Time for Paddy, Emilio and Kelvin


Tomorrow Celtic have a Scottish Cup tie away to Peterhead, currently second bottom of the Third Division.  Peterhead have recorded their only two home wins of the season in the last two weeks, so Celtic’s scouts will have seen them at their best, but the break from league action will allow Neil Lennon to rest players who have been carrying niggling injuries, including James Forrest, whose terrific form could be jeopardised by the stresses of carrying such a prominent responsibility for Celtic.

The game in Peterhead will also give fringe players an opportunity to shine.  I suspect Paddy McCourt is still carrying the can for hitting the post against St Johnstone in August, the day it all started to go wrong.  We’ve missed him.  Emilio Izaguirre and Kelvin Wilson would also benefit from 90 minutes football as the squad reassembles itself, although the game might come too soon for Kris Commons.

News that Beram Kayal’s injury is likely to keep him out of action for four months was sickening.  This is the third serious injury Beram has suffered since joining Celtic 18 months ago.  I read a bit about grade 3 eversion ankle sprains yesterday.  He’ll need the best treatment and recuperation in the days and months to come.

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  1. Young Celt.. JACKSON IRVING.. Australian, Born..



    Scooped the Extremely Prestigious..



    Best Player of the Stuttgart Tournement Award.



    This is no mean Feat… He beat out … Every other Youngster


    for that Kudo…









    a Guy wi.. Lead in his Pencil.. intae the Bargain..



    He kin Score..He kin Pass.. He kin Tackle..



    Yep.. Ah hiv a Feelin that he Wull Mak it.. into the First Team Pool



    Look oot.. Broonie..



    Yer Joab is Hingin by a Thread…



    Although, the Thread is Awfy Strong.. as ye hiv bin Hingin


    oan it.










  2. The Battered Bunnet on




    FYI Both Rangers and Hearts ARE Public Limited Companies.






    Per the earlier post, it’s all about Due Process. As googybhoy mentions, it’s unlikely that due process will sit neatly within the football calendar. What I was really trying to say was that it’s The Process that might very well be the thing that scuppers the best efforts of others to have a happy ending.

  3. James Forrest is Lennon on

    The Battered Bunnet says:



    One of the finest posts I’ve read on this subject yet mate. Brilliant.



    That this isn’t being discussed – at all – in the press is incredible.

  4. Ex Celts Caddis, Ferry, Caldwell and Maloney all played in Swindon 2 Wigan 1 in the FA Cup. Not all of them happy.

  5. The Battered Bunnet says:



    7 January, 2012 at 17:40



    I was looking at a HMRC web page giving advice on a company going out of business. Never checked the detail below the links but was thinking that will take time and wondering if the start up advice was as long.



    To get the job of winding up Oldco and starting up Newco the work would need to be taking place by a project team appointed for that very purpose NOW.



    First job would be a Feasibilty Study. Who would be commissioining one? The SPL? the SFA? CW? or are they just following the lead from bloggers?

  6. Keevins going on about the 50-50 ball involving Elbows and Kayal again. Did anyone else see McShagger on Soccer Am this morning. He was being asked the usual questions (Daftest player at Rankers – Worst dresser etc) When it came to Hardest Man at Rankers his reply was Elbows “He likes to leave his foot in.”

  7. brucecassavetes on

    Always remember Fraser Wishart on Radio Clyde a few days after the Evening Times ran Darryl King’s ‘Administration’ story:



    “Rangers will never go into administration. It wouldn’t be allowed to happen.”

  8. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. El Diego






    Ah noticed!



    Yep. again..



    Ah hate tae read the same old .. same old.. gripes and


    groans being Re Gurgitated.






    Ma Intellect Rebels.. when Ah feed it.. Auld Stuff… Disnae Your’s?



    Fur.. wan thing yer Mind hates..



    Is .. Repetition of Input..






    Damn Right





    yer pal. who likes ye aloater.

  9. Interesting to see that the notion of Integrity has appeared on the blog.



    As it was probably missed by most on here, I am taking the liberty of reposting my contribution from yesterday:-




    thomthethim says:


    6 January, 2012 at 17:05






    That is the dilemma.



    Do Celtic take the pragmatic approach, shrug the shoulders and say, “we need them”.



    If they do this, they will alienate vast swathes of the support. Like Salmond appears to be doing with his Bill.



    It has always been a corrupt game, but ,up until now, there was never a smoking gun.



    Now, they have been exposed and only a reconstruction or bending of the rules will save Them.



    This will happen.



    When this happens, if not before, Celtic should post their NOTICE to resign, if the INTEGRITY of the competition is not respected.



    As I said in an earlier post, Celtic adopted a stance based on the integrity of the competition during Extensiongate.



    That stance was enough to ensure that the integrity was preserved.



    Are you arguing that integrity is only desirable up to a point?



    Does it have a price?



    If so, then that is the point where many Celtic men will say, “no more”.



    And THAT is Celtic’s dilemma.



    Belfast Celtic did not take the easy option. Neither should Celtic.



    If we are forced to play in a lower league, then it will be a test for the support.



    Stick with the club, or turn your back.



