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  1. BSR @ 10.24


    Saw the shove on Gordon in the aftermath of the third goal when the sheepies were desperately trying to retrieve the ball. Big Cosgrove recieved a yellow for that.


    Feckn animal – could also have also inflicted life threatening damage to his team mate GMS at Hampden.



  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 27TH DECEMBER 2018 12:20 AM



    I sincerely hope that Celtic ask for that yellow card decision to be reviewed.



    An assault occurred .



    The sooner we get video reviews , the better.



    The shove BSR Is talking about is before was before the shot when corner was just being taken.


    Ref had clear view as Gordon was pushed back over line.

  4. GDT we went up tae the pen on Christmas Eve 1966 and tied 1-1, several games cancelled that day due tae hard and frosty pitches, Joe McBride’s season ended that afternoon.



    One week later we were dispatched to Tannadice where after leading twice we lost our unbeaten record 2-3.



    Two weeks in a row during the festive season our fans were asked to travel when holidays only included Christmas and Boxing Day as well as January 1 and 2, that is unless you worked in the building trade where you got Jan 3 as well since Christmas Day was still a working day at that time. Nae big highways either.



    Incidentally after one of those games the OK CSC bus crashed with one of the support losing his life, he was a wee porter at Singers Station who I regularly saw back then.

  5. stv really hurting,,



    Rangers 1-0 Hibs


    Darren McGregor’s late header denied Rangers victory and earned Hibs a point in Ibrox.



    In-form striker Alfredo Morelos scored his 20th of the season after being put through clean on goal to edge the Light Blues in front at the interval.



    Rangers pressed to double their advantage in the second half but were frustrated by Hibs goalkeeper Adam Bogdan for the second time in seven days.



    The visitors made Steven Gerrard’s pay late on when McGregor towered over Andy Halliday at the back-post to grab a point for Neil Lennon’s men.



    Rangers remain second but are now three points behind leaders Celtic, who have a game in hand.






    “All I want for Christmas is Ewe.”



    The Pittodrie Sweetie Paper Rustlers.




    “Lo, there came a miracle upon that silent night, and the next day Johnny Hayes played well and trumped all that virgin birth patter.”



    The Bible.




    “Feeed the Hu-uns, let them know it’s Christmas time,


    Feeed the Hu-uns, do they know it’s Christmas time at all?”



    Hun Aid.







    CRAIG CRUYFF – 6/10



    Like a gazelle trying to kick off a bolas on the Argentine pampas, the big mhan treated us to a move more heart-stopping than xmas dinner at my in-laws, before being a chief culprit in the live-action rotoscope slo-mo reality experiment the rest of the team adopted around about the fifteenth minute, whereby we’re so bored with dominating inferior opposition we contrive to merrily fuck around like a pished elf on Christmas morning, instead of slaughtering the Sheep like lambs.



    Still, he took some dogs’ abuse but I’ll say it again to those who can read – the keeper’s pass is one of the most difficult ; guy not used to having the ball at his feet needs to find a team-mate with the whole game in front of him; he RELIES on outfield players giving him options and space.



    When you watch big Gordon struggling to play a pass the real culprits are the hooped jerseys up the park who should be making his choices clear and easy. Instead, bound by the ethic of playing out from the back, our keeper will struggle and take blame for something not totally his fault/remit.




    IZZY – 4/10



    NEVER a pen, NEVER. Do not believe the hype and bullshit puked up by the complicit SMSM – McGinn came down on top of him after getting the cross away. Watch the replays.


    Utter sleekit contrivance by Gollum and his Hun-faced (yes, just look at that coupon in the replays, spitting bile at Izzy’s protest) linesman; Pair of choice Christmas cunts.



    It shook him up and he looked bewildered the rest of the half. Rightly hooked.





    LUSTIG – 7/10



    The bold Mick returned and stayed solid. Did quite a bit of talking during the game, mostly I think aimed at bringing Dedryck out of his trance.


    How Mick managed to contain himself after the second penalty was awarded against him for being in the general vicinity of Captain Hobbit of the Diving Dons was testament to an experienced pro – could have easily been off for papping Gollum between his googly eyes.





