The Celtic Globetrotters


I don’t know what the commercial value of our summer games against Barcelona, Leicester City and Inter Milan are, but those three games are sure to dwarf the earnings we make from domestic media and prize money for the whole of next season.

TV rights for English Premier League football from next season will average just above £7m per game, that’s for each of the 10 games on the weekly card – Sweet Georgia Brown! The actual value of these varies enormously: Watford v Bournemouth has practically no commercial value, all the real value is added by games between big clubs – even the likes of Newcastle, who are a poor team, but one which many colours of football fans still want to watch.

In a different environment, TV rights for Celtic games would be north of that £7m per game figure (the increased exposure would also geometrically improve commercial rights values). Think what we could do with that kind of money…….. more paper towels in the gents, maybe, the possibilities are limitless!

Our position is far from unique, there are a dozen or so European teams of similar size who have been marginalised from what was once a meritocratic game, so change must (always) remain on our agenda. But for now, we have to make what we can from our role as the Celtic Globetrotters.

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    Missed again.



    Looking forward to Dublin.



    This will be my last top page post from Scotland for a week!

  2. I am quite excited about these games. It just shows what happens if you win the European Cup, pay your bills and make friends by not trashing their cities. Whatever some might commentators might say, it is great for our game that Celtic have been invited to play in the tournament during an era of a declining Scottish coefficient.



    Meanwhile, here are two new pieces:



    One about Mike Ashley being on the run (apparently!)






    And another about media outlets who only tell the truth about liquidation when an Ibrox-based club is not involved…





    Enjoy the rest of the day!





    £7m per game?



    A new improved range of pies? Subsidising The Kano Foundation? Reducing season ticket costs?



    Who knows,perhaps even the living wage might be a possibility.



    Me,I would spend it on improving the team,with the expectation that the crowds would return as a result.

  4. No point looking at Watford and wondering what might be…



    We’re never getting access to the Prem. Our time will be better spent maximising the revenue streams that actually are open to us – all eyes on CL qualification.

  5. Looking forward to seeing big Ibra put one over on his old team on his Celtic debut in Dublin.



    HH jamesgang

  6. Great for the club to be involved in these kind of games! Will worry about the results later!

  7. Big PL wins over Ibra with his ‘more than a club’ pitch.






    Ibra then ‘gets Celtic’ and agrees to a pay to play contract. He pays £3.50 a game to become part of the world’s biggest and best game of tappy in.



    HH jamesgang



    PS before you deride me, (naw ‘tittering’ Doc!!) tell me is in any worse than our usual strikers talent spotting tactics??? Well??? ;-)

  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    An Teach Solais,



    Thanks for the response, from the tail end of the last thread.



    If it is ,in fact true, that UEFA will only respond through a club, then I would be interested to read Auldheid and BRTH’s views on such information.



    I know Auldheid frequents SFM, not sure about BRTH.


    DESERTBHOY 1222 previous…



    Good recall,bud!



    I’ve since had the opportunity to apologise in person to the gentleman concerned.



    He didn’t hit me,which is a bonus!!

  10. personally I’m excited about 2 aspects to this forthcoming tournament. Not only can we not fail to qualify, we can’t get knocked out either! ;-)

  11. Delaneys Dunky on

    Great to hear from my mate who runs a CSC, that many Scottish CSC’s are planning on running buses to Dublin for the Barca match in July. 2 more sleeps till Dublin! :)

  12. Paul’s piece reinforces the point that without our ‘business hat’ on, we cannot be the club we aspire to be – Lawwell-haters take note!

  13. BMCUWP….



    was your sentence cut before completion… seems like the words hard enuff are missing

  14. Mr pastry. Like I said yesterday there is only ONE reason that Celtic get asked to attend these things.



    What do you think that is?





    As it wasn’t one of my prouder moments,accidental or not,I wouldn’t have complained.



    But he was genuinely very pleasant about it. As I said,a gentleman.

  16. Delaneys Dunky on




    I can think of 3 reasons we may have been invited.


