Verdict reserved on new midfield mix


Oh’s first last night was a classic six-yard box striker’s goal.  He got a marginal touch on the ball, enough to divert it around a defender and into the net.  His second demonstrated more of his abilities, as he outpaced his marker to collect a through ball before finishing below David Marshall.

Let’s remind ourselves.  Oh is a 22-year-old athlete, strong and skilful, who puts the ball in the net when he gets a chance.  It is our job to mature him into a great player.  Successful clubs in our peer group do this all the time.

There is a theory that if Celtic get an early goal, they can settle into a format which allows them to relax.  There is a counter theory, which I prefer, that after Celtic score early, their opponents are denied the luxury of being able to defend without thoughts of attacking.

Hibs knew from the third minute they would need to score in order to take anything from the game.  Their late consolation was deserved, as they should have scored twice earlier – and I’m not counting a worrying few seconds as we struggled to clear a corner kick.

Did the new central midfield mix of Tomoki Iwata, Callum McGregor and Matt O’Riley work?  We got the result but without controlling for other variables (the early goal, for example) we will not know for sure.  It is certainly how I would start at Kilmarnock on Sunday.

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  1. Thought the team were good enough last night. Feels like we are playing well under the level we are capable of right now, but as I say, good enough to cope with anything the SPL has to offer by way of competition. In reality we are 6 or 7 players short of competing at a higher level.

  2. Many on here in the past month were saying what they are now saying about Yang and Tilio about Oh and Iwata.



    Oh was never going to make it and not as good as the fabled Giakamakos. Of course when the Greek was here the experts said he could not hold the ball up and missed crucial chances and penalties. Also injury prone and no good at breaking down packed defences. All quickly forgotten when criticising the next incumbent.



    I share the obvious concerns about the young Aussie but unlike many on here I would not base any judgement on a player on seeing them in snatched game time like last night or in Yangs case playing a handful of games.



    Only 3 weeks ago Yang was being praised by several on here. He is a young guy in a different environment. Judged by many who in all probability ‘never have been’.

  3. RC / Sloleybhoy



    We won 4-1 with a makeshift lineup in our 4th game in 11 days. We beat a team who are unbeaten since before we last played them in the league. We can only beat what’s in front of us. We subbed and switched around to conserve players for the next few weeks.



    As fans in the cold on the night we would have loved 6 or 7. Ultimately I would rather 4-1 if it helps us get the max points from all our games pre the break. Rotating the squad is not a bad thing.

  4. Saint Stivs, Petec and Tom McLaughlin are not only banned, their accounts have been blocked, or in the modern vernacular, access denied.


    Saint Stivs did return briefly before he was then again consigned to the dustbin of history.


    Tom and Pete C guilty after contravening the unwritten rules of The Guardian.



    Not as though there are so many posters we can afford to lose three in one go.

  5. why did we go with a 3 at the back when GT went off up against 1 striker other than bringing on AR at left back who has no left foot and looked out of his depth in that position.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bigoted Broadcasting Cabal trying their best to comment unrest at Aberdeen and get Robson sacked.



    Must be worried

  7. And STV highlighted the penalty from last night,no mention of 74 league games since last penalty against their heroes,closing in on Barcelona’s record of 80…….and are currently under investigation of match fixing with referees….next time they are a few up,an opposition team will get one for hee haw

  8. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!!



    Don’t you mean Celtic’s ‘Kontravershull’ !! penalty ? Backed up of course by Montgomery telling us it shouldn’t have been a penalty as Stevenson took AJ out from the side rather than from behind .

  9. BURNLEY78 on 7TH DECEMBER 2023 5:30 PM



    Or are they on a naughty step ?



    No B78 the mental health step more like,or the advert step


    You were subjected to it,liar liar etc



    Stivs was subjected to it,most of it disgusting envy deleted by morning time over last year or two.i seen it.



    Tom faux pad bout wummin,am sure he would have come round by havin the mickey takin out of him,but no chance of humour,we had a male huvvin a wean/sumdi might die response that was an exercise of power by eunuch



    PeteC- gone,i dunno why,but another poster adding to the range and diversity of the group doing his own thing un his own venacular after a tough year for him.



