15-0 for Celtic in cups, marking Brendan’s card on 3 cup finals


One for the historians, has any team won the Scottish and League Cups in the same season without conceding a goal? So far this season, Celtic are 15 goals without reply in the cup competitions, with a possible three fixtures remaining, the first of which is at Celtic Park against St Mirren three weeks from now.

Brendan Rodgers described the remaining Scottish Cup games as “three cup finals”. I’ll mark his card, there is only one cup final to worry about and that’s the game against St Mirren. Plan beyond that and you risk a slip.

Lesser teams than them have eliminated us from cups in recent seasons, and the Paisley club have dumped us out twice recently. Any Celtic fan who has considered the possibility of a treble before will know how this story often ends too well.

There are various ways to reach the top of the managerial pyramid.  Accounts is the most common path, join the finance team and you get an oversight on most important areas.  Legal is another fertile field to progress to the top from.

Some technical people make it, especially in retail or engineering.  Few get there from marketing, HR or IT.  No one gets there from public relations, that’s a departmental dead end.

Of course, a PR monkey can hope to become the de facto decision maker, with his/her hands on all the necessary levers.  I can think of only one case like this.  The company/club concerned have not had a good week.  They’ve not even had good PR.

Blane Valley / Bearsden and Milngavie areas

As most fans will be aware, Glasgow City Council are introducing parking restrictions within 1 mile of Celtic park from August.  A group of Celtic supporters in the Blane Valley / Bearsden and Milngavie area are trying to organise a supporters bus that will go from the villages in the area (Drymen, Balfron, Buchlivie, Killearn, Blanefield and Milngavie/Bearsden).

If you would be interested in travelling to / from Celtic Park on a supporters bus from next season can you drop an email to BlanevalleyCSC@hotmail.com, with your name.


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  1. Caption beside photo of Willie Wallace, smiling as usual, in suit, shirt and tie, with a wave for the camera:



    “Willie Wallace. . . .what a buy!”



    From Ian Peebles’ “Celtic Triumphant” (1967).



    Before he was transferred to Celtic in December 1966 for £30,000, Willie had scored 14 goals in 18 games for Hearts. In the previous four seasons, despite playing in all the forward positions, he scored 29, 36, 27 and 29 goals for the Tynecastle side.



    Goal machine!

  2. Lennybhoy & Hot Smoked, from previous article



    Thanks, appreciated.



    Noted & will get there as early as I can.






  3. I loved the intensity we played at for the full game on Saturday, and Brendan’s comments afterwards.He said because of few midweek games now, he had more time to work with the squad, and make them better, this is a special time to be a Celtic fan, enjoy it.

  4. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    WILLIE WALLACE, great insightful post.



    Fully agree about wee Jamesie; he needs to look at a recording of the Atletico game to see how wee Jinky was abused and how he went back in every time for more.



    I was privileged to see you play for a good number of years and always enjoyed your (often under-rated) performances. Back in the days when, IMHO, the mibbery was worse than it is now. the big difference is that there are more cameras covering it so it’s more evident. Wharton and Davidson could teach the current lot a thing or 2!





  5. From last article.






    Have enjoyed the civil debate this morning .




    Off to the boozers.




    Canamalar, your excellent post deserves a more eloquent response than I have the time to give. I agree with some of what you say but not all. ( You’ll not be surprised to hear that )




    BT , cheers . Look forward to it.




    HH. To the best supporters in the land.

  6. ‘There are various ways to reach the top of the managerial pyramid. Accounts is the most common path, join the finance team and you get an oversight on most important areas’



    Good blog Paul. It’s fair to say our own ‘accountant’ is doing a fine job. When you look over the water you realise we are lucky to have him.

  7. Great to read the thoughts and opinions of a true Celtic legend.


    Thank you Willie Wallace.



  8. ‘A group of Celtic supporters in the Blane Valley / Bearsden and Milngavie area are trying to organise a supporters bus that will go from the villages in the area (Drymen, Balfron, Buchlivie, Killearn, Blanefield and Milngavie/Bearsden).’









    A Brake Club.



    What larks.

  9. Great to read Wille Wallace on the blog. Off now for the 1.45pm tour at Celtic Park, you need to walk down that tunnel at last once a season! Who knows, i might bump into the Legend that is, laters.

