The jeopardy we enjoy so much


A draw in with Sheriff in Moldova, a draw away to Olympiakos to stop them reaching their sixth consecutive group stage qualification, a win against Inter in the San Siro, a two goal defeat in Prague and a draw in Southampton. That’s a stunning European away record for a team of no-hopers from Israel. Or so we thought.

In the middle of that run Hapoel Be’re Shiva lost 5-2 at Celtic Park before giving us a fright in the return leg. Olympiakos are seven clear in Greece and join Be’er Shiva in the Europa League knock-out rounds. Inter and Southampton are out.

What do we learn from this? The principle lesson is that there are no guarantees in football. Even good teams can be dumped out of Europe by a team they’ve never previously heard of (I’d no prior knowledge of Be’er Shiva).

The Israelis went 2-0 ahead against Celtic in the return leg three minutes into the second half. Brendan Rodgers put his team into lockdown mode and got the result but, final outcome aside, it was a horrible night’s football. Not for the first time last summer, this season’s project looked shaky.

If Celtic got out of jail, Olympiakos were shocked. We could afford some respect towards a team who came close, but the Greeks were devastated their club was derailed by apparent nonentities.

Celtic, like Olympiakos, have a development plan which is delivering, but even if we had the budget of Southampton or Inter we’re still going to lose out to a team none of us rate in our annual summer lottery. That wee bit of jeopardy is why we enjoy European football so much.

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  1. I have had many dealings with Thompson’s solicitors of Glasgow mainly thru my so called trade union.


    They were staggered when I asked them about the possibility of pursuing a claim on my behalf against my trade union, who I have had serious issues with for some years now .


    As my union subscriptions entitle members like myself to have Thompson’s represent me in viable claims, I approached them and they advised that it would be unlikely as, in effect my trade union would be paying their fees, so it would be rather ironic for me to sue my union using union money ?


    I pointed out two things Thompson’s, 1) show me a rule/Law that states I can’t do that ” irony” ?


    2) I reminded Thompson’s that on receiving any fees for work done, ” The money involved is NOT the union’s, but members monies ! In effect all MY monthly subscriptions over the years would be contributing to paying their fees !


    I’m still waiting after over 5 years for Thompson’s to show me that rule/ Law !


    As of yet Thompson’s have did little or nothing for me.


    Six years ago I successfully sued another firm of solicitors that my trade union used, and still use for ” poor representation and advice”.


    I went thru the proper channels , and as there was no ” conduct issues” identified, that then allowed for ” mediation” ?


    I met with the firm’s senior partner ( with an independent mediator present), and wiped the fekkin floor with the arrogant bassa within 5 minutes !


    Within minutes he literally ” held his hands up in the air” , stating ” look, my hands are in the air, how much do you want” ?


    In private the ” mediator” confessed to me that he had never seen anything like it !


    Big Jimmy – 1 v Solicitor -0. No extra time, no honest mistakes , no fekkin penalties !



  2. TONTINE TIM on 9TH DECEMBER 2016 2:26 PM









    Rick Wakeman’s joined Hearts!




    *PGM of the chelski ludge, RW I mean no Austin McPhee, BTW who the Donald calls their wean after a motor.




    Austin Mc Phee,born in Northern Ireland to proud parents,Ford and Mercedes Mc Phee.

  3. KEVJUNGLE on 9TH DECEMBER 2016 7:14 AM



    Why don’t Cellic PLC empty BBC Scotland and,



    *sent in my concern tae JPT and it was mainly about the beeb, it was quite long, a missive really, pointing out injustices going back over 100 years, the kind that we don’t read about in the SMSM even back then, actually the opposite where the finger of blame is pointed at us even though the courts ruled in the clubs favour.



    My information came from Sir Bob’s 1971 biography, which still has pride of place on my bookshelf among my weans and my own academic tomes, one hack labelled it the hysterical ranting of a dying man who had lost all sense of reality.



