Token of a wretched campaign


If ever 90 minutes told the story of a season, it was last night in Dingwall.  A miserable team, bottom of the league and who sacked the manager that won at Celtic Park in November, took to the field with a cunning masterplan: put numbers behind the ball and wait for a set piece.

Ross County’s goal was exasperating.  Diego Laxalt did not get close enough to Jordan White to impede the striker’s movement, perhaps taking lessons from the lumbering Tom Rogic, who was equally lax at a first half corner that went unpunished.  The speed of delivery caught Scott Brown cold as White rose behind him to score the only goal of the game.

Despite Celtic enjoying the vast majority of the ball and territorial advantage, County could consider themselves unlucky not to be ahead at the break, after Spittal’s shot was stopped by Scott Bain pulling off the finest save of the game.

Eduard and Christie both had gilt-edged chances before that to put Celtic ahead but neither troubled the keeper.  Both are stalling on a contract offer and will hope prospective employers were busy watching something else on TV last night.

The only consolation is that this wretched league campaign will be over soon.  Well done to John Hughes and his County players, never short of endeavour.

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  1. SCHUMMI on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 4:47 PM


    The worst ever combination is arrogance and incompetence, this is shown by our club, particular Lenny.


    Has he not an ounce of decency’



    If you had an ounce of decency you wouldn’t have posted that homophobic pish a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Weebobbycollins on

    Did you ever try to throw your wee brother out your room and he refused to go, clinging on to the bed, the radiator or the door handle? Stubborn wee git!


    That’s Neil Lennon…

  3. SAINT STIVS on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 6:46 PM



    True about Arsene Wenger but I think that got quite bitter towards the end and he maybe stayed on a year or two (or three!) too long.



    A big problem when a manager gets to pick and chose when he leaves.

  4. shaun maloney?



    Only reason Martinez hired him as his Assistant is so he had somebody who would say….


    “Aw right Big Man?”






    Obviously you are entitled to your opinion. Just where was the homophobic pish in my post?


    Read back and you will see ,not there



    Take a chill pill




  6. Beginning to wonder if there is some other reason why Damien Duff left ?




  7. Neil Lennon treated the Celtic support with utter disdain in his interview last night.



    His smirking upbeat assessment was simply code for “if you want rid of me, then sack me and pay my full year rolling contract”



    The story of this important season, a season where the ordinary supporter ‘coughed up’ season ticket money in good faith, can be summed up in one word MONEY.



    Players & staff wanted BIG MONEY to deliver 10iar.



    The football department simply downed tools – but of course they do have ‘form’ – a rap-list as long as your arm: Maribor, Malmo, AEK, Copenhagen, Ferencvaros & Sparta – add in Ross County in LC, then Dubai, followed by Livingston (2), Hibs, St Mirren & Ross County again.



    In Scotland we have been only the best of a bad lot for ten years – the first serious challenge and we, to quote Dave King, “collapse like a pack of cards”.



    Yes there are questions to ask of the board & CEO – Davie Provan stated the case eloquently – but this season its the players & management who have surrendered – Lennon, Kennedy, Duffy, Ajer, Bolingoli, Christie, Griffiths, Duffy Ntcham & EDUARD (a disgrace for most of the season and only trying now, when all is lost, to attract a move away).



    Mind you Lenny does “have an eye for a player” – Bolingoli, Barkas, Klimala, Ajeti & Duffy – best part of £20m spent on duds.



    There is another non-football disaster waiting in the wings – how many more will be desperate to leave before it hits?

  8. C-ANON Conspiricy theorists Untie



    your not going to like it – but he thinks Lenny and John are top coaches







    Damien Duff explains Celtic exit decision as he hails Parkhead spell as ‘best of my sporting life’


    The former winger played at the very top but coaching at Celtic Park is his highlight.



    Damien Duff says he only left his “dream job” at Celtic to spend more time with his family.



    The former Chelsea winger had a coaching role with the Parkhead club, but departed at the end of the 2019-20 season.



    He’ll now focus on his work with the Irish national team, but Duff admits leaving Glasgow wasn’t an easy choice.



    He told Celtic’s website : “The role I had at Celtic was my dream job.



    “I’m absolutely gutted, devastated to be leaving, especially at this time, when we’re going for 10.



