Textbook in Trondheim, hope in our hearts


Celtic delivered a textbook performance in securing the win in Trondheim last night.  Rosenborg are bottom of the group and were effectively out of the competition before kick-off, but only a year ago Anderlecht came to Glasgow after five Champions League defeats and wiped the floor with Celtic (Anderlecht remain a poor side, accruing only two points in a weak Europa League group this season).

This was Celtic’s third away win in European group stages, but the second in two seasons.  If we have genuine ambition to progress in Europe, we needed to win games like last night’s.

The contrast between this performance and the one in the same stadium in Augusts’ qualifiers was stark.  In the earlier game Celtic were poor in possession, unable to impose themselves on a Rosenborg team who needed a goal to draw the tie level.  Instead we ground out a 0-0.  Last night, the passing, pace and control from Celtic was vastly better.  Rosenborg didn’t get a sniff.

James Forrest ended a spectacular month by creating the winning goal for Scott Sinclair.  Scott still had plenty to do to guide his header into the top corner of the net.

Defensively Celtic were imperious.  Any anxieties were limited to what potentially could happen when the home side were able to lob a set piece into the box, but chances were limited, giving Craig Gordon one of his easiest games on the road this season.

By full time, the players looked exhausted.  My mind immediately turned to Aberdeen players, who will have watched from the comfort of their homes.  It is easy to say, “Go again”, but players are not machines.  Sunday will be the seventh time they have climbed the domestic mountain in succession.

Legs and minds will be tired.  If Celtic lift the trophy at Hampden, heroics will be required.  But this is Celtic, so we have hope in our hearts.

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  1. dessybhoy on 30th November 2018 5:14 pm


    Excellent result last night for Celtic, in with a chance now of progressing into the last 32 , after two defeats in the first 3 games it is an excellent turn around, get rested up and ready for the Cup Final on Sunday.




    Got to wonder what on earth the players get up to in the summer months, once again we start hitting our real form towards the end of the year.



    Always said if we played the CL qualifiers in December we’d walk them, doesn’t matter who the manager is, which players we start or how much money we spend, we always struggle early on.



    Will be great if we can qualify from this EL group.



    Off on Monday so fingers crossed Sunday is a winner :O)

  2. prestonpans bhoys on




    So King admits there are shareholders operating criminal activity, are they on the board ? Have the SFA began an investigation into it? Will the SMSM chase after it?



    All good questions a decent journo would ask but not in Scotland……..

  3. Good evening bhoys and ghirls



    Prestonpans bhoys- exactly.



    The football authority’s in Scotland and smsm should be all over the lying Kings statement, but they will do feck all. That is why they are a laughing stock, and cabal of incompitant, cheating bigots, and should all be sacked.



    We just need to keep on winning trophys and ram it right up the lot of them.





    D. :)

  4. By the way I see Sevco had a pitch invader last night.


    Anyone heard if UEFA are looking into it, I noticed the cameras stayed away from showing it last night..



    Also I see Gary Ralston the smsm reporter was spouting some pish after sevcos AGM.


    I am sure he came to play football for Possil YM when I was a Bhoy and he was pish (never got a game) and got told to feck off. If it’s the same guy I think he came from Milton in Glasgow, the guy is a tadger.


    Might be the wrong guy I’m thinking about, but he is still a tadger.






    D. :)

  5. I was confident Celtic would get the victory but there was an uneasy mood change when I saw the team take the field in that yellow strip – not a good omen. Seldom have i watched Celtic dominate an away game as comfortably and completely as last night. Craig could have poured himself a glass of whiskey and lit a cigar from his spectator’s seat between the sticks, he had so little to do on a freezing night at the Arctic Circle. Yet the last ten minutes were a behind the couch job waiting for the final whistle.



    Some lovely footage of picturesque Trondheim on BT before the match as young reporter Eli Barber did her interviews – this young girl is an excellent reporter. The back four looked good last night with the central defence outstanding with James once again providing that bit of magic as he did against the Germans previously to st up a fine finish by Scotty. Upwards and onwards.

  6. Good evening, friends.


    For our entertainment tonight we have a live game from the Championship – 3rd place Dundee Utd (4 wins on the trot) host top of the table Ayr. 3 points separate the teams but I fancy The Arabs to reduce that gap to zilch. BBC Alba, 7.45 kick off.

  7. The Huddle


    It doesn’t seem to matter how long the summer break is they seem to take awhile to get match fitness, I can only think that the preseason training is brutal and takes its toll in the early part of the season.




    Should be but like you I think they wont touch it with a bargepole, has he evidence to back up his allegations?

  8. D66- a premier league tadger,was at a charity night a while ago and he was there.Strange the bam who ran on to the park at Poundland, was lifted today, call me cynical, but is this because it was a UEFA game? Very few arrests for various offences on a weekly basis.

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Cheers for the heads up, might “invest”’a shilling or two on the Arabs with both teams scoring



    MugCSC :-)

  10. so mr king has at last admitted, sevco have got dishonest people among them, think we knew that already.hh.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Wow! Organised crime?


    Good thing we have such a strong governing body. I’m sure they will be right on top of this…….

  12. I read something the other day about how little comment and reaction there had been following the Sevco statement denouncing Willie Collum. I think what we are seeing is the ‘normalisation’ in Scottish football of Trump like crazy, outrageous behaviour from Sevco. Hardly anybody blinked an eyelid because it’s Sevco and thats what we expect from them now. That is why it is really important that the SFA follow through with their charges. Scottish football is now paying the price having let them away with it for so long, they have pretty much done what they want to whom they want for long enough. The Governing bodies have done little whilst the Clubs primary concern has been the blue pound. For the integrity and sanity of the game they need to be reigned in.