    Truth Beauty and Freedom


    Last night comments on the blizzard of adverts making Cqn a choice and hassle to get on,due to recent adverts,gone why



    Setting free the bears.


    A sore loss to the blog, now limiting his post to superbru as the site is a blizzard of adverts


    Why should he change his route to post that he has used since he came on in the notties



    Thats 6 poster and just recently too,little wonder 2 or 3 pages of blog shows its cancelling itself,makes you wonder if thats the aim.



    The one thing i like bout i like bout Celtic is its inclusiveness,not here at times tho as above shows




  10. Back to Basics Half Full ,Watching the hun invested corporation I too made the comment about the presenter more or less saying the Aberdeen manager is for the bullet,what a disgraceful comment when the man is still employed by Aberdeen,Personally I would get rid of the BBC in the morning it’s vastly overcrowded with presenters ,him that was on this evenings sports.BBC Scotland I’m sure his sister is also a sports reporter.

  11. “Tom McLaughlin and Saint Stivs plus others. Are they banned ?|



    I sincerely hope not. They, in different ways and IMO, are two very worthwhile posters.



    Others are quite ridiculous in their arrogant `knowledge` of the game and in their almost constant, stupid negativity.

  12. prestonpan bhoys



    I’ll defend those bhoys until the end of time


    Or until ah get a yellow card, whichever comes first…..



    Truth, Justice and the West Highland Way

  13. As Burnley78 alludes to…never, ever write off a professional footballer.


    They have had the mental strength and talent to see off 10s or 100s of thousands of others to get paid for doing something they love and ALL of us have dreamed of being in their position.


    So, whether it’s Yang or Mikey or Forrest or Tilio or MacGregor or Scales or Larrson you should never think us amateurs know whether they’ll make it or not.



    I really think Miovski would become a crackin player for us…bit who knows.



    Lastly, bring back the GB yo the stadium and bring back Tom n Pete n Stivs to the blog.



  14. Hun media will be after Robson. Only other team trying to take points off them. For what it’s worth I thought we did well last night. I asked for an early goal and got it. It changes the game but I would rather watch that. All things considered, an excellent result.

  15. Burnley78 – Good question. Here goes…



    1. A Johnston


    2. CCV


    3. Callum


    4. Palma



    Others who could do a job at a higher level, with better players around them, could include O’Riley, Kyogo, Hatate.

  16. I thought Mikey Johnson brought a lot to the game especially alongside his namesake Alistair where we established the pattern of the game. Regardless of what happens it is good to see him fit, and getting game time for both Ireland and Celtic. Can see him being effective against Killie down at the Rugby on Sunday is it?


    Also good to see Tillio fit after all these months, looks quick, skilled and capable of driving into the box. Driving, not diving. Wee bit perturbed, (about me using that word for one) that Brendan has started talking about players lacking ‘personality’ on the training ground as the reason they are not making it to the bench.


    Edinburgh fringe or fringe players that is the question.

  17. Huns will be even more concerned when/if NFL takes the Aberdeen job.


    If Robson hadn’t have went on a great run at the end of last season the job was Lenny’s so I can see that happening shortly if Barry is sacked.

  18. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I posted on Sunday that unfortunately Barry Robson was likely to be sacked before Naismith.



    Aberdeen are second bottom. Their form is terrible and the owner thinks he’s a big shot.



    Unless there’s a dramatic improvement, the outcome is obvious.

  19. All these vacancies for Managers I’m surprised no club has went for Clarke who would surely relish the chance to get a good club job for another few years, dull football but effective.






    Good evening, friends.


    Out of the blocks quickly and 2 early first half goals saw Celtic coast towards another 3 points, beating a Hibs team that tried to play proper football from beginning to end.


    When the team lines came out, like most folk I was delighted to see Oh getting a start and, more so, Iwata getting a place. And how well did those midfield three dovetail last night? Oh led the line so well, Iwata was quietly assured throughout and O’Riley (who was my own personal man of the match) seemed to be involved in everything. And to cap it all, for once my wee £2 bet builder (of at least 3 cards, 5 goals, 10 corners and Celtic to score in both halves) came up, woo hoo!