    BOY-OH-BOYATA – 5/10



    Well, let’s hope that Dedryck got his ‘Dedryck’ moments out of him before Mordor Saturday. Shambolic positioning and play at times – posted missing for many vital moments, looked unsure in challenges and general play.


    A long shift for him. Longer shift watching him. Sharped up, big lhad, Hunskelping awaits.





    BENNY KOVIC – 6/10



    Everyone’s favourite alcoholic, divorced, Croatian detective with the New York accent and baldy-heided lolly-sucking boss failed to solve the case of marking the big lumpy dons at set-pieces.


    Criminally unfocused at their late third, he did however spend the rest of the game covering Dedryck. He’s class, but still young enough to need prompting at times.








    Very tired with all the excitement of opening his presents from Santa, the Prestwick Flying Flasher had a sugar crash from scoffing all the sweeties in his stocking on the bus to Aberdeen.


    Subsequently, we were treated to a wandering, dazed Jamesy, unsure why he could be so close to a beach on Boxing day and yet wasn’t in Prestwick.


    Was wrestled off, thankfully, by Broony just as a befuddled Jamesy was about to try the litmus test of getting his boaby out to see if he was in his home town right enough.




    CALMAC – 6/10



    Not the worst of a misfiring midfield, looked lively and interested but was let down by those around him. Increasingly found himself pushing forward to compensate for Rogic, when he would have been better sitting in beside Broon and playing quarterback.





    BROON – 7/10



    A leader. Always available, never intimidated despite the Sheep’s best efforts. The fact that he was on the ball so much was a damning indictment of the poor form in front of him.


    Lost count of the times he took the ball off our back line and waited for a creative to show; got frustrated and had to go back/side. No rotation ahead means Broon gets it in the neck for ‘slowing it doon’. Not his fault.




    ROGIC – 2/10



    More scarecrow than Wizard of Oz. ‘Thank fuck’, BR mouthed as confirmation came he was on a plane after the match. Played although his head was already over there. Never at it. Huge disappointment to many, many thousands who had backed him at 16/1 to score from outside the box.



    I want my stake back…







    Flattered to deceive. Beautiful ball to set Calmac up for the first goal. BUT, count those misplaced passes – particularly first half… at least a half dozen straightforward played in error, breaking up out moves, allowing the opposition to counter. His energy was dynamic as we’ve come to admire but his touch and effectiveness were definitely muted.


    This may be due to having to play with only one leg after McGinn surgically removed his other in a ‘yellow’ card challenge that summed up Scottish football and Refereeing in one crystallizing moment of brutality, incompetence and cheating.



    Should still be a starter come the Hate Factory jolly bhoys outing, bionic leg permitting.









    Impact. That’s what we want when we watch Sincy rev up those dancing feet. And he’s finally looking like the exhilarating streak of noodle-noggined hooped lightning that took our breath away two seasons ago. There’s an air of unfinished business about him when something doesn’t come off; not the resignation of recent times. And when he’s on the ball he’s looking alive to possibilities; enthusiastic for damage to be done.



    Belief in himself is the first stage. Devastating contribution is the second – we got that today: the movement and the finish for his and Celtic’s second absolutely top-drawer.


    The third stage of the Sincy trifecta is something we’ve witnessed before with utter joy – a Hunskelping cyclone let loose. We could be witnessing the second coming.








    FRENCH EDDY – 9/10



    He’s pish. Canny trap a baw. Canny run, canny tackle, isny interested. 9 Mullyin my erse, etc, etc… Stated the philosophers stoned.


    Devastating display of that price tag and potential as he entered the arena freezing and sheared a few sheep, skinning them alive and making a nice cosy fleece of le fuck-you for Liar Logan (LIAR!) as he dragged him flailing into the box, like a priapic scrapyard Alsatian slobbering after a pedigree bitch in heat; proceeded to set up Sincy’s hat-trick with a nonchalant flick to the side and Gallic shrug.



    Pulled that first goal of his out of nothing; looked an impossible finish, dinked it as if he was Tiger Woods on the pitch and put.



    Eddy Mercury lives. Don’t be afraid, Huns. It’s too late for goodbyes. Just weep. He’s not coming; He’s already here.




    HAYES – 8/10



    The Christmas miracle. A great performance from Johnny Aw-Fuck-Not-Him-Again-Why-Can’t-The-Young-Boys-Get-A-Game-Instead Hayes.


