90 minute treble tightrope


Did we get a fright at Inverness last week?  That’s probably overplaying it a bit, but we didn’t get our own way against a team who have already overachieved this season and are more than capable of raising their game for the big occasion.

This is a team who will have no fears of facing Celtic.  They have a manager who will arrive at Hampden tomorrow with a plan to win the game.

John Hughes will not be the only one with such a plan.  Ronny Deila knows this game is the most important on the roster between now and the end of the season.  Only a potential Scottish Cup Final would be a bigger game.  Without wanting to be disrespectful of Aberdeen’s title push, which is an arithmetical challenge only, we are two wins away from winning the treble, and Inverness are the only top flight team who are able to stop us.

It we do achieve a treble this season it will be our first in 14 years.  Martin O’Neill’s triumph in 2001 was our only one in 46 years, so we have to wait a long time for these occasions.  Unfortunately, it takes only 90 minutes to extinguish the opportunity.  A few refereeing decisions the right way and Dundee United had us in a vulnerable place in the last round.  Without absolute concentration the same could happen tomorrow and the remainder of our season would take on an exhibition-game feel.

Feeling a bit nervous now.

Keep your eye on Kris Commons, he loves Hampden.

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  1. I know it’s childish but first ever podium.


    Tony Donnelly if you’re still around.


    I purchased The single Celtic are here. B.Side was Jinky singing Passing Time.


    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    13:47 on 18 April, 2015


    richie #teamoscarforever



    12:50 on 18 April, 2015




    11:10 on


    18 April, 2015





    Glad you liked it,mate. I did too,even though I never forgave Duran for punching Ken Buchanan in the baws.






    …much the same as I’ll never forgive Jim Watt for nutting young Sean O’Grady :-)






    Aye. Shocker.



    Who’s the mason in the black?

  3. Jimmy yes indeed very childish. P.S. I had a podium once.



    On a more serious note after all Hibs chances, Falkirk grab one at the other end. Typical.

  4. Hibs will be gutted.



    I think the only team that can stop the treble is Celtic!

  5. BT



    Drop me a text please. Took your number off house phone (might have taken it down wrong before I deleted incoming calls). :-(

  6. Neil Doncaster and Ralph Topping High fiving and running about the 6th floor after Falkirk goal. :)))))))))

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on



    I need to come by with my electric. Soon sort that one out :-)




  8. BMCUW



    Went in and could not see ACGR so went to the corner to meet the Bhoys , ended up in the fancy seats with Old Tim . Went to BV after the game with Richie and OT then on to Waxy,s until 9 o,clock .



    Hope fully meet again soon , home on the 29th so will make the Friday night game yeeha cannae wait .




  9. Paul67,



    It is very hard for Celtic to win a Treble in this Country.



    Ronny can do it, yes he most certainly can.



    It may well be by the 1 goal tomorrow, hopefully it will be easier than a single goal margin.



    @ the K – Park, so I wullnae see the game, probably a game not to be missed, fingers crossed.



    Last weeks game, imo, was a blessing in disguise.

  10. Corkcelt.


    I like your humour.


    I just said to my wife about podium. She said do you receive a prize? When I said no she looked at me with pity.

  11. JimmynotPaul, but you have the glory and admiration of CQN!!!



    That is worth more than any trinket:-)



    Well done.

  12. Winning captain,



    Bottle of Whisky gratefully received.



    Many thanks, much appreciated.



    Dan HH

  13. South Of Tunis on

    Pastor Jack Glass.



    He came to my door in Glasgow in the early 80s .Canvassing for election on a No Pope Here Ticket..Memory says he got @ 300 votes.



    Must confess to mocking him once -Southpark Avenue – me and 2 mates sitting on a wall – smoking – Jack walks past – cue a spontaneous-Pastor Jack Glass – You are an ass. .Stoned synchronicity at its finest .Probably the only time I have ever sang a Keef n Mick choon..



    Off oot to the beach .

  14. Didn’t really mind who won today until the Falkirk fans started singing “We are the Peepul”



    ‘Mon the Hibbees

  15. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Good Scottish Grand National Afternoon to you all



    56 teams go into week 4 selecting the following teams




    Arsenal 32


    Manchester City 8


    Celtic 8


    Liverpool 2


    Tottenham 2


    Hibs 2


    Chelsea 1


    Manchester Utd 1




    Remember week 4, we have 5 jokers to play for any unlucky losers



    Good luck one and all







  16. The pastor jack glass of cqn about to sign off for a wee day in the sun with the family.



    Perhaps Tom is the John Knox of cqn………



    I will leave you with that wonderful thought………

  17. Awe naw..



    The kids, no so much kids now blast him with the Rebs :)



    You would be welcome anytime you’re back home and bring your wee brother (the scarlet pimpernel) along with you. HH

  18. Agree with you Paul, we need to be vigilant tomorrow. I am sure Ronny will have the team hungry.



    I am more concerned that Ronny will start with the same tactics he employed on Wednesday. One up front, Johansen on the right etc, Not a lot of balance in the middle of the park and insufficient support for the front man.



    Once he changed the line up in the second half the team was transformed. I would like to see Guidetti and Griffiths start up front. A high tempo pace and using the large spaces on the wing at Hampden to exploit the lack of pace that Inverness have, especially in defence.



    Would like to see Johansen on the left of midfield, or inside left as my old man would call it, he looks a much better player in that position in my opinion. Also I would have Broonie pushing up to support the front players as well, to me this is his best position, especially coming in from the right.



    If Ronny gets the balance correct tomorrow I predict an easy win, if he goes with his usual formation as started on Wednesday night we may well struggle against a well organised and physical side.



    HH Dan

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