The Ross Wallace Deployment


I’ve never treated the Ballon d’Or seriously, but would you be alarmed if your manager overlooked two of the most outstanding footballers of all time, to vote for one of the poor relations in an outstanding, if waning, Barcelona team.

England manager, Roy Hodgson, is entitled to his opinion but in nominating Javier Mascherano, he’s started a debate which will not reflect kindly on him.

I remember when Martin O’Neill was in charge of Celtic, he could do or say anything and no matter how incongruous it seemed, we all looked for hidden wisdom.  Martin knew much more about the game than all of us but this authority was uniquely evident.  I don’t remember any other Celtic manager being regarded with such awe, and I go back to the latter Stein days.

Whether Mascherano is fit to pass the ball to Leonel Messi is beside the point, Roy’s opinion is a prisoner of fortune.  He’s dead meat to his critics.

For all of Martin’s brilliance he wasn’t one for cutting edge tactics.  He knew what worked for him and stuck to it.  So when Gordon Strachan came along with some new, ‘ideas’, the reaction was not appreciative.

Gordon’s early days (years) were remarkably hostile but it’s what I’ve regarded as The Ross Wallace Deployment which remains in the mind as an unfinished debate.

Ross was a left winger.  But, five goals down after a first leg capitulation in Bratislava, Gordon deployed him on the right.  The outcry was palpable.  We’d never heard of playing a left footed player ‘out of position’ like this.  What is now commonplace – to mix a left and fight footed full back and winger on the same side – was both new and proof positive that Gordon Strachan was a deluded simpleton.

There’s value in the opinions of the outliers, so my vote for the Ballon d’Or would have gone to Efe Ambrose. Gordon Strachan was a better manager than any of us knew at the time.

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  1. celticrollercoaster supporting shay,our bhoy wonder along the way



    23:36 on 13 January, 2015



    And home to ICT and probably St Johnstone

  2. HT



    The ‘twisted’ feeling you refer to is your guilt gnawing away at the very marrow of your soul……or a wee touch heartburn from those chips n curry sauce you ate at half 9!






    Night Weefra. Proper snow in dunblane tonight. We almost lost the westie!



    HH jamesgang

  3. Sipsini



    I think the quest for a forward passing MF is a myth



    Most MF can pass forward if given the time and space.



    If you have a lethargic MF and static forwards then you seek a platini.



    If all your MF and forwards move and pass, it all gets easier.



    Most teams that beat us do NOT have a Platini.



    They run their arse off up front and pass/move in midfield.



    They are not stars, hence are not signed by star clubs



    We have sideways lethargy and RD has called it out.



    Look at Legia, Partisan. Average players but they move.



    Biton can’t move


    Kayal can’t move


    Mulgrew can’t move


    Commons can’ move


    Henderson can’t move


    Stokes can’t move



    Ledley could



    Ki couldn’t



    Brown can


    Johansen can


    Forrest can



    Very few mobile midfielders



    Up front



    Scepovic moved


    Guidetti moves


    Griffiths moves



    But we only ever get 1!



    Bring back the pass move philosophy and we have a great chance.



    BUT we nerd another mobile MF


    Ronnie gets it



    Pass and move and no Platini needed

  4. Big George’s fan club..


    Celtic Friendly car parking in ma driveway, (no, ‘Watch yer motur mister’s fur 10 bob’).. 30 seconds from ‘100 Acre’ pub, and 15 mins walk from hampden. Let me know.. HAIL HAIL.

  5. Jamesgang



    My conscience and heartburn are clear. I ate at half 8 :-)



    Night all.




  6. Jamesgang



    My great aunt Sister Mary Veronica was a cheery nun.


    She said there were more Catholics destined for down rather than up, the way we are living our lives today. :(

  7. Delaney’s



    It’s the vino variety I was talking about so hopefully you’re auntie wouldn’t be chastising me on this occasion.



    My granny was a wee free from up in the highlands. Probably made your auntie look like a rep on a Club 18-30 tour!!!



    It was like breathing was sinning!






    HH jamesgang

  8. Jamesgang



    I am from a family of Priests, Nuns and Teachers. I have a guilt complex at every family do.

  9. Delaney’s



    No wonder you hing oot with CQN.


    All of a sudden you’re an angel by comparison!



    Good night our little angel. Hope Christmas wasn’t too uncomfortable for you – 2 weeks perched on a bl00dy tree!



    HH jamesgang

  10. First time posting for ages.



    I haven’t read all replies to Paul’s post so apologies if I am stating the obvious or repeating any common comments.



    However a few notes from me;


    – Yes I underestimated Strachan and he was better than I gave him for. However he was/is not as good as some people believe.


    – He has a good understanding of tactics and all other things relating to football and I would suggest he could predict football results/activity (both short term and long term) as good as anyone.


    – However his personality (trying to be cleverer than everyone else – and thinking he is) is his achilles heel.


    – He often stated that non-footballers didn’t have the right to discuss the game with any conviction due to the fact they hadn’t played the game. What bollocks!! He talks about Stats all the time but does he have the necessary mathematics qualifications to do so?