    And it’s GOOD to see an honest trier who keeps his heid down and his hopes up, play a pivotal role in a big win. Came on to groans, left to cheers – spot on positioning to strengthen our left flank, great endeavour up and down the wing, defending and offering an attacking threat they became wary of and chose to defend instead of making so many forays down that side.



    An interesting afternoon for us all as Johnny Hayes arrived at last with a thought-provoking display that shows us we have another left-sided option for wing-back.




    AJER – 5/10



    Big man still not up to full Praetorian guard mettle – lost his man at their third, needs more game-time to get back in his stride.





    BR – 7/10



    Genius or lucky? Tactically clever or randomly fortunate? Went without a striker, brought on a striker and won the game. Did we pummel them if Eddy Mercury started? Or did we burn out a main player needlessly before Saturday? these things will be discussed. For two days. Then we’ll pump the Huns rigid and BR will be a Ghod again and we’ll all be too happily pished with New Year brevity to care about anything more than


    ripping it out the zombies. Must be great to be Celtic manager. Almost as good as being a Celtic fan.





    OVERALL – 6/10



    Big win, massive result, poor performance for the middle hour of the game. WHY do we decide to slow down games? To slow down games to the oppositions pace, I must point out.



    There seems to be a consensus at Celtic that this is ‘controlling’ the game. Don’t we learn in Europe


    getting slaughtered by the big boys?



    You control a game by blistering their eyelids off with pace and smashing them for as many quick goals as you can, THEN settling into a zipping pace that allows you to recuperate but still has them lurching around like demented chimpanzees chasing the last watermelon in a drought.



    i.e you play the game at YOUR pace, not drop it to theirs. We have the class to outplay anyone in Scotland at high tempo. We seem to quit and conserve far too early – like today, after 15 minutes and only one up we began to drop deep and invite them on.



    No. Blitz them until they’re gasping for mercy.



    Don’t let them make a scrap of it – the Dons, The Huns, Hibs, all got enough about them to be encouraged by Celtic’s torpor.



    About time we went full throttle for as much of the 90 as we can. Saturday would be a start. No mercy, show the world what you can do, bhoys. Blow them away.





    GOLLUM – HarDeHar/10



    Had to mention the simpering goon with the eyes in the back of his heid and the lips like a Parisienne backstreet rent boy (When he blows that whistle, that’s not the whistle he’s really blowing, folks…)



    What a display of tragic gerrymandering that was. No straight red and two joke pens – see youtube for Oor Silly Wullie’s similar denial v Hearts when it was a Celtic claim.



    Along with his cohorts, turning the game into a desperate love-letter to the satanic overlords of mordor; grown men yearning like excited schoolgirls to become part of a facade of sporting integrity, an illusion created by straw men and a South African snake-oil salesman sucking the lifeblood from them.



    Y’know, Wullie, there’s not much we can do to stop you trying again and again. But just know this – we’re laughing at you. Laughing like fucking drains at your sheer transparency. You worthless wee cretin.



    Brother Beaton knows now that the bar has been raised for Mordor. If Brother Beaton’s got any wits about him he’ll stand against the demands of the corrupt and dying, and apply the rules, quit the cycle of mendacity and ref the game like a fair man and not a goat-pumping man. Aye…





    On we go. On the road again…

  7. How good were we despite being a man short in Tom and with James only playing for a short period in the second half?


    WC did his best to ensure we had a few players doubtful for Saturday lunch time.


    Is he on a bonus for each dodgy decision against us?


    Does he get points or Green Shield Stamps which count towards promotion and more big games?


    It was satisfying to see Lustig getting a full game under his belt. He is the type of player we will need in the Devil’s Cauldron on Saturday. Experienced, confident and a will to win.


    What can I say about Eddy? Given just enough time to limber up and stretch his legs without risking injury and just enough to turn the game in our favour.


    And just enough to whet his appetite for Govan.


    Brendan obviously knows how to handle big time players.


    Roll on Saturday.

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SANDMAN on 27TH DECEMBER 2018 2:58 AM




    A marvellous crit. from a talented observer .



    A wee proviso.


    If the wood provides joy , give some credit to the trees.

