We need to be honest with ourselves


I read in some places how poor PSV Eindhoven were last night.  PSV are not a poor team, they finished ahead of a Conference League finalist and two points behind a side who won all six of their Champions League group games last season.

During the first half, they were harried out of their stride, were unable to build periods of possession and only remained in the game as they clearly have better players than their well-drilled opponents.  Even if Newco are denied Champions League income next week, we have a fight on our hands for the domestic title.

I’m struggling to think of a single Newco squad member who would get into the Celtic team, but none of us would entertain the fantasy that our current squad would get anywhere near a European final.  Newco players have a curious level of energy and physicality.  This is what took them to Seville and what inhibited Celtic in the clubs two final meetings last season, when we managed a draw and extra-time defeat.

No later than three weeks today we will have played in the Champions League and our [principle domestic challengers.  We need to be honest with ourselves, there is still work to be done.

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  1. Paul last season is gone – they are just starting this one so they may be poor at the present.


    Didn’t see them as I wouldn’t open the curtains to watch them in my garden.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    ‘Newco players have a curious level of energy and physicality.’



    We know there’s no dope testing in Scottish football, is European the same,?

  3. Paul 67,



    Aided by a very, very lucky goal . A goalkeeping nightmare by a GK rated £ 12. 6 m who made our Barkas look like the bargain of the decade. 😆




  4. P67 — what is stopping us from doing the work we need to do?



    Plus there is the sword of Damocles hanging over you and your comments.


    That you are an outrider for the board and their shenanigans.


    It is the turn of the TFOD2.1 to get the SPL title this season.


    And you need to prep the plebs for our upcoming failure?



    If on the other hand you are critiquing our prep then …



    If we have a thin squad — then why do we have a thin squad?


    If we are lacking talent — then why do we lack talent?


    If we are under coached / under prepared — then why is that so?



    We are two starters away from the level we need to be at for AP2 and the CL


    We need an high energy MF’er and we need a starting / fully cooked CB.



    Do we have the funds available to bring them in?


    Or does AP have to get creative with the squad to make it happen?



    Plus what do we do about CMcG and his glacial start to the season?

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    More interested in what Celtic can become rather than the ability of a team we play four times a season.


    Top coach in place. Playing pool getting better. Miles off where we should be in the administration.

  6. Paul,



    You must have been watching a different game from me last night.Took them until the 35th minute to put a trundler on target.Second half,outplayed for most of it,and PSV could very easily have been 3-1 up.Fluke goal should have lifted them but did not.


    Highlight for them was a very well worked goal.


    I have not seen any team so far who will cause them the problems we will.The 3-0 game last season an example.Teams in the CL,away from home are naturally a bit cautious,not so us in a couple of weeks.


    Or PSV next week.

  7. prestonpans bhoys on




    Agree with you, first half they gave Tavpen far too much space to cross balls. Second half they pressed him and effectively put him out the game.



    Remember the hun game plan, if not pressed Tavpen runs down that wing and merely, 1950’s style, launches the high ball into the box. On the left Kent either runs into a player or falls down, hoping for a decision from the ref. That’s about as much creativity that they can produce.

  8. bournesouprecipe on




    Good side PSV who weren’t intimidated like most of the Sevco Europa sides were last season.



    Difference was having the first leg at home and selling two of their better players, confident the Dutch will win in their stadium and preclude them from the big money that AP won for us.

  9. So I’m not one of these Celtic fans that need to say how bad the huns are, I rarely watch them. I did last night though because PSV are a good side.



    I thought the hun press clearly had PSV rattled in the first half – just like it did us last April at Ibrox. However, the hun press disappeared after thirty minutes (just like it did against us) and from then on, PSV were the better side.



    I don’t think the huns are good technically and they’ve little creativity in that midfield.



    They created almost nothing bar their first goal. Overall, I’m not sharing P67’s worry about them. They’re very limited and will drop more points than us because they won’t break down the low blocks as easy as we do.

  10. Paul67


    I generally agree with your piece today.


    I will also look to see how big the odds are on Sevco going through and may have a bet to try to hex them.


    I watched some of the game and from what I saw PSV had 3 other chances which should have been buried.


    Where Sevco they are ” strong ” is in areas where a lenient MIB will assist them.


    I’ll be very surprised if our ball players are allowed to play and it might be worth Ange looking for something to surprise them. Maybe start with GG and go long? Might be worth a try, something they won’t expect.

  11. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Curious level of energy is right. Have they been infected with the same asthma plague as Liverpool?



    They are no mugs and will routinely trounce every other team in Scotland. They will also start favourites against us in the 2 games at Ibrox, so although we are better, they will have a roughly 50/50 chance of the league. Still strongly fancy us though.



    Watched their game last night because I thought PSV would be a proper test for them. They were and should have won the game on the night. The huns met their physical match and conceded by far the better chances. Aside from their (excellent) first goal they barely registered any danger in the game. The PSV keeper should be shot for the gift. He had spilled another softball earlier, so I wasn’t surprised when he coughed that up.



    The huns still have a chance over there, but again I don’t think they’ll do it. I made it a 50/50 tie before last night, I think it’s now 70/30 in PSV’s favour. Both teams have goals in them, but PSV have more and should KO them. 3-1 i reckon.

  12. An Dun,



    They did not have a shot at goal in the first 30 mins.


