Substantially unlike Celtic


The statement from Bolton Wanderers joint administrator that Celtic agreed to pay “substantially more than the financial obligation” for Luca Connell is substantially unlike Celtic.

Bolton dropped to the third tier of English football in May, seven years after dropping out of the Premiership.  They spend 19 years mixing it in the top flight of English football, and, under chairman, the late Phil Gartside, were advocates of inviting Celtic and (then) Rangers into the league.

In 2009 Gartside, anticipating their place at the top table could not last forever, proposed a two-tier Premier League, with Celtic and Rangers invited to compete in the second tier.  Gartside understood what he called the “financial polarisation” would wreak havoc on clubs like his, as they over-reached trying to avoid the calamity of relegation.

Relationships with administrators are fleeting affairs.  Different people will soon be in charge, but Bolton will remain in hardship for some time, and Celtic will remain keen to build different types of relationships with a variety of clubs.  The “substantial” element of this payment was building affinity.

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  1. weebobbycollins on

    Peter should be building more of an affinity with his own fans first…


    release us from the darkness!

  2. traditionalist88 on

    The “substantial” element of this payment was building affinity.





    Are you sure it wasnt just to secure the player asap in light of increasing interest elsewhere? I would guess we only paid a few hundred grand extra, at most?



    I don’t think we are going to work our way into English football like this… if clubs think it is not in their interest they will not vote for it – building bridges is good but most clubs see us as nothing but a threat to their place at the top table and will act accordingly. As the potential new owners of Bolton probably would in a few years.



    Nice gesture but we are gaining a very good player apparently in a tough market and to me that is our main motivation here.




  3. Can anyone tell me why Craig Gordon didn’t get to play in the friendlies last week? I heard him co-commentating and he mentioned he had been playing 6-a-sides in training so not injured. Is he no longer seen as back-up to Bain?

  4. Wee Bobby Collins,,


    “Release us from the darkness”


    Aye OK.If this is darkness,God only knows what you class as light.


    Myself,I am basking in it.



    May be rubbish,very possibly,but I think the big man blotted his copybook,when he chose to “Have a lovely Summer”.Dropped out of the picture very quickly after that.Injuries gone,and still not quoted.We will see when the real stuff starts.Who will be on the bench.


    As I said,probably rubbish.I hope so.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    DENIABHOY- if Bain has any more slip ups like Saturday, and Neil maybe not wanting to f@##y about at the back too much, Gordon could be back in….

  7. Seems to me that the more we are seen to desire recognition/affinity /alliance with forces down south the less achievable it becomes.



    We just need to run our club to maximises achievement at home AND abroad and get noticed for that.

  8. But Lennon insists Morrison – who made his debut against Pinkafeld last week – is staying put.



    He said: “That’s not going to happen. There is interest from Germany but Liam’s our player and we want to develop him. We’re not accepting any, or open to any, offers for him. I think we’re in negotiations over a new contract. It’s too early to say with him but he’s doing really well. He played well last Wednesday night. We’re very pleased with his progress.”



    Insert England for Germany & Kieran for Liam, Job done

  9. Some chat earlier about Celtic fans being angst ridden. Not half. If we win but don’t dominate, any kind of defeat even to teams better than us or meaningless friendlies. If we sign someone is he any good, was it too much , we don’t sign someone it’s penny pinching. Chill out. We’re going for nine in a row , replaced our centre half with others to follow. Yes we might lose one of our own but he’ll be back one day.


    Save the angst for away days in Europe, maybe Lenny will help with that.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Martin O’Neill forever a Celtic legend for me. Gave us our pride back as well as countless memorable days and nights. Although one or two maybe so memorable that I don’t quite remember them :-)


    Good luck in whatever you do next, Martin.

  11. mullet and co 2 on

    Things are shaping up very nicely at the moment.


    With Jullien signed and Turnbull we almost had spent £10m before the end of June. Young Connell sounds like a prospect too.


    Add in the possibility now of a second centre back and another striker due to Lennon admitting we need players for those positions and we look like going rather berserk.


    So we will still sign another 2 players short term and longer term into the window another striker and another CB. Short term we need two full backs. I imagine we will go back for Turnbull all being well but it demonstrates a requirement for another midfielder and I would say this means going for a loan player longer term. There is still the Rakeem Harper thing running in the background too.