  9. Mild misty morning in the Chilterns… A Grand Day…



    Thought that was an excellent game yesterday, within the bounds of the normal caveats that is “modern” Scottish Fitbaw…



    It’s interesting to watch Rodgers and McInnes approaches to this game. They have faced each other so often in important matches…



    …as usual, Brendan came off best, still it was interesting to see that when DMcI saw we were playing a false number nine he went from it, from the kick-off, utilising McKenna from CH… He also maxed his team’s “professionalism” to try to get result. Something they won’t be doing against Sevco Rangers.



    Still, our first, early goal from came from Christie playing that false number nine role and by the second half Aberdeen were playing eleven behind the ball.



    Now Its True…



    – Aberdeen used their physically and gamesmanship to the max knowing it would have been facilitated by the officials



    – Every game changing decision went Aberdeen’s way



    – Some of our players seemed to be suffering holiday fever and looked jet lagged from the journey



    But all in all a highly enjoyable game were Sincy was sublime and a match winning super sub performance from Eddie clinched the game.



    Brendan the supreme tactician still has the toby jug of Derek safely on his mantle piece.



    Enjoy the holidays bhoys and ghirls… for all those like me still on duty… keep~on~keeping~on.



    Aff Oot…



    Hail Hail

  10. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims.



    Gurfuy ya woolie loving shower of cheats.



    Graham “Celtic players showed no class ” Shinnie, wiz his comment after the cup final,



    Well you showed your class ya cheat ewe.



    Gollum, major decisions all wrong at least 4 times a sheep in red pulled a celt back nothing, how many times did he tell Teresa May that his next foul was a booking, only finally booked him when he ran out of places to point to. Booked Sinky for replacement of the ball at a corner ffs.



    Had a good game my rrrrrs.




  11. Good morning CQN from a delighted Garngad



    Sandman 10/10. Superb sir



    50 Shades- spot on, Coloumn cheated like feck, yesterday, as you say good game my erse. The only reason it was so close because he cheated us with those 2 pens.



    Bring on the Hun rats



    D. :)

  12. morning bhoys from a cloudy Cheshire..they have the men in black on their side and still they cant beat us.hh.

  13. Danso 1888 @ 1:47


    …and not just STV. What about this sub-headline from the BBC site:



    ” Late Hibs Goal denies Rangers (sic) Win.”



    Just think of the mindset that came up with that. An unbiased reporter would have gone with the late goal salvaging/ winning/rescuing/gaining/snatching etc Hibs a point. Only a supporter would see it as his team being `denied` a point.




  14. 50 shades of green on

    And another thing, on a scale of 1 to 10 how justified must Brendan Rodgers feel today for sticking by Sinky.



    I see one of the rags are running a



    ” who’s better, French Eddy or coke heed ” article, not read the article but if its about football then whoever came up with the idea should be locked in a padded cell again.



    Cant be long now till Gollum gets the zombie gig again.

  15. When summing up Big Eddies contribution don’t forget the sublime pass to James which set up Sincy’s second.


    Eddie scored an absolute beauty and had a huge part in the other 2 goals, what an impact to make on a game.


    I hope I’m mistaken but to me the big mhan seemed to be limping quite badly after the game.


    Hopefully he will be at least fit enough to make the bench for Saturday.

  16. The signs are good for the rest of the season now. Really important victory yesterday to boost the away form stats and at points achieved in second gear. Up to the goals avalanche we were languid and insipid and not unlike games against Hearts and Killi away.


    Another striker would allow us to play Eddi in his more free role and cause havoc as he did yesterday.


    Was there not a similar penalty we didn’t get in addition to the one v Hearts with Tierney? Was it a European game maybe Salzburg at home or perhaps the cup final where another player was fouled after playing the ball?


    These decisions are easy for officials. Small margins and easily supported by Rangers supporters in the press and media.


    Watch for it on Saturday.

  17. Good to see we are being linked with a right back.



    Noticed the BBC have said we remain top if we lose by anything up to 3 goals on Saturday.



    They neglect to mention that Celtic could go 6 points clear of Rangers with a game in hand and a vastly superior goal difference should we win. They also neglect to mention that a victory for Kilmarnock would push Rangers to 3rd and further that an Aberdeen win would have them on the same points as Rangers.



