Wishful transfer thinking, broken Hearts


Celtic have been linked with a whole barrage of players over the last 24 hours, strongly linked in some instances.  While it is more fun to drool over players coming in than fret as existing players leave the club, I’m very sure that some of the reports floating around right now are the product of wishful thinking on the part of agents trying to place their players with a top European club.

For each player you read about, two others will be under consideration, and remember the golden rule, if players or agents are talking publicly, they are not talking to Celtic.  It’s easy to generate screeds of column inches for you, or your client, with a few well-chosen phrases.

Ukio Bankas statement this morning that current bids for the assets of Hearts which they hold security over, specifically Tynecastle Stadium, scene of Scotland’s most famous non-assault, do not meet their valuation presents real challenge to the club.  Hearts are a club capable of generating in the region of £10m.  Operating the club on a budget this size will be difficult, raising enough cash to satisfy Ukio Bankas might be impossible.

Unlike the situation last year with Rangers, when Craig Whyte secured an irrevocable undertaking upon liquidation to transfer Ibrox Stadium to Sevco 5088 Ltd, Ukio Bankas liquidators are unlikely to reject a CVA but accept a lower bid for Tynecastle.  Without a stadium, a Newco is unlikely.  The best Hearts fans could be faced with is going “Cap in hand”, as they sing down Easter Road, to Hibs, with a request for Newco to ground-share.

Wallace Mercer was ahead of his time. Flats, flats……….
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  1. charles kickham on

    Hope it’s a day where Paul67 has to write another couple of articles on our new signings :-)


    Personally,I take no pleasure from the imminent demise of Hearts.



    They are nowhere near as poisonous as the huns were,and have been solid and largely honourable opponents in my experience.



    However,a significant number of their fans deserve every shred of humiliation coming their way.



    “Huns without the bus fare” was an expression tailor-made for them.

  3. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Twisty – well done. Hope you get a few firsts at Goodwood! :-)



    I’m starting to get concerned about the possible disruption to the existing squad affecting our chances of CL qualification. Hopefully, just tabloid guff!




  4. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    All hearts need to complete their misery is to throw money away on a ‘pr’ agency!

  5. First post holidays 18 in. Relief, still managed to knock the wee fella in the general direction of the flagstick. No’ big Lefty but…



    Are we due a packed Gazebo on Wednesday night? Is the new Kerrydale Bar worth a look? Have the polis extended the no parking limits to Dalmarnock or Farme Cross? And it’s raining, great to be back.




  6. WGS



    Think this puts all the CFC are a “selling club” to bed I think……we buy and sell continuously just like everyone else.



    We cant do it on the scale of Chealski et al because we don’t have the same TV revenues and we play in a country of 5M which advertisers aren’t really interested in.



    Until we have an expanded CL format, Atlantic League etc we are stuck with what we have and just need to work around the construct.



    Nobody likes it when you are as big in attendance and stadia as just about anyone in the world but receiving 98% less TV revenue than the likes of Wigan, Cardiff, Hull…..on and on.



    If we can nail the last 16 CL for 2-3 further seasons we may have enough in the bank to offer our key players more money and keep them for say 5 years……this would allow maximum development and we would see their full potential.



    Hooper will never see the CL again……Wanyama might if he gets a move out of Southampton.



    I’m happy going forward.





    Weather was magic while you were away!



    Chucking it down here too,I had to order another pint while I wait for it to go off.



    Which will hopefully take a few hours….



    Yer postcards on here were superb,btw. Thanks.

  8. Hopefully Finnbogason is not just wishful thinking



    This signing could really excite the support



    Didn’t see this being posted previously so apologies if it has but he posted this last night



    Alfreð Finnbogason ‏@A_Finnbogason 13h


    Nothing better than some good tunes before going to bed! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OV5_LQArLa0 … #GoodNight



    If that link doesnt work try this






    Surely something to it!

  9. Greendreamz,



    As it has been said we are followinfg a model used by the likes of Herrenveen, Porto and Ajax.



    Not been a selling club, if you can make millions on a player and buy somebody same type for less in transfer fee and wages, then you do it.



    If we where in the premiership we wouldn’t need to, but we are in Scotland and having a crack at the cl and getting hopefully beyond 16 depending if your lucky in the draw then as supporters cannot really complain.




    You don’t need to pay big money to get eciting players. Finnbogasson would light Scotland up. Be up ther with the likes of Piere, Cadete of this world regarding being idiolised by fans.

  10. archdeaconsbench on

    Have to say, I wouldn’t like to see the Diets go bust. Whilst some of their fans are on a par with those of the Ungrateful Dead’s, there have been many great tussles (for want of better word) over the years.


    The ‘hell mend’ them argument rings a little hollow as there will be precious few domestic scrapes to look forward to if things keep going the way they are.



    And no, I’m not an O** F*** fan.

  11. Tottenham have signed a good player in Chadil from Twente Enschede.



    With him, Lennon and possibly Bale Spurs will be really attractive this year. Looking forward to seeing how Jovetic and Navas perform in the EPL.



    Navas will destroy teams like Bale with his pace. Jovetic has been been brilliant in Florence.





    Cadete,gutted when he left.



    Deadliest striker I’ve seen in The Hoooops.



    He certainly didnae waste many opportunities. Pity his head was

  13. Bump from end of previous thread………..





    Re Media House I sent this yesterday evening:



    To: ‘foi@bbc.co.uk’


    Subject: Use by BBC Scotland of P R consultants in 2011



    Dear Sir/ Madam, I wish to ascertain the extent and nature of the employment of external PR Consultants by BBC Scotland in 2011.



    Can you point me to the appropriate portal for such a request and give me any other information you may think useful?



    Thanking you etc. etc.




    Got this back this morning:



    Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, as detailed in your email below. Your request was received on 28th July 2013. We will deal with your request as promptly as possible, and at the latest within 20 working days. If you have any queries about your request, please contact us at the address below.



    The reference number for your request is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.



    Kind regards



    The Information Policy & Compliance Team



    BBC Freedom of Information


    BC2 B6, Broadcast Centre


    201 Wood Lane


    London W12 7TP





    Email: foi@bbc.co.uk



    Tel: 020 8008 2882

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