  13. BBC reporting.



    847 Scots have applied for Irish passport so far this year.



    19 times the applications in 2013.

  14. I don’t know how to do links etc, but for anybody interested, type into Google, “how do I download the app APK TIME” ?


    A few links will appear, including youtube tutorials which will teach you how to download ‘APK TIME’.


    Good luck. √







  15. Watching the game yesterday and noticing the yellow and black strip ,why don’t they take the black and make it a tartan design fading into the yellow.


    I am not saying I like the strip,it’s the hoops or the old white with the shamrock from 50-60s that gets my heart pumping.


    But if we need an alternate let’s make it something that connects us



  16. !!Bada Bing!! on 30th November 2018 6:07 pm



    D66- a premier league tadger,was at a charity night a while ago and he was there.Strange the bam who ran on to the park at Poundland, was lifted today, call me cynical, but is this because it was a UEFA game? Very few arrests for various offences on a weekly basis.






    Are you sure Bada I saw one was arrested but that was for throwing a bottle at their Aberdeen game in August. By the way I hope you’re right and that’s two of them arrested today.




  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    DAVID17 on 30TH NOVEMBER 2018 6:34 PM



    A very good summation of the state Scottish football has got itself into.


    Was GASL so confident of no repercussions from his outrageous statement?



    In a normal world, the appropriate authorities would be breaking down his door and seizing computers, etc.


    Unfortunately, if it is true that a PLC doesn’t have to disclose it’s ownership, then he could be home and dry.



    It could also be that he is burning his bridges in the UK.



    Whatever is the reality, the lengths the SFA/SPFL have gone to facilitate what is apparently a criminal football club, is beyond what any society should be prepared to tolerate.

  18. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Always amazed how someone ‘banned’ from Ibrox is the first to set the narrative for them.



    Take a bow Chris.

  19. Dave King as the Sevco Chairman is immune from conviction by the Courts and is assisted by the Police.



    He has defied the courts since he arrived, and to me there has never been a case like this where the Judges bend over backwards to assist in his prevarication. A contempt of Court charge has now been delayed till feb 2019. He never will get punishment due to his masonic cloak of invisibility.



    David Murray lied and cheated his way through Scotland buying Rangers with the Banks Money. Tax avoidance continued as was the rising debt which BoS and Masterson continued.



    At the end Murray Group had built up a bad debt of close to £1Billion, over £100 million of which was Rangers. This was at least partially the end of the BoS and they were taken over by Lloyds for free.



    The scandal continued by the liquidators allowing the Murray family Trust to cherrypick the valuable Murray Group Assets and be handed them without any other bidders allowed.



    Murray also held on to his Knighthood and has never been taken to court for all his nefarious deeds



    This is the example, where Murrays status as a major Freemason has seen him given immunity . King is only the latest Freemason to be afforded Immunity due to his chairman position at Rangers.



    They really do get special treatment

  20. ‘ Dave King also listed key investors who he says have told him they won’t take up the offer of 20p per share, including Sandy Easdale. Easdale has since told the BBC he has not given that undertaking. ‘



    Truly surprising.

  21. Some of you may be familiar with a pub called The Ark on North Frederick Street (that’s in Glasgow for the wider world). They may have got their latest marketing campaign wrong.



    Following the last three days of non-stop rain, they thought they would create an ambience based on the pub name, the biblical downpour and the exploits of good old Noah.



    Oh how the regular Rangers fans/sympathisers laughed when they were told that for one night they would have to bring with them a mate, wife/husband or civil(or uncivil) partner for a magical musical night of frolics and frivolity based on the song…..



    The theme music would be “The animals came in two by two”!



    Anyway I may just have imagined that, but what I have found out that following King’s revelations today the Ibrox board are currently meeting up and there are moves afoot for a major takeover bid down Edmiston drive.



    Watch yer back Dave!






    Hail Hail




  22. Jobo



    only allegedly because the Scottish press don’t report on this. Not only are they immune to Justice they have a cloak of Invisibility and the Scottish press never see them up to anything and the state Broadcaster is even worse

  23. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Listen up Bhoys and Ghirls, never, ever, take anything at face value when it comes to reporting King and Rangers (sic).



    The gangsta headline is the squirrel.



    I’ve not seen a transcript of the court proceedings, but if Level 5 are happy for BBC Scotland to run with gangsta headlines it’s to deflect from something else.



    Things you overhear on a train:



    On the chances of qualification – ‘Our next game is against Rapid Vienna who are already out’.



    On Villarreal – ‘they’re a Champions League team’.



    On the Candyass red: ‘he didn’t even make contact”.



    File under ‘Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds’ (a great book everyone should read).

  24. Late with my dinner there so missed the start of the Footballfest and see that Ayr Utd already 1-0 up (booo…….). A non judgemental question, if I may, about Dundee Utd’s Fraser Fyvie (ex-Hibs) but it always look as if he’s wearing eye shadow. Just curious……

  25. BIGBHOY on 30TH NOVEMBER 2018 7:51 PM




    only allegedly because the Scottish press don’t report on this. Not only are they immune to Justice they have a cloak of Invisibility and the Scottish press never see them up to anything and the state Broadcaster is even worse




    Oh ah know!


    And, then, to rub the salt in, you get 000’s of Celtic supporters, queueing up to buy tickets that would, rubber stamp Sevco FC, as being the same club as, Rangers FC, tickets at £49:00 ahead!


    Ah men, ye couldn’t write this stuff.


    Anywye, good omens to ye. √





  26. That RIFC abomination ain’t no football club… It’s a damn criminal enterprise it is.



    Zombie bassas. ?‍♂️

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