11 short days before CL duty


Work ahead of the new season is underway in earnest after Celtic came through a game in Austria against top flight Russian club FC Krasnodar in Austria yesterday afternoon.  Every hour has to be carefully planned from now on.

Ronny Deila has only 11 days before taking to an Icelandic field on Champions League duty.  Players need to step up, from 45 minutes against a fellow-preseason team, to 90 minutes of competitive action against a team who are already midseason.  Pushing muscles too hard now will be counterproductive; players need a planned gradient of training, rest and games to get them as close to peak condition as possible.  No matter how well this goes, the players will be short of their peak for weeks.

Trying hard not to think or talk about signings but it’s good to see Craig Gordon confirmed.  Fraser Forster is the most committed professional at the club, so he’s not a player who needs to be driven to improve, but we all need fresh incentives to go back to the well again, and the arrival of Craig will give Fraser fresh focus after returning from a disappointing World Cup campaign.

Welcome to Celtic, Craig.

There are around 36 CQNers already out on Aberdour Golf Course in what could be described as ‘fresh’ conditions.  A great night lies ahead.

This year we are raising money for Glasgow the Caring City and The Cookiejar Foundation. We have two copies of this magnificent canvas, signed by Billy McNeill, one is available to the highest bidder on ebay here.

The other is available for raffle. Every donor to this JustGiving page gets an entry in the raffle. The minimum donation is £1, which we can all afford to participate in, although you can donate as much as you want. Our thanks to @BarryMcGonigle for the image on the canvas and OPG Graphics for creating the work.

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  1. The perils of virtual golf.



    Virtual thieves.



    Kin ah hiv ma ba back mister hoopy?

  2. Maybe I should be offended at those who can’t laugh at Alzhiemer’s?



    Na. Actually, I just pitty you for the fact that you cannot enjoy the time you have with your relatives for being to selfish feeling sorry for yourselves because they are not the quite the same people you once knew and loved. All the while they become more lonely as friends and relatives dwindle because human nature cannot handle dealing with their illness. That for me is the sad part of the disease – not the disease itself but the selfishness of those around them.



    MWD says AYE

  3. Geordie Munro on







    Mon up to the 19th for a virtual pint.

  4. Thunder Road on

    macjay1 for Neil Lennon


    15:10 on


    4 July, 2014


    Thunder Road


    15:01 on


    4 July, 2014



    Played at 42 years of age against Hong Kong students.


    Wee cruciate ligament rupture for my troubles.



    Actually did me a favour.Prevented potential cardiac arrest.



    Moral of the story……………….


    Grow old gracefully.









    Sorry to hear that macjay :(



    Twisted my medial ligament years ago when i played 11’s and that knee has been causing me a lot of grief for the last year and has been the only thing stopping me going back.



    Have a fear that it would just crumple.



    Your moral is sound advice methinks!



    No turning the clock back.



    Whit are you daen up at this time?



    Is this Ozmoonhowlin?

  5. antipodean red on




    I remember thos cakes with the big red blobs on the sides, I think my Mum usded to get one at Halloween when we were wee, as Neustadt would say, they were braw.



    This is going to surprise you but I’m also with you on the fitba injuries thread, when I came out here a few lads asked me about playing again, I thought that 36 was too old but I got back into the masters thing on a Sunday, full 11-a-side, great socially, until my ACL went ping when I was 44. That stopped me in my tracks for sure. I was also nearly crippled every Monday morning during the season until the pain wore off about Tuesday lunchtime.


    Loved it all the same.




  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    15:18 on


    4 July, 2014



    Seriously envy you.


    The land and animals.


    The basis of human progress.


    Tempted to go to the land and be grounded………………

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Thunder Road


    15:25 on


    4 July, 2014


    Whit are you daen up at this time?



    Is this Ozmoonhowlin?




    C.Q.N. is my mogadon.


    My compensation for the absence of my ain folk.


    On my hols right now and communing with your goodselves.

  8. Re The Alzheimers debate, like many on here I have had more than my fair share of dealing with loved ones who suffered from the illness. My dear old Dad who first told me sixty years ago about the famous Glasgow Celtic didn’t know who I was for the last 4 years of his life. Yes of course you have to laugh your way through it or else you will cry your way through it. However there is a difference between a family laughing their way through Alzheimers and people posting silly jokes about the subject. I remember walking in on an uncle who had the disease as he was about to shave, only to find he had plastered the shaving cream on his reflection in the mirror rather than his face. Now that is sad but it is also funny and once we sorted the man & shaved him we had a bit of a laugh. I am certainly not a PC person but if someone can’t distinguish between the need for humour when dealing with a situation and posting stupid jokes about a sensitive subject than I give up.







    I said in my recent mail to you-hope you got it,bliddy iPad-that it was to my shame that I didn’t understand ALS/MND until you informed us that your son Tony had contracted it.



    When Jimmy Johnstone suffered,then sadly died from it,I was unaware of how intrinsically evil this disease is,as I wasn’t online,couldnae take two seconds to find out.



    I know now,mate. I know now a lot more than I really want to know about how people can suffer,and how those affected aren’t only those who are ill.



    I count my blessings damned frequently.



    As always,please convey my best to Tony,Amanda,their two daughters. And of course to you and Pauline.



    I know the hootenanniers are chuffed at the present location of the flag,and a message for posterity is,well,just right.

  10. Just see we have signed yet another goalkeeper. Relax this guy is only 16 and one for the future. Lad’s name is Conor Hazard from Co. Down an up and coming GAA starlet. If he makes it, I can already see all the puns relating to his name. Anyways well done Conor, hope you make it and follow in the footsteps of Pakie & Shay.

  11. Macjay1



    There is a constant tension between one’s own experience of any event and how we handle it, and the experience of others response to a similar event and how they handle it.



