A confident striker and a scared defender


John Guidetti has put himself out there by letting us know he’ll score a hat-trick in next month’s League Cup semi-final.  I’m not normally an advocate of showing confidence, if not contempt, for opponents prior to a game, but Guidetti’s comments come against a rich canvas.

The player is in a rut and will be feeling the weight of disappointment with each passing chance.  He is a goal-scorer, he’ll score again, but he needs to find the spark to fire-up the second part of his season.

You will remember Kenny Miller ran his guts out in his early months as a Celtic player but it was not until a game against oldco Rangers in September that his landmark first Celtic goal arrived.  Kris Commons has been a scoring sensation throughout his time at the club apart from his second season, when he took until April before scoring, a delightful chip over the oldco keeper.

Ahead of both of those games I knew it was all going to come together for Miller and Commons.  John Guidetti has set himself a target.  He will probably score before that game but he knows how important it is to perform at Hampden.  He is good enough to deliver on this one, don’t bet against him.

Contrast John’s comments to those last week from newco defender, Steven Smith, who said, “The fans will probably be dreading [the Celtic game]because in the big games this season, we haven’t done well. Everybody has got their opinions and are entitled to them.

“But with the results we have been having and the way we have been playing, I don’t think we can think about it too much.”

You will be hard pushed to find a clearer example of the language of failure: “dreading”, “haven’t done well” and “the way we’ve been playing”.  You normally need to work a bit to find a player’s insecurities.  It’s good of John Guidetti to mark his card on what to expect. Give me a confident striker over a scared defender any day.

The Second Annual Celtic Supporter’s Féile is on the weekend of Friday 30 January 30 – Sunday 1 February in Philadelphia.  The events include live music each day, the US premier of The Asterisk Years, with a Q&A with Paul Larkin and Graham Wilson of Beyond the Waves podcast, as well as live coverage of our first ever meeting with newco Rangers in the League Cup semi-final.

You can find more information, including how to book, here.

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  1. This hit


    That ice cold


    Michelle Pfeiffer


    That white gold


    This one, for them hood girls


    Them good girls


    Straight masterpieces


    Stylin’, while in


    Livin’ it up in the city


    Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent


    Gotta kiss myself I’m so pretty (thumbsup)

  2. HT


    That will be Donkey cleared that up for us:)))))))))


    He should be sacked IMHO(but wont be sadly)

  3. Bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:07 on 12 January, 2015



    If I don’t get a letter I’m joining the boycott :-) HH

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    jude2005 is neil lennon \o/



    12:15 on 12 January, 2015


    Whens the next game in GC???





    Tomorrow @ 4.pm. CP time.





    Much chat over on TSFM re the Statement.


    Mostly positive, with some reservations.


    Some suggesting that it would carry more weight if other clubs’ fans were involved.



    I very much agree with that view.


    At the time of the emergence of the 5 WA, I had hoped that the various representative groups of Celtic supporters like the CSA, would have contacted their fellow reps of other clubs.


    Whether this was done or not, I don’t know, but there doesn’t appear to be any evidence of an initiative in that direction.


    It was a time to build healthy alliances with the core of football, i.e., fans of all clubs who believed in the integrity of the game.



    I sincerely hope that the Statement has a telling effect, but I seriously doubt that it will do anything other than justify attending the sham of the LC semi final.

  5. Shameless repost as it took an age





    12:09 on 12 January, 2015




    As Bmcup has stated the mountain is coming to Mohammed. Boabies Hootenanny world tour stops off in Belfast 14th Feb.


    Incidentally you, I assume, do live in The 9 County province of Ulster.


    My problem all along has been the fact that the same club myth has been allowed to go unchallenged and has now been endorsed by no less a personage than the Chief Exec of the SPFL himself.


    ONE club has been allowed to stiff 276 Creditors, dump £150 million of debt against some of the most fundamental precepts of Scottish business law and at a conservative estimate cheat my club out of £60 million yet maintain they are the same entity.


    I would, as a shareholder(but more so because of my emotional attachment to Celtic and my desire to see sporting integrity and fair play upheld) have liked for Celtic to challenge the lie that is being perpetuated. The only reason it has been allowed to take root was because it was not challenged from the outset I.e a welcome to the new club when they played their first match at Brechin.


    The failure to do so and the new clubs endorsement by Dungcaster means a precedent has been created for them to go down the same road again. The arguments being advanced that now is not the time and violence and mayhem will ensue should they be confronted are exactly the same arguments used which allow Supremacist marches to walk in areas where they are patently not welcomed. People who believe that The Rangers International supporters need a reason to hate us and all that we cherish and that this initiative will provide them with that rationale need to give their head a serious shake.


    I contributed to this and I welcome it. I would rather it came from my club but I know that that is not going to happen. In the interim I sincerely thank those who have put so much time and effort into challenging this Myth that has grown wings through a compliant SMSM and I hope that at least this will demonstrate that there are some who will not act as carpets and let a corrupt Scottish footballing establishment walk all over them.


    Hopefully, as WC states this is a first step.

  6. I’ve just received an email from JP Taylor which contained an attachment letter from Doncaster explaining the reasons for his interview with the BBC. I can’t copy it for some reason but this bit should interest most of us.



    “The interview I gave to the BBC was not intended to give a personal view, nor a view on behalf of member clubs. Rather it was an attempt to explain SPFL rules in this area in response to a question from a BBC journalist.”

  7. HT


    I too just received a reply from JPT but no attachment letter. I’ll get back to him.



