The fight against a disease which takes young and old goes on


It is the indiscriminate nature of life that can shock us the most. Liam Miller, 36, is critically ill with that most feared of diseases, which has taken so many in our families, and our own CQN community. Legend has it that Sir Alex Ferguson came to Celtic Park to watch 17-year-old Vincent Kompany, but was blown away by Miller, who got on the end of an incredible move to score, as Celtic humbled Anderlecht in the Champions League.

This may or may not be true, I suspect Ferguson knew about Miller before travelling north, but the player’s potential was irresistible, either way. He was the brightest graduate of the Celtic youth system since Paul McStay – delivering on the same level Kieran Tierney is now.

Ferguson offered a contract five time more lucrative than Celtic and Liam was off to Manchester, as Celtic fans bemoaned the apparent futility of a development system that took years between producing players of quality, only for them to leave after delivering for a few months.

For Liam, that was the high water mark, he never against reached those levels. Let’s hope he wins his fight against a disease which takes young and old, often as a consequence of a genetic lottery. Decades of fundraising and education (including by many on here) have made a real impact on survival rates, but much still needs to be done. And for goodness sake, don’t sacrifice your life for the tobacco industry.


A Celtic State of Mind presents its 23rd instalment of insightful discussion into the culture of Celtic Football Club, the city of Glasgow, and fans of the reigning invincible Scottish champions.

Paul John Dykes is joined by Bafta-winning documentary director, John MacLaverty, and Scottish comedian, Phil Differ.

John’s Lisbon Lions documentary – Glasgow: 1967 – is an incredible celebration of Celtic’s European Cup win 50 years on.

Phil has been a staple part of Scottish comedy for decades, and has worked on such iconic productions as Scotch & Wry, Naked Video, City Lights, Rab C Nesbitt and Only An Excuse.

The CQN Podcast has gone from strength-to-strength over the last few months, and there are many more guests lined up in the months ahead from the world of sport, music, film, art, broadcasting, literature and politics.





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  1. Thoughts with Liam and everyone connected with him. Hopefully he is aware of all the support from football fans. I have seen a lot online.



    Meanwhile, a busy day in Clumpany Towers yesterday. In case of interest, three new pieces:



    One about Kieran Tierney being an absolute disgrace https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2017/11/12/kieran-tierney-is-an-absolute-disgrace/



    One about anonymity and the Scottish press https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2017/11/12/the-truth-about-anonymous-twitter-accounts/



    And one about a seemingly very paranoid Sevco fans’ group https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2017/11/12/a-tribute-to-sevco-fandom/

  2. I think Roy Keane had convinced SAF to go in for Liam. I was at the Anderlecht game, when Liam was subbed SAF left, I think that was the telling action for me. I hope Liam wins this fight, cancer is a cruel thing.

  3. More


    Replying to @rtenews @DeirdreVarsani


    Mark Twain’s ” its easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled ” comes to mind “the fool !




    Ventura has been the absolute disaster that many predicted .. I’m glad I’m a neutral but I have to say that Sweden were agricultural and that their front 2 were thugs



    My olives are done , my grapes are done , my pomegranates are done . Oranges and lemons soon and then I intend to hibernate . .Been an extreme year weatherwise — astonishing rain in late January / early February . People drowned in the consequent flooding ( the obligatory inadequate Or blocked drains didn’t help ).. Summer was record breaking hot — weeks of serious scorchio — media warnings re heatstroke etc etc . .. Last week featured mid 20s sunny stuff and a two day biblical downpour with added wowee thunder ,lightning and wowee howling wind

  5. CELT55



    That sounds like 2015. I can’t remember the players with the exception of Bernardeschi — his black and blue calves got big licks in the fitba papers on the day after the game

  6. SoT



    We’ve had 4 days of rain last week, which was a blessing. Until then we’d had around 10 days on which it had rained in the whole of 2017. Oil yields this year are very high, but oil is slightly bitter – but the bitterness will pass in a few weeks. Glad you’ve done the harvests. How are the grapes this year (“I’m praying for rain in California..”)?



    Off to Monaco-PSG in a fortnight. Hope Italy qualify, just to ensure some tension here during the World Cup. They looked 2 very average teams last week.

  7. Gigi Buffon on the tele requesting that those who are going to the game leave any booing and whistling till after the game



    That was followed by the Manager of a Serie C team opining that some of his squad were better football players than most of the Swedish team . He also claimed that none of his players would have bottled it the way some of the alleged ” Top Players ” did . – ” Losing is one thing , lying down saying don’t hurt me is another “

  8. Thoughts and prayers with Liam Miller and his family.


    Well said Paul67 regarding tobacco industry. I smoked last cigarette 24 of May ’15. First cigarette was the worst decision of my life.




    I know I could have done things differently in life and been more ` successful`but my ONLY regret in life is having ever been a smoker. As far as I am aware, there has been no long term harm but I don`t like the fact that I was stupid enough to start in the first place. I stopped about twenty years ago.


    Incidentally, this is TOTALLY




    I know I could have done things differently in life and been more ` successful`but my ONLY regret in life is having ever been a smoker. As far as I am aware, there has been no long term harm but I don`t like the fact that I was stupid enough to start in the first place. I stopped about twenty years ago.


    Incidentally, this is TOTALLY a personal view. I have no problem with others choosing to smoke …..if, indeed, it really is a choice.