  10. Lunchtime readback comments:



    Willie Wallace – pleasure to hear his take on the game. Still haven’t washed the hand he shook a couple of years ago at his book signing in Ayr.



    Ken Loach- thought his speech at the BAFTAs was the best ‘Luvvie’ intervention on a podium – no histrionics or faux compassion; just cool logic and grim reality delivered in an empathetic tone without any mawksish sentiment. Uncomfortable listening for many.



    Bill Leckie – wee Hun apologist (been kicked out of his padded seat in the director’s box) now turning on the imaginary ’empire’ he aligned himself with. Still nothing to me but a sleekit wee collaborating (cough, cough)…unt



    You want to see the BLUEprint (see what I did there, schematic pun afficionados?) for duping the Huns? The ultimate metaphorical piss-take of the last 5 years is perfectly encapsulated in the Trainspotting 2 Orange Club scene. For Rents and Sick Boy read Green and Whyte. Utter hilarity, withering parody. Scarily, could even have been written by them :))




    P67- re: st.Mirren; I hear yer caution – sickening memories of unexpected defeat, particularly that semi-final. But it is affirming to hear BR has the Cup prioritised – I expect St.Mirren will be treated as a threat and will face our strongest 11. Ross Jack did a good stifling job with Alloa earlier on so respect will be given; as well as a pumping, hopefully.

  11. thetimreaper on 13th February 2017 12:30 pm



    Great to read Wille Wallace on the blog. Off now for the 1.45pm tour at Celtic Park, you need to walk down that tunnel at last once a season! Who knows, i might bump into the Legend that is, laters.






    On the tour, if you meet a wee loud guy in cowboy boots with an American wife and two wee bhoys, he’s called Glen. Coming to Lisbon with us. Freak him out, say hello ;))

  12. 5 years ago today, a simple 6 word text, “Give me joy in my heart”, from a mate with whom I’d watched matches over many good and bad years, gave me the good news.

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    the Blane valley?



    Is that not where ole Old Tim is treated as reverentially as ole HRH Prince Philip in Polynesia?

  14. Bmcuwp’s



    Or any other gentleman , could you transfer my post to Oldtim from the last blog to this one , hav’nt mastered the art of swapping over .Tia :)

  15. MARSPAPA on 13TH FEBRUARY 2017 12:36 PM





    How devil are you ? ( taking the meds i hope )



    I told you the last time we spoke about how much you are reveered by the CQN family. Well people keeping your posts from years ago, show how you touch the hearts and memories of your fellow posters :) i know how much you scrutinise your posts before hitting the send button …..Remember when i was with you , you asked me to check your grammar, punctuation and spelling haha …me check your erudite , articulate musings jeez ah nearly pissed myself !! Sorry i digress …..




    No unfortunately i’m not going on two accounts one being i could’nt afford it , i know that might sound alien to a lot of folk on here but thats the reality some of us have to deal with .




    The other well its of a personal issue .




    You keep posting btw .



    Ps ….i’m going to try and get a game of golf with philbhoy in the next 6-8 weeks ,hopefully we can pop in for a beer or two .



    Keep your chin up aul yin xxx.




    Catchye …

  16. Celtic is and should always be a club open to all.



    If however one wishes to indulge in homophobia, racism, fascism, sectarianism, etc while part of our Celtic community then one should expect to be challenged on their attitude and behaviour, by the larger majority of our community.



    MWD’s character would hardly be accepted unchallenged by our community.



    We as a community have always, imo, self policed.




    That one set of political values is better than another is another totally different debate, as is one’s financial status, and one not befitting of our community as a whole. To blindly denigrate one’s love of Celtic simply based on their current social or financial status is utterly preposterous and wrong. Certainly not Walfridian.



    I also, firmly believe that those who abuse our club and community’s open to all ethos, to further their own narrow, political agenda betray the spirit of Walfrid.




    Why we are even contemplating this at a time when our football club/ team are on such a magnificent vein of form and fortune is puzzling.



    It is a grand time to be a Tim, whatever political persuasion, sexual orientation, race, colour or creed.



    Enjoy it.




    Eurochamps 67

  17. From a Celtic blog



    Mark Warburton won’t say another word about his Ibrox departure until Sevco cough up his compensation in full.



