5 games in December, 5 poor results to avenge


Celtic have five games still to play this month against teams they have recorded two draws, three defeats and no wins against this season.  Hearts and Rangers conformably recorded home wins against Celtic while St Johnstone won at Celtic Park.  Udinese were fortunate to escape Glasgow with a point thanks to a late penalty, while Kilmarnock demonstrated their unpredictability by taking, then losing, a three goal lead.

There was a bit of optimistic chat over the weekend that three of our next four league games are at home but these are the teams we need to beat to win the league.  If Celtic come through this month unscathed in domestic football they will win the league, but despite current good form, this will be a huge challenge, starting against Hearts at 15:00 on Saturday.

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  1. The name Harry Monk was on a document I viewed once. Me and the work mates were in tears for an hour.




  2. Aw Naw et al



    It has been and always will be the case that it will be th wee tax bill that will scupper THEMS.



    They are disputing the tax bill (and penalties) from the misuse of EBTs for 10 years and will stall this for as llong as legally possible.



    Howevah, the wee tax bill has not been disputed, only the penalties. HMRC were awarded arrestment of £2.3 million cash monies; this will fall due on the 9th of December.



    CW and his crack team have recently appealed the wee tax bill (last week) but they will not succeed in this appeal for a number of reasons…



    1 CW brought it to the attention of HMRC during the period of due dilligence whilst negotiating to buy the club in an effort to (and succeeding to) drive down the price.


    2 Too late! They had 31 days from the date the assessment was presented to them. This was March 2011; 210 days ago!


    3 The courts have already ruled in favour of HMRC to recover these funds.



    I confidently predict CW is running out of options, running out of cash and running out of sources of external credit (if he ever had any).



    Ergo: – Rankers no more



    Remember Remeber the 9th of December!

  3. South Of Tunis on




    Cold and wet —–way down south —–



    Start of the week — Press Conference Udinese —–



    I paraphrase —



    Journalist —– You play Chievo on 11 12, Celtic on 15 12, Lazio on 18 12 and Juve on 21 12 — does that mean you will field Udinese B against Celtic ?



    Udinese Manager , Guidolin —- We might play Udinese C against Celtic.. Our priority is Serie A.

  4. Two foremen at Logannet Power Station construction back in the day were Percy Fancy and Harry Tickle.

  5. went to school with a guy called Patrick Fitzpatrick and there is a guy round here that has the most irish name i have ever heard Seamus O’Shaunessy

  6. Priority is it ?



    I would play Cellick Z v Udinese, get a bunch of bhoys from the ole Gazebo, sober them up and put them on a plane to Italy.



    We need to win the SPL more than they need to win Serie A.

  7. Neil lennon for life etc.



    So the tax man finally gets his hands on the funds that were arrested from Rangers bank account 14 weeks ago. Money that Craig Whyte has not and cannot use either



    Dont see how this changes things in the short term ?



    Hail Hail

  8. @paullarkin74 Paul Larkin


    No @HomeBhoys tonight, failed to pass pitch inspection. Replay 730pm on Monday Dec 12



    phone-in show aff fur wan week



    clyde it is, then




  9. Udinese is a nothing match to be honest – if we win happy days we are in europe for the new year and another wee away day trip – if we lose big deal



    the 4 SPL matches are the most important – we cant let this mob finish with 4 in a row – we just cant

  10. Celtforlife – The arrested sums for the wee tax case being paid to HMRC on the 9th will make no material difference to the liquidity of Der Hun.



    The only possible angle is for Whyte is if they go into admin PRIOR to the funds being released to HMRC the funds are returned to the administrators pot, and therefore returned to Craigy boy.



    If he wants this £2.3m he needs to push the button tomorrow or Wednesday or the taxman gets that dough.

  11. The Moon Bhoys on

    What’s happened to this once great Celtic site? Where are all the great posters who used to argue amongst themselves (without name calling) about the best way forward for Celtic? The guys that had credible contacts within the game and would drop us the odd gem? Maybe today is an off day – hope so – right now its page after page of inarticulate self indulgent juvenile humour type nonsensical drivel – no offence intended.

  12. Neil Lennon is (and always will be) a Celtforlife (*O*) says:



    5 December, 2011 at 15:42



    I have always thought the wee bill had to have been presented before 31 March based on the general timing of its public recognition in their accounts on 1st April. I thought come whose kidding who here? But I had nothing other than that and comments on the RTC blog to go on.



