The most Moneyball player on the planet


I read Michael Lewis’ Moneyball 13 years ago.  It was an exploration of key metrics missed by most of baseball and exploited by the then Oakland Athletics general manager, Billy Beane.  The lesson from the book was that while each sport has a standard set of metrics the vast majority of coaches and execs follow, if you want to over-achieve against richer opponents, you need to find different, better, metrics.

Adopt the same operational rules as everyone else and over any period, you will punch your weight, not more and no less.  Oakland (the A’s) understood this and chose a path less worn.  They sold their most saleable assets and bought better players from the unfashionable counter.   Some with awkward gaits, overweight or for various reasons just didn’t look right to the rest of elite baseball.

If Billy Beane was working in football today he would sign Leigh Girffiths in a heartbeat.  Read his recent rap sheet, he is the most Moneyball player on the planet.  The new manager is likely to take a look at the headlines and shrug, which is a pity.

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  1. The reason for our poor season was down to money. When Neil asked to keep all our players without discussing there transfers, he was ignoring players who had been promised transfers to clubs where they would get 3 or 4 times the salary. Remember all these players have several winners medals in Scotland.



    They had been promised the route of McGeady, Ki, Wanyama, Forster, Van Dijk, Armstrong, Tierney,. All went for large increases in salary. Their agents were hovering. These players mix with their ex team mates in Scotland and other National teams.



    The club then compound the issue by bringing in Loanees Duffy, Laxalt, Elynoussi, Kenny who all get paid more than our players.



    Our disgruntled Players went on an unofficial work to rule and after a quadruple treble we won nothing which is what the players deserved.



    Lenny tried everything, switching players, 2 at back, 4 at back, 2 up front, diamond midfield all to no avail and Kennedy suffers the same. These players cannot be won over without lots of money. We need to start again.



    We have lost Frimpong, Elhammed, Brown and Kimala, all had to go. we need to get out Barkas, Ajer, Bitton, Julien, McGregor, N’tcam, Christie, Edouard, Ajeti. All 4 loanees, Hendry, Shved and Bayo need to go also. Rogic and Griffiths as well have let us down.



    Remember We need 12 home grown players for UEFA competitions. So we keep Bain, Hazard, Ralston, Welsh, Taylor, Soro, Turnball, Johnston, Forrest bring back O’Connor, Connell, Afolabi, Henderson. Hjelde.


    We need to buy some players who are Scottish trained at least 3 years at an academy.



    I would sign Nisbet, Porteous, Doig, Campbell and Ferguson from Scottish clubs plus around 8 to 10 players from overseas or England to make a pool of 28 to 30.



    Big Job




    You make some good points and I agree with most of them….but, I’d like to give our loanees, especially Shved and Hendry another chance under a new manager

  3. JG.


    Thanks for that.jeez 2 year since.its flyin in.i hope Big Billys family are well.His wife lost half her life that day and we lost our iconic hero,will never forget the scarves flowers at his statue.Hope alls good over your way James




  4. Love him or loathe him I thought the George Galloway


    PPB was one of the best things i’ve seen in a long time.


    At least it was honest.

  5. ” Just went onto Amazon there, to buy a Donkey…..”



    You get what you sign up fur!







  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    I don’t agree with many of your positions on the Celtic, but I agree 100% with your analysis of the SNP. Never confuse nationalism with socialism. SNP policies are pure Peronism mediating between corporate interests, but always favouring capital when it comes down to it. They are also political chameleons – in the.north east of Scotland they present a completely different face to the rural/ conservative vote. They have done nothing Thor Glasgow or the west of Scotland. Public funding – particularly health spending (NRAC) – has been progressively redirected out from the city to the rural east coast heartlands.



    A vote for the Tories is morally reprehensible.



    Labour are dead. I’m a political orphan!

  7. PeterLatchfordsBelly


    Spot on mate but as hilarious as it was I still don’t


    think i’ll vote for gorgeous George…..

  8. Watching Maddison writhing about on the pitch after a hefty challenge and noticed his boots appear to be laceless.


    I used to wrap the excess lacing on my boots 50-60 times under and over my boots then knot them. Each boot took up about 20 mins of my time. Same taking them off.


    Now you can get laceless boots. That’s nearly an extra hour in bed before a 10.00am kick off on a Saturday morning

  9. Greensideup @7.21


    No sure where you get your Leigh Griffiths stats from,


    but not a chance has he averaged over a goal a game .

  10. “31003 on 22ND APRIL 2021 9:16 PM








    Thanks to you both. As BSR said, I don`t think we will be getting him back A pity IMO.


    `night all.

  11. Ah memories.


    Mid to late sixties, Saturday mornings at Glenconnor Park, black ash parks commonly known as “The Coup”


    The sound and feeling of Woolworths “Top Dog” football boots thumping a heavy wet bladder.


    Very similar now to the sound and feeling of my own bladder 3-4 times a night as I get up for a piss.

  12. 31003 on 22ND APRIL 2021 8:23 PM



    On another note……JHB……you’d be a fool to think you’re fooling anyone on this site…




    So you noticed that as well then :)



  13. MARKIEBHOY on 22ND APRIL 2021 9:12 PM



    Vote for Unity on the Orange ballot paper



    Loving the country squire new persona, the tory landowner accent, has he joined the Masons ?

  14. FC Copenhagen drubbed by Midtjylland ( who Sevco took 7 off last season ). Now looks as if Der Hun will be seeded for the Champions League. Their luck is amazing.

  15. Wunner whit they despise the most………



    THIS Dear Green Place, Paul or the CQN community?



    ………guessin’ some o’ the publicity hounds just want an’ outin’



    fair enough a suppose.




  16. Messi scores at least 25 La Liga goals for 12th successive season. Talk about stats!

  17. Watching Brendan’s Leicester and they work for 90+ minutes, work as a TEAM, and play attractive football. Not bad for a provincial club. In hindsight, I think Brendan got bored after completing an invincible season. The next objective left for him would be Europe but with no backing from PL he had no chance. I was angry at the time when he left but I think now I understand why he left

  18. lionroars67


    I thought with the hat on he looked a bit Gangsta.


    I was waiting for an offer I couldn’t refuse.

  19. 31003



    Brendan left for the reasons we won’t attract another manager of his calibre.



    He wasn’t in charge.



    He wasn’t in control.



    He knew what was needed to take us to the next level.



    Lawwell didn’t agree.

  20. Have been thinking about this for some time, many say DD is in it for the money, and I can go along with that 99%, others say Celtic are his plaything, I can’t really go along with that theory, I can to an extent, but it’s way way less that the money making scheme, say about 99% less imo, the way I see it is he see £££ signs, he has wanted into the top table for more years than I recall, but that’a where he wants to dine, and as they say money talks, someone mentioned the other day about the OF thing and their promotion to whatever, I can see that 100%, eff your 99%, that is a selling machine, we are box office world wide like it or not, we are imo, in a position where we can demand from now on, the world has changed big time, believe it, we hold cards we didn’t hold last year, but it comes at a cost, that cost is joining at the hip of the SCUM.


    We will see, but being a betting man, I will wager I am right.


    Give it three years tops.

  21. Can’t view latest comments or last page. Forced to log on (even although I don’t wish to comment). Log in. Lurk. Refresh page. Get papped oot. Log in. Lurk. Refresh page. Get papped oot. It’s like doing the hokey-cokey. Pain in the ass.

  22. 31003



    It’s now why he left , but when and how ?


    That me detest the Rat .