    He really touched a nerve with them as some of the input came from his da’ and Wullie Maley.



    Nothing will change with them and we should just throw litigation at them when we can, often tae. MON did and they were terrified of him, Kenny extracted the urine out of them.



    It’s national broadcaster though who are subsidised by the taxpayers the club should go after and this is no something new with them either, they’ve been anti-Celtic/ Catholic/Irish as far back as I can recall with blue peter thompson “losing” the 7-1 tape as an example.



    BTW don’t always agree with you as you are a nutter but a nice one at that but I do in relation to your comments on the disdain we are held with. IMHO Scotland the land of my birth has to be the most anti-Catholic country in the western world.



    Most of the world has moved on even over here where the biggest city in the country was labelled the “Belfast of North America” and Irish men and women fleeing the genocide known as the potato blight denied entry at the ports until our auld alliance pals Quebec took them in, they did the same with the Jews in 1939 claiming “none is too many” and after WWII wanted to deny refugees from southern Europe access to the country suggesting only northern Europeans be allowed to enter the country, wonder why.



    As I said we have moved on over here with 8 of the last 10 Prime Ministers being RC and Toronto have had an RC and Jewish mayor as well as 2 RC Chief of Police. All faiths work together now, this is evident during Canada Day and Remembrance Day parades where the Knights of Columbus march with other groups and assist the Salvation Army in their seasonal food drives.



    Finally, only 32% of Scotland claim to be members of the CoS with 16% ben afflecks, the largest statistic however is 44% who either have no religion or refuse to state what theirs is. It’s this element who hate us as the hymn says “they will know we are Christians by our love” which that mob that stand on the slopes of ibrox, © George Galloway, certainly aren’t.

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    I’ve aired my views on the John James site previously, to the effect that whatever it is, it is not genuine, not authentic, and not trustworthy.



    The litany of made up pish, reheated pish, and previously pished cut and pasted pish sits in stark contrast to far better informed, but less self-absorbed blogs.



    To that I can add that it’s appallingly homophobic, seeking cheap laughs from the disdainful and opprobrious characterising of gay men.



    The sense is that John James is the figment of the imagination of a (poor) paid PR working at the behest of someone who is somewhat miffed at being turfed out of the Crumbledome 2 years ago. Its purpose, in addition to peddling the pish of the day, might very well be to capture reader/poster/subscriber identities for future use.



    Is there another “blogger” in the Scottish Football domain that so consistently asks for “donations” to keep writing his blog? Who attempts to shame readers for not sending cash? Really, what’s that all about? It’s a blog, full of made up pish stories, unpleasant ones at that, and the idea is readers should pay?



    Now I hear the suggestion that John James is asking for funds to defend a possible defamation case. Think about that.



    If you have any sense, you’d be well advised to stay well clear. If you’ve already revealed your identity to the site, watch your back.



    I can’t put it any more clearly.

  5. Who is all going to the Lisbon Cqn Doo in May, that the famous BRTH is organising then



    Me for starters



    Anyone else?

  6. Malorbhoy,



    Me and the Mrs are going from 23rd to 30th but not with BRTH, staying in Estoril.



    Was in Lisbon in 83′ and will have to give the Texas Bar a wide berth this time :-)

  7. I’ve made the Estadio Nacional pilgrimage,in the blistering heat of a July day 40 years ago.



    So, no need to return.



    However, along with the Bhoy who accompanied me, plus 2 others, I am going to hire a hypnotist, who will wipe the result from our memories just before we put on the DVD on 25th May 2017.



    So we’ll be watching it ‘live’, just as if we had entered a TIMe machine!



    And, at the end, we’ll be congratulating each other on having had the foresight to have bought such a large cargo!



    * Given my age, obviously I won’t be booking the hypnotist till nearer the time as he may very well not be required.

  8. sixtaeseven - 65 trophies in my lifetime on




    Not a regular now … but I used to go quite a lot.