    So 2 down with 5 to go. Judging by the players we have been linked with we look like spending the money in the bank.


    Tierney, McGregor and a Edouard though…

  12. As if to prove my point about us being angst ridden. There’s an article down below in which it says Craig Gordon is still nursing a knee injury

  13. traditionalist88 on

    BORGO67 on 1ST JULY 2019 1:08 PM



    Spot on. Some just couldnt hold their fire 3 weeks ago, slating the club for transfer activity in a window which had just begun (and in some cases, before it had even begun!)



    Every single one of them is quiet now on the subject and must have felt a tad sheepish to say the least as Turnbull chose us over EPL, Julienn was paraded and we picked up an exciting young RoI international.



    And with a number more to come to supplement a strong base, things are shaping up extremely well.




  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    HJ- Premier Sports have shown our early CLQs in last couple of years, probably on Celtic TV….

  15. Generally, not a moaner on here but a lack of progress with RB’s has me concerned.



    If NL wants to go with Ralston next season then he should tell us. As I see it, we’ve let to RB’s go and I can see no progress to get a new one in. Meanwhile NL is talking about CB number 6.



    We have competitive football starting a week tomorrow…

  16. Hrvatski Jim on

    Thanks for the responses. The TV companies only have a week to make an announcement about televising the game so I had expected news by now

  17. !!BADA BING!! on 1ST JULY 2019 1:26 PM


    Joe Ledley rumour…..






    A picture of a departure board with Glasgow on it as well as Aberdeen, Edinburgh and a host of other European cities.



    He will be a good signing for Hibs or Aberdeen…..

  18. I’ve read over the last 24 hours we have shifted on our stance regards a pursuit of Paddy McNair.



    Could this be the influence of the new head of recruitment Nicky Hammond.


    Strikes me, McNair was possibly a name generated on a list from the Congerton era.


    Maybe the man Hammond, has said…. “naw. Ive seen plenty of McNair in the Championship and for £5 million it doesn’t represent value.”


    Just a thought



    2nd thought for the day… any links to Hooper, Matthews, and now Ledley do not meet with approval. They all might of been part of something decent 5 years ago. Neither of them have been part of anything decent or contributed anything meaningful on a football pitch for some time. Thanks but no thanks on this front.

  19. TIMALOY29



    You’re right to be concerned about no right back. It’s the over the top reaction from some to other events that grates. Hopefully we’ll have one in soon but I think we have enough to see us through this round. No RB by the close of the window then I think all would have a right to complain

  20. Jack Stacey (Luton) Tommy Smith (Huddersfield) and George Balderstock (Sheffield)


    Are the 3 Right-backs linked this last 2 weeks.



    Stacey seems to be the realistic target out of these 3.



    Even if signed this week, I don’t know if any new right back will be forced in to the team in time for the first leg tie in Sarajevo.

  21. I’ve a feeling we’ll see :




    ———- Ajer Jullien Jozo———–



    Forrest Brown McGregor Hayes



    —————- Christie ——————–



    ———- Bayo Edouard————




    Without full-backs, this looks the most likely scenario for next weeks game.

  22. mullet and co 2 on




    Nick Hammond is the interim Director of Football not the head of recruitment. The Director of Football May well include recruitment as one of his duties and may well have subsumed the role that Congerton had within the overall duties as DOF but the two are not the same.

  23. RUGGYGMAN on 1ST JULY 2019 1:50 PM


    Jack Stacey (Luton) Tommy Smith (Huddersfield) and George Balderstock (Sheffield)



    Are the 3 Right-backs linked this last 2 weeks.






    We’ve been linked with the first two for a number of weeks now and have seen no progress. Hopefully Stacey is the right one.



    Regarding McNair, NL suggested publicly there was some interest. I’m sure it all depends on his availability. We aren’t desperate for a defensive midfielder so I imagine we are looking for a bargain if his new coach Woodgate doesn’t fancy him?



    I would have Adam Matthews back. Don’t think he’s really let us down before. He’s stagnated at Sunderland but that happens to everyone!

  24. BORGO67 on 1ST JULY 2019 1:48 PM



    I agree it shouldn’t be a worry for the next qualifier.



    But, it needs to happen sooner than later. The new player needs a chance to adjust and gel with the team.



    If NL said Ralston is the man and this season is his chance I’d accept it. He’s the coach.

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