Yang delivered after control slipped


There are many roles a winger has to fulfil in the modern game, but the most important part is to beat your man, get a cross in and find a teammate.  Yang delivered this yesterday.  With Celtic under pressure, defending a one-goal lead late in the game, he collected the ball on the left – not his favoured side – twice dropped a shoulder to create space behind the defender, then pulled the ball back to give Matt O’Riley an easy chance to seal the points.

There is more to his game, in particular, he can mix it with physical defenders, but that move will cause opponents lots of trouble.  If he can consistently play to this standard, defenders will have to double up on him, creating space for others.  It was a very encouraging 20-minute performance from the 21-year-old.

Celtic were well on top early on and deservedly ahead before our play and control of the game slipped.  Aberdeen’s equaliser disturbed Celtic’s flow more than it should have.  The goal itself did not paint either central defender or the keeper in a good light.  Joe should have held a higher starting position, enabling him to collect balls in-behind.  Cameron was slow to respond and unable to get a block on the cross, while Maik was equally slow to react.

Two visits each to Pittodrie, Ibrox and Tynecastle will be our most difficult games of the season.  Half of those matches take place during the first nine fixtures.  Picking up wins as we did yesterday will go a long way towards securing the title.

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  1. BTW- I agree with TBB’s observation on Nawrocki at the Don’s goal.




    Big Maik had a solid game but his reaction was bizarre. Watching the highlights last night, I saw that he turned his head and saw Miovski advancing beyond him, he continued to amble and didn’t sprint until he saw that CCV had lost his man again. It seems he expected CCV to bottle his man up at the byline, but, even taking this into account, why not cover their top striker as he goes past the penalty spot.




    I can only put it down to a brain fart. He is replacing another Celtic CB who was a strong performer but with 2 or 3 regular brainfarts. So Maik yesterday produced fewer of those and he has not played long enough with us to show that it is a regular recurring pattern.

  2. We do lose a bit with the speed of Starfelt.



    It wasn’t always noted as regularly as any mistakes he made but both his actual speed and his reading of the game were exceptional and hard for any newcomer to imitate.



    CCV is a top player but the partnership of the 2 was really strong. It is a great pity it didn’t get the chance to show that in Europe.

  3. Yang looks promising indeed.


    He was the signing who didn’t say he was gunna come here and be a big noise. He’s just quietly going about it.


    Nice yin, Yang.






    Embdy else hear this recent podcast/interview with the Griff ?





    You hear his pride at playing for us, the regrets of what mighta been (200 Celtic goals if his heid was screwed on, he claims) and the sense that he’s in a better place personally over there in Mandurah WA.



    It’s enjoyable and enlightening listening.




  4. Turkeybhoy



    Greg Taylor had a nightmare performance yesterday. His hesitancy and constant stealing of yards at throw ins suggested he fried his own brain yesterday.



    But, you are right that this is the bad game following on from a stellar season in which he was a consistent performer.



    Every year is a test of whether you can be as good again. Scott Brown and Joe Hart were expected to deteriorate with every season after they turned 30. It is a natural expectation (though goalies should be judged from 34 not 30 in my opinion) and now Calmac’s deterioration and overplaying is being looked at too.



    The challenge for Greg is to see if he can adapt to the different style that BR asks of him whereas he was Taylor-made for Ange’s system. I think the judgement is mostly on LB inadequacy as Bernabei is his sub and he convinces very few as an adequate LB cover, though he has attacking potential.



    The worries will remain about the LB position but Greg is far from finished in challenging for the place.

  5. SFTB,



    I’m giving Maik the benefit of the doubt given he watched otherwise dependable CCV make an arse of things on the turn and then caught Joe Hart coming out then retreating in the space of a few seconds. He should have reacted better to the unfolding danger but he probably expected both team mates to have done a lot better.



    Think we gained a lot of good stuff in Rocky but not sure I seen Starfelt’s recovery pace being one of them. Swings and roundabouts.




  6. Yang certainly did look effective as a winger. Maeda was almost undroppable under Ange due, in large part, to his astonishing speed and fitness. Brendan is thinking he is better through the middle. Yesterday, Maeda’s decision making when through on goal was poor. If he had looked up on at least two occasions, Kyogo would almost certainly have scored.


    At the moment, maybe it would be more effective to play Yang on the left and Abada on the right with Maeda providing cover for Kyogo until Oh is fit? Though Maeda has a strong case for starting at Ibrox as his pressing terrifies them.

  7. Good 3 point’s yesterday, rustiness, new players, enforced changes didn’t make it as comfortable as it should have been.


