2:35 am


2:35 am. That’s what time it will be in Astana, and in Astana FC’s players’ body clocks, at full time tomorrow night. Whereas Celtic will play the away tie during our afternoon, Astana will fight their natural instinct to be asleep, which will be a clear advantage for Celtic.

They conceded two goals at Celtic Park last year, in added at the end of each half. We should expect them to tire during similar periods this time, particularly so as full time approaches. If the tie remains tight late on, we should re-energise for a final push against what should be increasingly disorientated opponents.

Marin Tomasov joined Astana last month. He earned two assists in his last game, takes set-pieces and can shoot from distance.

Their other attacking dangers are Twumasi and Kabananga. Both are fast wing-players, who will attempt to press Celtic as high up the field as possible, and will break forward at every opportunity

Astana’s key concern is in goal. They have two keepers vying for the no. 1 spot, neither good enough to make it his own. Nenad Eric is likely to get the nod against Celtic. He is weak in the air and noted to spill shots. There should be scraps for Leigh to feed from.

Defensively, they rely more on numbers than aptitude. While Twumasi gets forward quickly, he isn’t known for getting back to do the hard work. Kieran Tierney and Scott Sinclair should be able to exploit this down Celtic’s left.

Make no mistake, this is a tie Celtic should win, but Astana will be more difficult opponents than anyone we will meet domestically this season. We have a big night ahead tomorrow – the most important game Celtic Park will host this season.

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  1. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Ernie Lynch



    Thats bang on.


    Cant help getting slightly annoyed though.





  2. traditionalist88 on

    The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 16th August 2017 9:35 am



    Morning Celts



    A bit peed off. As usual we cant seem to sign players when we need them, we must be the worst in football for this. Its always the same carry on.



    Always gambling with CL qualification.



    I wish the PLC would employ another strategy.





    Under the previous manager we got a lot of players nowhere near the required quality.



    This IS another strategy in action.



    Theres a class young winger at Man City who WANTS to join us. BR thinks we have enough to negotiate these qualifiers as things stand.



    Its not often we have a quality player at top end EPL desperate to come to us.



    Remember what the alternative is. Scott Allan, GMS, Nadir Cifcti…




  3. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    You put a great deal of effort into your posts and are to be congratulated on them.



    Thanks for the analysis on last years Celtic v Astana ties.



    Breaking it all down into such a factual format salves my fluttering heart for this evenings game….



    … For a wee while anyway.

  4. Before the serious stuff starts…


    …..just wanted to offer appreciation for some of the important contributions made by some stellar…… ( as opposed to stella :0 )…………. contributors here in the last couple of months…………


    ……….in no particular order, well played to Auldheid,CRC, WC, BRTH, James Forrest, TBB, BSR, SFTB,Jo Bo, Bada Clumpany,Twisty, Numbers mhan……… Not forgetting our genial host who makes it all possible……… All and (many) others who share their insights sense of humour and love for Celtica.



    Even the harsey set…..the smudgers……….(but no’ the gowfers..)……too numerous to mention.



    Scarf raised an’ tammy doffed.



    AmaSook CSC



    ( I’ll take a nail-bitin’ nil- nil, right now.)




  5. Twists n turns



    “Let’s not get too down if we have narrow lead or even a Rosenberg situation of a draw.”







    There are some posters who’d have that the other way round!

  6. Surprised Scottish Media haven’t filled sports pages with



    “Celtic blow unbeaten domestic run in IRN BRU cup Shock”

  7. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    This fish ,right



    Massive big,smelly fish



    Walks into a bar,right



    And the barman says……



    Ach forget it




  8. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Thankfully, its not Real, or Barca we have to beat to qualify.


    We go for the jugular at home. I wouldnt feel comfortable at another 0-0.


    I think we can score a few tonight:)


    Im confident we can do it. If we keep it tight at the back.




  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Just watching the goals on TV from the Liverpool v Hoff game there.



    For Liverpools second goal, the defender trying to stop the cross from coming in, makes great efforts to exaggerate the fact that he is keeping his hands out of the way (by clasping his hands together behind his back) so as not to concede a penalty. It is this decision that allows the ball to deflect off of his torso, allowing the ball to arc in at the far post, totally wrong footing the keeper.



    The law of unintended consequences?



    If his hands had been in a “normal” position, the ball would have hit his arm, therefore preventing the cross getting into the danger area. The ref might have given a penalty. Maybe not? The penalty might have been missed, or the goalie might have saved it. Hoffenheim might have broken up the park, after the penalty was saved, and score…



    … if my Auntie had balls

  10. …and every great bhlog needs a cool dude spinnin’ (vinyl) choons on a far-flung beach………..



