Ajer on-board as strategy rolls forward


Norwegian football journos I speak to all praise Kristoffer Ajer (17) in the highest terms. The 6’5” midfielder became the youngest captain in Norwegian topflight history when he wore the armband of Start as a 16-year-old last April. He’s a strong and mature individual, apparently.

Despite having made only 36 career starts, Celtic have watched him repeatedly, on top of the loan period he spent at Lennoxtown last month, so they know the player they are getting. The information I hear of him is all positive, but he’ll be learning the game for years, and for the remainder of the year he’ll learn what it’s like to be a Celtic player, something he’ll have little inclination of at the moment.

I like this strategy of recruiting and deploying talent of this age, a policy which has been missing for around 40 years, and has contributed to a similar period of underachievement in producing prodigious talent. It feels right for us.

Welcome to Celtic, Kristoffer.

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    “… What if? What if? There is no if about it!! 0:-)”



    Well true, I was talking about the scale of it but you are of course correct.



    GEAROID1998 @ 10:08 AM,



    We “Celts” often give the English a hard time but this would never be tolerated by the English media. It really is a sham and a disgrace.



    But at the end of the day what it boils down to is the fact that Sevco Football Club seem to have some philosophical attributes that the erstwhile Rangers had.



    The predisposition to cheating seems to be such an attribute.



    Now for as long as I remember -although pretty relentless – this was carried out subtly and cautiously.



    Then of course come the Tony Mowbray Seasons and things changed, it became glaring, blatant even.



    We now know why. We long suspected Rangers were In Dire Straits but history has proven how dire it was, they Needed Champions League Football to survive.



    That’s why the cheating became so blatant, they didn’t care if folk seen through the honest mistake, these things even themselves out through the Season guff… This was life or death for Rangers literally.



    It seems to me, Sevco in similar fashion will be afforded what ever it takes – nuanced cheating has gone oot the windae and all will be done to ensure Sevco’s survival…



    Once again it’s a life or death situation, my feeling is Sevco can’t survive without Premiership Football next Season and European Football 2017/18. I get the feeling they don’t intend to drop the ball this time.



    Hail Hail

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    KEVJUNGLE on 18TH FEBRUARY 2016 9:57 AM


    The only card left in the pack – The VicTIM Card.




    Does anyone remember who or, what Celtic FC is supposed to be ?


    The Club of, the underdogs of society.





    Bro. Walfrid , we are told , created the club of the underdogs of society.



    The sporting manifestation of:


    Know your place ,taig.


    And stay there.

  3. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    WC.Had another look at the Killie penalty claim and it looks to me as if the sevco player is behind McGennis not shoulder to shoulder when he nudges him forward, therefore IMO a clear penalty and claims for a red card.

  4. See these modern days, these modern ways, the sports scientists, the psychological councillors’ the dieticians, the coaches, the fitness gurus, big brother, no chips, designer clothes, wage pokes that would sink the Refrew Ferry, micro-analysed game time, cricket bats across your arse if you don’t match up or conform, mentors , nannies, proffesors, business advisors, tutors, hand bags and glad rags, and still we can’t produce a team that is but worthy of equation, any equation, in comparison to a bunch of chip eating ho-hoper s who once won the European cup… the European Cup… for Celtic and Scotland.



    See these modern days, remembering the scales have always been imbalanced; see the fruits of this modern day… is that progress.



    Is it really?



    How do you define ambition?



    I’d love to be privy to our 5 year plan, our 10 year plan for progress.



    I fear in fear I pray to pray it comes of the rails.


    Hoping against hope.



    The Celtic way.



    God look down with pity and mercy on those who once dared to dream. (and pray)



    Pity the Quislings’.

  5. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Chair oy @10.46,



    You are so correct.



    Murray D. sounded the alarm that the CL was vital to their survival and they got it.



    The CQN archives would show that we knew what would happen and it did.



    There is no doubt in my mind that the same whistle has been blown this time around, only the aim is not as lofty, merely entry to the SPL.

  6. If anyone is near the Gorbals or The Brazen Head today say around 4pm there’s a Canadian film crew over doing a documentary on Glasgow districts and CFC supporters its origin and how it all started, I’m doing a walk around with them through the Gorbals between 3pm and 4pm and telling them the history and ties between the both, and they are setting up for film in The Brazen around 4pm, just talking to local Tims and probably anyone who has a good tale, so if your in the Area? Pop in you may get yourself in it, all are welcome, they are up at lennoxtown tomorrow and other districts, and of course the game at the weekend.



