Why Ange had to play Kyogo


For you and me, it was a dead rubber, an opportunity to watch Celtic without the pressure of winning or losing.  For the players and coaches, not so much.  The entirely-changed 11 who took the field played like they wanted to make an impact, as did an almost-as-changed Real Betis side.

The game was competitive, the nine added minutes at the end of the second half passed excruciatingly slowly; by that stage of the evening, no one’s head was in dead rubber territory.

When Albian Ajeti pulled up lame in the first half, Ange Postecoglou had plenty to ponder.  At that moment, he was left with only one fit striker, Kyogo Furuhashi, the most valuable asset in Scottish football, who was resting on the bench.

Of course Kyogo came on.  Ange did not set his team out to pull their punches, he wanted and got a performance.  He gave fringe players their opportunity.  Would it have been right for him to pull his own punches, 30 minutes into the game, by leaving his only striker on the bench?  If he expects the players to commit, he has to commit and play the game competitively.

Management is so subtle.  Selecting the right players and tactics is not nearly enough.  If you want players to follow you, you have to live the role.  Ange knew this when he told Kyogo to get stripped.

So what did we learn?  James McCarthy looks more than comfortable in a Celtic shirt every time I see him.  The player he was is slowly emerging.  Liam Scales can feel aggrieved he has not had a sniff of proper action before this week.  Stephen Welsh continues to grow into the role of Celtic central defender, a year after breaking into the team.

We finished third in a group against the third placed teams in Germany and Spain.  Collecting six points from Ferencvaros was an objective delivered, although so much more could have been achieved as we allowed comfortable positions slip in Spain and Germany.

If you are old enough, you will remember being told Celtic win trophies when they first emerge.  Perhaps the Europa Conference League will have its compensations.

Motherwell on Sunday afternoon is anything but a dead rubber.  The Celtic FC Foundation Bucket Collection returns for the first time in two years, those in need remain numerous.  The work of the Foundation does is remarkable and literally life changing at this time of year.  It is our greatest boast.

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  1. park>the>bus>long>ball>goal on

    CHAIRBHOY on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 8:32 PM




    You said,….


    “We’ve saved a seven figure sum….”


    I say,…


    “Is Bankier working for free?”



    Confused CSC 😕

  2. lets all do the huddle on

    if you have been double vaccinated and have had the booster and dont have covid, why should you be ordered to be imprisoned in your house?



    it would be a total nonsense



    if you are worried about being at risk of being seriously ill if you caught it then feel free to isolate til the cows come home

  3. Out on driving duties.


    Our car radio still has 3 or 4 am Irish stations on it.







    Fella says and that was I am a believer in tribute to Mike nesbit who passed today the tall one from the Monkees.



    Text in with your memories of the Monkees.



    And we have Mike.



    I am from the north and growing up in those times the Monkees just remind me of the troubles.



    At 70s in the north sure everything reminds them of the troubles.



    Now jambo jambo reggae mix from Dem dossas

  4. Guys,



    Thank you for the responses.


    I fear a lock down is coming.for political reasons



    In England the UK government desperately needs a diversion. There will be an internal fight between the Chancellors gang and SAGE.


    There is no money left to support industry in trouble and economists are acutely aware of the economic and health consequences of lock down.



    In Scotland Nicola wants to be relevant and in control. The recent Scottish budget is a shocker and asking the UK government for more money when allocating 450m to a hypothetical Indy ref 2 is a complete joke. Council taxation for households is set to soar and we have just put the boot into the oil and gas industry with no credible plan for a phased transformation from Hydrocarbons.



    A few weeks ago we were asked to fling open our doors to strangers from all over the world. We indulged in selfies with everyone and anyone. Cop 26 was the holy grail and it was open door policy. The citizens of Glasgow had a nightmare. Gridlock meant emissions were up 33%, health suffered and now they want to isolate us.



    If the NHS is in danger of being overrun where are the mitigations ? The Nightingales and its tartan equilivant the Louisa Jordan???.


    Competent government would inact ” Lessons Learned ”


    So yes I fear lockdown is coming and our grounds may soon be empty.


    But make no mistake the consequences will be far reaching.



    Apologies for the political post, However if our stadium s are soon to be empty it will be a political decision.



    HH to all.



    The UK and Scottish governments are both sleezy and incompetent.

  5. CHAIRBHOY on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 8:34 PM


    CELTIC40ME @ 8:14 PM,




    Good to see you posting.




    But another who doesn’t let the facts get in the way of a good debate.



    :). Nine qualifying rounds not ten



    He generslly gets knocked out by half decent teams when it’s close. I can’t remember him beating anyone decent in qualifying or in knockout at Celtic . His knockout record at Liverpool and Leicester is appealing

  6. I certainly wouldn’t trust Rodgers to beat anyone anywhere near our standard in qualifying even with a big financial advantage



    Why would you? He any get beyond the last 32 of the Europa league with Liverpool, Celtic or Leicester

  7. park>the>bus>long>ball>goal on



    if you have been double vaccinated and have had the booster and dont have covid, why should you be ordered to be imprisoned in your house?


    it would be a total nonsense


    if you are worried about being at risk of being seriously ill if you caught it then feel free to isolate til the cows come home





    What if I told you… your perception is a misconception because of media deception?

