Aberdeen pick spectacularly good partner. A challenge is on the cards


There has always been a business case for someone to transform Aberdeen into a bigger club.  The town is a prosperous city, with a substantial corporate entertainment budget.  Aberdeen is a long way from the supporter magnet of Glasgow.  Dundee is 25% smaller and splits support between two clubs.

The takeover of the club, announced yesterday, will see Stuart Milne depart the scene after a 22-year reign which saw one trophy and one bottom of the league finish (they avoided relegation due to reconstruction).  Milne leaves the club in better shape than he found it, but his tenure shows a trophy count no better than eight other clubs during that period, and worse than four.

New chairman, Dave Cormack, will invest around £5m straight away, £2m of which comes from AMB Sports & Entertainment, a US company which owns MLS club Atlanta United.  Atlanta’s president, Darren Eales, will become a director of Aberdeen.  Details of a “strategic partnership” between Atlanta and Aberdeen will be announced today.

If you go into partnership, pick your partner well, and Aberdeen had picked spectacularly well.  AMB owner, Arthur M Blank, co-founded The Home Depot and as well as Atlanta United, AMB own NFL side, Atlanta Falcons.  They also operate the most spectacular stadium in the world, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

My expectation is that Aberdeen will learn simply by being in the same room as the people who recently took the sports spectator experience to a new level.  AMB are not in Aberdeen for the weather, their objective will be to win in Scotland and compete in European group stages.

We might just get that rarest of treats, a sustainable and genuine domestic challenge.   This could be the most significant strategic development in Scottish football for years.  And if anyone suggests we move an Aberdeen-Celtic league game to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, bite their hand off.  I’ve wanted to go since I first saw the design plans.

I see lots of people having a go at Sam Allardyce for saying “We can all go to Celtic and win trophies.”  The last man to break this rule, John Barnes, left Scotland 19 years and 9 months ago, so let’s not quibble with Sam.

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  1. MARADOMINIC on 26TH NOVEMBER 2019 10:28 AM


    I hope someone asks for PL to not take a bonus since his lack of planning cost us a CL berth yet again. Or will he demand a slice of KTs money?






    Did PL put McGregor at LB? Did he pick Simunovic over Julien?

  2. lets all do the huddle on

    some nauseating pro-hun pish on the jim white show



    him and simon jordan completely airbrushing history



    so it seems that old rangers should have been allowed to cheat all they wanted because it makes the league more interesting if they are in it



    utter vomit-inducing



    “excuse me your honour, but can you please not send my neighbour to jail.


    yes, he may be on trial for murder but he throws the best parties in the street so it will be quiet without him”

  3. My friends in Celtic,



    Many of us half expected some sort of pre- emptive action by Celtic due to the amount of fines we are receiving from Uefa.



    But why now.? Celtic received no negative publicity in our games against Lazio.


    The facts are :-We got fined more for standing up against Fascism than the disciples of Fascism received.



    I reitterate the question I have posed numerous times on here :-


    Can you name a regular team in European football who has not been disciplined by Uefa?



    However alternatives to pyro must be found. The methodology for safe,cheap alternatives are there. Maybe the club should work with the GB to find and utilise such alternatives.



    This would be the constructive pro active and correct solution.



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  4. The GB should dump the pyros and concentrate on raising awareness to the board on how they , and the rest of us feel regarding Res 12 and the corrupt SFA. Just imagine how the SMSM would have to report this since they like to highlight all other GB protests.


    The problem is, I wouldn’t be surprised if 75% neither know nor care about any of these two issues.

  5. The glib one has stood down. He will continue as shareholder and in negotiations with retail partner sports direct. Negotiations? Partner? Ha ha aye right.

  6. Thought Dodgy Dave promised to pay the auditors £5million to keep the lights on?



    Ah the Banter years just keep on giving



    D. :)

  7. Huge news there. Dave King will be stepping down as Rangers chairman in the New Year.



    We had heard some whisperings that it could happen today and social media was rife with speculation about his future.



    It seems that they were right.

  8. Davey please don’t go


    Davey please don’t go


    Davey please don’t go


    Down the limpopo


    Oh I beg you so


    Davey please don’t go

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