    Stylus CSC

  11. I am sure when Brendan came in one of first interviews he said



    He didn’t want a bloated squad



    He preferred having 20 Pros or so supplemented by Young TEAM.



    Easier to work with



    Easier to keep players happy



    Give Young TEAM prospect of getting into first team.



    In Brendan we trust…(Well I do)

  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 16TH AUGUST 2017 10:14 AM



    I’m a Stella contributor



    Usedtobefivepointtwonowitsfourpointeight. CSC




  13. traditionalist88 on

    !!Bada Bing!! on 16th August 2017 10:18 am






    At leaat we will hear Zadoc tonight, hopefully not for the last time this season





    The GB are back, you might not hear much of it ;)






    Thankfully, its not Real, or Barca we have to beat to qualify.



    We go for the jugular at home. I wouldnt feel comfortable at another 0-0.



    I think we can score a few tonight:)



    Im confident we can do it. If we keep it tight at the back.








    There yi go take the rest of the day off, and tomorrow as well, a bet you feel great now :))

  15. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 16TH AUGUST 2017 10:03 AM


    BIG JIMMY on 16TH AUGUST 2017 9:46 AM








    There`s another few dozen if necessary






    If anyone wnats to see it especially the role played by the great Spike Milligan, then he appears for the first time around the last 10 minutes.


    I have now realised why I hadn’t seen Spike Milligan in the show, as in the 1970’s, I was still trying to play football……and I also discovered beer and wummin.


    I vividly remember watching it in black and white in the 1960’s as a wee Bhoy with my Granpa. He used to p’sh himself laughing.



    Cheers mate for posting the links.



  16. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    If i wasnt on CQN, you would all be agreeing with each other, about everything.


    Now, we cannot have that, the blog would be very boring indeed:)


    I keep the blog real:)


    And….I will be having a few quid on a 3-0 tonight, so there:)


    Im the conscience of the blog, dont forget that:)




  17. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I said this before the first leg of the Rosenborg tie. With the first leg at home, the most important thing is not to concede. It worked in the last tie. It puts pressure on the other team for the second leg, even if we don’t score.



    I hope the crowd remember this. If we are going in to the last twenty minutes tied 0-0, it is more important, at that point, not to concede, than it is to score.



    Having said all that, 5-1 would be ok too. :-)



    Whats your bets for Celtic game tonight…if any.


    My bets are on Celts to win 3-0 or 4-1.


    the Griff for a Hat Trick.


    Celts to win 4-1 with Big Tam Rogic to score anytime @ 60/1.


    I cant remember the odds for Griff hat trick…I’ll need to check my online bet365 account.



  19. BANKIEBHOY1 on 16TH AUGUST 2017 10:14 AM



    Every single post on here ( within the acceptable parameters of the blog ) should be valued equally. From the most humble to the most exquisite.



    You may agree ( or not ) with the sentiments of individual posts, but all contributions require time and effort and should be appreciated equally.



    HH to all posters. All posters are equal, but some are not more equal than others.

  20. Morning all!



    Just having a good blether with a new client.



    His email address has the no 67 in it so guess what we are talking about?





    Careful now!



    You’ll start that 2-1,0-0 discussion again…





    Wishing yeez wir that young again?



    PS-I think you can start counting the commission already!!

  23. BMCUW



    I thought I already had!









    Twists n turns




    “Let’s not get too down if we have narrow lead or even a Rosenberg situation of a draw.”








     There are some posters who’d have that the other way round!

  24. Hunderbirds Are Gone



    Watching the Liverpool second goal, I thought, that’s too skilful for Milner!



    Replay showed I was right!

  25. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Funny you should say that, as I went to hit “Return” my finger paused for a few moments as my brain remembered that very discussion :-)

  26. The Play Off games are rarely won on the first leg, 2 goals max, i would take that tonight.

  27. That’s it, rain started, phishing from the heavens, get well hopped up, then again! It’s came two hours earlier than they said, so? It might pass through, who knows? Let’s hope so, when I can’t see the campsites and Ben Lomond from my kitchen, it usually a bad sign, sorry for the doom and gloom :((





    Tell him you have my personal endorsement.



    Erm,mibbe best not. Good luck with the fella,he sounds like a very decent chap. Ask him what he’s doing on 11/11!!!