    We also had a first sighting (well, for me anyway) of playing Tony Ralston at left back. And despite being very obviously very right footed, Tony the Tiger had a really good 35 minutes with 2 or 3 defence splitting passes. Still hope the left back Tony was a one off experiment though!


    We have now played 22 games, winning 13, drawing 4 and losing 5 with 45 goals scored and 24 conceded.


    My thanks to the 68 who participated in this game’s poll.


    The total votes cast for each player are as follows, with my own nominations asterisked.



    Hart: 0


    Johnston, A: 4


    Carter-Vickers*: 2


    Scales: 0


    Taylor: 0


    Iwata: 50


    O’Riley*: 42


    McGregor: 29


    Johnston, M: 0


    Oh*: 61


    Palma: 16


    Phillips: 0


    Ralston: 0


    Kyogo: 0


    Tilio: 0


    Bernardo: 0



    And so, the players receiving POINTS for the game against Hibs are –


    Oh – 5 points


    Iwata – 4 points


    O’Riley– 3 points


    McGregor – 2 points


    Palma – 1 point



    The overall positions after 21 games played are –


    56 points – Scales


    55 points – O’Riley


    27 points – Carter-Vickers


    27 points – McGregor


    20 points – Palma


    19 points – Kyogo and Oh


    18 points – Maeda


    16 points – Yang


    12 points – Johnston, A


    9 points – Nawrocki and Turnbull


    8 points – Hart


    6 points – Lagerbielke and Taylor


    5 points – Hatate, Johnstone M and Ralston


    4 points – Bain, Bernardo and Iwata


    1 point – Forrest and Holm


    0 points – Abada, Bernabei, Haksabanovic, Phillips, Starfelt, Tilio and Welsh



    We move on to Rugby Park and a Sunday High Noon kick off, hoping to maintain our 8 point lead at the top.


    Hail Hail!

  21. I’m really not a fan of Brendan making public statements about players .


    It must be humiliating and demoralising for the players involved .



    His latest statements about MJ are shocking .


    No human being should be assessed in such a public manor .



    He has gone down in my estimation for it.



  22. BURNLEY78 on 7TH DECEMBER 2023 5:40 PM




    I share the obvious concerns about the young Aussie but unlike many on here I would not base any judgement on a player on seeing them in snatched game time like last night or in Yangs case playing a handful of games.


    Only 3 weeks ago Yang was being praised by several on here. He is a young guy in a different environment. Judged by many who in all probability ‘never have been’.






    Yep. I defended Yang last week after the pile-on on the same basis as you (young dude, different town etc) and I still feel he could come good. I watched Tilio in person at Melb City (and Sydney FC on telly) before that and always felt he had explosive pace, and a nice bag of tricks but a questionable final ball. Maybe he’s also in kulchur shock mode leaving Melbourne for Glasgow; none of us really know.


    I am surprised at the emergent Scales backlash after he racked up so many real quality performances in a short time; probably playing at the highest, most demanding levels of his life. But hey lets not try and understand that, let’s write him off as not good enuff. I was guilty of raising my worries about Oh before.



    I guess even the self-proclaimed world’s greatest fans are allowed to have the odd off-day eh?

  23. PS…



    Danilo is the worst Brazilian I’ve seen since Stevie Wonder shaved his wife’s fanny!



    (Allegedly borrowed from FollowFollow)

  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Watched some of Spurs – West ‘am.



    Ange’s team can get it done with a fully fit squad but coming up just short when injuries bite.

  25. Spurs started well and created chances. Missed chances. Got to the 60th minute and tired.



    West Ham hit on the break, running into open space with Spurs no longer able to put in those recovery runs and in the end, West Ham won comfortably.



    That’s pretty much us in Europe under Ange. His tactics don’t work against top level opponents. I think he’s sacked before this season ends.



    I hope I’m wrong.

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