    – He thought he was smarter than everyone else and he predictably tried to be unpredictable for every game against the dead mob. Willo Flood straight in yet didn’t feature many games after. Nonesense decision and there were many more.


    – The worst of all was watching the dead mob win the league while our best player was left out of both games against them at their ground. One due to disciplinary reasons and he should have managed that situation differently to avoid the omission. Then when he was available for selection had him on the bench. Thought he was clever and stood by his decisions while the dead mob won the league.


    – Left wingers on the right is no new phenomenon. The dead mob did it with Davie Cooper. Strachan himself did it with Southampton.


    – That night at home v Bratislava was a disgrace. I understood the Wallace deployment at the start of the game. We had signed Naka that week prior to the game and Naka played wide right before coming. Strachan had landed his man and it was time to implement his system.


    – However his smart arse decision making him happy that he surprised everyone overtook the tactics required to win the game. Anyone at the game that night could easily see that mob were there for the taking (taking meaning 6). The worst organisation of any team I had seen at Celtic Park and the game was screaming, bawling, shouting out for width.


    – In all of Strachan’s career it was the one game more than any that we SHOULDN’T have played a left footer on the right……………………but it was the one game Strachan could surprise the fans more than most and be a smart arse.


    – Re Hodgson then maybe he was just going for an outsider to recognise someone he believes is underrated (someone who had an excellent World Cup).

  11. jamesgang



    Yer still a nutter, in the nicest possible way. :-))



    Cot time,



    Night Night Timland.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  12. @TheDailyArab83


    I’ve been told GMS has already signed pre-contract with Celtic. 2nd hand info but no reason to disbelieve it. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  13. James



    You’re losing the plot big yin!


    Love your ramblings and sharp humour though.





  14. The Daily Arab ‏@TheDailyArab83 3m3 minutes ago


    @bbcjimspence @RitchieReview Jim, I’ve been told pre-contract was signed earlier this evening. Celtic working on offer to get him in Jan.

  15. G67-had a few texts saying the same re GMS, if so Thompson’s bluff has been called, might come back cap in hand before Window closes.Can see similar deal with John McGinn too, hope we can get rid of a few.

  16. jamesgang


    23:52 on


    13 January, 2015


    Night Dena!



    ‘stay safe’ – was that for delaney’s @ 23.50!



    HH jamesgang



    No for everyone of you who are having to deal with the horrible weather, we seem to have missed the worst of it thank God




  17. G67



    Heard different. Red herring to disguise SA signing soon. Maybe summer now. My word from Tannadice. SA wants to become a Tim!

  18. Definitely Goodnight from me



    play nice Bhoys



    Jamesgang dont twist too many nuns :-))))





  19. the exiled tim



    21:32 on 13 January, 2015



    No been on much the past few days, are the corrupt ones still stumbling along, stupid question, of course they are.








    Mrs TET is out of intensive care, tests in the morn to decide what next, never been so happy, relieved….. you name it in ma puff, and it was puffin that put her in there.



    Thanks mucho for all your positive thots and good wishes, we were both overwhelmed seriously.



    Wimin Eh, needed a feckin heart attack to give the fags




    Best wishes and a speedy recovery




  20. dena29



    Lucky you mob. :-))) You want tae look out oor windae. Lapland. Hahahaha. Night kiddo. KTF.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  21. Love to see GMS. Watched him at pitch level st Hampden at the semi in 2013



    Great player. Head up and confident. We don’t have that in our quiver

  22. TET



    Delighted to hear the good news






    The Daily Arab ‏@TheDailyArab83 3m3 minutes ago


    @bbcjimspence @RitchieReview Jim, I’ve been told pre-contract was signed earlier this evening. Celtic working on offer to get him in Jan.

  23. David Murray has robbed pensioners to the tune of 22million.Utter disgrace of a man.


    He has called in the Liquidator on his numerous businesses.More innocent people swinging for millions.


    Hope to god Craig Whyte has the scumbag on a tape recording,planning the liquidation of the now deceased Rangers,Probably still won’t open the eyes of the deluded Huns.

  24. WeefratheTim


    00:11 on


    14 January, 2015





    Goodnight Weefra



    stay safe



    Hope you and Mrs Weefra are ok



    KTF (always)




  25. Not sure if GMS is made of the right stuff for us, but the squad needs an overhaul, he has ran the huns ragged in the past though :))

  26. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on

    I might as well state just now that I consider the ‘Advert’ a folly.



    And I can’t truly express why.



    When you know, you know.



    Validation in our marketplace is such a risky business.




  27. Weefra



    I feel like driving to my mammys. Get my skis and head for the Kilpatrick Hills. Looking at the Hills wi my blinds open the now. Spectacular. :)

  28. dena29



    We are bith tickety boo. Hope you and the family are well also. Night. KTF.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  29. Richie #RIP Kano on

    Great news re: Mrs TET. All nurses should be paid double they are now (and it still wouldn’t be enough!)