    Previous Big Cup Winners.




    Debt free run club.

  17. An Teach Solais on



    I agree with you that we need clarification on whether EUFA will accept submission even via prestigious solicitors acting for shareholders.



    I have completed and mailed my mandate form- took me two attempts, only realising that I had not actually put my signature on it before posting but now have returned a second copy with it’s dotted etc. Silly bhoy!!



    However, while there is still time do we require the club’s imprimatur?



    Thank you, Thomthethim, for drawing our attention to this. Hopefully measures are in place to overcome this chicanery. HH

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I’m sure that many of you read of the incident recently, where there was a gangland shooting at the Regency Hotel in Dublin, a respectable and popular hotel, ten minutes from town.



    This occurred during a boxing weigh in.



    The hotel’s business suffered as a consequence of this incident through no fault of their own.



    Therefore, if anyone is considering coming to Dublin, it might be a good time to get a good deal in what must now be regarded as the safest venue in town.

  19. Ok Delaneys. Firstly I think you will find that debt free has nothing to do with it (see the other participants).



    As for previous cup winners err Leicester? So can’t be that.



    So it leaves us with b. Which we all know is the answer.



    So once again it’s the Celtic support. The support is Celtics USP.



    That’s the same support criminalised, abused, attacked and taken for granted by the board.



    And there are some on this site trying to give Lawwell and co credit for the Celtic support he has derided and betrayed.



    But look. Squirrel!!!!!!!!!!

  20. “more paper towels in the toilet” ha ha. You’d be lucky to see in some of the toilets at halftime because of the smoke. My bhoy must have smoked about 5 fags worth when he went for a number 2!

  21. Delaneys Dunky on




    You are becoming more myopic in your hatred for our board.


    You fail to see the bigger picture. I am disgusted by their silence on many issues, including Res 12. They are due credit for some things though.

  22. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    A turtle was walking down an alley in New York when he was mugged by a gang of snails. A police detective came to investigate and asked the turtle if he could explain what happened. 


    The turtle looked at the detective with a confused look on his face and replied “I don’t know, it all happened so fast.”




  23. Delaneys Dunky on




    Us puffers get a pass oot at half time for a fag now. Healthy initiative fae the club. ;-))

  24. The collective noun for squirrels is a scurry – and if you listen carefully you can hear them ‘scurrying about’ under your CQN screen.



    Ignore them, because like watched kettles, they never come to the boil, they just simmer away in the background and let of steam.

  25. Delaneys Celtic get invited to these tournaments as a result of the large Celtic fan base and the fact we turn up for these friendliest in very large numbers (we were always the target for testimonials for this very reason).



    What credit does PL deserve for getting invited? That he accepted?



    What sticks in my throat is that he hides behind the support either in pursuing issues with the sfa, UEFA etc, tries to take credit when it’s due to the support and then attacks us with impunity (whilst colluding with our enemies).



    The only show in town right now is why Celtic refuse to take res 12 forward themselves. That reveals everything.



    So all these squirrels ( whilst pretty and cute) won’t really detract from that.



    So I believe that I am consistent in my views not myopic.



    Last week I was ready to give the board credit for reducing away ticket prices. That was until,of,course we find out that it was actually due to supporter protests (something Celtic seemed to omit from their press statement).



    If I am wrong then why doesn’t Peter actually say something?

  26. Mr pastry. Last night you were accusing posters of not entering reasoned debate etc. Today you refuse to answer a question and instead engage in good old dehumanisation.



    If I didn’t know better I would say you had an agenda?

  27. Geordie Munro on

    Oh look a squirrel. Back of the bus. Institutionalised racism…



    The c in cqn is fast becoming cliché.




  28. Delaneys Dunky on




    I am not saying you are wrong. I am defensive when my club is attacked, I ran about your scheme as a kid. Plenty of attacks in Drumchapel. :)


    I know you like to stand your ground too. We had to, to survive.


    You attack our club too much for my liking.


    Would still love to share a beer or watch a Celtic match with you though.

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