You would always fancy a hungry team, Leigh, Ibrox tickets


Tonight we face one of the strongest teams in the Europa League.  Salzburg have won all five group games, reached last season’s semi-finals (where they were robbed) and are out of sight in their domestic league.

We held a halftime lead in the away game but Salzburg wore us down and eventually exploited every weakness.  We have a long and hard 90 minutes ahead.

Despite this, there is reasons to be confident.  Celtic are playing as well as they have in a year, perhaps longer.  And no matter the quality of opposition, Celtic Park is always a difficult place to travel to.  It intimidates visitors just as it inspires Celtic players.

Salzburg are three days away from their winter break, Celtic will undoubtedly be the hungrier team.  You would always fancy a hungry team over a team that had already achieved.

I have no doubt Leigh Griffiths will get all the help necessary to see him make a full and complete recovery from what ails him.  He has the support of the club, his loved ones and the entire Celtic family, and will receive the best help money can buy.

Going from being a successful internationally recognised athlete, to so publicly stepping away from the frontline due to personal issues, will give others permission to do likewise.  There are thousands like Leigh living and working among us, yet to ask for help.  If a confident, alpha male, like Leigh can stop his life to get some professional help, you can too.

I suspect Celtic would have been happy for the police to suggest taking 750 tickets for Ibrox was unsafe, but as this is not the case, they had little choice but to accept.  Starting a boycott would have been straightforward, the problem comes when you want to end it years later.

Newco are in this situation with the BBC.  They banned Chris McLaughlin from Ibrox in 2015, resulting in a show of solidarity from the BBC with their journalist.  The ban was lifted temporarily before some people noticed and got really angry, so it was re-imposed.  Now the whole business looks like a disproportionate act, especially as few can remember why the ban was introduced.

Having taken a public stance Newco have been unable to change their mind and admit journalists, whether they report on arrests or not (the reason Chris McLaughlin was banned).

If Celtic were to decline tickets for Ibrox due to safety concerns, it will be difficult for them to reverse this stance in years to come as no circumstances would change.  You can be sure Newco will not revert to the previous ticket arrangement, having succumbed to requests to inhibit Celtic celebrations at their home ground.

And besides, how many Newco fans are anywhere near the ground at full time?  As long as fans get to the ground safely, they should have the freedom of Glasgow to make their way home.

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  1. HOT SMOKED on 13TH DECEMBER 2018 2:58 PM



    We all admire Scott Brown. Some times over the period he has single handedly carried us over numerous lines.



    However in Callum McGregor we have unearthed a star who is capable and comfortable playing on the higher European stage. The proviso is of course that he playes in his best position.



    Can we play both to optimum efficiency. I guess time and BR will provide that answer.



    HH and COYBIG.

  2. Just seen another bigot ref with the hun hordes,Jeff Winter…..who had his website closed down a few years ago, for anti Irish/Catholic material on it……allegedly…

  3. Friesdorfer


    Whilst that makes eminent sense, it is based on the assumption ( not necessarily by you ) that we will have something to shore up for! We are more likely to score, I believe, if Calmac starts but this IS a very good team we are facing.Tough choices for Brendan to make but he usually gets it right when it really counts. I would go with The Ferryman . All will be revealed soon.


    Off to catch The Emerald Express from Arbroath Bus Station.


    Cheerio for now and Hail! Hail !



  4. Almore – Looking forward to meeting you too my friend; acgr has given you a ringing endorsement so full speed ahead for the 29th; I think there’s a game that day;)





  5. MIT


    If you want to meet up with Tony at McVeighs later I’ll take care of your case meetings.Let me know where I can pick up your briefcase and don’t worry, I’ve had lots of courtroom experience.



  6. JJHS, you know what they say about assumptions…! A free ride into Broxden just now, that’s a pleasant surprise. No rowdy singing on the Emerald Express if you please.



  7. mike in toronto on




    Great! You can pick up the file at my office.



    What is your hourly rate?



    I normally require a retainer up front, but I trust that my credit is good?




  8. traditionalist88 on

    Leigh Griffiths’ message of thanks to everyone for their support


    By: Newsroom Staff on 13 Dec, 2018 15:51



    LEIGH Griffiths has sent a message of thanks to everyone who has offered him support following the announcement that he is taking some time out of football for a period of time due to a number of issues away from the game.



    Leigh said: “I just wanted to thank everyone at the club and so many Celtic fans and other people who have sent me such kind and powerful messages of support.



    “I thank you all sincerely and want to let you know I’m doing all I can to come back as soon as possible, a better and stronger person.”

  9. mike in toronto on




    If something comes up and you are not sure what to do, just stand up, slam your hands on the desk, and in your best Al Pacino voice, start shouting, “I’m out of order?! You’re out of order! They’re out of order! This whole trial is out of order!”



    Judges love that!




  10. Good luck Celtic,agree with Paul,a hard nights work tonight.nothing we don’t shy from.


    Enjoy yourselves Celts





  11. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Touching message from Griff.



    When we come onto the pitch tonight and I’m singing along with YNWA in the bar in Oslo I’ll be thinking of him.

  12. In Babbity Bowsers fir a wee snifter before heading ti St Lukes to meet some old mates. Good few Tims inBB,s at the moment. Big night ahead. Take care everyone HH!

  13. Getting things together before going to get the club bus to Celtic Park. Tonight we will all let Griff know will never walk alone. Said a prayer for him to St Dymphna, Patron Saint of those with MD or serious nervous disorders.

  14. glendalystonsils on

    DANSO_1888 on 13TH DECEMBER 2018 4:29 PM


    i hyonestly believe if dave king asked to join our board they would bend over backwards for him.



    It would make a change from bending over forwards;-))

  15. MIT


    I’m sure I’ll be okay as long as I don’t assume my usual position in the courtroom.


    My fee is a modest one, as I would assume there is an internship rate, I would ask for 2 pints of Guinness or hour with the caveat that it would not be consumed in the courtroom.


    Could possibly lead to a few recesses :-)


    Hope to see you on the 29th at Almore’s wee breakfast and swally.



  16. mike in toronto on

    Big Jimmy



    Not going to argue with you. All I will say is that if I thought someone was crossing the line with you, , I would speak up for you as well.



    I won’t say any more on the matter

  17. traditionalist88 on

    !!BADA BING!! on 13TH DECEMBER 2018 5:04 PM


    Clyde 1 News at 5 opening story,was the huns game in Austria, seriously ffs?





    Cos they know we’ll be singing ‘No huns in Europe’ by 7.45pm anyway? :)







    Ah, Babitty Bowsers. That was where I first met any CQNrs – Blantyretim, Oldtim and DBBIA. Must have been about 10 years ago – how time flies!

  19. mike in toronto on




    there are a few judges I have appeared in front of, where having a few drinks before court starts would definitely improve things …?

  20. mike in toronto on

    Gees … popped into the doctors to renew a prescription on the way to work … three hours and three tests later, I’m still here …



    This getting old thing sucks☹️





    If I don’t get out soon, you may actually have to go for me!?

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