The now legion of Celtic fans picking up the mantle


Celtic supporters like you and me get to see people do some great things.  I’ve watched people put £20 notes into a Foundation bucket when all they were asked for is £2.  Giving your money is a selfless act that some can afford more than others, but on Saturday night, around 100 Celtic fans gave their money and more: their time, pretty much their weekend, in order to do what they can for the homeless.

Money raised from the Celtic FC Foundation’s annual Celtic Park Sleep Out will feed and shelter some who the world has left behind in the winter months ahead.  The Foundation events are always rewarding, but I have never given as much of my time as those 100 people did this weekend.  So respect, where it’s due.

The London Sleep Out happens this coming Friday, details here, if you’re in the vicinity.  It takes place in the Whitechapel area of the city, where Br Walfrid worked on leaving Glasgow.  I can’t promise to do the Sleep Out next year, but we are in the company of good people whose example makes me want to do more.  I will do more throughout the Christmas Appeal and in 2019.

This is your Foundation.  It does not belong to the club or to the (now) legion of Celtic fans who pick up the mantle.  It is as important a part of Celtic as winning trophies, and it is a lot more important than spending hours online talking about the club.  If Celtic fans did not want to participate, it would quickly wither on the vine.  Just thought it’s worth a mention.

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  1. Don`t think I am going to the trouble of typing this only for Paul to spring a new article on us !



    ” As one who looks mainly on the bright side, I am hoping Belgium`s hammering will lead Dedryck to consider that he may well be better off staying at Celtic under the excellent tutelage of Brendan.”











  2. The Perth CSC’s 30th Anniversary weekend was an absolute resounding success!Willie Wallace,Dixie and Murdo were a real credit to themselves and to Celtic.But special mention to big John Hartson.A real gentleman in his attitude and demeanour;nothing was too much trouble.





    Also,a healthy amount was raised for the three nominated charities.





    Had a great time with our friends from interstate and even got Paddymcoz to sign my commerative programme. HH

  3. To the fans who do it,because they see it as something worthwhile,Christian and helping those who need help A WARM ROUND OF APPLAUSE!! And may I add these people are non attention seekers,has the media been told.

  4. I am sure many of us have a view of how our stereotypical Lawyer would look and behave. I doubt, though, that any of us envisage said lawyer hovering over his PC at the break of dawn waiting to pounce on a podium.




  5. BJB


    Without looking for accolades, I have contributed to causes and I am most certainly NOT a Christian.


    It is/was a GOOD act and I think it wrong for anyone to claim good acts for one set of beliefs.


    I don`t suppose you mean anything bad by it but I have heard the expression far too often to now let it go without at least pointing it out. Good acts are good acts and no religious group should be laying claim to this human quality.



  6. MiT


    That (12:26) was meant as a light-hearted comment delivered in a deadpan manner. Hence no smiley. On seeing it in print, though, I realised it might be taken seriously. Be assured it was not intended that way :-)))



  7. Reading earlier how Andy Robertson was deemed not good enough for Celtic, last week same scenario Seamus Coleman.



    I still believe to this day though, that allowing Shay Given to leave was one of the worst errors made by the club in modern times.



    HH. ?

  8. HS



    No worries.



    I usually read the papers, including CQN, while I have my breakfast. Sometimes, P67 gets his timing just right.



    Point taken,but there are those who do good things because it is the proper thing to do.As a Christian I applaud what was done by those in the Christian and non Christian camp.I take no offence,because no offence was proferred.



  10. While not criticising those that give their hard money to the Celtic foundation, I can not in good conscience.



    The annual donation to poppy Scotland prevents me.

  11. Here’s the ideal candidate for the SFA hall of fame, how many huns signed the petition again?



    Football legend Paul Gascoigne has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman on a train from York to Durham.


    The former England midfielder was arrested at Durham station on 20 August.


    British Transport Police said the 51-year-old has now been charged with one count of sexual assault by touching and will appear at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court on 11 December.

  12. Howdy pardner. He’ll git a fair trial then we’ll hang um.



    More importantly… Well done to all concerned in above article, HH.

  13. BJB- A belated reply,thanks for post yesterday, they have settled well in Belfast, daughter in law is from about 10 minutes up the road from where they are living. HH

  14. Delighted the Wolves are out for Dedryk ,as opposed to his more illustrious defelnsive,EPL partners.Could never be their fault,could it?Might just make a few teams have second thoughts about signing him.Could not give a monkeys about how he played for Belgium,he is doing the business for us very well,week in,week out.Would love to have him sign an extension.We are not to Far away from a very,very,good team at the moment.


    Reading what Ryan Christie was saying about Fletcher,really opened my eyes a bit on how we as spectators dont see the same values in players,as their teamates do.

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    I notice it’s on the main BBC football page but not on the Scottish football page. Strange – this a “legend” of Scottish football……

  16. Well done to John Greig, for being at the unveiling of Bobby Lennox statue in Saltcoats yesterday.

  17. Tony Rome 2.44pm


    Thank you for posting that article. Absolutely brilliant from Kevin McKenna, and 100% spot on. Should be required reading for everyone involved in Scottish football. HH

  18. TONYROME 2-44pm


    That was a great read mhate McKenna telling it as it is , hope you and family are all fighting fit again , say hello from E and I !

  19. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH NOVEMBER 2018 2:56 PM


    Well done to John Greig, for being at the unveiling of Bobby Lennox statue in Saltcoats yesterday.



    Probably came along to see if the sculptor managed to capture Bobby’s broken leg correctly.

  20. Unfortunately McKenna is a lone voice in the mssm.


    The vast majority of the mssm and the best wee country would rather have no football than a successful Timmy in a proper functioning organization.


    The refs know full well that they will be supported by the authorities and mssm in allowing brutal assaults on Celtic players or any team playing sevco.


    Contrast with their bending of rules and tolerance when a sevco player is guilty of assault.


    Until there is a fundamental shift and demand for change and honest competition in the best wee country things will remain the same.

  21. Park Road 67


    All well in Dundee, not long back home from the gym, preceded by the flu jab! Trust things are tickety boo in deepest, darkest Ayrshire…! HH

  22. hi bhoys ,sad state of affairs when tim sportwriters have to move away from home to find jobs,. now as well as kevin McKenna, there is another well known tim sports journalist down here, who always bigs us up whose name escapes me.hh.

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