    Added to this is Abada and Maeda either not looking up before crossing, taking on shots which other team mates were better placed to take etc. Abada and Maeda are not my escaped goats but while Abada has incredible goals and assists stats he at times, Maeda included can’t do the simple things.


    The earlier point some posters made about the media amplifying any small mistakes and perceived weaknesses in our team was brilliantly put down by Sutton yesterday. The host on Sky Sports ( the man from Clyde?) introduced the game to Sutton with, ‘Bernabei back in the Celtic squad after being disciplined last week’, with


    ‘well done with bringing up negativity with Celtic the treble winners, who won last week!’

  8. Taylor was terrific in a very tight Ange playing system, where he took to the inverted LB role in midfield very well.



    He was always susceptible to poor defending against the fast full back or winger or breaking to the line in attack.



    Unfortunately we signed someone to challenge him equally poor in defence. We need to fix that and ensure 2 LBs are challenging properly. No idea what we do with the wee Argentinian cult hero.




  9. On reflection I would love to play our group games in the CL last season again with our first choice CB pairing of CS and CCV.



    I suggest had we played them in even half the games things would have been very different.



    Filling CS boots won’t be easy. The pole looks good but it’s about more than just looking good. CS was good despite being played out of position.



    The stats for him together with CCV vs not are staggering.



    Hopefully the new CB can add to the potential we have with the 2 who played yesterday and we can develop new partnerships there.

  10. Whatever way you look at it, this is about as difficult an autumn list of fixtures that the computer could have come up with;



    Celtic league and Champions League games September & October:



    Rangers (a)


    Dundee (h)


    CL matchday 1


    Livingston (a)


    Motherwell (a)


    CL matchday 2


    Kilmarnock (h)


    Hearts (a)


    CL matchday 3


    Hibs (a)

  11. I think the lack of fluidity in play, players taking too much touches( I thought the grass was too long yesterday BTW), is due to the difference styles of Ange and BR,you can’t flick a switch ,and it all changes,some players have responded well,O’Riley, Maeda,some like Taylor looks like he’s trying to impress all over again. Odin could be a replacement for Hatate……..Callum had his worst game for years,it happens

  12. Greg Taylor was brilliant last season, Ange’s system suited him well, Greg and the rest of the squad are getting used to our “new” managers formation



    2 games = 6pts, hopefully a few new faces and by the time the CL group stages come around the whole squad (Greg included) will hopefully be more familiar with Brendan’s instructions

  13. Good article Paul. Some good points today guys.



    Result is king.



    New guys looking good and ready right away.



    Middle still a bit of a puzzle, but…. Hatate and then Holm both made the middle sturdier. That tells us a lot.



    I am being pleasantly surprised by Yang.



    Maeda and Abada need to develop better understanding with each other.



    Get Gustav in, he’s ready to go if he’s needed. Killie tall and physical on the carpet, big test if CCV is struggling. BTW Welsh was good when he came on.




  14. I am aware of the irony of my post pointing out mistakes in our game yesterday with the comments of others and of Sutton pointing out the media highlighting small mistakes!

  15. 100% Bada, its all change for them, newer guys all hitting the ground running were our stalwarts CCV, Mac Taylor all a bit off.




  16. September/October we have 5 away games and two home, strange fixture list for a computer to come up with.

  17. Just on the media, they stir the pot and people still read the papers even though they say they don’t. Lol



    My sevco mates tell me it was terrible on Saturday and livingston collapsed and there was boos and unrest at ht, media all over this? We win at a stuffy Pittodrie and its all about the injuries and our players not clicking.



    It’s written by them for them.




  18. I wonder if CCV was already feeling the hamstring straining when he got skinned for the goal, very unlike him to be beaten like that.

  19. If you think a computer randomly made up the fixture list, I have a bridge to sell you.



    Same every season, derail us ASAP, but we will know this and prepare as usual. Get the tough fixtures out the way early, this is why we pull away the later half of the season, huns have to play these fixtures as well.




  20. Stivs, he runs funny to get back, his legs look straight as if he did feel it there and pulls up a bit to take the strain off but I’d guess that’s when it went.




  21. Tom McLaughlin on



    September/October we have 5 away games and two home, strange fixture list for a computer to come up with.



    I wonder how the reverse fixtures will look in February/March.

  22. Celtic rerun v Aberdeen full game Sky Sports 3. On now.



    Regards fixture list if we have only 2 home games in First seven means that we will have a run of home games later in the year. The second tranche of 11 fixtures will be the reverse of the First 11.



    We play 19 home and 19 away in a 38 game season.

