That. Was. Incredible.


Just a short blog today.  I found the notes for my speech this morning.  A lot of positive things should have been said about Tony (one of the nicest CQN’ers I’ve met, and I’ve lots of great CQN’ers), Jim (more committed to the welfare of others than he would be comfortable you knowing), and David (combines the cynicism you can only get by spending 30 years in the publishing business with an often incomprehensive enthusiasm and positivity).  Three people who make things happen.

The CQN Golf Committee have organised nine incredibly taxing CQN Charity Opens, which seems to require an addition to stress, as they clearly thrive on it.

I got my timing all wrong when I set the whisky auction to end at noon yesterday as I was otherwise engaged until late afternoon, when things were getting a bit hectic, but with minutes to go, E (abbreviated) stepped in with what was an opening and winning bid of £550.  The money is already with Mary’s Meals.  My thanks to E and to A Ceiler Gonof Rust, who donated the prize.

None of us had any experience at organising this kind of event.  You think all you need is a mic. and a few speakers!  I asked Phil Agnew if he would do the raffle and auction for us.  He ended up supplying what would have been thousands of pounds worth of consultancy, which saw us over the line, wouldn’t take a penny for his trouble and provided a print signed by Henrik Larsson from his daughter.  They are a family with a long-established link to Mary’s Meals.

The quality and sheer volume of donations for auction and raffle overwhelmed us. We made a call that it was probably wise to limit the number of items we put up last night, and hold some for a later date – all will go towards Mary’s Meals. Thanks to everyone who came forward.

These are just the thanks I didn’t get to last night, more to come.

I’ve no idea how much money you raised yet but I am sure the cash is in to build the second and third school kitchens.  Within weeks your buildings will be feeding circa 2700 of the poorest children on the planet.  That.  Is.  Incredible!  Well played CQN.

I’m not going to pester you to read the Magazine or buy the Seville book today, but the MyDonate like to Marys’ Meals……

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  1. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on



    Is there not a text donate number?


    Thank you for giving us CQN and for your familys efforts last night in what must have been a hard day.


    Thoughts with yer Da this morning.

  2. Paul, sounds like you had great support around you last night. Just like the Hoops had at Killie:-)



    Once again, happy 10th anniversary!

  3. Cowiebhoy supporting the Celtic to 3 in a row on




    I came along at end of night to say Hail Hail, but you were busy in conversation



    Have to say, prize for best tie of the night :-)



    Oooops forgot, did you see Hebcelts ? Now that was a cracker



    Hail Hail

  4. eddieinkirkmichael on

    FLEAGLE 1888



    Thanks for running the naps comp, I’ll, hopefully, be back next year to defend my title.

  5. Cowiebhoy supporting the Celtic to 3 in a row on

    roy croppie



    13:26 on 15 March, 2014



    praecepta and his Ghirl were at my table, great company by the way



    Sure miss praecepta would be the Ghirl to make a great choice with that one :-)



    Although Hebcelts was special



    Hail Hail

  6. Paul. Wonderful thing you’ve started mate. Pleasure to meet you and your good lady last night.


    Apologies if I was gibbering .


    See that demon drink!

  7. Cowiebhoy supporting the Celtic to 3 in a row on




    Don’t get Paul67 started again, may lead to further fundraising :-)- braw



    You had been one of the many posters I intended say Hail Hail too, and never managed






    Hail Hail

  8. eddieinkirkmichael



    I found it last night. There’s a cupboard next to the gents in the Kerrydale packed full of biscuit tins stuffed with used notes…




  9. I attended my first CQN Dinner last night with Swansea Bhoy, it was a brilliant night. Well done to Paul and BRTH for all the hard work. The venue was terrific and it was a great bunch of people to be around. The money raised was phenomenal and the speeches from Paul, BRTH and Wee Oscars parents were all heartfelt and full of integrity. I loved every minute and was honoured to be part of it. You guys here on CQN go to the very heart of what Celtic is all about! Well done to all again and thanks Paul for a great evening. I did manage to shake your hand and thank you personally last night. I’m glad I did!

  10. bbc commentator lying cards being held up on 18 min and 72 the yearthis club was born a


    blatant lie being allowed.

  11. SOAL, I had a good supply of CQN clothes peg at Blane Valley for you, the demand was high thoughI kept one for you especially, so next time we meet I’ll deliver it.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Elbows assault no.2 hard on the heels of the ref booking a dunfermline player for diving when it was a clear penalty.



    WeeBGFC turned this on for a laugh 5 minutes ago, and three blatant proHun decisions in that time. Nice to see the new team has inherited the favours of their deceased progenitors.

  13. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Just about to head back to Celtic Park to collect some items that we left with the club for safe keeping last night.



    Great bid for ACGR’s dram and he also won the auction for the James Forrest painting.



    On that front make sure you check out George Smith’s site http://www.artbhoy.com/



    He also has a small gallery on the Gallowgate almost right on the corner of Springfield Road.



    George is one of the nicest and most generous of people — he has donated another painting to the Kano foundation dinner in a fortnight.



    His football and rock star paintings and prints are fantastic and make for great presents — he is well worthy of our support as his support for us and all things Celtic is beyond words.

  14. captainmoonlight supports Oscar & Dam Bhoys



    13:36 on 15 March, 2014



    Congratulations Paul and the CQN family, couldn’t make it last night, but what a night it must have been.



    Hail Hail



    Indeed; very sorry to have missed it. Well done to all in providing so much support for Mary’s Meals. Nothing like CQNrs!







  15. Cowiebhoy –



    sorry I missed you. Tried to do a list earlier (I know…) and stopped after listing about 50-odd CQNrs that I spoke with last night. More astonished at the amount of lurkers that spoke to me regarding my usual morning postings! These ghuys and ghals need to get posting.

  16. Really very envious of all that attended last night’s CQN charity bonanza. Well done everyone.



    There was also a wee game on. Happy that we eventually got to grips with the conditions and class came through.



    Commentators! Why do they always highlight how young the opposition players are, but reluctantly pay lip service to our youngsters. Liam Henderson. 17? Really?



    Cracking performance from him, especially late in the game when he must have known he was due to be subbed and really set about the Killie players. Once he and his teammates get on the same wavelength it will be a productive combination.

  17. Paul,



    Many thanks to you everyone else who made last night just a memorable and humbling occasion.



    There is no tooth fairy


    There is no Easter bunny


    There is no Santa clause


    There is no Queen of England :)) LOL. Out of the mouths of bairns :))



    Eddie, many thanks for your company last night enjoyed the company and to everyone else at table 34 Hail! Hail!

  18. Surprise surprise Scottish cup Semi Final at the Bigotdome and if Sevco qualify the SFA have announced that Dundee UTD only to get Broomloan stand. Just another example of their famous even handed ness !


    UTD are rightly fuming but nothing will be done

  19. I have no sympathy for utd they went along with this charade of Ogilvie and the sfa and now the reap what they help to sow along with celtic plc

  20. The Battered Bunnet on




    There’s a game at K Park today, 3pm, EKFC v Stirling Uni in the cup.



    What’s the weather report?!!!

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