    “Ref ND, I don’t think we’ll say anything to be honest although as you can imagine there weren’t many happy faces when it was raised last week. The whole thing is a minefield for us and I think the Club will continue to maintain their position in terms pursuing things behind the scenes.”



    Not good enough for me, but will hold fire as we have the ‘Ad’ pending (not the draft posted on twitter, but it was good to see old ‘tinfoil head” go off on one !)

  8. Do your talking on the pitch son. He hasn’t scored in months for crying out loud. Meanwhile journeyman like Adam Rooney are banging them in.



    We should be more worried about Aberdeen than second tier cannon fodder.

  9. thetimreaper



    12:35 on 12 January, 2015



    We shouldn’t worry about any of them, we’ll win the league at a canter and sweep aside sevco at Hampden without any problems HH

  10. Crazy thoughts.


    Let the truth be told



    Rangers were put into liquidation on June 2012, they are still in that state.



    Sevco 2012 are a new club. We know it, they know it, they just don’t want to accept it. Doesn’t mean we must.



    Would you disabuse a child about the existance of Santa? Of course not. It makes the child happy to believe in Father Christmas. However after a few years, the child matures, grows up and eventually realises the truth about the myth of our jolly friend from the north and accepts the stupidity of maintaining a belief in this commercial construct, Mr. Claus.



    Consider, maybe it is just too soon in the evolutionary development of the Hun demographic to accept the reality of their situation.


    Maybe they must evolve and mature some more before being able to accept the blindingly obvious axiom that is staring them in the face.



    Perhaps we are the right people to let them into the secret.


    Does a parent be so cruel as to tell his child that Santa doesn’t exist?


    No, the child usually finds out from another source, maintaining familial bond.



    I believe we have to accept that it is our duty, a cause celebre, a necessity in this affair, that we publish and be damned.


    It may be too much, too soon, for our audience to accept.


    That does not make it right for us not to try to educate those less fortunate than ourselves.






    On the other nonsense about going to the semi final supports Sevco. Rubbish, there will be 21000 tickets sold to Celtic fans, Fact! Only a Celtic PLC organised boycott the game would have any chance of global cogniscience.

  11. Eh… I’m a big fan of bombast.



    I hope it doesn’t sound arrogant when I say that I am the greatest man in the world.



    Guidetti has said he will scrore thrice, and the number of his goals shall be three.



    Three is a magic number.



    So it is written. So will it be done. (thumbsup)

  12. Paul, I would be very happy if John Guidetti is psyching himself up for a good performance against Newco. However I think someone at Celtic should inform those of other nations and traditions about our history, including the true facts about Newco. Whoever is entrusted with that task might also inform some of those who should know better, including ex Celts who are now “experts” in the media of that truth.

  13. lennon's passion on

    Mr 67 like your spin on the 2 player’s. Sadly you don’t win football games boasting to the press. On field is all that counts.

  14. The Advert:



    Can I ask about the rationale for the advert and what was the objective. I’m quite sure a lot of good work has went into this statement, and I’m not being critical.



    It is a genuine question on my part.



    Árd Macha

  15. The Huns are incandescent with rage about the advert just heard two beeling about it at lunch. Why, If they are still the same club would they be so upset :)



    Had to set them straight haha getting gubbed at home time ;)




  16. “I fancy three goals. That is what I did against Ajax and that is the aim this time. The dream would be to score but the most important thing is we win.”




    Jg’s quote for anybody who hasn’t read it.

  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Paul67. I remember when Continental teams used to say they were poor or they had injuries and the team they were playing were just so good.They then usually went out and dumped the team they were talking up out of the competition.It was called reverse psychology and we have to be careful of it when we play the Rangers. It is knockout football over 90 mins and we have often seen the minnows dump the bigger club out of the competition so we need to dismiss all the speculation between now and then and approach the game in a professional manner. H.H.

  18. Ard m….,


    Quite simple really, the MSM have been backing the lie, the ASA backed the lie, the ad will put both noses out of joint by simply being published, they will not dare challenge it therefore they will try and ignore it as it opens up the whole debate again.

  19. embramike


    12:29 on


    12 January, 2015




    I too just received a reply from JPT but no attachment letter. I’ll get back to him.



    “Ref ND, I don’t think we’ll say anything to be honest although as you can imagine there weren’t many happy faces when it was raised last week. The whole thing is a minefield for us and I think the Club will continue to maintain their position in terms pursuing things behind the scenes.”



    Pardon me for being hard of thinking but why is it a “minefield for us” and “pursuing it behind the scenes” is just another way of saying we will stick our head in the sand and hope it all goes away. It really is about time our club grew a set of cojones otherwise there will be no way back from what is fast becoming the footballing equivalent of World Wide Entertainment (WWE).

  20. dallas dallas – previous thread .



    Napoi 1 Rube 3



    Being Rube’ s keeper allows you to pick up a passback without the relevant rule being applied



    2 players were offside at Rube’ s second goal.



    There was nothing wrong with Napoli’ s disallowed goal..



    Rube won 3-1.Competent refereeing would have produced a different result .Pogba’ s goal was a beauty , Vidal’s goal was a beauty.

  21. John Guidetti setting himself up for a sore one in the first 10 minutes which will no doubt go unpunished


    Dae yer talking on the park John

  22. foghorn leghorn on

    Geordie Munro


    12:52 on


    12 January, 2015



    “I fancy three goals. That is what I did against Ajax and that is the aim this time. The dream would be to score but the most important thing is we win.”



    Jg’s quote for anybody who hasn’t read it.





    Yes, and i fancy Kylie but it doesnt mean im saying im going to get her



    Im surprised P67 interpreted the comment in a very tabloid fashion

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