    “Ask not what your club can do for you, but what can you do for your club”.(paraphrase JFK).



  10. The Battered Bunnet says:



    7 January, 2012 at 17:58



    I thought they were Private given the differences between how their owners ran them into the ground. This suggests getting rid of DD is not a good idea.

  11. reilly1926



    I’ve never heard anyone who has played the game at any level who does not agree it was a 50-50 challenge.



    Incidentally, including our own manager.

  12. Snake Plissken says:


    7 January, 2012 at 17:40



    Superb post



    There was decent competition in early 80’s -good crowds and great matches – very few gimmes (of course except v currants there were only 3,000 at poundland then)



    the game was ruined by currants and the beast in latter part of 80’s and the standard of fitba and competition fell away and died in 90’s



    Celtic almost died trying to keep up -playing by the rules- god bless fergus and the fans who rallied to the cause



    now -no surprise the national team is pants and crowds at games are so low -even the diehards that go are not enjoying the fitba



    Lenny is a breath of fresh air and I can see a re-birth of the entire scottish game -led by Celts —again!



    so the currants can gtf to the 3rd division



    the shortfall in any tv money and currants’ visits will be more than compensated by increase at provincial grounds (only need another 500 at each home game to cover the ‘loss’ of currants)



    sky might see it differently -so?







  13. notthebus says:


    7 January, 2012 at 18:08



    My own opinion is that it was a sneaky disguised dirty tackle. (Maybe even clever)



    Spare me the “Including our own Manager” comment. You sound like Keevins. NL has learned how to play the press game. His opinion of the thug is probably lower than most on here.

  14. The Battered Bunnet on




    I read Scott’s The Heart of Midlothian recently, and chuckled when it was explained that the title referred to the Tolbooth Prison. The Jail.




  15. Kojo



    Going back to your earlier post about us supposedly being feart of the huns.



    I don’t believe that is the case at all and was further disturbed by the suggestion that you advocate cheating is acceptable with regard to the huns or G.A. as you prefer.

  16. re post



    Prior to the ‘bunnet’ buying, saving and revitalising us in 1994 were the combined Scottish media wringing their hands and bemoaning the likely fate of Scottish football should Celtic FC follow in the wake of Third Lanark A.C and go out of business. I can’t recall any debate on the disaster that awaits Scotland’s national game should we go under. Was all well with Scottish football financing then, were teams flush with Money?



    Why did no one listen to Fergus when he warned that Sir Moonbeams financial largess would lead the club to disaster? Am I being too cynical?



    What Fergus did



    • The share issue, and the successful switch from a private limited company to a PLC


    • The rebuilding of the stadium. When he was ridiculed for building a 60,000 seat stadia Fergus simply replied “they will come”


    • The Season Tickets sales success


    • Overtaking Rangers on an attendance basis


    • Expansion of the commercial base of the Club


    • The “Bhoys Against Bigotry” campaign


    • Overtaking Rangers on a revenue basis


    • Planning for the youth academy (donating £1.5m)


    • Taking on the SFA and UEFA publicly in the Courts



    What Will the MBB do?



    End Rangers FC?

  17. reilly1926 says:


    7 January, 2012 at 18:14



    precisely – Lenny couldn’t say anything else



    He knows how to play the game now



    The tackle was dripping with intent fitba players know what was going down (sally got him off for his own safety)- fans know what was going down



    the 50-50 is just wishful thinking guys







  18. West Wales Celt on

    The demise of the huns is not an economic, a constitutional or even an ethical issue for me.


    It’s extreme dislike of what they represent that makes me hunger for the schadenfreude moment to beat all schadenfreude moments.



    I don’t feel great antipathy towards individual supporters of that club but their collective ‘we are the peepl’, dam busters, union jack waving, right wing politics of hate is unbearable. To see that all come crumbling down; I’d really love it (in a Kevin Keegan kinda way).





    Has a hell of a ring to it don’t it…

  19. On the Kayal tackle debate.



    He was fouled, end of.



    The referee restarted the game with a free kick to Celtic.



    Not a stoat-up, contested or not. A free kick, which more than suggests that Mc Elbows fouled Beram.

  20. It is very clear that the footballing media has no interest in discussing the realities of the huns’ situation. They will peddle the line that Scottish football needs them and therefore everyone else should just make sure they are allowed into the SPL



    They might not understand that it is more complicated than forming a new company and its taking the place of the current huns. But surely there are financial journalists who understand the legalities and the processes that must be used? Isn’t there someone who can do a factual article on the subject?

  21. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    West wales celt….it certainly does have a good ring to it……I fully concur with every word you have said…HH

  22. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on



    Auld Heid



    Really luv your posts…..most informative….



    What I can’t get my head around is how they are going to pay HMRC……..if they go into admin, do HMRC get nothing, or does that only apply if they go into liquidation…



    The ‘denial’ across their fan base / media etc is astounding….and very amusing…!!!!

  23. Kojo



    “Ah hate tae read the same old .. same old.. gripes and


    groans being Re Gurgitated.”




    So, as an alternative, you raise again your dislike of Scott Brown and promote the latest Celtic youngster, whose name you mis-spelled, as a prematurely ready replacement.



