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  1. WoW !!!!


    As good as I’ve seen us away after a tough European game. Would like another couple 2nd half to boost our goal difference and of course a clean sheet.


    Bet they’re spewing in vomitoriums around Govan – how sad, what a shame, never mind !

  2. What me worry.Who said that?What an absolute mauling we are giving the Aberdonians.Best performance in a long ,long time away from home.Scintillating.Frimpong?.It has to be very difficult not to love this wean.Only Hun blogs.



  3. Awesome Celtic…


    Frimpong’s gonna be world class imho…


    Superb, now let’s get the goal difference right up ☘️

  4. Celtic’s energy, focus and purpose exceptional. Dons disjointed and bewildered.



  5. might vote for Big Fraser for managing to keep warm and awake ….



    smiley not easy to dae thing




  6. Fan-tas-TIC first half


    Elyanousi making ùs Tic up front



    Will be a difficult choice for Jobo’s top 3 later 👍

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Really can’t and won’t blame Aberdeen, this Celtic team are playing fantasy football that few could cope with, and that includes the big money leagues

  8. Playing football the Celtic way. This is so heartwarming and wasn’t goal no. 3 a thing of beauty.


    Also agree with earlier poster that Logan might lose the bap in the second half. Just hope he doesn’t injure one of our bhoys.

  9. Big Tom was sensational first half finding space and threading through balls – welcome back

  10. Great football from Celtic.



    McInnes always goes man to man against what he sees as better teams. He needs another plan. But that’s not our problem.



    French Eddie is magnifique



    Tom R coming on to his game. Big Ajer is my MOTM so far. Broonie, early slip aside is also strolling it. Top performances all through the team with ruthless finishing.



    Sneaky feeling there will be daylight between s and the chasing pack by 5pm today. You heard it here first.



    Only question for NL now is do we rest anyone immediately or see out the first 15 minutes of the second half first?



    The luxury of a big half time lead is a rare treat away from home



    Enjoy brothers and sisters

  11. The denizens of Follow Follow seem to think that Aberdeen could have tried a teensie weensie bit harder against us.

  12. Got java script off


    Site jumping all over the place, and just had BP take over the screen 😡

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Stick with original plan what ever it was, changes on the hour mark probably. Get a couple more with the team on the park then make changes. Blooding some kids would have been ideal

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