Aberdeen liberated of expectations for 90 mins


The euphoria of moving a further three points ahead on Wednesday night now gives way to the serious business of facing Aberdeen at what is expected to be high winds on Sunday.  Celtic always do well at Pittodrie, but you should question your victories as much as your defeats.

Celtic have won seven consecutive games at Pittodrie since back-to-back defeats there in season 2016-16, scoring 20 and conceding four in the process.  It has become a regular party away trip.  This will boost the players’ confidence and should worry Aberdeen, but every game is different.  Aberdeen are third in the table; this is one of our most difficult games left in the league campaign.

Derek McInnes is under pressure for the first time as Aberdeen manager.  The 0-0 he got at Ibrox this month surprised his own fans as much as anyone.  That game was a liberating opportunity for Aberdeen, free of expectations for 90 minutes, they found common purpose.  We will need to work for any points we take back down the road on Sunday.

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  1. In the dog eat dog world of the media no journalist sits on a story and looks o. happily as someone else gets credit for the ‘scoop’.



    On the other hand, in the shallow Twitter pond, someone who’s following is drooping may well just stick up a piece of ‘click bait’.

  2. Any bad stories on us will get saved for



    1. when ragers have a bad result



    2. The morning of a game



    So I don’t expect to see any stories today unless they have a bad result or in tomorrows papers as a prelude to our game so it gives them something else to hammer us with

  3. Rangers media chief Jim Traynor attacked in broad daylight



    The 66-year-old claims ‘his position at the club sparked the attack’.



    10:11, 15 FEB 2020UPDATED10:20, 15 FEB 2020





    Jim Traynor was attacked in Cumbernauld this week



    Rangers FC media chief Jim Traynor was attacked in broad daylight.



    The 66-year-old was walking in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire on Wednesday when he claims two thugs pounced.



    The PR boss also claims ‘his position at Ibrox was what sparked the assault’, near Stirling Road at around 3.15pm.



    His condition is unknown at this stage, however police have launched a probe into the attack.




    A spokeswoman for Police Scotland confirmed: “Officers in Cumbernauld received reports at 3.15pm on Wednesday of a 66-year-old man having been assaulted near Stirling Road.



    “Enquiries are ongoing.”

  4. Karl Kraus , Austrian writer , speaking about the press …


    The making of a journalist: no ideas and the ability to express them.

  5. ‘his position at Ibrox was what sparked the assault’,





    So it was definitely huns who attacked him then.

  6. So it was his position at Ibrox which ‘sparked the assault’ – this could only have been conveyed verbally at some point during the ‘pouncing’ process, yet no detail.



    Watch for a more detailed account once the Chub Crayons have been located!



    Not saying fir a minute that someone being assaulted is anything but abhorrent, but to immediately attribute a motive based on football related issues, without cast iron proof, could be construed as inflammatory- just like the ‘brake tampering’ by pancake Paddy!

  7. So only Thomson of the msm knows?



    How does he get an exclusive………………….unless…………………………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Traynor attack,being given arms and legs on Hun Media.First it was claimed Traynor reported it was a sectarian attack.Then a bit later,weapons were used.

  9. We all know internal investigation is taking place about child abuse at celtic boys club, so not breaking news, the outcome of that investigation may be but there is likely nothing in that investigation or any other which will not already be known or in the public domain.



    Bastards infiltrated our club, used our clubs name and committed awful crimes against children. It is the same story across all organisations that have contact with children. Where children are these bastards follow.



    Everyone today knows and acts in accordance with the norms of today, but those norms change over time so giving someone a kicking and chasing them out of town was the done thing in the 70s, 80s etc. but not so much in the 2000s thankfully.



    Those involved need named and shamed and brought to justice. Celtic will not do that the courts will. The survivors will likely seek compensation for whom I am not sure, that is still be be established.



    Child abuse and serious crimes are not and should not be used to score points at football clubs because those same clubs will also likely have been effected by the same issues and one victim is one victim too many regardless of which colour the perpetrator wears.



    Grown up subjects should be reserved for grown ups not internet, twitter warriors.

  10. A ple Fri 14th 1:12pm sorry did’nt manage to attend – was cruising in the Far East !!! My son however did go and said it was a great night. the Derry Pele was in great form with some good inside info. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  11. AuroraBorealis79 on

    “The PR boss also claims ‘his position at Ibrox was what sparked the assault’, near Stirling Road at around 3.15pm.”



    Hold on a minute… jabba was able to confirm that his position at Ibrox was the reason for the attack but nobody knows his condition




    I smell a massive shiiiiite

  12. BBC news at 1 pm


    China in discussion with UK re build of HS2


    No “concrete” agreement yet


    Well it tickled me LOL

  13. Off the ball had a prerecorded interview today with Craig Whyte. I didn’t hear it all, but in what I did hear they didn’t ask a question about the granting of a licence for Europe in 2011. Was this mentioned or just ignored by the pair?

  14. UCA BRASI on 15TH FEBRUARY 2020 1:45 PM


    Celt 55





    I didn’t hear that question but he did agree they were a new club.



    Yes I heard that, but they didn’t follow up on that. In fact were quite disparaging when discussing it afterwards. I’ve got no time for him myself, but he was around at the time and must have a lot of knowledge of what went on.

  15. The side story about Morelos is not fot for the internet and I regret publicising it.


    It won’t be made public for months or more probably years.


    It doesn’t reflect on us or sevco…. Just a bizzare twist.


    Think Hinkley, Reagan and Jodie Foster….. Please don’t rip the piss when i say that, just time to leave it alone.



    Mea culpa

  16. The concominant (!) benefit of Tav, kent and Arfield bottling it since the break is that we could win the Europa League.



    When we played Zenit last year it seemed that fans, players and management wanted the game out the road because we were in a title race.


    We will win the league with a bit to spare and with a world-class goalkeeper, captain and striker and another 12 top-notch players we can really go for a European trophy for the 1st time in 20 years.



    Anyway lets never lower ourselves to Traynor or The Sun’s levels.




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