    Gerard’s league record is now the same or worse than their previous managers. Gerard’s Rangers also require games v Celtic twice at Celtic Park in the second half of the season. Their form is 55% win rate with most of those achieved v teams in the bottom 6. Come the split they may struggle for points. Morelos wants to go. They need the money. Gerrard May do well by himself to restart his management ambition in a lower English league and take his ‘Any given Sunday’ empty rhetoric elsewhere.

  18. Sandman,



    Your ratings are now the highlight of the post match analysis. A joy to behold.


    For time and effort 10/10.


    Thank you and HH.

  19. Mullet and co- any given Sunday is a great film.



    The speach in the dressing room is superb..



    D. :)

  20. 50 Shades- I think most were running out of patience with Scott Sinclair, all credit to Brendan for sticking by him,and helping him get his confidence back.I have posted on here on a few occasions, saying one thing that Scott has never done is hide when he’s on the park, even when nothing was going for him,he would always look to take the ball.HH

  21. My friends in Celtic,



    It was not Willie Collum’s worst game yesterday.


    Does the home crowd influence decisions? They were baying for blood every time Scott Brown was near the ball. ?


    At Parkhead we often liken our crowd and atmosphere to a 12th man. We hope we can influence the referee in 50 /50 decisions.


    To encourage our team and possibly influence decisions is the rationale of the 12th man.



    I think Willie Collum is just a poor referee. I do not buy blatent cheatin allegations.


    However for the purpose of debate; if he ” cheats” in Celtic games to whom is it meant to benefit?


    It’s certainly not the huns who have already publicly criticised him and submitted an official complaint citing his ” inexplicable ” decisions.



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    Green @11:23



    Agree with you, he’s just a rubbish referee unfortunately a well paid one though!

  23. You have to give it to the non conformists on CQN …



    The Happy Clappers.


    The Board Groupies.


    The PL apologists.



    Now we have a new group coming to the fore.



    The WC Uber rationalists — excuse making has become an art form as the invent new ways to explain away yesterday’s performance.



    Please don’t bother — he is just playing the MIB Ludge Sweepstake party game of inventing new ways to make it difficult for us.



    Part of the game is to try and make us lose points — draws are nearly as good as a loss but generate nowhere near as much controversy as a loss.



    Part of the game is to wind us up into a lather and then sneak away to try something totally different next week.



    Only half the story and possibly the minor half — bigging up the TFOD2.1 is their main aim obviously with total engagement from the Media Ludge and the SFA / SPFL Establishment as well.



    Consequently — please no more excuse making for WC.


    He knew what he was doing — you can be a bad ref as well as a ref with an agenda.

  24. So for all our very poor start to the season we are 2 points worse of this year(42 as opposed to 44) but 5 goals better off after 19 games! Aberdeen are 3 points less (36 now, 39 last year) and Sevco 3 points better off (39 now, 36 last year. So despite all that has been written about it being much closer this season, the gap is 2 points less than it was last season; hardly a significant difference.



    After Saturday, I expect us to be on 45 points after 20 games with Sevco and Aberdeen on 39 after 21 games – Sevco the same as last season and Aberdeen 3 less than last season. We still have a game in hand on them which we will catch up in January. By the end of January I expect we will have a double figures lead in the league and that will extend as the season progresses. All this with significant injuries, no Griffiths or Dembele (who?) and a poor summer transfer window. And still in Europe!



    What’s not to like?




  25. GP @ 11.23



    Your defence of WC would suggest you have an agenda beyond football.


    He was shocking yesterday because he was playing an angle.


    He knew what he was doing.



    His problem is that he is not a good ref and he is transparent.



    He uses his 9 – 3.30 career path to expand his anti CFC agenda beyond what others can get away with. However he is not very good at hiding his agenda — his desire to continuously explain his decision making only helps expose his partial, forced and slanted application of th3 rules of football when he is in charge of our games.



    The Sheep forward with the hippy demeanour — WC handling of his continual fouling was beyond parody. How many fouls can you commit before WC takes action …



    He was pointing all over the pitch before he took out the card — was it 6, 7, 8 or 9?


    Joke of a performance.

  26. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fleagle hope am on right article



    3.05 Leopardstown



    Jack Dillinger



    Best of luck to all



    Cheers GFTB

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