    We probably have met each other…


    I’m the old guy who starts off being everybody’s pal, then starts to shout “abuse” at the MIB and then’s get get really frustrated about what I’m seeing…



    Haven’t been since Brendan has took charge, so maybe if I go along now, I could be everybody’s pal all of the time!!!



    See you sometime soon – I always wear a red carnation.. Ha ha



  9. Here is the interview with Big Rambo.



    We have a free to enter competition next week to win a luxury cashmere Celtic scarf which will be presented to the CQN’er personally by Alan McInally himself plus a section of books and DVDs from CQNBookstore.com











    Looking forward to tonight, expect Kolo to start in place of Jozo who is struggling after Manchester. Also Dembele to lead the line ahead of an increasingly frustrated LG.

  10. Malorbhoy – I’m going too and looking forward to see some old pals…..like BT:)





  11. Richie #TeamOscarForever on

    Hot Smoked on 9th December 2016 1:37 pm



    Do any CQNers go to the Bon Accord pub in North Street ( Glasgow) ?



    Went in yesterday. Great pub and the Publican is a Celtic supporter to boot ! I thoroughly recommend for those who like Real Ale and a fantastic selection of whiskies.







    I had my engagement party there 35 years ago!



    Was in last year and it’s one of the better ones. In with a few cqners and John bought us all a drink when he found out we wiz Tims




    I share your concerns.



    I have concerns over Phil McG as well but at least we know who he is and so on.

  13. Richie #TeamOscarForever on

    BT I may also tag along.



    I went in 2006 (Benfica game) and was lucky to co-incide with the visit of WGS and the first team, along with a few Lions. Magical place. Remember big Tam holding court outside the dressing rooms (which look like a motel). He still stood tall back then.

  14. Petec Paddy Robert’s,scored a good goal early in the first half,second half posted missing,and to me that’s not good enough,if he goes back to Man City,thats fine with me ,as a replacement me personally,i would get Hayes,of Aberdeen,good winger plenty of pace,

  15. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Just read the JohnJames piece that was taken down today. He really nails a few people in it!



    It is likely I think that he had to take this one down!





  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    VFR800 i



    expand on “nails” I would say hammers as nails gives the impression of substantiation don`t you think ?



    It was a catalogue of innuendo that would have shamed The Sun




  17. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    TIMBHOY3 on 9TH DECEMBER 2016 4:13 PM



    Have you started drinking early?





  18. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on




    I would think that unless he is incredibly naive that he will have enough to prevent litigation to be honest.



    If he hasn’t I assume we will see a grovelling apology or a court case shortly.





  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    if it is accurate what he printed then he needs solid proof.



    Without that solid proof he can´t nail anything apart from maybe himself to a cross of his own making.



    It read to me that Gough´s only crime was that of having homosexual tendencies.




  20. An Teach Solais on



    Some of us would rather judge Donald Trump in a year or so’s time and see which of his many promises to his electorate he acctually achieves. HH

  21. Malorbhoy



    Would love to but it’s very unlikely.






    She’d bloody well better not!!!

  22. Not written by me, instead borrowed from Don’t Let it be Forgot:




    There’s a magic here



    For Jazz Thompson stepping inside the front door of Celtic Park and out of the cold November air was a real thrill. Of course he had visited the stadium more times than he cared to remember to back the team but for the first time in his 40 years of life he was walking in the front door and he was savouring every second. He glanced around the foyer at the various Celtic related artwork on display, taking it all in before a smart woman sitting at a desk scanned his apparel and smiled at him, ‘Come for the sleepover? Can I have your name please?’ He placed his sleeping bag and backpack on the floor beside the desk, ‘It’s Jazz, eh… James Thompson.’ She scanned a list in front of her before running a pencil line through his name, ‘OK Mr Thompson, just go through to the board room and you’ll be told what to do.’