  11. SoT



    “Grapes are good . Big ,juicy and sweet .”



    After reading that,I am going to enjoy my next Amarone even more than is usual !



    You have dispatched a flavour of Italy to a raw Arbroath :-)


    Thanks for that,




  12. WEEBAWBABITTY on 10TH NOVEMBER 2017 1:27 PM,



    Sorry mate, missed your post on Friday.



    We do indeed have that mutual friend. Cracking bloke.


    Worse places to live than where he does too ;-)



    Are you also a member of the SingTims CSC?






  13. Also very sad news about Liam Miller.



    Cancer is a horrendous disease, really hope he can beat it.








    Sweden were definitely of the agricultural side the other night but being honest Italy dished it out as well.


    Sweden were in plain sight but Italy are and always have been cynical and capable of dishing it out.


    Chiellini was barged on the shoulder the other night and hit the deck rolling around and clutching his face.


    I find it difficult to view him as a victim.


    The Italian form shows how valuable coaches have become.


    I still think the country of 60 million will beat the one of 10 million.


    There is to much money at stake for FIFA.

  15. Bundoran Bhoy - TEAM OSCAR FOREVER on

    Hi Bhoys n Ghirls just wanted to say thank you to all who have supported me on my six runs this year for The Oscar Knox Fund of Solving Kids Cancer and to the bhoys who gave me donations at the Hootenanny on Saturday. I finished my runs on Sunday and as it stands i am at over of £3000!!!






    Once again THANK YOU ALL





    Your efforts,and those of the charity deserve every support. Our token donations-or otherwise,of course!-pale into insignificance.



    Same with everyone who gets off their backsides and does their bit.



    (My kid sis recently cycled round Arran,55 miles of it,for charity. I reckon I could walk it,I reckon I could drive it. I sure as hell know I couldn’t cycle it!)

  17. Hot Smoked. Arbroath also has some advantages. Whenever I go back to Glasgow the 2 things I always do are to visit Fopp, and to buy a couple of kg of smoked haddock to bring back: Italy is not great on smoked fish.



    Still, on balance, I’m with SoT and the wine.

  18. Celtic are reportedly eyeing up a January move for Ukrainian goal machine Artem Dovbyk.



    The Hoops have been monitoring the Dnipro striker, who is regarded as one of the top prospects in the former Soviet country and who is available for free at the end of the year.



    Dovbyk has netted 12 goals in 12 games this season in the Ukranian Second Division, after Dnipro were relegated for the first time in their history after getting points deducted due to outstanding debts.



    His contract expires on December 31 and he’s made it clear he won’t sign a new deal.

  19. As I was walking up the Copland road


    I bumped into Alistair, Kenny and Mo


    And I asked the 3 are you going to see


    The boys in blue AKA SEVCO


    No siree!


    We are off to see


    the grandweans favourites


    That team they call the CELTIC.

  20. It’s so sad, Liam is a childhood friend, former classmate, teammate and neighbour of mine. Always a decent genuine guy. Liam is from a diehard Celtic family, his dad is from Motherwell. He has foughtmany battles, this is his biggest one yet. I hope he wins it. My thoughts are with him and the Miller family at this terrible time.

  21. Ern many thanks for the link at 11:38 have had that battle myself and won – for the moment, once again I wish Liam all the best. Hail Hail Hebcelt





    Outstanding debts being punished? It’ll never happen here!



    Btw,very good article on etims on the problems with masquerading as a former,now deid,football club once CAS get their claws into things.




  23. APRICALE –



    Buy smoked fish on line and have it delivered to your door . Smoked Halibut -Yum ! . Do it before Brexit happens -who knows what will happen after that. ( and how much it’ll cost )



    I do the Fopp thing too — DVDs -cost a fortune here . ( and the thieving B’s at Sicilian Postal depots steal them if you buy them online for delivery to your door ) I go to Monorail for vinyl and the memory of what a proper record shop looks like . Book shops / second hand bookshops and the KRK on Woodlands Road . If ever I win the Lottery I’m going to hire jets to deliver me take away curries at 11.30 pm on a Saturday night. ( Probably won’t be able to do that after Brexit either )





    Outstanding debts being punished? It’ll never happen here!


    Btw,very good article on etims on the problems with masquerading as a former,now deid,football club once CAS get their claws into things.






    Snap M – is that great minds or ……………………………;)


    ONEMALLOY on 13TH NOVEMBER 2017 1:26 PM


    Rangers,Sevco, Oldco, Newco – http://etims.net/?p=12184








    Oh,beat me to that by a country mile! Was busy in the garage,my only lame attempt at an excuse.



    Btw,your point is well valid. Why are Regan et al ignoring it? It’s not like it’s gonna go away.

  26. If Aberdeen or Hearts were getting loans every month to keep the lights on, and were ahead of the huns in the league


    A- would the huns complain?


    B- would the SFA/Regan let them away with it?

  27. Brilliant !



    17 years in Sicily and I finally get to hear escape goat being used in a football context –



    Radio Pundit –


    ” If it’s true that Mr Senile Dementia has picked 4 replacements then it looks like he and the dinosaurs who appointed him are lining up some escapegoats ( capri espiatori for the language fans among you ) –



    A fine goat -many ” experts ” claim this is the first “reggae choon ” -ie not Ska or Rocksteady –



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