  8. JHB


    I had another read and think I can see why you might think it is fair and balanced. I think otherwise.


    As a writer of English`s status would be all too aware, how a piece of writing ends leaves the biggest impression on the reader. Here is how his piece ends:



    “If he wants to know about the other side of life, he should walk a day in the shoes of some of the managers he’s about to go up against in the next six games. All of them might be minded to bend his ear about the haves and the have-nots.”



    Other comments he makes support my view that he disagree with our Manager. For example,his acceptance that the programme is rather heavy is immediately weakened by his comment that other teams also face these numbers so that whilst it is ` not easy`, it is also `not unusual`. Finally, his comment about the world`s `smallest violin` supports my view that he is far from sympathetic towards Ange`s view that nine games in a month is too much.

  9. JHB


    Having penned the above, I now read



    ” JHB on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 9:06 PM


    HOT SMOKED @ 8:58


    It wasn’t you!:



    Life, eh ? :-))))



    if you have been double vaccinated and have had the booster and dont have covid, why should you be ordered to be imprisoned in your house?






    My guess would be.



    To protect others.



    And to protect yourself if you need medical treatment that requires the NHS not to be overwhelmed by covid cases.

  11. Ernie Lynch,



    You make a good argument for mandatory vaccinations and subsequent isolation until you get them.




    Well Bankier does seem to have a larger role but has to date been an NED on a salary less than 100K.



    Michael Nicholson is our interim CEO, he’s an executive but I’d be surprised if he had a renumeration package even close to what Big Pedro was earning.



    With bonuses he earned well over a million, so it’s reasonable to assume we have saved around a seven figure sum.



    Still after saying that, Dominic McKay’s severance package may have been a tidy sum.



    Hail Hail



    Ernie, I didn’t think you’d fall for mainstream media bull?






    I don’t. I follow the science.

  14. ernie


    Is it the case that anyone who has been fully vaccinated is still as likely as anyone else to contract the virus but the difference is that the vaccinated person is much, much less likely to be affected by the `invasion` ?

  15. PS Although the above was directed towards Ernie, I would be happy to hear from anyone who has information on the matter.

  16. GREENPINATA on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 9:25 PM


    Ernie Lynch,







    You make a good argument for mandatory vaccinations and subsequent isolation until you get them.






    Until it’s known how effective the existing vaccines are against new variants that wouldn’t be sufficient.

  17. CELTIC40ME @ 9:15 PM,



    Yes, nine UCL qualifiers and one UEL qualifier.



    Still the debate was not about Brendan Rodgers, less Liverpool and Leicester City.



    It was about Celtic’s preparation for the UCL qualifiers, or more accurately, lack of it.



    The fact that Europe is not BR’s strong point only strengthens the argument.



    BR did not shine in Europe, nor was he fully supported, especially in the 2018 summer window when the rug was pulled from under him.



    It makes you realise with the right Manager, Coaches, Support Staff and supporting them to procure and improve quality players, what can be achieved.



    Let’s hope we have turned that corner, ’cause last seasons UCL qualification preparation was beyond a joke.



    Hail Hail

  18. HOT SMOKED @ 9:19




    Ange makes a fair point that we have a crowded fixture list – however English’s point is also fair in that others have a fraction of our resources & are equally affected & more heavily encumbered on account of it.



    Our games against Betis & Hibs in the LCF are a result of our success, so earned rather than forced upon us.



    The violin reference is merely ‘poetic licence’ to dress up the boring & (bleedin’ obvious) subject matter.

  19. JHB on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 8:08 PM






    Perhaps the formation of an anti-abuse/anti- foul language clique, is the answer.




    —can we call it a cult?



    No, because differing views & even dissent will be encouraged, and there will be no stockpiling of Buckfast as an alternative to Kool Aid.





    Last I heard Tam you on the Buckie and phoning in George your idols show,caused you a few bans from radio stations around the country.seem to recall twas more help you needed not kool aid .


    Now you are on here,posting your unionist zeal,its been done better;but with no view on refugees.odd.


    No view to dissent.it is.how very fascist.



    What is your view fishermen obstructing/impeding RNLI in their work to save lives in Eng channel?


    Team chibheid on here,to a man all like it.now you as the planted caller to his show have never ….the fact its called out is what irked a few.their annoyance is easily handled.



    Team chibbedheid = is the wide range of galloways here,

  20. Ernie Lynch,



    If the vaccines aren’t sufficient then we have and are being conned and we are truly doomed.



    I don’t believe anyone would be so negative.

  21. park>the>bus>long>ball>goal on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 9:29 PM




    Ernie, I didn’t think you’d fall for mainstream media bull?




    I don’t. I follow the science.




    The media only allows one version of the science.


    All scientists don’t speak as one.


    But the media want us to think that they do.


    A retired consultant from the six counties came out of retirement to help during the pandemic which was very noble of her. I won’t say her name. She made a YouTube video of her observations of how things were playing out in hospital, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, all of the lies in front of her eyes, as her video outlined. So BBC NI complained to YouTube about her video, so it was pulled, and BBC NI and a circus of media clowns agitated for her removal, so she was removed. Cancel culture had spoken.


