Token of a wretched campaign


If ever 90 minutes told the story of a season, it was last night in Dingwall.  A miserable team, bottom of the league and who sacked the manager that won at Celtic Park in November, took to the field with a cunning masterplan: put numbers behind the ball and wait for a set piece.

Ross County’s goal was exasperating.  Diego Laxalt did not get close enough to Jordan White to impede the striker’s movement, perhaps taking lessons from the lumbering Tom Rogic, who was equally lax at a first half corner that went unpunished.  The speed of delivery caught Scott Brown cold as White rose behind him to score the only goal of the game.

Despite Celtic enjoying the vast majority of the ball and territorial advantage, County could consider themselves unlucky not to be ahead at the break, after Spittal’s shot was stopped by Scott Bain pulling off the finest save of the game.

Eduard and Christie both had gilt-edged chances before that to put Celtic ahead but neither troubled the keeper.  Both are stalling on a contract offer and will hope prospective employers were busy watching something else on TV last night.

The only consolation is that this wretched league campaign will be over soon.  Well done to John Hughes and his County players, never short of endeavour.

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  1. one night


    was comparing our manager with bigot mcoist yesterday, how much hatred



    can you have for a Celtic manager to ,do that

  2. When Ross County knocked us out the League Cup Neil Lennon described it as a “new low” for him. Now that is debateable but how do you describe getting beat by Ross County again?


    Is it a new low low?


    Or is it a new low squared?


    I think we should be told.

  3. How to win in scoddland?



    How do Celtic win….more in scoddland?



    What qualities are required? On and off the pitch.




    We’ve sold our best assets and not replaced them in a very significant season. Obviously a huge mistake / miscalculation. Our board are rightly being crucified. The top man is offski- leaving the Support’s ambitions in his wake. ( his reward will be to never be able to enjoy a game at Celtic Park, ever again.)



    Take the rest of the Board,……. some here have made a monotonous career of criticising them – look to the huns, what lessons do we take from them? The racket they have is set up perfectly for scoddland.



    In the very worst of times we are going to have to be at our best.



    Dermot, you are responsible – Dominic you are going to be held accountable.



    I hope to God they have a clear understanding of what is required.

  4. Go tell the Spartim on

    The question should be, and this applies to all positions at the club…. are they the best people for the job?


    Lennon isn’t, debatable he ever was (Ross County have a habit of outwitting him, first time round and this season) PL well it doesn’t matter anymore, PR team aren’t, same goes with the playing staff (trickier when your buying potential, though we don’t build a team we buy who we think we can make a profit on them)



    It seems, from the outside looking in, we always go for the cheap option, plus ca change

  5. lets all do the huddle on

    How to win in scoddland?



    How do Celtic win….more in scoddland?



    What qualities are required? On and off the pitch.




    stop building our team around 6 or 7 scottish weaklings

  6. onenightinlisbon on

    HANKRAY on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 5:29 PM



    Wasn’t proposing him myself. But that may be the level of ambition from the board.

  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    I can’t remember any club being as ‘loyal’ to any manager who has overseen such a consistent, long run of below-expectation performances and results.



    Been thinking long and hard – nothing. Any suggestions?



    Not saying we are the worst team in history – just that almost anyone else in similar circumstances would have had their jotters months ago.



    It just seems really bizarre that Neil in still post against the backdrop of failure in team management / performance / shape / results / fitness / attitude – you really have to wonder what the thought process is within the Celtic Board.



    That stat earlier re: the stalling of Wee Karamoko’s career – another real, obvious and harmful (to Celtic and Dembele) failure in football asset management, to go along with N’Tcham, Duffy and others.



    Just really bizarre that this level of poor performance – across most aspects of the football operation – can have been allowed to linger for so long.









  8. CQN was started due to lazy journalism and cektyc fans flocked to the blog


    We laughed as the fans of the old rangers read propaganda written by people who enjoyed the succulent lamb



    In CQN it is clear that the succulent lamb was closer to home than we all realised

  9. I can only console myself with the notion that the only reason we have not announced our new manager yet is because whoever that is refuses to be saddled with any connection, however tenuous, with the tame pathetic capitulation of 10IAR that we have witnessed this season.


    The whole shambles has played out in a prolonged purgatorial debacle.


    So many things have gone wrong we almost seem to have moved beyond incompetence towards sabotage.


    I mean the whole Ajeti business…….”he’s not yet quite match fit!” DOH! The only way to GET match fit is to play in matches FFS!! Your match fitness doesn’t get enhanced by multiple spells watching from the bench.






    There is no agenda by board to allow Sevco win the league.








