Sectarian, racist, why not genocide too?


Not one of you will be surprised at reports this morning that Celtic escaped punishment for “sectarian chanting” when the club and its fans were not, and never have been, accused of sectarian behaviour.  Last month one Irish title suggested Celtic fans stood accused of racism before amending their online content to read sectarianism and eventually paying enough attention to zone in on “offensive chanting”.  If they’re going to make things up, I really would prefer they accused us of something a bit more original in Scottish football, like genocide.  Ironically it would be less offensive.

Celtic have been open to all since its inception and are supported by groups right across Scottish society in increasing numbers.  It’s the other lot, you know, them, who brought sectarian practices into the game.  From Neil McCallum, our first goal scorer, to Gary Hooper, our last, Celtic have never had this peculiar social deficiency.  Never.

The SPL decision not to act against Celtic, after a Strathclyde Police match commander complained, was assured, as Celtic could demonstrate they had previously taken action “all reasonably practicable steps” to prevent what the league called “chanting in support of the IRA”.  Both Neil Lennon and Peter Lawwell have spoken in unequivocal terms on this subject in recent weeks.

The league goes on to say, “Such behaviour is unacceptable and unwelcome at SPL matches.”  All the league have done here is pitched the ball back into Celtic’s court to prevent a reoccurrence.  I don’t fancy that job.

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  1. “Such behaviour is unacceptable and unwelcome at SPL matches.”



    And while we’re at it, get that Tricolour to ****.

  2. Paul67



    I do wish ,thems would stop reporting it as ‘sectarian singing’


    me and the wife having serious arguingy words every time I shout


    at the telly

  3. David Cameron was visiting a Scottish primary school and he visited one of the classes.





    There were in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings. The teacher asked Mr Cameron if he would like to lead the discussion on the word “tragedy”. So the illustrious leader asked the class for an example of a “tragedy”





    A little boy stood up and offered,” if ma best freen wha lives on a fairm is playin in a field an a tractor rins over him an kills him, that wid be a “tragedy”





    “No” said Cameron, “that would be an accident”





    A little girl raised her hand ” if a skale bus kerrying fufty children drove over a cliff, killin a’b’dy inside, that wid be a tragedy”





    “I’m afraid not” explained Cameron “that would be a great loss”





    The room was silent for a while then a little boy at the back in a quiet voice said “If a plane kerryin you and Mr Clegg was struck by a “freendly fire” missile and blawn to smithereens, that wid be a tragedy”





    Fantastic” exclaimed Cameron ” thats right and can you tell me how it would be a tragedy?”





    “Weel” said the little lad “it has tae be a tragedy, because it certainly wudnae be a great loss . . . . . and it probably widnae be a f******g accident either”

  4. Paul67



    “Such behaviour is unacceptable and unwelcome at SPL matches”.



    Fair enough.



    But even without the condemnation of Peter Lawell and Neil Lennon what specific SPL rule has the Celtic support broken by singing songs referencing the IRA?



    To my knowledge there is not a rule regarding unacceptable and unwelcome behaviour or songs.




  5. Paul67



    What is your take on the police statement today?



    Police have denied that they are out to “smash” a controversial group of the Celtic support.



    Strathclyde Police responded to an article in the Scotland on Sunday newspaper that stated the force was seeking to “smash the Green Brigade”.



    On Tuesday the force issued a statement on their official Facebook page that said: “This weekend an article appeared in Scotland on Sunday that suggested that Strathclyde Police are out to ‘smash the Green Brigade.’ We would like to make it clear that these comments do not reflect the view of the Force.



    “Our primary concern is to ensure that all fans of all clubs enjoy going to the football safely. Those fans who misbehave or cause offence to others will, of course, be subject to Police action.



    “Football is our national sport. It has the power to inspire kids and bring people together. We want that to be the story. We’re sure that you do too.”

  6. The Singing Detective on

    Summa of Sammi.



    Nice try,but you’re fooling no-one.



    It is well known that Kojo is of the Ginger disposition.



    And,as should be glaringly apparent from the keyboard characteristics of his postings,he is quite obviously left-handed…

  7. Paul, as long as THEM are chanting their sectarian bile and it is largely having a blind eye turned towards it, we will be in the spotlight with our singing no matter what. They don’t want to take them on for some reason, maybe it’ll get on their goat or something like that.



    Painted with the same brush again, and yes they are making it up!



    ps please send my emailaddy to Awe Naw







  8. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    that doesnt explain why the board refused to take legal action or back the support over the hampden/bbc, IMO they are complicit in the vilification of the Celtic support. This pathetic statement gives the impression they are expressing their concern for the maligned support, when in actual fact they are specifically referring to the club, again something they see as a seperate entity from the support.


    The board are doing all in their power to divide and conquer the support, initially by vilifying the green brigade a campaign they continue to operate. If it was my house the polis would require all sorts of legal permissions to film my support, in fact I would be very public about the intentions and excuses offered by the polis for operating in such a fashion in my house.


    Dont kid yourself, the boardare not on our side, they worship amon.

  9. STVSport started this particular lie last night..


    Very quick to change wording on their website..


    Stvplayer still has the lies for all to see.


    I hope the lawers are on it.


    BBCSport at least reported correctly.

  10. Paul67



    Good article.



    Celtic asked for the singing to stop, even in the face of wildly over exaggerated claims of extent, and specific nature of of content from the malevolent media.



