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In leaving the club yesterday to continue his career in the MLS, Liel Adaba closed the door on so much for us.

There are memories to cherish.  That 10-man 89th minute winner against Dundee United, which made it positive for us to go top of the league next time out, for the first time under Ange Postecoglou.

His opener at Jablonec, an early indication we were into something with him. He is a big game player and that was most noticeable in Scotland’s big games.  There will be a Croatian household in the Glasgow area celebrating his departure.

His life in Scotland as an Israeli athlete since October was largely undocumented and I’ve no intention of changing that now. But he suffered an onerous burden. His discretion on this matter is impressive for one so young.

Celtic have had an Israeli player on the books for 11 years. You may be as old as Methuselah before we are fortunate enough to see another. There is plenty for us to ponder.

Thanks for some great times, Liel.

Pick up on Alexandra Bernabei next week.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Brighton CEO Paul Barber took the UEFA Delegate, to the part of the ground, where their fans were being attacked by missiles from the Roma fans last night, embdae think 2k a Day Nicholson would have done the same?

  2. Can’t say happy Friday today.



    Love to BSR and TBB.



    Hug a loved one all.



    Now as the dawn is breaking, my heart is breaking too


    On this May morn as I walk out, my thoughts will be with you

  3. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Imperial Hotel bar. Wonderful tributes to Alex, may he rest in peace.

  4. Liel was a great signing and I wish him all the best. Thanks for some great memories.



    As for pondering, my thoughts are very much with the poor, homeless and starving in Gaza.



    I’m proud to stand with the Celtic support who refuse to be remain silent in the face of such outrageous horrors. If you know you’re history.

  5. If he suffered an “onerous burden” how would you describe what the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank are going through?


    His fellow countrymen who hounded him out called Celtic an anti-semitic club. Why doesn’t Paul67 defend the honour of our club?

  6. Quick review of Israeli players.


    Berkovic. Massive let down, didn’t try a leg, troublemaker.


    Biton. An awful footballer atrocious for virtually his entire time at the club, a bombscare, completely out of his depth.


    Kayal. Great player up until his injury.


    Abada. Timid, no heart, good 5s player undoubtedly but against decent opposition eg champions league, again, way out of his depth.



    Have to say…not all Israelis would have taken issue with a flag (kayal).

  7. From a football perspective Abada was probably the one Israeli player who had the potential to develop and improve, he has chosen to do that somewhere else, his choice. Like many others I ponder the future for the innocent civilians and aid workers in Gaza who will now be relying on enough emergency aid to enter via pontoon bridges built into the Mediterranean Sea.


    I can only hope it saves many many lives.

  8. The marketplace for football players is a large one.



    Scouring occupied ghettos in the Middle East was always going to end badly for the club.



    I certainly hope that they have learned from this.

  9. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    That DU winner followed by the goal in the 3-0 win over Sevco were two of my favourite moments as a Celtic fan. Trust us to lose a valuable player as a direct consequence of a Middle Eastern conflict…



    On that, if the price of missing out on future Israeli players is being in the right side of history then I for one am willing to pay it.



    As far as Hamas and the 7 October is concerned, it was a despicable and evil act. Hamas are close kin to the `Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS. Enough said.



    However, if you know your Israeli-Palestinian history you will know the Israelis don’t have clean hands when it comes to mass rape and massacres.



    In Netanyahu and the Zionist maniacs that surround him we are witnessing the mass murder of a people. In addition to the mass bombing of civilians we are now witnessing a Stalinist-style famine induced by the Israeli government. In the 21st Century. We thought it was the kind of thing you read about in history books.



    I am neither pro-Palestine nor pro-Israel. I am pro-human rights and what we are witnessing now is a stain on all of the western powers. I’m sorry to lose Liel and I share some of `p67’s implied contempt for the GB’s student Union level of politics, but it pales against what’s really at issue here.



    On a less serious note, Lawwell will be relieved he is no longer completely reliant on Dudu Duhan to recruit from.

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    Celtic have had an Israeli player on the books for 11 years. You may be as old as Methuselah before we are fortunate enough to see another. There is plenty for us to ponder.



    Ponder on the 30,00 plus poor souls who have lost their lives in a genocide.

  11. There is a lot of denial here ; what is happening in Gaza is terrible. But Liel never once commented on that.


    And don’t kid yourselves to make you feel better…he was not hounded out by his fellow countrymen.


    That banner that day with those words. That’s what did it. It was not clumsy timing…it was a cynical anti semitic deliberate act committed by the GB. Supporting a live terorist attrocity. Some of may say , so what the GB can support who they want , how they want , no matter how repugnant to others. You may be right.


    But to create all this outrage at the mere suggestion that the fault/cause lies in the east end of Glasgow is pathetic and cowardly.


    Here is an article as others see us. I may not agree with all of it but it is a damn sight more accurate than some of the responses here.


