please God, not Bruma or McKenna.

  11. Paul67 et al



    I expect a holier than thou attitude from many on here today following that particular leader Paul. Is Big Pete still upset at Brendan foiling the best laid plan of mice and men?


    Of course we could always take Marvin (“Morton”) Compnner over to Sudova with us, if only somebody could recognise him that is!

  12. I’m with BMCUWP, disparaging Boyata is understandable but calling him ‘the Belgian’ as a means to do so is poor.

  13. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 21st August 2018 11:11 am










    Close season has sure been a pantomime,bud.






    I was just saying, this is probably the worst time to try and sign McKenna. Why weren’t we interested when we signed Jack Hendry? He’d have been much cheaper then

  14. glendalystonsils on










    Nice one Paul67







    HookLineAndSinker CSC




    67 ways to catch a haddie.



    Speaking of which, what has £10m for McKenna got to do with the price of fish?

  15. I think P67’s reference to ‘The Belgian’ is telling us that the CEO wishes him gone, sold, but the manager is yet to be convinced an adequate replacement will be bought.


    Given all that’s happened regarding recruitment this summer, I think the manager has a point.

  16. CQN headline….






    Bit clickbaity for me……



    Celtic news not lazy journalism?

  17. glendalystonsils on

    DILLIGAFBHOY on 21ST AUGUST 2018 1:32 PM


    See you ya, ya, ya Belgian ye!!



    I thought you were gonnae tell us we’re signing yaya Toure!-))

  18. timaloy29 on 21st August 2018 1:30 pm



    He had hardly broke through into the Aberdeen team by January window (first game was v Motherwell in September). Since then he’s become an international and captained his country (albeit in a meaningless tour game with most of the squad missing).

  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    Currently which Celtic centre half was the subject of a reported £9m bid from Fulham (big money in our terms),



    (in a hong kong phoey type of intro)


    Jozo – no


    Hendry – nuhuh


    Boyata – slight pause………………………………………………………could be



    i think that tells you all you need to know, and if it doesnt then …………………………….



    Fine if you dont like him or what he did (i dont like what he did) but a little bit of respect wouldnt go amiss



    Your actions define you just as much as his define him

  20. It’s almost as if the 2018 summer transfer window was an unknown to Celtic. It has came to them as a complete surprise.



    With 9 days to go… realistically, what can us fans expect ? I’m really not convinced.


    I suspect we might gain a Man City loanee through the door at the 11th hour, on the final day of the window.


    Because hey, that’s how we conduct business. Short-sighted, and with little thought. Man City reserves, are fundamentally our default option.



    Yet 3 things that should be concluded :


    1) Boyata : sold to Sevilla (3, 4, 5 million). Anything like that. Accept, and move him on.


    2) Compper : Contract ripped up. Released


    3) Replacement for Boyata identified and secured before close of window.



    Anything less is mis-management of the highest order.

  21. Go tell the Spartim on 21st August 2018 1:42 pm



    It tells you he is 1/5th of a John Stones in a transfer market that is an obscenity. It tells you nothing about his ability, good or bad.

  22. To add to that… Lustig is no longer the required solution at Right Back.



    I am willing to run with Gamboa at the moment, however on the basis we qualify for Europa group stages, we could land some tasy teams, Lazio, Sevilla etc etc.



    If we have any plans to make an impact an qualify out of the groups, I would suggest we need a defensively sound, upgrade at right back too. Gamboa shone vs Partick Thistle. I am yet to be convinced he will shine on a European level.

  23. Go tell the Spartim on

    Out of all our CB’s he is the better defender by far, seems to have more than a few suitors, so who knows they may know more about football than we do………………………………………

  24. Garngad to Croy on

    I would not let ‘The Belgian’ (he who must not be named) anywhere near the team. I would rather have the ‘Bomb scare’ that wants to play, playing than the ‘Bomb scare’ who does not want to play !

  25. In terms of Jozo, he is now 23 / 24



    When he was 21/22 I thought he would develop into a top level centre half.



    Now he looks like he is in the wrong movie. His confidence is shot, his focus and concentration is lacking.



    Shame as before his run of injuries, I thought he retained all the right attributes. But its all unravelled.

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