    It stopped, and political add ons ( thats all they were) may or may not return, if the Celtic away support are antagonised or provoked further into a reaction. i.e. the disgraceful attack on Neil Lennon at Tynecastle.



    I’m backing the board on this one, Peter Lawell’s reference to politics at the AGM headed them off at the pass, even if the add ons come and go, and despite the offensive behaviour bill, they cannot make Celtic sectarian.



    No matter how hard they try.

  11. There’s quite an impressive drive by the Mainstream Media in Scotland to “muddy the waters”……..abstract terms equating random behaviours to “sectarianism” is rife.




    We need to be encouraging our clubs PR to continue the good fight……………..I EXPECT retractions in tomorrows editions.

  12. Bournesouprecipe



    That’s all very well, but you still haven’t answered the genocide charge.

  13. UEFA can now refer to this result when they are considering their investigation also prompted by Eddie Smith’s curious actions – a serving policeman choosing not to act when there were possible breaches of existing legislation, instead reporting Celtic fans to a sporting organisiation.



    I find it strange that he hasn’t been asked about that – unless he was acting on orders from higher up…



    As a separate, though perhaps related point – the game on Weds 28th Dec was scheduled for an evening kick-off on police suggestions wasn’t it? “Less drinking and potential bother at a mid-week evening fixture” right? They do know that a lot of of people do have holiday between Christmas and New Year don’t they? They’re giving people the opportunity to drink for 6 or 7 HOURS before coming to Celtic Park for that game. Also the Christmas period sees domestic abuse cases spike massively (drink and enforced time with the family – a toxic mix!).



    Given the stats relating to arrests at Celtic Park has previously been spun to show us up, am I the only paranoid Tim thinking we’re being shoved under an oncoming bus for that game?

  14. playfusbal4dguilders on

    Paul 67



    From Neil McCallum, our first goal scorer, to Gary Hooper, our last, Celtic have never had this peculiar social deficiency.



    Surely- to Gary Hooper, our latest,……





    We are not going bust before our next game :-)





  15. camlachiebhoy67 I am Neil Lennon on

    camlachiebhoy67 I am Neil Lennon says:


    6 December, 2011 at 12:51




    I got a bit ahead of mysel there pushed the wrong button.


    I usually do a bit of catching up in the eastend when i am at Parkhead.


    I am a Gorbals bhoy. It’s the Granite or Sharkeys after game.


    That is if i get out of the Gallowgate.


    I will be in the Voque at some point in the next couple of weeks.


    Would be good to meet you. If i can i will let you know on here.





  16. Voguepunter, indeed.



    MWD, I don’t know how the rule on offensive chanting is worded, if it exists at all.



    ASonOfDan, I’ve another article in the pipeline on the Police statement today. It’s something else.



    GSU, I will do.



    bournesouprecipe, cheers.



    playfusbal4dguilders. Aye, I thought about that. Then I thought someone would only accuse me of taking success for granted! :-)



    The next goal is still to happen.

  17. singing IRA songs is not sectarian or illegal, but not good for the image of our club. if we had to play in the epl and we continualy sang IRA songs we would get kicked out. i think they would be LESS tolarant to it than they are here. so i think if we ever want to better ourselfs by getting into a better league we need to stop. we have many great irish songs we can still sing including the soldiers song.


    i think we only have to trim two or three from our song sheet. botob, roll of honuor and the ‘oh ah’ chants..

  18. Does anyone know if Eddie Smith, the ex referee who took part in the referee’s ‘strike’ in protest at Celtic questioning the behaviour of match officials, is still the match commander at Celtic Park?

  19. .



    Fae G*rs Media..



    “Even though it is very early into his Rangers career, bringing Aluko into the team could be viewed as a Masterstroke in a few months time. ”



    Ehh Whit..



    Wonder if it Will be a Masterstoke if they Lose the League by 2pts..:O)



    Summa ft HesCostThem2ptsIn2GamesCSC

  20. jockcfc says:


    6 December, 2011 at 13:09



    ‘i think we only have to trim two or three from our song sheet. botob, roll of honuor and the ‘oh ah’ chants..’




    And then we’re guaranteed entry into the EPL?



    ps Can we keep the Tricolour?

  21. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire: 6 December, 2011 at 12:49



    Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire: 6 December, 2011 at 12:49



    My thinking is the board have made a decision not to get involved in any inquisition over songs. A decision that will infuriate the Scottish media as much as some of our support, for different reasons.



    Personally, I think the Celtic board should have gone public with condemnation of the BBC and demanded action against the Sportscene producer in particular. While I don’t agree entirely with how Celtic have approached the issues, I do understand why they have acted in the way they have.



    I think Peter Lawwell, and Neill Lennon have praised the Green Brigade for their positive backing on more than one occasion.

  22. playfusbal4dguilders on

    Paul 67 thanks for the reply.



    Great article as usual.



    Keep up the good work






  23. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 Hates being 2nd on

    jockcfc – you are talking some major sense, i dont think we should be singing that stuff. stick to good celtic songs we have loads none of that irish stuff. do you have any celtic tattoos?

  24. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    yet they approve of the treatment of the green brigade are suffering under the guise of anti terrorist laws, sorry pal the board are not protecting the support, they are trying to divide the support with their support of the offensive bill.

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