    I think the agenda was to ensure that the huns survived as a credible opposition.



    Not easy, given that they had never turned a profit, and were running out of sources of funds.

  11. GEEBEE1978 on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 4:50 PM




    ‘ if Slippy had the choice of any of our players right now, who do you think he would take?’







    The ones that Beale tells him to take.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    FWIW 1






    Oldco – 90 points


    Celtic – 69 points






    Celtic – 97 points


    Oldco – 82 points



    (And we downed tools for last 2 games)



    FWIW 2



    Missed BHOYJOEBELFAST’s post @ 12:24pm earlier.



    Good one.



    I don’t like Director of Football model.



    Never have.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  13. I never ever thought we were in cahoots with the huns…………….



    I could see the commercial argument for the huns commercial “continuation” but there is no excuse for allowing the huns to miraculously escape / avoid the financial physics of liquidation……….


    Scotland was happy enough to accept this. The Celtic Board played their part too.



    In this season, they have attained a fame and prominence that might have been so different.



    A real shame and shameful.

  14. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on





    Jimmy McGrory






    Hi BSR – I get the comparison, but I’m not saying we have the worst team or record ever – obviously I wasn’t around during McGrory era (:-)) but I know we were in the doldrums.



    My point really is tied to the inherent advantages Celtic have now over virtually every other team. There was – up until recent years – less of an imbalance / financial dominance.



    I don’t know if Celtic in the 40’s and 50’s had the same level of dominant fundamentals that we have now – or should have. That’s why I was saying ‘below-expectation’.



    I should perhaps have specified – ‘in modern times’.



    So – nowadays then, in the current football climate, I struggle to think of other managers given the same leeway.








    Neil has

  15. I don’t “get” the DoF thing either…………..



    Get the right fulla in…………..Pay The Money.


    If we are tp be treated like punters, get the product right, please.

  16. HOT SMOKED on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 3:59 PM


    “AN DÚN on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 12:17 PM



    I do find myself wondering how bad things have to get before p67 calls for the removal of the manager ?



    Seriously, how bad ?”




    “ST TAMS on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 12:27 PM



    Still no call for the manager to be sacked Paul !!!”




    Why do you two need Paul to support your respective views?






    I don’t need P67 to agree with me.



    I’m asking how bad things have to be before he calls for a manager to be removed.

  17. This season has been rotten. For all sorts of reasons. It has thrown light on the character of some of the players, supporters, so called supporters, the board, football and government legislators. I’ve certainly learned a lot and won’t forget what I’ve witnessed after years and years of domestic dominance.


    12- in a row seemed impossible when the ‘saintly’ coach walked out one day and the club was in disaray.


    So I do and always will hold Neil Lennon in the highest regard. He was exceptional for us as player and and his record as a manager domestically and in champions League is as good as any of our other mangaers in the last 20 years.


    Beyond that, he is someone of real character and has stood up to the bigots who control our society and game and has often paid the price.


    I believe it is time for him to go, at the end of this wretched season. If he does, he will go with my total respect. If he does not, he will have my support for the coming season.

  18. ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 6:15 PM



    GEEBEE1978 on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 4:50 PM



    ‘ if Slippy had the choice of any of our players right now, who do you think he would take?’



    The ones that Beale tells him to take.





    Right, possibly. But if we’re framing the question this way, how many of our players would Beale tell Slippy to take?




    Hope you’re well



    I was being flippant of course, my Granda told me it was awful.



    There isn’t an equivalent in the modern era, but whether supporters like it or not, Neil Lennon’s ‘overall’ trophy record is second to none.



    My take FWIW has always been the same since Octoberish when the wheels first fell off, they’ve no clue or inclination how to fill position properly.




  20. PICINISCO on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 6:38 PM



    It is very clear that Neil Lennon doesn’t have the slightest scoobie about


    Team selection, set up or tactics. Anyone with the slightest idea knows that.

  21. Weebobbycollins on

    BSR + BGFC…yes, we won very little during Jimmy McGrory’s time but it was a great ‘learning to love Celtic’ experience…in those days we only hated the huns, never our own.

  22. Each to their own.



    A legend ? Not for me.



    He lied to the support in October about going if things got worse. Lies. Simply, lies.



    I’ve never felt as much antagonism towards a gaffer as I do for Lennon.



    Brady, Barnes, Mowbray – have nothing on Lennon.



    His incompetence is matched solely by his sneering arrogance.



    Good riddance when he’s finally punted.

  23. I personally am not arrogant enough to think because I played some football and manage a department that I would know anything better than Neil Lennon does about winning (or losing) matches.

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