2:35 am


2:35 am. That’s what time it will be in Astana, and in Astana FC’s players’ body clocks, at full time tomorrow night. Whereas Celtic will play the away tie during our afternoon, Astana will fight their natural instinct to be asleep, which will be a clear advantage for Celtic.

They conceded two goals at Celtic Park last year, in added at the end of each half. We should expect them to tire during similar periods this time, particularly so as full time approaches. If the tie remains tight late on, we should re-energise for a final push against what should be increasingly disorientated opponents.

Marin Tomasov joined Astana last month. He earned two assists in his last game, takes set-pieces and can shoot from distance.

Their other attacking dangers are Twumasi and Kabananga. Both are fast wing-players, who will attempt to press Celtic as high up the field as possible, and will break forward at every opportunity

Astana’s key concern is in goal. They have two keepers vying for the no. 1 spot, neither good enough to make it his own. Nenad Eric is likely to get the nod against Celtic. He is weak in the air and noted to spill shots. There should be scraps for Leigh to feed from.

Defensively, they rely more on numbers than aptitude. While Twumasi gets forward quickly, he isn’t known for getting back to do the hard work. Kieran Tierney and Scott Sinclair should be able to exploit this down Celtic’s left.

Make no mistake, this is a tie Celtic should win, but Astana will be more difficult opponents than anyone we will meet domestically this season. We have a big night ahead tomorrow – the most important game Celtic Park will host this season.

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    What made it worse was that sometimes the allegedly dodgy keeper was their second choice.

  2. Crackpot.



    A 54-yea old man has been arrested and looks set to appear in court over alleged offensive and threatening comments made against Hibs manager Neil Lennon.


    Police carried out an investigation into an online post made after Hibernian’s 3-2 victory over Rangers on Saturday.


    Earlier, Police Scotland confirmed there would not be any further action taken against Lennon following complaints about his behaviour during the match at Ibrox.


    They received a number of complaints after he celebrated his side’s first goal by apparently cupping his ears and raising a fist in the direction of the Rangers fans.


    A force spokeswoman said: ‘Following complaints received, we have reviewed the events at the match and, after discussion with the procurator fiscal, established that no criminality took place. Therefore no further action will be taken.’


    Officers arrested a 54-year-old man over the alleged offensive comments on Tuesday.


    He is due to appear at Paisley Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

  3. BB!


    My point was is it a demotion or is it simply policy to give top ref`s some Championship refreshers?


    The fact that Thomson has been given one as well is the reason for my question.




  4. Hot Smoked


    Kilmarnock was achieved with a mostly second string and was our best performance so far.


    Hearts we were good for about 70 mins.


    Rosenberg we were pretty statuesque in both legs but battled through.


    Linfield we were okay but hardly the exciting pass and move team of last season.


    Injuries are having an impact on playing system and style but bad habits can creep in.


    Against Rosenberg at home and Thistle the lack of focal point up front led to pedestrian side to side and backwards passing with little threat.


    One goal in 180 minutes reflects such.

  5. Tony D 67


    Wow ! An article on a man having been arrested yet about 80% of the piece it is about Neil Lennon at Ibrox !!!




  6. Fan-A -Tic



    “Against Rosenberg at home and Thistle the lack of focal point up front led to pedestrian side to side and backwards passing with little threat.”



    I more or less agree with that.




  7. They will moan that what NL did was criminal, not so according to the PF, next mob situation is not far away though and they will try and implicate someone again.

  8. HOT SMOKED on 15TH AUGUST 2017 4:36 PM


    Tony D 67



    Wow ! An article on a man having been arrested yet about 80% of the piece it is about Neil Lennon at Ibrox !!!



    CQN could find itself in trouble if it published much about the arrested man before case is heard in court.


    Police are not daft. Apart from difficulties in proving case against NL, any acion taken could poen a can of worms.


    I would imagine that inside Ibrox, ther is no shortage of people quite happy to bury te whole thing.

  9. Bada @ 4:37



    He seemed quite a nice guy ! No swearing and at least a vague awareness that Athletico Madrid have `probably` got the upper hand in any negotiations !


    If he was a supporter of anyone other than Sevco, I would just be having a wry smile at his unbridled enthusiasm.




  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    Youd think the Sevconians and the SMSM would have read



    The Boy who cried wolf



    Aesop CSC

  11. And, on 3, Sporting Lisbon v Steaua, who once did the Deidclub I remember in the Big Cup. (19:45)

  12. Diego Costa has refused to train with Chelsea after reports linked him with fledgling new Club Rangers.

  13. TET


    That is interesting. Sevco have appealed Jack`s red yet before the appeal is heard, the SFA are, effectively, saying the ref had a bad game? Hmm…..

  14. ” In spite of the magnificent Rangers playing some of the most exhilarating football in their 145 year history, a rugged and indisciplined Hibs team managed to secure the narrowest of victories against 10 men Gers. Even such a slender and undeserved victory would not have been possible were it not for the astonishing bias of Referee John Beaton”



    As the Huns want a boycott of the DR because it is not positive enough about their team, I offer the above as an example of the type of opening which might bring the hordes back on-side.

  15. Ghuys just like to let you know that my friend and pal Johnny Macdonald from the village of Bragar here on the Isle of Lewis passed away last night after a very short illness.John was a Celtic man through and through, we shared many happy times and memories following Celtic home, away and abroad. He leaves a lovely wife Ishbel and a doting daughter Katie, who like her dad is Celtic daft. If you could remember them all in your thoughts and prayers I and they would be grateful. Hail Hail Hebcelt YNWA Johnny

  16. TET


    Yes, that`s what i was saying earlier. It MIGHT be SPFL policy o give top ref`s an occasional reminder of Championship football. I await the appeal with interest :-)






    Jack having card rescinded is a given to reinforce the lie that the huns were cheated.


    Not sure it will cause opponents sleepless nights as he is merde.


    A hun will now have to cut off an opponents leg with a chainsaw to merit a yellow.


    The refs will have got the message that if any decision rightful or not impacts the huns negatively then the mssm will relentlessly vilify them.

  18. Jack grabbed McGeoch and threw him out of the way then heads with Stokes – He could have sent three off



    Dorrans, Jack and stokes

  19. Two drunk drivers on Sky Sports News, Kirsty and Jim. Ironically reporting on Tiger Woods driving under the influence.

  20. I see sevco fans want the lying king to provide safe standing at the crumbledome – think fixing the roof will improve safety for everyone.

  21. I’m sure Neil Francis laugh himself to sleep tonight knowing that the Rozzers aren’t after him for celebrating his latest win at Ibrokes.



    The SPL crooks mightn’t be so light handed? even though they’ll continue to ignore security concerns that the rest of Scottish Football has about the new club’s old ground, and the stewarding of the nation’s Sevconian embuggerance.

  22. Wonder if Beaton was refereeing in Tier 2 the weekend after Garner’s reprise of ‘Enter the Dragon’ v Hamilton last season?

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