Time for Paddy, Emilio and Kelvin


Tomorrow Celtic have a Scottish Cup tie away to Peterhead, currently second bottom of the Third Division.  Peterhead have recorded their only two home wins of the season in the last two weeks, so Celtic’s scouts will have seen them at their best, but the break from league action will allow Neil Lennon to rest players who have been carrying niggling injuries, including James Forrest, whose terrific form could be jeopardised by the stresses of carrying such a prominent responsibility for Celtic.

The game in Peterhead will also give fringe players an opportunity to shine.  I suspect Paddy McCourt is still carrying the can for hitting the post against St Johnstone in August, the day it all started to go wrong.  We’ve missed him.  Emilio Izaguirre and Kelvin Wilson would also benefit from 90 minutes football as the squad reassembles itself, although the game might come too soon for Kris Commons.

News that Beram Kayal’s injury is likely to keep him out of action for four months was sickening.  This is the third serious injury Beram has suffered since joining Celtic 18 months ago.  I read a bit about grade 3 eversion ankle sprains yesterday.  He’ll need the best treatment and recuperation in the days and months to come.

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  1. Setting free the bears,



    You’re quite correct. In any other situation the precedent would be followed and the established procedures followed.



    But this is different because it is Rangers and not Gretna. We all need them, don’t you know? Scottish football needs them.

  2. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    Thank you Blantyre Tim


    The lights back on and the Celts on ta TV – my cup runners over


    Hail hail from Bute ( the original Dark Island)

  3. reilly1926




    We can agree to disagree, however I cant have the word “clever” used in any context when it comes to mcElbows

  4. no probs Jinkyredstar..



    my mates nephew is a ballbhoy tomorrow..



    he will have his autograph book at the ready for his beloved hoops as he is wearing his hoops underneath his tracksuit…



    hope he gets to meet his Celtic heros tomorrow..

  5. I am Neil Lennon… Larrybhoy says:


    7 January, 2012 at 18:38





    There might not be “the next two games” against them!! :>)

  6. Call me a cynic, but I get the distinct impression we have been sold yet another transfer window pup. We’ve been told about the behind-the-scenes work of the club identifying players- work that has, apparently been going on for months. If the work has been ongoing and if Celtic PLC is serious about investment in the squad, then why have we not moved to sign anyone at the start of the window rather than leaving it to ‘deadline day’ and the wild rumours before the window “slams shut”??? Leaving matters to the end of the month results in overpricing of players and disappointment where transfers do not occur. If Celtic PLC has no intention of signing anyone this transfer window, we ought to be told in frank terms, rather than permitting fans to endlessly speculate until the window closes. NL has already said that he won’t be fussed if we don’t sign anyone- are we being buttered up for the disappointment to come? Will the PLC start the rumour mill again a la Fletcher and Zenden? Probably. Will we actually see any transfers? Probably not.

  7. Something will happen, I don’t know what it will be, but something will rupture the lazy arrogance of the huns.


    So far, a blow torch couldn’t mark their brass necks, not the fall of wee Davey or the arrival of the odd thousandaire, but it will happen.



    Saving face,’dignity’ and all the supremacist baggage that goes along with it will be brought to book by Her Majesty of all peepil…….



    Although they’ve had to go thru financial hardship already – the tipping point is coming.



    Hell mend them.

  8. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on



    Will look out for him – how will we identify him – apart from the Permanant fixed grin!

  9. James F



    I watched the Naka clip last night. Wonderful.



    Could you possibly post it again to let Mrs EDB see it.



    Cheers mate.

  10. there is some good posting going on here,and as usual it`s all about “them”.


    Just because we all wish for them to go away,does not mean it will happen. I hate to say it, but I wish I was 2 stone lighter and a millionaire…but , I am not so I have to do the hard work like everyone else. Every day when I wake up I thank God for my health and move onto another day of work, no different from anyone else, I also would love to see The Manky Mob, bust, kaput, erased from the record books. I fear that ship has sailed, we couild have deprived them of £30-£40 millino quid of CL money, depending which poster you follow,over the last 4 years. If we had done that the Deathstar would already be up for sale and the Laptop Loyal in mourning.


    However the clever money men, and some of the media have seen this day coming and I believe they are already planning the Phoenix Club and are well prepared. There will be horse trading and they will appear humble but they will survive amongst the SPHell , because the “fearties” among the other clubs will let them survive, they will be bombarded with media support telling them that Scotiish Football will die without RFC, they are as yet unaware that Scottish football died the minute they signed up with Murdoch and his gang. From that day onward they were puppets in his marionette show.


    The new Hunco will appear humble and will accept the Euro ban, but Ipox will host glamour freindlies , broadcast on the new STV channel to their “global” support stretching from Cumnock to Larkhall. They will maybe even accept some points deduction for a season or two, reduced to 6 points on appeal as new head of SFA Justice Committe ,H Dallas , tells us that” enough is enough”.


    All this , but they will be back ,like a bad dream and with no debts and money men from the “peepul” backing them.


    Do not fear them but just remember we had a chance and we blew it.

