You would always fancy a hungry team, Leigh, Ibrox tickets


Tonight we face one of the strongest teams in the Europa League.  Salzburg have won all five group games, reached last season’s semi-finals (where they were robbed) and are out of sight in their domestic league.

We held a halftime lead in the away game but Salzburg wore us down and eventually exploited every weakness.  We have a long and hard 90 minutes ahead.

Despite this, there is reasons to be confident.  Celtic are playing as well as they have in a year, perhaps longer.  And no matter the quality of opposition, Celtic Park is always a difficult place to travel to.  It intimidates visitors just as it inspires Celtic players.

Salzburg are three days away from their winter break, Celtic will undoubtedly be the hungrier team.  You would always fancy a hungry team over a team that had already achieved.

I have no doubt Leigh Griffiths will get all the help necessary to see him make a full and complete recovery from what ails him.  He has the support of the club, his loved ones and the entire Celtic family, and will receive the best help money can buy.

Going from being a successful internationally recognised athlete, to so publicly stepping away from the frontline due to personal issues, will give others permission to do likewise.  There are thousands like Leigh living and working among us, yet to ask for help.  If a confident, alpha male, like Leigh can stop his life to get some professional help, you can too.

I suspect Celtic would have been happy for the police to suggest taking 750 tickets for Ibrox was unsafe, but as this is not the case, they had little choice but to accept.  Starting a boycott would have been straightforward, the problem comes when you want to end it years later.

Newco are in this situation with the BBC.  They banned Chris McLaughlin from Ibrox in 2015, resulting in a show of solidarity from the BBC with their journalist.  The ban was lifted temporarily before some people noticed and got really angry, so it was re-imposed.  Now the whole business looks like a disproportionate act, especially as few can remember why the ban was introduced.

Having taken a public stance Newco have been unable to change their mind and admit journalists, whether they report on arrests or not (the reason Chris McLaughlin was banned).

If Celtic were to decline tickets for Ibrox due to safety concerns, it will be difficult for them to reverse this stance in years to come as no circumstances would change.  You can be sure Newco will not revert to the previous ticket arrangement, having succumbed to requests to inhibit Celtic celebrations at their home ground.

And besides, how many Newco fans are anywhere near the ground at full time?  As long as fans get to the ground safely, they should have the freedom of Glasgow to make their way home.

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  1. Watching my 2nd favourite team in the whole wide world the legendary Rapid Vienna will wile away a couple of hours for me before the main event.

  2. BSR – regarding Ronny’s legacy, don’t forget that it was he who introduced and then stood by Kieran Tierney. As well as leading us to tile numbers 4 and 5.




  3. Just back from an annual get together with a few old school pals from Synge St CBS, a famous Dublin Christian Brothers school. O’Neills pub in Suffolk St. a great hostelry for food an a few jars so all set for another great European occvasion from Celtic Park.



    Scott Brown’s injury gave him a well-earned rest and a chance to recharge the old batteries but I think Brendan will go with the team that won on Saturday with Scott ready to come in at some stage in the match. Calmac played well against the Germans so hopefully the same again to-night.



    Salzburg say they are determined to win but do players put their heads or legs in where it hurts against hungrier opponents when they are about to break for their holliers?

  4. WITS AT 5:56



    LOL you loved him so much you were prepared to give us all nightmares ?



    Thoughts with Leigh Leigh Super Leigh 2nite YNWA

  5. glendalystonsils on

    The quality of all 4 teams in Sevco group is woeful from what I’ve seen. Rosenborg would have a great chance of qualifying from that group.

  6. I’vehadtochangemymind……….will do. We all experience the rough and the smood of life so hope Griff makes a speedy recovery and is back putting the ball in the net.

  7. Looking forward to watching some decent fitbaw later after subjecting myself to this p!sh…as for team selection am not gonna try and second guess BR

  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Right – me and Wee BGFC en-route to Paradise via the Chapelhall Chippie for a special supper :-))



    Both teams in the wee warm up game are rotten.



    Me and Wee BGFC are in the lengthening CQN queue for spare tickets for the Hibs game…






  9. BGFC…gonna get me a black pudding supper, ta…I’ll square u up later (is that no a masonic phrase ? ?)

  10. Good evening CQN



    Bolingoli is the worst footballer I have ever seen.



    Anyway onto paradise we go






    D. :)

  11. Really,how did they get this runof Diddies.Not an attempt st goal yet,43 mins played.A draw is all thatsbon.Huns not mutch better.How bad is Goldson.

  12. Shocking first half in Vienna. This must be the lowest quality Group of all times. Huns could easily win this. Hopefully not.

  13. mike in toronto on








    3 hours?! They’re obviously trying to get blood out of you. Don’t they know you’re a solicitor? ??






    “Hath not a lawyer hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer as a normal person is? …



    If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh?”



    Nah… who am i kidding?! If you prick us, we’ll sue ya, ya bastard…



    and as far as laughing, who has ever heard of a lawyer with a sense of humor?




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