    On a good day,PSV should or could scored at least 4.Tavernier is their best player.Colak looks a bit of a danger.The new wonder boy Tillman looked lost and overwhelmed.Reverting back to Davis,leaving their 20+ million man on the bench,with Arfield,trying desperately to replace Aribo.


    Interesting second leg.




    If we have a thin squad — then why do we have a thin squad?





    Because we eat smaller portions of healthy food. 😆




  14. Once A Bhoy..... on

    Curious level of energy and physicality doing a lot of carrying there…..they have put on a number of well stimulated performances the last couple of years…hmmmm.

  15. If the past couple of seasons have shown anything, it is that what happens in August/September can have little or no bearing on the eventual outcome. A 38 game marathon, with a break after 16 games for a winter World Cup. I expect Celtic to finish on top, could be a close one or we might run away with it.



    In eight days time we will know what we face in Europe. We are Pot 4 for a reason. The aim should/must be to punch above our weight and not be the group whipping boys. A favourable draw would help but don’t count on it. An opposition goalie who chucks one in would also be nice, but we never seem to get that kind of good fortune.


    Having a high intensity derby game before matchday 1 should be ideal preparation.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    The PSV player Ismael somethingorother looked a real threat. He might have had a hat trick on his own .



    I think PSV will have 2/3 goals in them at home and I don’t think the huns will be able to match that .



    Our own attacking threat will give us a similar advantage against them , but they will have the ref to counterbalance that .

  17. Well it seems BBC Scotland CAN get very upset when one of their journalists gets a hard time,



    The statement said: “Yesterday evening one of our journalists was subjected to verbal abuse from protesters while covering the Conservative Leadership hustings in Perth.



    “James Cook is an exceptional correspondent and showed professionalism throughout the incident.



    “It is never acceptable for journalists to suffer abuse of any




    Just not when it concerns one of their journalists getting banned from Ibrox for telling the truth.


    Then crawling back and apologizing.

  18. Paul67



    What do you suggest Celtic do to improve?



    Develop asthma symptoms across the squad?



    Change from the Red Pill to the Blue Pill?



    Keen to hear…..



    On a more serious note it was startling how much physically stronger TRFC were in extra time vs us and Frankfurt.



    Is out Sports Science sub optimal?



    Do we not utilise current “best practise”?



    Are we missing a legal trick?




    Second leg, that midfield that had Davis as its creative fulcrum last night will be Jack, Lundstrum and Kamara. They’ll barely cross the half way line in the first half in Eindhoven.



    If we played like that last night having an XG of 0.6 at home against PSV, this place would be an Internet forum blood bath today.



    They’re ridiculously negative.

  20. thank goodness we didnt have our own qualification tie last night.



    It gives us time to fret about “ra rangeers” and a fixture that is 3 weeks away.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “Newco players have a curious level of energy and physicality”



    Subtle Pablo.






    Disproportionate asthma sufferance !



    plus … er … leading edge, world class, boundary breaking pharmacological input

  22. Just had a ‘wow’ moment.



    Leave all your politics aside and go search Instagram for Alastair Campbell, yes that one, and listen to him play The Fields of Athenry on his bagpipes. If you thought that tune couldn’t get any more plaintive, think again. Amazing.

  23. Huns are a bunch of big lads with midfield covering their shaky centre backs , relies on full backs swinging in high balls , lower level Euro teams get confused with the high balls … better teams cope



    Caught a couple snippets with the Huns in Europe last year , some opponents think it’s a good idea to push their defense right up practically to the half line and surprise , surprise they get caught on the break



    In their Europa group games I’m not convinced a lot of teams are really that bothered , it hots up post Christmas… so in summary Huns play to their strengths, defensive formation, crosses. , free kick headers , let the opponent come on to them and play on the break



    GVB seems to have stopped the outrageous diving / cheating that went on under the Scouse git … but still they rode their luck last year … this year they will shade off , and next year they’ll drop a level



    We have absolutely nothing to worry about from them

  24. Old firm fc know the only way to handle us , the exact same way they were allowed to do in the cup semi , I am a bit disappointed that our manager hasn’t sussed out that we will be brutally dealt with and need to combat it , but we don’t have anyone capable of combating them . No argument that we have the football players but if lundstrum , jack and co are allowed to get away with the same as semi day then it’s a leveller. In midfield we have o Reilly, McGregor , hatati, turnbull , now mooy not a battler among them . I hate seeing us being bullied we will see it on Sunday also . I am no way an aggressive guy but I loved Martin O’Neil’s teams , mjallby , vega, Bobo valgharen (sp ) Thompson , Sutton , hartson . Lambert all tough Bhoys no one bullied those guys . And just to pull more ire from you all I thought our big 6ft 3 inch new bhoy would have handled lafferty better I didn’t think he faired too well , hopefully early doors for him ,but our coach in my opinion needs a big hard dirty bassa in midfield . Tin hat firmly on

  25. The lesson in the analysis in the article is tactical flexibility. We’ve suffered some mighty hammerings in Europe due to tactical inflexibility. We can’t go in on the front foot in the CL. Similarly, we must find a way to outthink and outplay our domestic rivals where we can’t just blow them away.

  26. I thought Lafferty did Jack Shit to us.



    He played his usual barge in, push over, jump into the opponent game, and he won feck all.



    we will beat hearts by 3 or 4, very confident of that.

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