  11. Thanks guys. Wonderful stuff.



    If I recall correctly when Naka signed for Celtic Steve Perryman, who I think had worked in Japan for a while, said when it came to free kicks he’sdtake Naka over Beckham any day.

  12. Evening bhoys, very warm inside, but as ever hun free.



    Just read back,some very well informed posts re newco etc, keep it up bhoys, you put the MSM to shame, it just goes to show what a sad little country scotland is, not a single jurno has the baws to ask any questions, sad, sad state of affairs, when none of them are interested in making a name for themselfs, the power these goat people have is quite scary. Trust me on that.



    So what will the outcome be ?



    No idea, the only thing I am sure of is they will benefit form their cheating, no one will get jail time for grand theft and fraud, the hun will survive in one way or another.



    Perhaps the saddest thing will be that the hun will still run scottish football and the referees will still have the hun in their hearts, we will be no farther forward, infact we will have gone back.



    Resign Celtic, and cast them all to hell.

  13. James Forrest is Lennon says:


    7 January, 2012 at 17:23





    James surely a Newco cannot carry on with the oldcos history.


    Oldco dies


    Newco born



    I have asked this question before on here and RTC and answers I got was History gone.


    Any opinions anyone?


    Hail Hail

  14. Very concerned to hear of the seriousness of Beram’s injury. Get well soon Beram, we need you fighting fit.


    Does anybody know the Kris Commons story at all?? Seem very strange to me that we were all shouting his name from the rooftops and now he’s ‘injured’!! And, possibly going on loan to Southampton. Kris gives us something different, a directness which we need and I cannot inderstand why he appears to have fallen foul of our management in such a short space of time.


    If he’s injured then why is Southampton interested in him. Send for Poirot!!



    Hail Hail and no prisoners tomorrow please.




  15. Exiled Tim im with you ,Celtic should resign from the S P L .and let the rest rot in hell.a few good lawyers could take our case to UEFA and celtic being a big club worldwide im sure we would be welcome anywere on the continent ,so go on celtic just do it what have we to lose

  16. Palacio67



    Their history would only go in the sence that a newco has risen from the sewer.


    No trophys will be taken from them.



    Any point deduction they might get will be what all the powers want, it is of no consecuence to a newco, they have no euro football for 3 years anyway, just watch for this to happen with the media.



    There should be point reduction, they nedd to start at the bottom, preferably they need to die and give scotland a chance to grow again free from the sectarian bile that prevails.



    Resign Celtic.

  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    KINGLUBO: 7 January, 2012 at 19:33



    “If he’s injured then why is Southampton interested in him.”



    Who said Southampton are interested in Kris Commons?

  18. timbhoy2



    We stay in scotland we die.



    We offer our resignation now, or at the end of the season, it takes 2 years for it to come into effect, that should give them enough time to find another league, or failing that a level playing field in scotland.



    When the hun are found guilty of tax fraud uefa would be obliged to listen to us and would have no choice but to help us find a league where we would be welcome.

  19. THE EXILED TIM says:


    7 January, 2012 at 19:40




    I never believed for one minute that any trophies won during thems tax evasion would be talen from them.


    The general thought is that rfc as we know it is going to die, and a newco will arise.



    I believe the history is gone.


    how can a newco carry on with another co’s history intact?




  20. Evening all,


    I see Falkirk’s Farid El Allagui scored his 21st goal in 28 matches today. Think this lad could be an option if all else fails.


    He’s been on an outstanding run of former so far this season and is already a hunskelper scoring two against them to put them out of the cup earlier in the season.



    Doubt he’d cost a great deal either.



    Just a thought!





    /Bishop B

  21. Palacio67



    On paper they will have no history, but ever hun out there will not let their history die in their minds.



    Worst thing for me is that they will be more rabid than ever, they will need to hate Timmy even more for their prediciment, they don’t have the capacity to see any fault with themselfs, it’s in their supremicist DNA.



    Resign Celtic, cast them all to hell.

  22. On the idea of a newco huns



    It would be both morally and legally impossible to punish a newco for the failings of the old huns


    After reading many of the excellent contributions on this site and the RTC site I also believe that MBB would not be able to be a director of the newco since he would have undergone an insolvency event and hence be barred


    So who is going to pay MBB his money – perhaps as much as £30M?



    The newco has to start at the bottom of the SFL and work their way up


    They would also be barred from Europe for 3 years



    If Scottish football does not enforce this – then we can all give up – the game is truly a bogey!




    It will be difficult enough to take for most Celtic supporters that we have been systematically cheated for the past decade ( at least )



    However the idea of a newco hun – even without their tawdry history – being assisted straight back in to the SPL – would be too much for most decent fans of every club



    Let them start doing things honestly for a change – who knows they might even enjoy it!



    If / when they win by their own efforts – without the help of others – they will start to earn the right to participate in football



    The huns are not too big to fail – no club is!



    If the football authorities conspire to allow a newco hun accelerated promotion the will sign their own death warrants



    No self respecting individual nor business could afford to be assocciated with such a sham and con trick.






    2012 a hun free zone

  23. Len Brennan 19.52



    regarding the Falkirk striker






    the guys out of contract in the summer , surprised he hasn’t been mentioned anywhere



    deffo worth a punt

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