Welcome Mikael Lustig


A big Celtic welcome to Mikael Lustig, 24-year-old Swedish defender, who will join in January on a contract that runs until summer 2015, after leaving Rosenborg on a free contract.  At 6’3” he can play in central defence but more commonly plays as an attacking right back.

With the ever-promising Adam Matthews, Mark Wilson and Cha Du-Ri already competing for the right back slot you would intuitively think Mikael is more likely to be used in what has become known as Celtic’s troublesome central defensive positions, despite Neil Lennon’s “he can play both positions, but he´s predominantly a right-back” comment.  Cover at right back is susceptible to change, however.  Mark Wilson will be injured well into 2012 and Celtic are unlikely to stand in the way of Cha, who is surplus to requirements most weeks, which leaves only teenage Matthews to see us through the business end of the season.

On paper he ticks all the boxes, right price, right experience and has been tested in European and international football.  With Jos Hooiveld likely to be off the books in January, for what could yet be a promising career in the English Premier League, to the amazement of several SPL players I’ve spoken to, Mikael should strengthen the squad.

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  1. larsson80 says:


    23 November, 2011 at 17:04



    I don’t think Kaddouri was ever anything other than a 4/5 month loaner. The prospect of him getting an extension was probably neither considered nor, as it is to be hoped, required.



    Aye, the manager I was discussing was indeed part-time, however, having also trained professionally, I can tell you that some managers of the hands-on type do indeed lay the cones etc out (and are in fact quite pernickety with it)

  2. The Brown to Newcastle story is clearly Keith Jackson being used (willingly) to attempt to pit pressure on Celtic.



    Scott Brown and Kevin Thomson have been using Jackson to get their stories out since they both wanted out of Hibs.



    I doubt it will work. In this case Celtic are quite right to tell Brown to pay his own agent

  3. Pat Fenlon is expected to be the next Hibs manager and might I say a very good choice. This guy has loads of experience and has a done very well with LOI teams in Europe. He will make things happen at Hibs no doubt and expect another SPL team to make strides in Europe for a change. We now have quite a lot of Irish players in the SPL and Fenlon will bring more in. Maybe a Celtic league involving regional sides from Ireland north and south and Scotland is the way forward for our football.


    I can see a very competitive league evolving if this came to pass.

  4. dirtymac says:


    23 November, 2011 at 17:10



    Ok dmac.



    Thinking that something hasn’t been working out with regards to consistent performances & out of form players like Commons, Kayal.



    Maybe a stricter training session might work. I don’t know what goes on but looks like they enjoy themselves too much and cliches developing. Besides if I was Lennon I’d have Mjallby doing all the cones and ball collecting seeing as he seems to contribute nothing else useful :)

  5. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Barca bhoy



    Not only that…



    Would you pay 20k+/wk to brown for another 3/4 yrs?



    There must be better for half the money Surely?

  6. jungle1967 16.14



    Danny McGrain was the best fullback that i have ever seen in a Celtic jersey.



    He was however not a goalscoring fullback.



    Just where did you get that idea?



    Tommy Gemmel was a goalscoring fullback.




  7. David Peter Deans on

    Good evening guys,



    Welcome Michael and Andre hope you both do well. I must admit, and agree with some of the comments regarding Hooiveld, we could be making a big mistake here. If we do sell we have to get a good few million for him. I think we must also go for Craig Gordon on a permenant deal if he proves is fitness. If i had a choice it would be to keep Hooiveld and sell Mastoravich.

  8. A good signing by the looks of it, not a player for an essential position though, hope the player is the mangers signing…




    Fancy a good ole fashioned 5-0 tonight, 14/1.

  9. TinyTim says:


    23 November, 2011 at 17:23



    Was thinking the same the other day (as it’s bound to come up, and has) to see if we should go down that road and came up with:



  10. Good evening all.



    Just over 2 hours to kick off and, depite the weather I’m really looking forward to tonights trip to The Park to SUPPORT our soon to be Chapionship winning team.




  11. I get nervous when posters forecast big wins. Our last outing saw us play not very well for large parts of the game against the league’s bottom team.



    Just get the three points please Celtic.

  12. Seeing as how some “football teams” target our fullbacks I hope this acquisition will help nullify that threat (somewhat)


    That wilde player likes running full pelt at our rightback (wilson) but here’s a thought why not play Matthews at right midfield and Izzy when fit at left midlield, therby allowing Blackman to play left fullback? Matthews and Izzy can concentrate on attacking Blackman and Lustig on defending.



    Just thinking!

  13. Headtheball says:


    23 November, 2011 at 17:31



    I agree, we need to be focused, determined and ruthless.




  14. hankray,



    Why not a Celtic League, like the rugby, and invite the Bretons, like Rennes, and is it the Galacians in Spain (?) and the Welsh. I would rather play Rennes or Cardiff to ICT or Kilmarnock. Mind you, the likes of them and their Edinburgh cousins might not want to join a league with a name like that.

  15. So Celtic approached WGS after the Sion Fiasco. Jeezo, they wouldn’t support him when he needed reinforcement in the team, and so he quit, and they approach him to act as a “Minder/Advisor” WTF. how insulting is that? hail hail




  16. I find it interesting that we’re citing Jos Hoiveld as a failure of the Celtic coaching and transfer system and “the one that got away” before he’s even got away. Does this record as, if not a new level, then perhaps an altogether new method of failure.



    Those Celtic scouts and coaches, always thinking outside the box.

  17. David Peter Deans on

    Does anybody know if Izzy and Big Kelvyn are back in training yet. A good win predicted for tonight 3-0 with Commons getting on the scoresheet along with Hooper and Stokes.

  18. Absolutely no excuses Celtic.



    At home, against the team promoted into the league. And they are truly, truly guff.



    A convincing win and a handful of goals please.

  19. SonsofErin,



    I was just thinking the same. Anyway, I would imagine if we do sell Hooijveld now, it should return a tidy profit. Southampton are going great guns and he seems to be a big part of their run. I would be lest concerned about O’Dea. He is a supporter but he has had plenty of opportunity already. Mind you, he might now command a better fee, if he has been doing the business for Ireland.

  20. mearns 2 milton on

    I firmly beleive that if we win our next two games Ran*ers will lose before Dec 28. C’mon you bhoys in green

  21. Good news about Lustig.



    Just waiting for the bus and hoping for the best.



    I’m not greedy.



    One nil will do me fine.



    Come on the Bhoys!

  22. i can see why lenny might opt for the same team again



    as i always say:



    if its not broke dont fix it



    good performance, few goals and 3 points






  23. The game is available on a few sites but apparently we are not allowed to mention any of them. Any lads on here concerned re the clamping down on The Green Brigade re singing political ballads might be interested in reading an open letter to the Celtic Board from Brian Warfield of The Wolfe Tones Ballad group. Its available on the site Cowgate 107.

  24. Vmhan♣ who Supports Neil Lennon says:



    23 November, 2011 at 17:42


    well naw actually telly, but ye ken whit I mean.






    What accent is that the noo?

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