    And Herr Fearon…don’t bother ..no one really cares for your hate .







    Interesting comment on Beram Kayal above. Great player and over 40 caps for Israel. There are plenty of Israeli Arab players in the National team and the recent captain of the national team was a Muslim .


    Bit harsh above on Nir…was he ever actually paled in his real p[osition..it seemed everytime we had a big euro tie one centre half or another was injured and Nir filled the space.



    Agree re Eyal..what a wee bam he was !

  12. vinniethedog on

    There are many great Muslim players …top notch in fact ….I fancy they’d break a gut for us ….swings and roundabouts CSC

  13. No denial from me, if he didn’t want to play for Celtic, his choice, he is away Celtic goes on.

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    TEVYE on 8TH MARCH 2024 1:21 PM



    The article you refer to is written byBen Green Zionist. Spurs fan. (as described on his X page)



    Hardly a beacon of impartiality now is he?

  15. Perhaps we should draw up a list of those countries, whose nationals are no longer welcome at Celtic










    Serbia (maybe we should include all the former Yugoslav states)


    I’m sure there are loads more


    We need to ensure Celtic Park is never again a place where a man is judged on his football alone. After all, what had Willie Maley ever done for Celtic?

  16. one night i agree with you…i said that in my comment .


    But it does not mean he is all wrong.

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    TEVYE on 8TH MARCH 2024 1:39 PM



    Maybe not all factually accurate either though……

  18. onenightinlisbon on

    GLENOWEN on 8TH MARCH 2024 1:39 PM



    Does Abada mention anything about being hounded out of the club in his statement?

  19. one night i agree agin..it is a provocation from the other point of view. I subsccribe to it. you can choose not to.



  20. ONIL



    Not sure where ‘hounded out’ comes from. Not a phrase I used.


    I believe Paul was suggesting players from Israel may not feel welcome at CP any time soon.


    Simply poiting out we nay need to extend the ‘not welcome’ to include other nationalities.

  21. Sorry pressed to soon.


    No Liel said nothing. He was discrete. but he thanked not all fans..just those who supported him.

  22. onenightinlisbon on

    GLENOWEN on 8TH MARCH 2024 1:45 PM



    So you would have the club ban any support of the Palestinians from the fans?



    I’m not trying to provoke an argument, please don’t think that, just curious what you would suggest happens?

  23. Well Scotland as a whole will be the host for the Israeli Women’s Team for Internationals in the not too distant future, I wonder if some won’t be feeling comfortable as there are regular assemblies/ marches for Palestine in many cities here?

  24. Tevye on 8th March 2024 1:21 pm



    Genocide apologist.



    There seems to be a pattern emerging as to how those in Occupied Palestine operate.



    It goes something like this.



    1. Fake a major attack


    2. Gain people’s sympathy through exaggerated (see fake) statistics.


    3. Compare events to past atrocities.


    4. Use this to justify an invasion on the ‘Enemy’


    5. Total annihilation of ‘Enemy’


    6. Truth begins to emerge shout ‘Anti Semitism’


    7. Fake Major attack.

  25. Not unusual for some supporters not to give backing to some players, if anyone is looking for universal approval he will need to be the new Henrik.

  26. Herr Fearon


    enough already.. I am trying to enjoy my chicken soup. Maybe I should send you some. It may cure you.

  27. Yes, got to say, the supporters who see Liel being hounded out by extremists in our support is the way that it’s viewed from outside and it’s the way it is…



    Sad day for the ethos of Celtic Football Club.



    Still, it’s the zeitgeist…



    Aff oot…



    Hail Hail

  28. ONIL



    An excellent question and grateful for the nature of your reply


    Personally, I’d encourage any fan who wishes to attend a march or other demonstration wherever they may be. Donating to a relevant charity would also provide practical support. I suspect this is what people under bombardment need most.


    Fans are also able to contact their elected representatives and request their support in the various parliaments.


    I’d then ask that fans make their way to Celtic park and support the entire team, unconditionally and without qualification.

  29. onenightinlisbon on

    GLENOWEN on 8TH MARCH 2024 2:04 PM



    Excellent point, well made.



    I do think that Liel did get great support in his last few matches though.

  30. in other news –



    if you are interested in football in general. and the business of winning can I recommend the JOHN MCMASTER BIOGRAPHY



    mcmaster and commander



    really interesting for those who grew up around here and lived through that glorious 80s decade in scottish football.






    he is very complimentary of big billy one season at aberdeen before ferguson.

  31. Brendan Rodgers has warned the SFA that he will defend himself vigorously against the Notice of Complaint that he has been served with.



    We’ll defend it vigorously when the date comes.”



    Brendan Rodgers says he has ‘no regrets’ over his comments following Celtic’s defeat at Hearts after he was charged by the Scottish FA. ?? pic.twitter.com/aW4hxOaPXr

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