    Now if you know it was definitely presented before 31st March for payment it became overdue at that point and could only be considered not to be overdue if it met exemption criteria, one of them being it was being appealed at that time.



    I reckon Rangers led the SFA to believe it would be paid if not by 31st, certainly before the licencing round was complete by end of May. Nor sure what form this would have taken as the rules require “proof”, perhaps just a statement of intent by Rangers themselves but it is clear that the licence could only have been granted under stated circumstances at that time that events since have shown have not actually applied.



    This could be construed as a porkie pie were the ramifications not so huge, more a cow pie Desperate Dan style.

  13. BlantyreKev - Hail Hail to the Kano Foundation on

    Celt for Life:


    “They had 31 days from the date the assessment was presented to them. This was March 2011; 210 days ago!”



    Unfortunately not.



    What to do if you have missed the deadline for your appeal:


    Appeals sent to HMRC after the 30-day appeal period has passed may be accepted if you have a reasonable excuse why the appeal was late.



    You will need to give HMRC an explanation of why your appeal has been sent in after the 30-day appeal period and show that you appealed as soon as you could.



    If HMRC does not accept your late appeal, they will tell you. You can then apply to the tribunal to accept your late appeal.



    So they may go to appeal to appeal the decision not to allow them to appeal. If they win they will then go to appeal against the tax. That will conclude around 2014.



    But as far as I can see the liability was accepted so I imagine they will indeed have their application for an appeal rejected and then launch an appeal against that decision.



    And the beat goes on…..

  14. Went into a record shop a few years ago lookin for the Bellamy Bros If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold Against Me? Girl came up and asked could she help me. So being tackful or tryin to be I asked her if she had the new Bellamy Bros record? She asked what was it called?



    I looked at my watch and said. God is that the time?? Felt like the days when you went into the chemist and came out with a toothbrush!!

  15. Compare and contrast,Sone Aluko is lauded by Keech Jackhun in the Record,making him MOM v Dunfermline.Meanwhile the SFA looking at his cheating,Aiden was given a 2nd yellow for evading an assault by Dougie Dougie.Cue slagging in the hun press and 2 weeks of phone in garbage.They are desperate,they know we are coming to get them.

  16. McNair is the greatest on

    Headtheball says:


    5 December, 2011 at 15:58


    I think the most disgusting name is William Shatner.



    Why is Lieutenant Uhura brown?



    William Shatner!!!

  17. Bournesouprecipe- that’s a moustache and a half.



    It does show however that you are one of those legendary CQNers who has ‘credible contacts within the game’.



    For myself- call me ole fashioned but I see ‘the way forward for Celtic’ as winning every game 5-0.

  18. Auldheid



    the bill was officially recognised as being ‘due’ in November 2010!



    By due I mean the old Rangers board knew about this liability.



    CW let it be known to the press this anomaly was the reason he was stalling with the deal take take over the Foe Malign befor Christmas 2010



    I’m sure the archive press from that time will show this.

  19. Rogue



    What CW has to balance is , Is there more profit to be made by selling players if he can hang on ?



    Of course there is.



    If he can sell as many players as possible between now and the 25th of January then he will have more in the bank than the 2.3m currently sitting there.



    It is a fine balancing act but that´s what I would be looking at.



    Where I think he has miscalculated is that no player will move on from the hun. None They are that loyal to them and their cause all they will want to do is stiffen their simpleton minds for even more lolly.



    Hail Hail

  20. Celtforlife – when the money was arrested it was gone. Away. Kaput. Nobody was doing anymore cashflow projections based on it as they knew it was not coming back. So I really fail to see where you are going with your confrontational posting. You have it ALL wrong my friend. HMRC actually getting the money will make NO DIFFERENCE to Rangers as they lost it WEEKS ago.



    The scenario I outlined to you is the only possible angle here if Whyte pulls the plug prior to the order date passing the money is returned to the administrator and therefore Whyte as the holder of the floating charge. Whyte could have signed the form to release the money to HMRC at any point over the last 14 weeks. He didn’t and hasn’t. Curious behaviour making somebody wait for their money when you are appealing, with them, the value of a penalty. He knew there was 0% chance of him getting back so why antagonise them by holding onto it?



    It certainly is not due to, as you suggest, paying wages or staying solvent, as arrested money can do neither of those.

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