    Jazz followed a tall man through the door into the board room and looked around with a smile on his face. On the wall to his left was a long trophy cabinet full of cups, shields and mementos of bygone games. He walked to the part of the display he had seen in a thousand photographs. A Celtic and Inter Milan shirt flanked a shining full sized European Cup. As he studied the scene with a smile on his face he caught a glimpse of his reflection on the polished glass. His youthful looks were gone but the grizzled face he saw looking back at him had character and spoke of a life that had seen its share of troubles. He had come a long way in the past few years and being here tonight was his way of saying thanks to those who had helped him. Sleeping out to raise funds to help others was also tinged with a little irony as just a few years earlier he was one of the ‘others’ who had hit rock bottom and found himself on the streets. Those hard months had marked him for life and had introduced him to an underclass he barely knew existed. It also introduced him to both sides of human nature as he had met with kindness and cruelty, help and humiliation, compassion and indifference. It was the indifference which hurt more.



    His spiral down to the streets wasn’t the usual tale of alcohol or drugs but one of an undiagnosed mental illness which was now thankfully under control. Jazz smiled at his reflection again before turning to face the room which was now filling with chattering people of all ages, each carrying the necessary things they’d need to get through a night under the stars at Celtic Park. A familiar face approached him, hand outstretched, ‘Jazz, nice to see you. I never expected our paths would cross here.’ Jazz smiled a genuine smile, ‘Andy! How are you, mate?’ The two friends talked of old times with genuine affection. Andy and his organisation had helped Jazz when he was at his lowest ebb. They had got him a warm bed in that fierce winter of 2010 when he was sleeping in a disused warehouse, shivering in the sub-zero temperatures. More importantly, they had got him the medical help he required and that had led to a diagnosis and treatment of his condition; a condition which explained his more bizarre behaviour which had cost him his job, friends and finally his long standing partner, Annie. He didn’t blame her for asking him to leave. He knew his behaviour was impossible to live with in those days. As the doors closed to him and the faces turned away the downward spiral began.



    Andy was called to the front of the room to give a short speech and left Jazz with a warm hug. ‘Enjoy tonight mate, it’s great to see you back on your feet.’ Jazz smiled at him, ‘Thank you, Andy, great to see you too.’ Jazz watched Andy speaking thinking that he was one of those people who genuinely helped others because it was the right thing to do. He didn’t want praise or admiration; he simply wanted to help and would never look down on others unless he was helping them up. When the speeches were over, the hundred or so hardy souls sleeping out headed towards the hallowed pitch. As Andy walked down the Celtic Park tunnel he felt an unexpected thrill pass through him. All the Celtic greats had walked this walk. The first sight they would have seen in days past was the packed terrace of the Jungle, he remembered so well from his youth, waiting to embrace them. For the modern players the big North Stand with its 26,000 capacity would be quite a sight too. Andy stepped onto the track and looked around him. A younger woman behind him looked at the huge empty cavern of Celtic Park and said simply, ‘Wow!’ He nodded, ‘Wow indeed,’ before heading along the track towards the Jock Stein Stand and spreading his groundsheet on the track. He climbed into his sleeping bag and settled down. Before sleep took him he looked up at the green, luminous ‘Celtic Football Club 1888’ sign which seem to hang like a beacon in the dark winter sky. He smiled and closed his eyes as dark shades of sleep wrapped themselves around him.



    Jazz could hear laughter and someone shouting, ‘Your ball Kenny!’ He sat up and opened his eyes as bright sunshine startled and warmed him in equal measure. He stood and looked at Celtic Park as it was in his youth; the old Jungle silent and empty and to his left was the Celtic end where he stood as a child with his father. On the field he could see 20 or so players in training tops go through various drills as the unmistakeable gruff tones of Jock Stein barked out his orders. The blue sky told him it was summer and as he watched Stanton, McGrain, Dalglish and many other familiar faces laugh and joke their way through training he smiled to himself. ‘You’re dreaming Jazz! Don’t wake up just take it all in.’ A white football rolled across the pitch towards him and he stopped it with his right foot. A sweating, panting player ran towards him, ‘That baw mate!’ he called. Jazz side footed the ball back to the unmistakable figure of Tommy Burns who trapped it instantly and turned back to training.



