5 games in December, 5 poor results to avenge


Celtic have five games still to play this month against teams they have recorded two draws, three defeats and no wins against this season.  Hearts and Rangers conformably recorded home wins against Celtic while St Johnstone won at Celtic Park.  Udinese were fortunate to escape Glasgow with a point thanks to a late penalty, while Kilmarnock demonstrated their unpredictability by taking, then losing, a three goal lead.

There was a bit of optimistic chat over the weekend that three of our next four league games are at home but these are the teams we need to beat to win the league.  If Celtic come through this month unscathed in domestic football they will win the league, but despite current good form, this will be a huge challenge, starting against Hearts at 15:00 on Saturday.

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  1. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall on

    Request from previous…



    On the subject of paranoia, does anyone have a link to an excellent article written about 1997 from memory that I think was called Are we paranoid?



    In it, from memory Louis Van Gaal (at time Ajax coach) was asked after a R*ngers v Celtic game before an impending Champions League match whether he had anything to fear from the Queen’s 11, Sons of William, mighty gers by a salivating journo only to be told “No, in europe they wouldn’t get any of those decisions” or words to that effect.



    I’d love to read it again. Thanks in advance.




  2. JinkyvJohnGrieg



    The quote from the erudite Mr Van Gaal was;



    “I cannot form an accurate opinion on how Rangers played, as the referee was clearly biased in their favour. – Louis van Gaal, who was manager of Ajax at the time, after watching a match at Ibrox, Rangers v Hibs.



    Can’t find the full article (ツ)

  3. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees







  4. Paul67



    Aye good article,thought we will cake walk these games.


    Thanks for putting doubt into my heid.



    Nae chance!! the league is ours for the taking.

  5. Paul67,



    yep huge month ahead. Could possibly determine out title ambitions!



    Have to say that whilst on the one hand I like the idea of progressing in the Europa League, the game against Udinese really should be classed as “a dead rubber” and Neil Lennon field some of the young bhoys if only for the experience.



    All our main focus must be on the league games, esp as you say we “owe” the teams in question…….not to mention need the points, t6o keep the pressure on rangers then bring on the 28th!



    Big month, but one that should be relished!






  6. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall on

    BSR, thanks.



    Something nags me that it was written by an academic like Prof Devine, but the author was at Glasgow Uni at the time of writing. It listed many instances of honest mistakes, even at a time when Murray was throwing cash at the 1st team…

  7. afternoon all from a sunndy but baltic Norn Iron.



    5 big games this month, but for the first time in a few years im hoping, nae expecting rangers to drop points and a lot of them.



    we have them in our sights and the pressure is getting to them

  8. Whilst we look ahead to the clash with Hearts and continue to pour scorn on Aluko I was interested to note that Celtic’s scorers in the corresponding clash against the Spambos on August 19th, 1939 were Lyon, Divers




    TruthstrangerthanfictionCSC, MLsnow

  9. Awe-Naw previous article:



    Insolvent no, but BVB were in Administration a few years ago (2003ish). There was even talk in Germany of a Government bail-out which Schroeder considered before realising it would cost him his job if he subsidised paying millionaires salaries…

  10. Paul67 et al



    We have nearly a full week to prepare for the Hearts game, it is a Saturday afternoon match with a three o’clock kick off, there may even be some good news from Edinburgh, do I feel confident? You better believe I do!

  11. Paul67


    I agree, on the field it will be hard enough, many things to contend with for the players and coaching staff, can’t be easy working under some of the conditions they are subjected to.






    I just got an e-mail saying this will be the week I can open my special bottle, and there are some strong rummours that the early Christmas wages are in serious doubt of being paid on time, or if at all, some very unhappy huns at the bigot dome I understand,



    Might just be a Christmas to remember…..

  12. On separate note altogether, its probably been mentioned over the weekend by others, but had a very good night out indeed last Friday with several CQNers of the Fat Bhoy Slim variety (still dunno where the slim fits in, as Lennybhoy apart, slim was in scarce attendance!)



    Additionally have to say that we met a certain previous CQN hot topic of debate in the person of Aiden McGeady.



    The bhoy was superb. Took time out from his night out with his mates, to have a chat with us, sign autographs (for our own kids…honest!) and have photos taken separately and in groups with us.


    Fair play to the Bhoy, despite most of us being hauf-cut, he willingly (probably not gladly ;-)) did all of the above.



    Top Bhoy Aiden.



    HAIL! HAIL! to you and Thank You……just in case you (or more likely, certain members of your family) happen to read this!






  13. Fred C. Dobbs says:


    5 December, 2011 at 00:53



    People talk as if the Green Brigade are a seperate entity from the Celtic support.



    Load of rubbish, they are us, and we are them. No more divide and conquer.



    Hail Hail.





    Well said that man.

  14. derbyshirebhoy on

    truth4767 says:


    5 December, 2011 at 12:20



    Absolutely right.



    Jim Mc Intyre made my blood boil in saying he didn’t blame Aluko but the referee. Both were to blame.



    One is a cheat and the other incompetent biased scared – choose whatever you want. Conroy should be demoted and Aluko banned as should any other player doing similar.



    Professionals they call themselves and excuse every piece of blatant unsportsmanlike behaviour under that guise.



    Problem is that the authorities don’t have the courage to sort these things out and so has developed the crazy wrestling and shirt pulling in the penalty area that disfigures every game. A penalty every time for a few weeks and the problem would be eradicated.



    Professionalism however has never been about fair play and good football. It is simply about winning.



    Bad cess to them all – but particularly your lot:>)

  15. TTT,



    Great photo you sent me on Friday night with Aiden McGeady, you looked like an excited wee bhoy!!!!!




    I can honestly see us pumping Hearts by about 5 or 6 on Saturday, I’m sure our players will still be hurting after Tynecastle earlier in the season, I know I am!

  16. Scott Brown will lose the league for us this season. There said it. Now watch it happen.



    That substitution was the most ridiculous piece of tactical nonsense yet. All to accommodate Scott Brown. Shocking.

  17. Dubaibhoy says:


    5 December, 2011 at 13:02



    I think that was to do with Kirsch TV going belly up.



    The equivalent being if Sky was to go belly up what would happen in the UK



    One club or the entire country ?



    Hail Hail

  18. saltires en sevilla on




    We get the good end of the draw in December



    Up to us to load up the points…focus required on that objective.



    Surprised no comment on the most outrageous dive on recent memory..unless you awaiting the decision later today.







  19. playfusbal4dguilders on

    THE EXILED TIM says:


    5 December, 2011 at 13:05



    I just got an e-mail saying this will be the week I can open my special bottle,




    Is Thatcher on life support?





  20. .






    Rangers have Played 5 Games since Naismith Injured Himself..



    Scoring Only 2 Goals from Open Play..



    If Rangers come through this Month Unscathed..I’ll eat My Thongs..




  21. The Idiot ………………………………………………………….


    5 December, 2011 at 13:15


    Scott Brown will lose the league for us this season. There said it. Now watch it happen.




    Easy tiger, that name is begging 2 rub off on you M8.




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