  23. My sevco mates tell me it was terrible on Saturday and livingston collapsed and there was boos and unrest at ht,




    I was at Sainsbury on sat urday afternoon, and had listened to their game as it went to 2-0 radio off and into the shop,


    A wee while later a family of berz turned up , must have left with still some time to go, father and son were fizzing, angry berz doesnt quite capture it, i tried hard not to laugh cos they were big big berz, but it was funny all the same.



    back in the motor, a caller was telling the panel, he has to beat celtic and get in the champions league or he is gone, we are fed up with the sound bites and same old excuses.



    as a wee aside , that was quite a big section of empty seats besid ethe livingstone 50 supporters,



    trouble at snake mountain indeed,



    i hope they get pumped tomorrow night, not just a two goal defeat but a pumping

  24. That computer fprogrammer that fixes the em fixtures, he should have been sacked by now, that favouritism has worked only once in 13 seasons.

  25. Regarding the injuries, I was watching Reo in the phase of play before he lay down and was wondering what he was up to. He is around our 18-yard box when we counter attack and he is barely strolling forward, making no effort to keep up with the play. Considering he had only been on for 10-15 mins it was clear something was up. For a moment I called him a lazy . . . . but next thing he is on the ground asking to come off.



    It was a shame as he really looked up for it. He had completely changed the midfield dynamic and we were back on top. Once he went off, I thought Aberdeen had their best spell though Odin played fine too.



    We have received 3,971 tickets for this match.



    Tickets are now on sale to those Season Ticket holders who were selected in the ballot amongst those who qualified with the following criteria:



    Have attended 6 plus away matches in Season 2022/23.


    Tickets are available to buy online only. Booking fees apply.





    Tickets are priced at:



    Adults – £25


    Concession (065 /Students/ U21s): £20


    U18: £15


    U16: £10


    Booking fees apply online.





    The deadline for eligible Season Ticket holders to purchase tickets for this match is 2pm on Monday, August 14, 2023.

  27. BIG WAVY on 14TH AUGUST 2023 12:15 PM


    Taylor was terrific in a very tight Ange playing system, where he took to the inverted LB role in midfield very well.




    He was always susceptible to poor defending against the fast full back or winger or breaking to the line in attack.




    Unfortunately we signed someone to challenge him equally poor in defence. We need to fix that and ensure 2 LBs are challenging properly. No idea what we do with the wee Argentinian cult hero.









    I’d happily add Bernabei to our cohort of wingers and never play him as a full back again. I think he is very good going forward and is regularly involved in the build up of our play down the left and inside the penalty box.



    Early days, but for me the new CH looks an upgrade on Carl.”



    I agree with both the fact that these are early days and with the opinion that our new bhoy is an upgrade on Carl.


    ie I think he is an upgrade on the Carl who played for us but nowhere near as good as the Carl who has left us :-))

  29. Big shout out to Welsh and Ralston. Coming in again and giving their best every time. Genuine Celtic players. Fixture list is always the same attempt but it doesn’t work, it tries to give them a start but no one told Kilmarnock. Sly at it again as well letting them play first all the time ( except flag day ) and that doesn’t work either. But they don’t go well playing second.What is it they say about looking for different results from the same experiment? A complete shower from top to bottom, utter boring cheats which makes every result all the sweeter.

  30. When is a “sold out ” sign not actually sold out ?



    Celtic Park/Capacity 60,411



    Celtic 4–2 Ross County Glasgow Attendance: 58,772 (1,639 below capacity)



    Ross county got a slither of the South east corner, but even with the minimum of segregation there were at least 1,000 unoccupied seats.



    Why do the sold out signs go up online when there are seats available ?



    The ticket office organisations needs to be told your job is to make sure that every seat is made available to celtic supporters wanting in.



    If the away team cant fill their allocation take the tickets back redraw the division line and make sure celtic supporters get in.

  31. My old neighbour in 121 has told me my old season ticket seat has not been sat on since season kick off.



    I think the ticket office enjoys not having to see peole face to face, make everything online, and remote,

  32. I’ve just realised that after looking at that list of Autumn fixtures that we are likely to be disadvantaged. We are due to play Rangers, Hearts and Hibs away from home and have already been to Pittodrie which means that if they make it into the Top 6 as I expect them to do then we will have to play at least one of them away from home on 3 occasions.



    This computer is not working out fairly for us as evidenced in the number of times we play two consecutive away games early in the season.

  33. Markiebhoy –



    The Rangers have 3 scheduled 12:30 kick off on a saturday for away games in the league from now till end december.



    celtic have 1 away to Livinstone.



    This will change once European fixtures are know as to who is playing in what competition. I pray they drop to Europa and have thursday games, pushing their league games to sundays.



    I am really struggling to think of when they played first with the early saturday kick off, and then we dropped points.



    Least of the worries.

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