    What I don’t get is, why didn’t BBC NI bring her on to their station, let her present her findings, and let the ‘chosen’ BBC NI person of health present their version, and let the public weigh up the presented evidence and decide from there?


    What are establishment media and their ‘chosen’ health folk afraid that the public find out?


    Mixed messaging or jack boot policy are the available choices.


    I don’t believe any mainstream media or their ‘chosen’ spokespersons.


    If there was no alternative to MSM, old Rangers would still be alive, screwing everybody with EBTs supplied by a different bank from the brotherhood.

  22. GREENPINATA on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 9:48 PM


    Ernie Lynch,







    ‘If the vaccines aren’t sufficient’






    It’s a new virus for humans. It will take science a while will catch up. Once it does it will be like flu with an updated vaccine each year. Until then we just have to deal with it and stop whinging. Such is life.

  23. park>the>bus>long>ball>goal on

    There’s no coercion to take flu vaccines.


    Only Nazis coerce people to take medications.

  24. Let me ask a diferent way and see if this gets an answer:



    Is it the case that when the virus enters the system of a triple vaccinated person, it `dies` so is no longer tranmissable?

  25. Two doses of a Covid vaccine are not enough to stop you catching the Omicron variant, UK scientists have warned.


    Early analysis of UK Omicron and Delta cases showed the vaccines were less effective at stopping the new variant.


    But a third booster prevents around 75% of people getting any Covid symptoms.


    Meanwhile, Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove, who chaired a meeting with first ministers of the devolved nations this afternoon, warned the UK faces a “deeply concerning situation”.


    Speaking after the meeting of the government’s emergency committee Cobra, he said measures taken so far were “proportionate”, but ministers were “absolutely” keeping everything under review.


    “Action is absolutely required, and as new data comes in we will consider what action we do require to take in the face of that data,” he added.


    It comes as another 448 cases of Omicron were confirmed in the UK, taking the number reported so far to 1,265. The total number of Covid cases recorded on Friday was 58,194 – the highest figure since 9 January.


    The government has said it is updating its guidance for care homes in England – limiting the number of visitors allowed per resident, and increasing testing “in order to balance the current Covid-19 risk”.


    Omicron: How worried should we be?


    The latest lab science on Omicron’s threat


    One of the main concerns since the heavily-mutated Omicron variant first emerged was that it would make vaccines less effective.


    The UK Health Security Agency report analysed data from 581 Omicron cases and thousands of Delta cases to calculate how effective the vaccines were against the new variant.


    The analysis is based on limited data, but showed a dramatic drop in effectiveness for the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and a significant drop off for two doses of Pfizer.


    The 75% protection against Covid symptoms after a booster is not as high as against previous variants.


    There was not enough data to analyse the Moderna or Janssen vaccines, but there is no reason to think they would have different results.


    However, the UK Health Security Agency said vaccines were still likely to offer good protection against severe Covid that needed hospital treatment.


    So far, around 22 million people have received a booster dose, but even if everyone was boosted the lower vaccine effectiveness would still leave millions of people susceptible.


    The real-world data backs up laboratory studies that showed a 40-fold reduction in the ability of antibodies from double-vaccinated people to take out the virus.


    There is optimism that vaccines will still keep many people out of hospital even if more do get Covid. Data on severity could be published next week.


    However, an Omicron wave could be problematic even if it was milder. A large and sudden wave could lead to everyone who is still vulnerable needing hospital care at the same time.


    BBC Graph


    The rapid surge in Omicron cases was already hinting that the variant was getting around some of the protection given by vaccines.


    It is estimated that the number of Omicron cases is doubling every two to three days.


    The UKHSA estimates that more than half of all cases in the country will be Omicron by mid-December and that if growth continues unabated there will be more than 100,000 cases a day by the end of the month.


    Dr Mary Ramsay, head of immunisation at the UKHSA, said: “These early estimates should be treated with caution but they indicate that a few months after the second jab, there is a greater risk of catching the Omicron variant compared to Delta strain.”


    “We expect the vaccines to show higher protection against the serious complications of COVID-19, so if you haven’t yet had your first two doses please book an appointment straight away.”


    The research comes amid concern about the growing numbers of Omicron cases in the UK. Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has warned of a “tsunami” of cases as she tightened Covid isolation rules and encouraged people to cancel Christmas party plans.


    Under the new guidance for care homes in England, residents will only be permitted to receive visits from three people, plus one essential care giver.


    The Department of Health and Social Care said testing would also increase for fully-vaccinated residents making visits outside and for staff, and there vaccination teams were being expanded to increase the take-up of the booster jab.

  26. park>the>bus>long>ball>goal on

    HOT SMOKED on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 10:04 PM


    Let me ask a diferent way and see if this gets an answer:


    Is it the case that when the virus enters the system of a triple vaccinated person, it `dies` so is no longer tranmissable?




    How can you tell if all administration are liars, and in the pockets of big Bully Goats?



    Typos CSC

  27. park>the>bus>long>ball>goal on





    Watch their lips moving.