    We have had Charlie Grant (a genuine sad case), Marc Miller, Omar Bogle (freed recently), Tony Watt and now, Jackson Irvine.



    Your own stuff can certainly get old and regurgitated too. Nobody bit because the other story, the one you find boring, IS of more interest and for different reasons than those you discerned.



    You are not on a roll. A couple of bad posts in a row should see a replacement by another pseudonym perhaps if you follow your own rules?

  24. What about Richard Gordon talking about the diet s game against Talbot???


    Constantly going on how peterheid will take some confidence that an upset could be on the cards?? Must have said it 4 times but never once refered to Abroath??

  25. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. El Diego Bhoy



    Hiya. Pal?



    Me advocating Cheating?



    Perish the Thought..



    Na.. That is No Ma style..



    Ah wiz only repeatin. whit Ah heard them talkin; aboot… roon the Campfires..


    as Ah passed thru the Wids..oan Ma way tae Ma Granny’s.



    Yep.. again..



    Aboot Ma claim that this Blog is Absolutely Riddled by


    Fearties.. who are Feart of the G.A.



    Gled ye brought that up.



    It disnae tak a Viennese Shrink.. tae Interpret the fact..




    That.. it is wan thing tae HATE the G.A.


    Might be even. Healthy!



    but,it is anither Thing.. if wan constantly






    And.. Fundamentally..



    That .. WISH. is whit is Hitting ye over the Heid.. whenevah ye read


    over..some o’ the Postings. oan here.. regarding what the Poster wishes wid be the Eventual Fate.. handed oot tae oo r





    Na.. Ah actually, WANT the G.A. tae Remain in Oor League.






    We are Jined at the Hip..



    Noo. if ye don’t understaun WHY.. Ah hiv Said That..






    Ah am No Aboot tae Tell ya!



    Figger it oot, fur yersel.





    yer pal.. who thinks that ye are a Fly wee Rascal.

  26. In what other field of human endeavour could there be such a bizarre anomaly ?


    One of our RIVALS is shown to have CHEATED to gain success.


    Obviously this person, club, company ,…whatever,.. is beneath contempt & has no respect, let alone support.


    They tried to cheat EVERYBODY.


    Are we now expected to believe that some of their rivals will vote to SUPPORT their continued malpractice.


    If Scottish football allows this corrupt organisation to be part of our game, then we deserve everything that will follow from such cowardice.


    They HAVE TO BE thrown into the oblivion that they themselves have made inevitable.



    Choke them & drown them.



    They understand NOTHING ELSE.

  27. In all the talk of a Newco situation for Rangers and the absence of clear rules, is there not a precedent from May 2008?



    This is from Wiki:-



    “In the spring of 2008 it was revealed by the administrator, Wilson Field of Sheffield, that Gretna had creditors of nearly £4m and assets (Raydale Park) of less than £1m. HM Revenue and Customs was owed nearly £600,000 in total, and it was their threat to wind up the company that precipitated Gretna’s move into administration. On 8 May, the administrator set a deadline of 17 May for a buyer to be found, or the club would be liquidated.



    After that deadline passed without a buyer making a firm offer, all the remaining employees were made redundant, but it was reported that the club were still negotiating with an interested buyer. On 29 May, Gretna were relegated to the Third Division due to their financial struggles, with the Scottish Football League threatening expulsion should a takeover not be completed within a week. After a takeover bid fell through on 1 June, the administrators confirmed the following day that they would look to sell Raydale Park to someone who will use the site for something other than football.



    Gretna resigned from the Scottish Football League on 3 June. Near neighbours Annan Athletic won the vote to replace Gretna in the Scottish league. With no ground, staff, players or a competition to play in, the club’s dissolution was inevitable and the club was formally liquidated by the administrators on 8 August.”




    I demand a level playing field. Rangers can, like them, apply for the East of Scotland League or equivalent. SFL Div. 3 is too good for them.

  28. James Forrest is Lennon on

    Just watched the Nakamura video and I have to say, we have been lucky, very lucky, as Celtic fans, in the past 10 or so years, to have watched some true greats. Lubo, Sutton, Thommo and of course The King.



    I would put Naka up there. What a genius.



    I had a great pub debate with my mate back when Naka was playing for us. I told him, after the Man Utd game, that I thought we had the best free kick taker in the world playing for us. He doubted me.



    I never doubted it myself. We did. He was that good. That video is tremendous.

  29. I am Neil Lennon... Larrybhoy on




    Exactly…. and the follow up kid on of serious injury by elbows provides evidence that his intention was clear



    Healys was another one… knew he would not get a red card after just coming on but that does excuse the thuggery



    The more they get away with it, the more they will be encouraged to keep it up. I’m fearing that the next 2 games against them will result in more of the same; just hope we can get away from these without more serious injuries





    Been banging that drum for the last five years wi friends when I go back home.



    From what I can gather,they paid an amount,and expected a return at a certain time.



    Which I believe was last year.



    Two thousand mugs paying £1690 each,no problem,money back with interest and a season ticket to boot wi yer name on it,magic.



    Lot of money,Craig. Lot of bears not happy.

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