    I think it possible to recognise that the other is reflecting their experience with no intent to offend rather than being the unwelcome trigger for an unhappy memory.



    In short both parties have to put aside their experience, if only temporarily, and try to understand the experience of the other from the others perspective.



    In respecting both real experiences a wider understanding flows with a very much reduced chance of offence being taken. It is in validating the experience of others that we validate our own.



    Having said that it is very difficult to convey one’s whole experience including feelings on a blog where the best one can get is a flavour.



    The one thing I think we have to try to remember is that no matter how incomprehensible or bizarre another’s experience might be, for them it is real.

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    antipodean red


    15:25 on


    4 July, 2014





    It`s a disease.


    Can`t see a ball without approaching it with intent.


    Never played at any real level.


    Drumchapel amateurs was the best I could manage. Late `69.


    Superb time to be a Tim.

  13. WeefratheTim on

    pogmathonyahun aka laird of the smiles



    15:21 on 4 July, 2014


    Weefra, but are all fermers Jakeys? ;-)



    Haha, us poor fermers canny afford to be Jakies. :-)))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  14. Thunder Road on




    I miss loads here and i had no idea you were over!



    Are you hitting the pool tomorrow?



    Would be good to blow the froth off a few :)

  15. WeefratheTim on

    macjay1 for neil lennon



    15:26 on 4 July, 2014




    15:18 on


    4 July, 2014



    Seriously envy you.


    The land and animals.


    The basis of human progress.


    Tempted to go to the land and be grounded………………




    Nothing to be envious about. I’m just about to go out and muck out the byre. At 68 I should be taking things a bit slower. But hey ho, we just get on with it. Oh, and meant to mention, it’s bucketing doon here. :-))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  16. WeefratheTim on




    I liked that. Royalty……..hahahahahaha.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  17. My amazing Granda was once out on his bike wearing pyjamas, so the story goes.



    Any person that is involved in conceiving my Mum will never be thought of as a rocket, although people may have scoffed at an elderly man in pyjamas cycling, what would that say about them?



    I don’t remember much of my early childhood because of very bad hearing but I know Granda’s place was the best place in the World.

  18. George Munro



    Sounds like a cunning plan. I’ll be having a rum.



    Virtual golf is just a good virtual walk ruined.

  19. WeefratheTim on

    Ok guys, dugs to feed the poultry to be mucked oot, then back inside for the footie. :-)) Laters all.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  20. WeefratheTim on




    Especially when it’s chipping it doon. :-)) Right, away this time. :-)



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  21. Moonbeams, The joke was 12.53 on last thread. I’m certain the poster meant no harm. I have a history of telling jokes that go down like lead balloons, so I know the feeling. Its over and done with now, so lets forget all about it and move on.

  22. WeefratheTim



    15:04 on 4 July, 2014



    petec @ 1500



    Brilliant, nearly spilled ma coffee there. :-))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.





    nearly, glad it didn’t happen. Just dinnae be expectin’ me to become some sort of Comedian. :))














    Thunder Road



    15:12 on 4 July, 2014









    Even the goldfish would have that wee thing!



    It is quite possibly the most adorable wee fish that i have ever seen!



    Bet the thing is poisonous though and probably deadly……and as much as it is adorable…….anyone that has the misfortune to come into contact with it……will not stand a chance ;)






    The ole Mind games are starting early, dinnae be expecting me to be a shark, still to get a fourball team for the Styx games, hey Joey T.

  23. Geordie Munro on




    No worries. Proper virtual rum coming up. Non of that spiced malarkey I hope.



    Damn…..I’m a virtual quid short.

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    15:41 on


    4 July, 2014



    I understand exactly,I hope, the sentiment you are conveying.


    How does one deal with tragedy or pain or sorrow.


    When it affects oneself and when it affects another.



    The Gaelic/Celtic tradition of the wake. Sorrow tempered by copious amounts of alcohol over an extended time period.


    Humour.An attempt to mitigate the pain by using humour as an antidote.



    On one hand…..Don`t make jokes about death because somebody here may know someone who has died.


    On then other hand,laughter may well make you feel better.



    A delicate topic.


    I wouldn`t condemn anyone for unintentional indelicacy.


    Like so many issues.


    It`s the intention on which you should be judged.

  25. I know that Moonbeams, yourself and TD67 were involved in a bit of banter and you mentioned the A word and he took you up on it. Ye’re exchange prompted a 3rd poster to post a joke and it went on from there. However as I said its in no ones interest to keep it going so why not we all agree to let it drop.

  26. Geordie Munro on







    Pool ‘night’ is a possibility. Golf……never.



    I’m murder. Only played the once.



    The course has to incorporate a windmill and a clowns face or I’m lost ;)

  27. corkcelt



    You mean the Alzhiemers word. Apologies but that is not a obsenity.



    The remark i made to TD67 was of little consequence what so ever. the offence taken was rediculous beyond belief, absurd and just plain stupid. the joke made by Canamalar just highlighted his stupidity. If there was a brain between TD67’s ears he would have easily noted from my following comments that I had dealt personally with the subject and illness and it was in plain sight, to me anyway, that Canamalar had made his joke from a position having had dealt with the subject and illness.



    It is not Canamalr or my fault TD67 is stupid!



    Except to say I do not believe TD67 was offended by it. He is a proven agitator.



    that is my last word on it.





    MWD says AYE

  28. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    15:45 on


    4 July, 2014



    Same age.


    Seriously fancy a few Aussie paddocks,fill the fridge and watch the grass grow.


    Occasionally open a tinny and kick the dug.


    Everyone needs a plan in life.

  29. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    16:10 on


    4 July, 2014



    Invariably upbeat you are.


    It`s contagious.

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