    The former London-based photocopying executive made some comments on Friday night when he was informed by the media that he had resigned.



    After instruction from the all powerful League Managers Association Warbo has now taken a vow of silence.



    AdTech Ad


    Blue Room stalker Jim White contacted Warbo this morning but could only inform talkSPORT listeners that the ex Ibrox boss won’t be commenting.



    With Warbo adamant that he didn’t resign it’s highly unlikely that a gagging clause was agreed leaving the Londoner to sing like a canary once he gets his pay-off.



    TalkSPORT toed the party line with former West Ham striker Dean Ashton putting the boot into last week’s messiah (Mr Warbo).



    After drooling over the quality of Dave King’s rented property in South Africa White revealed that King is now looking at an interim/emergency manager with the club’s toxic reputation putting off any manager of substance.



    Meanwhile caretaker manager Graeme Murty is less than four weeks away from fulfilling his greatest ever wish- to manage at Celtic Park.

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    A friend from overseas has been listening to the Scottish Cup draws the last couple of seasons and is asking if there is a team called “Rangers versus”?

  19. More power to the PR guru’s elbow; he’s feeding on the Ibrox carrion and succeeding in the almost impossible task of making Sevco even more ridiculous than their predecessor.




  20. Eurochamp67 siad:



    ” MWD’s character would hardly be accepted unchallenged by our community.”



    I assume you mean the imaginary character created by MWD as oppose to the character of MWD !!!



    Cheerio for now,



  21. Paul,



    Might get shot down here but I make it 20-0



    Motherwell 5-0


    Alloa 2-0


    Sevco 1-0


    Aberdeen 3-0



    Albion Rovers 3-0


    ICT 6-0



    would happily take total of 23 courtesy of three 1-0`s

  22. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Eurochamps – it truly is a grand old time to be a Tim; however… not so very long ago it was a grand old time to be an ole Labour supporter, and look at the mess they’re in now.



    So enjoy it, but be wary of ole Pete Lawell brandishing a dossier.




  23. Eurochamps67



    I get the feeling that you’re post is opposing my posts and opinions without actually naming me. Am I wrong?



    Currently, things on the park at Celtic are absolutely wonderful, most Celtic supporters are loving going to watch this crop. I certainly am. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there are other issues (off the park) that aren’t going so well.



    If we claim to be more than a football team then these issues are equally as important as on the park performance. In my opinion of course.

  24. Right Wing Left Wing doesn’t matter which, it’s your moral compass that makes you part of the Celtic Family por cierto.

  25. Eurochamp67



    Wholly my intention for the last couple of years. Much of which went unchallenged. Sadly!



    But glad you spotted it.



    I hope you keep questioning.




  26. Great to see Willie Wallace on.


    Does anyone know how Tommy Gemmell is doing?







    Open to all (imo) means ‘Open to all’.



    When you join the ‘Celtic family’, if you are truly open to all you can’t therefore be homophobic,racist, bigoted, sectarian etc.



    You are open to all. Not dominated by ego and fear. The openness transcends the superficial divisions and unites. The fearful herd philosophy is nailed.



    You can’t be open to all if you try and exclude anyone and that individual is turn must be open to all.



    The Orange parade given it’s sectarian identity have excluded themselves.



    IMO, open to correction…



    HH & Duty Calls

  27. Hamiltontim,



    No C , never had you in mind at all, actually.



    Just my general observation.



    One can see a man with a good heart, just as one can see one with an agenda



    I reckon there can be good and not so good Tims of all variety of opinion. I even reckon there can be some not so bad huns but then again they wouldn’t be huns then would they.



    Eurochamps 67




  28. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Re the physical abuse The Wee Man took in the Athletico game, I remember it well.



    Some of the “tackles” on Jinky would have put Vigurs to shame, but he kept going back in harm’s way.



    What a man!

  29. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So, let me get this right – King is criticising Warburton for spending too much money last summer. Apparently this was a divergence from the plan.


    Just as well he hadn’t previously mentioned “over-investing”, otherwise he would look rather glib and shameless……

  30. Eurochamps67



    Absolutely no problem sir.



    I think your comment about agenda driven is very telling.