    “It was absolutely a family decision. There is no job in the world that would have taken me away from the role I was in. I’d love to be a brilliant coach one day, but I think it’s more important at the minute that I’m just a brilliant dad, I guess.





    “For the first while I was away, my kids were like, ‘Daddy, Daddy, stay for nine and 10’, but as time went by, it was more, ‘Daddy, Daddy, when are you coming home?’ Celtic is one big family, but my family is here as well.



    “It was the best year-and-a-half of my sporting life, and I include my football career in that. It was an absolute dream with amazing people. I’m gutted, but my kids need me, which is always the most important thing to any dad.


    “Like I said when I came in, the only club that would have taken me away from home was Celtic, but then with my family based in Ireland, the only thing that would have taken me away from Celtic was my family.



    “It was one big rollercoaster and me leaving was one big catch 22, but it was an amazing 18 months working with great staff. The gaffer is the best in Scotland. John Kennedy is the best assistant manager around – I’ve worked with many coaches in my life, but John is one of the best coaches in the world, without a doubt. It’s been amazing learning off him, and Stevie Woods as well, he’s well-respected all around the world and a world-class coach.



    “Align that with the players. The players are the best group in the country, amazing characters, amazing talent. The likes of Brown, McGregor, working with them day-in, day-out, that was a dream. It’s all in a good place, and I’ll definitely be back as a fan, hopefully to celebrate, at the end of this season if not before.”




    Duff became one of Neil Lennon ‘s key lieutenants, but he admits he wasn’t sure about going into coaching.


    id: “I’d never really planned out a coaching career. When you retire it can be quite a scary time, so I thought I’d try my hand at my coaching badges, and from there everything happened a lot quicker than I would have thought. In the space of three to four months, I went from coaching 15-year-olds at Shamrock Rovers to being on the sidelines at Tyencastle.

  9. onenightinlisbon on

    Duff thinks Lennon and Kennedy are top coaches . Has he seen the league table or our performances in Europe or the League cup this season. Garbage.



    Duff thinks Lennon and Kennedy are top coaches . Has he seen the league table or our performances in Europe or the League cup this season. Garbage.






    you do know he worked with them for 18 months ? or did you not know that ?



    so from inside the club, having worked with them, upon leaving of his own accord, he took the time to praise them, many here and elsewhere thought Duff was behind an upturn in form, instrimental with tactics, but now he is a duff duffer because of his honest assessment of his former colleagues.



    what is it to be ?

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    SAINT STIVS on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 8:37 PM



    Let’s see where these two world class coaches end up when Celtic finally have the balls to show them both the door shall we?

  12. SAINTSTIVS @7:20


    Your Saintliness, do you have any information on the superb black and white photograph you posted at 7:20? Location? Date?


    Many thanks,


    His Eminence

  13. INIQUITOUSIV on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 8:41 PM


    SAINTSTIVS @7:20





    it was a pure random capture just to get logged back in.



    I think it said CAMPBELLTOWN 1910’S



    looking at the characters i think it conjures up a crime scene, edwardian detectives raiding a warehouse, somesort of whisky evasion, with the rain on the cobbles.



    it is good isnt it.



    SAINT STIVS on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 8:37 PM



    again, you did know Duff was a highly praised celtic coach yes or no ?



    does his opinion count for nothing ? yes or no ?

  15. INIQUITOUSIV on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 8:41 PM



    checked the thread






    Rainy day in Longrow, Campbeltown. (c.1900)


    8:16 AM · Feb 22, 2021·Twitter for Android


















    Replying to








    Brilliant photo Brendan, this is now The Kintyre Shoe Co. Formerly an Ironmongers and a Hairdresser!!

  16. ST TAMS on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 4:49 PM


    The question is .



    Why is Paul not calling for managers head , like the VAST majority of fans are.



    following on from rtb’s reply


    st tams



    a.is it Pauls place? °


    b.is it yours.its not mine.°


    c.vast majority of shareholders think differently as DD is showing for now




    °To ask a man to leave his job without any knowledge of contract.




  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    All about opinions I suppose.



    When it comes to treating “the Celtic support with utter disdain” for example ….



    IMHO, anyone who uses the opinions of a serial criminal and a Sky Sports employee, to make a point to the faithful?



    Treats us with disdain.



    That said …



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  18. significant individuals in the dressing room are lost



    don’t know about the dressing but plenty have went AWOL on the pitch.

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