Textbook in Trondheim, hope in our hearts


Celtic delivered a textbook performance in securing the win in Trondheim last night.  Rosenborg are bottom of the group and were effectively out of the competition before kick-off, but only a year ago Anderlecht came to Glasgow after five Champions League defeats and wiped the floor with Celtic (Anderlecht remain a poor side, accruing only two points in a weak Europa League group this season).

This was Celtic’s third away win in European group stages, but the second in two seasons.  If we have genuine ambition to progress in Europe, we needed to win games like last night’s.

The contrast between this performance and the one in the same stadium in Augusts’ qualifiers was stark.  In the earlier game Celtic were poor in possession, unable to impose themselves on a Rosenborg team who needed a goal to draw the tie level.  Instead we ground out a 0-0.  Last night, the passing, pace and control from Celtic was vastly better.  Rosenborg didn’t get a sniff.

James Forrest ended a spectacular month by creating the winning goal for Scott Sinclair.  Scott still had plenty to do to guide his header into the top corner of the net.

Defensively Celtic were imperious.  Any anxieties were limited to what potentially could happen when the home side were able to lob a set piece into the box, but chances were limited, giving Craig Gordon one of his easiest games on the road this season.

By full time, the players looked exhausted.  My mind immediately turned to Aberdeen players, who will have watched from the comfort of their homes.  It is easy to say, “Go again”, but players are not machines.  Sunday will be the seventh time they have climbed the domestic mountain in succession.

Legs and minds will be tired.  If Celtic lift the trophy at Hampden, heroics will be required.  But this is Celtic, so we have hope in our hearts.

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  1. Legs and minds will be tired. If Celtic lift the trophy at Hampden, heroics will be required. But this is Celtic, so we have hope in our hearts.



    lots of ifs and buts there Paul67, not very convincing .

  2. I can never think of an Aberdeen v Celtic Final without my mind going back to 1970 and the Bobby Davidson Final.. The absolute peak in Hunguffery . Cheating on an industrial scale .

  3. glendalystonsils on

    News just in;



    Police Scotland is to granted new powers to arrest any Celtic fan showing any signs of happiness. Speaking to the press First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said; ” We simply cannot allow our disabled citizens to be put at risk by thuggish expressions of happiness or joy . If these powers prove successful in an increased number of arrests,they will be extended to include , smugness , smirking and the whistling of happy tunes. “

  4. Maybe it’s just me but any football player with a Celtic top on who


    can’t lift himself out of his $15.000 per week stupor to give his


    best for the biggest supported club worldwide needs his erse booted


    doon kERRYDALE ST.


    h.h mICK

  5. Given that it’s a squad game and I envisage we’ll see 14 players then :



    Bain well rested


    Brown well rested


    Ntcham incredibly well rested


    Griffiths well rested


    Gamboa (with Lustig perhpas injured ?) well rested.



    Eddie and Jamesey left the field early last night.



    McGregor and Tierney never need rested, Gordon never broke sweat and a nice stretch of the legs last night for Boyata and big Benkovic….



    I am hoping for the regulation 2-0/3-0 finish on Sunday !

  6. Just looked back at that post of mine, i must be drinking


    the same stuff as GERRYFAETHEBRIG last night lol


    H.H Mick

  7. Very good controlled performance by our Bhoys last night. Didn’t rate any as having a bad game. One or two not at their best but everyone contributed to a welcome away win.



    I think the players stayed the night in Norway and I’m sure they will be well rested. Brendan strikes me as being very meticulous in his approach and will make sure the players are ready for Sunday as he has done in every previous occasion there.



    There’s a great level of confidence flowing through our team just now . Our CB paring is looking as solid as it has in years and we’re racking up the clean sheets, it’s giving us a great platform to go and win games.



    Felt confident of a win in Norway and I feel the same about Sunday.



    Be cool people ;))




  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    That is where we need to be more clinical. As with Saturday we should have been at least two ahead at half time. A two goal cushion allows you to play out the game much more comfortably – physically and mentally.


    Sunday will be a tough game. Aberdeen will have spent the week working on their set pieces which is their best chance of winning.


    Big performance required from us again.

  9. Apollon 2-Lazio 0



    “At least we have qualified for the next stage . That was a new experience for me -I’ve never seen a sleepwalker never mind seeing 11 of them walking about a football pitch ”



    Simone Inzhagi -30 11 18

  10. DBHOY



    How are you my fellow downunder compadre? strange weather


    round Oz at the moment, how is it at your side?


    We have a 30 odd degs tomorrow after a cool few days of rain


    and up north the forest fires are being followed by a tropical




    Do you think the ragers are comin?




    H.H Mick

  11. Why is it I cannot understand the nonsense spouted by Logan?


    Wait,is it because it IS nonsense?




    The day I was born John McPhail,Bobby Collins and Bertie Peacock score the goals against Falkirk.Playing that day Jimmy Mallan,15 years later along with my father and other fans from Belfast,there I was drinking lemonade in Jimmy’s bar in Paisley.


    Memories CSC

  12. Paul67



    Champions League qualification?



    Celtic are a better side by some distance than when we lost to the AEK Athens



    We are also better side than Aberdeen who’ll be hoping for mibbery from ‘Son of’



    Oh Hamden in the rain CSC

  13. No complaints here Mick.



    Been in the low to mid twenties all week sunny but windy. To be 34 on Monday and apparently we’re in for a schorchio summer season.



    Looking forward to the game on Sunday .



    Hope you’re well




  14. DBHOY



    Feel great just now but i know the morn will be tough, but i’ll


    put on a brave face when i go hun hunting tomorrow, bound


    to be thousands of them here after that magnificent 10 man


    draw with the worst spanish team since the Armada.


    Francis Drake CSC.


    H.H Mick

  15. Calm down, Paul !


    Anyway, did you not say the other day that we shouldn`t give players excuses before a game?



    These guys are fit enough to have fully recovered physically and Brendan , being an excellent manager, will have them mentally fresh as well.



  16. Mick



    I actually don’t mind the inevitable media love in with all things Sevco.



    The higher they get built up the further they have to fall ;)))




  17. bit negative Paul – get the excuses in early doors. You missed the biggest of them all – the JR Ewing factor on Sunday.

  18. DBHOY



    Yes your right, and i suppose we’re immune from the smsm here


    in Oz where our bhoys are always classed as the Scottish giants


    Celtic, in any sports item, but how far the huns fall? it will never be


    deep enough.


    H.H Mick

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