    As the players continued their workout Jazz glanced across at the houses in Janefield Street peeping over the neck of terracing which once joined the Celtic end to the Jungle. If he was dreaming then this had to be 1976 or 1977 and that meant that somewhere beyond the stadium wall was his childhood home and his late father and mother. As he looked wistfully beyond the stadium a player who appeared to be jogging around the track stopped behind him, his laboured breathing making Jazz turn. ‘Hard work, pre-season eh?’ Jazz smiled at the familiar figure of Johnny Doyle. The Celtic player straightened up and smiled at him, ‘I don’t care about that pal, if I get tae wear the hoops I’ll train all day and every day.’ Jazz nodded, ‘That’s why we love you Johnny, you’re one of us. We always know you give all you’ve got.’ Johnny smiled, ‘You better believe it pal, I dreamed as a wee boy that one day I would play for the Celts. Just shows you if you work hard sometimes yer dreams can come true.’ Before Jazz could reply the unmistakable voice of Jock Stein echoed towards them. ‘Move yer arse Doyle, we’re no paying you tae gab tae fans.’ Doyle winked at Jazz and smiled, ‘His bark is worse than his bite, believe me he loves Celtic as much as I do.’ With that the player set off on another lap of the Celtic Park track.



    Jazz felt the air begin to cool and the light dim and knew his dream was ending. He closed his eyes and took in one last breath of the warm summer air of long ago. It infused him with nostalgia and reinforced his love of Celtic. It wasn’t just the players, the team or the stadium; it was the whole community, the friendships, the happy days of victory, the stoic defiance in the hard times. It was the countless threads which bound him to this club, the thousands of memories and experiences which he had stored in his mind. As he drifted towards consciousness he heard an echoing voice calling out, ‘Come on Kenny pass the baw, yer a Celtic player, it’s all about the team!’ He smiled, that was big Jock alright and as usual he was right. He felt a hand on his shoulder and opened his eyes. It was Andy, ‘Alright Jazz, the folk are heading in for some breakfast now. It’s 6am and it’s been a long night.’ Jazz sat up and looked around the dark stadium, a smile on his face. ‘That was a great sleep, Andy. I love this place.’ His old friend nodded, ‘so do I, Jazz, there’s a magic here.’ As Jazz rolled up his sleeping bag and walked towards the tunnel he glanced towards the corner of the stadium where the old jungle used to meet the Celtic end and mumbled quietly to himself, ‘Aye Andy, there’s a magic here alright.’



    An hour later as Jazz was leaving Celtic Park and stepping into the chill of a Scottish winter morning. Annie was waiting in the car for him. When he sorted his life out he had sought her out to apologise and explain and she had understood. For that he thanked God. He glanced at the statue of Jock Stein to his left and smiled, ‘Alright big man, thanks for it all. Wee Johnny was right about you. You’re Celtic to the core.’ He headed towards the car as its lights flickered on and sat in the warmth of the passenger seat. ‘How was it?’ Annie smiled at him. Jazz hugged her and whispered in her ear, ‘It was… magical.’



    As the car headed for the road which ran under the North Stand and which once upon a time was called Janefield Street, Jazz looked at all the images of Celtic players down the decades emblazoned on the panels of the Jock Stein stand. There beside Jimmy Johnstone, Dixie Deans and Kenny Dalglish was Johnny Doyle. As Jazz looked on, the words from his dream came back to him… ‘If I get tae wear the hoops I’ll train all day and every day.’ Johnny would have meant it too.

  23. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Afternoon Celts



    Ah the joys of life.


    My 15 yr old daughter, who ive never mentioned football to….has informed me, that she is a Celtic supporter.


    She told me that she winds the sevconians up at her school…..had me laughing like a hyena.






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