  7. Chairbhoy@10.46


    Excellent post my fhriend particularly with the rationale as to why it became so blatant post 2010 and indeed why it is so blatant now.


    Even when they are pinned to the wall re the Dos scheme, big Tax case (hopefully) and Res12 they are afforded “wriggle room” by their friends in the Establishment, whether it be through the Judicial, Financial or Sporting hierarchies (inclusive of the MIBs).


    That’s why Celtic really need to call them out at every opportunity. Again I live in hope that after they are refused leave to appeal that Celtic calls them out for the cheats that they were.


    HH Chairbhoy.

  8. West End of East End on

    Just read back from the night shift, hard read on a Celtic blog from 3 main posters who like to brag that they don’t go to any games.



    Amongst the things I’ve been called for attending games are quisling, victim, pathetic, smug, snobbish and that Celtic are dead. And that’s just on here within the last 12 hours.



    You get to the stage of thinking that in trying to justify their non appearance they come on with this scatter gun approach to make themselves feel better within themselves. Sad really, more to be pitied than scorned.



    The team are in a slump just now but I’ve got no doubt they will kick on and win the league by 10 points. Maybe should add dreamer to the list above….

  9. Celtic are the League Cup holders


    Celtic beat Dundee United to win the League Cup final last season


    The Scottish League Cup final will return to November from next season.



    Since 2000 the tournament has culminated in March, with Ross County and Hibernian meeting in this term’s final at Hampden next month.



    Plans for a competition reformat were announced last year, with group stages introduced and beginning in July.



    It has also been confirmed that the planned three-week winter break for the Premiership will start immediately after the New Year fixture round.



    Top flight teams will return to action in the Scottish Cup fourth round on the weekend of 21 January.



    “The Scottish League Cup semi-finals and final will again be contested before the end of the year which we know is something a large number of supporters and stakeholders, including the media, were very keen on,” said Scottish Professional Football League chief executive Neil Doncaster.

  10. West End of East End on 18th February 2016 11:33 am



    Mate, learn to scroll on by, tis easier than giving them the oxygen they crave.



    We have been slaughtered by injuries all along the back 4 all season, never had the chance to play a stable platform to build from, back in the day when the huns were 15 points ahead we had the same problems in the full back area. I was slaughtered/ridiculed on here for saying that we’d win the league when we got a settled back 4, the rest is history.



    Aberdeen lose ONE player the other night and it’s meltdown that he’s out for a month.



    The ‘jungle management’ WILL shout at you, IT’S WHAT THEY DO, they’ve done it forever. Remember watching us take Lyon apart with pure, beautiful football, twenty odd passes before Henrik nods it in from 2 yards out. From pass 3 the ‘jungle management’ were howling, “git it in the f’kn boax you”……….muppets.



    Keep the faith, you are right, we WILL win this league by a street but we need to stick wi Ronny as he builds his young side.

  11. Thom@11.27


    Hope you’re well friend. Had posted prior to your 11.27 post.


    Watched the second part of the RTE 1916 trilogy last night. Well worth a viewing. Some forensic detail including some posted on here yesterday by our very own WITs (the two Volunteers holding up the British Army advance on the GPO through commandeering a house overlooking Nothumberland Rd).


    Anyway thank God for the Internet Bampots. At least the new Huns indiscretions are subjected to scrutiny of a sort.


    Jimtim hope you’re well.

  12. What is the Stars on




    The 1916 documentary with Liam Neeson well worth a watch,very good stuff


    Much better than RTE’s dreadful drama Rebellion,Bad acting,bad use of sets/locations.historically inaccurate,imposing 21st century politically correct views on people who had just emerged from 19th century feudalism.



    Anyhow for those looking for something to do in Dublin on Good Friday (pubs closed)


    St Kevins Boys organise a very good under schoolboy academy completion


    Teams This year are Barcelona,Deportivo,Lyon,West Brom,St Kevins themselves and a little known team from the east end of Glasgow.


    See the potential Messi/Jinky of the future



    Here is link ( I will be available for lifts/directions as I live near the ground)




  13. West End of East End on

    I’ve been looking at this accusation that we are only signing midfielders. Since February 2015 we have signed 1 goalkeeper, 6 defenders, 5 MF & 3 forwards.



    Out of the defenders we’ve signed only 2 have not been out with injuries, Tierney & Sviatchenko (Tierney signed a new deal) Simonovic, Boyata, Janko & Blackett have all been out at some point. Same with Lustig & Mulgrew who didn’t sign within the last year.



    In the midfield, established players who have been out at one time or another Bitton, Brown, Commons, Forrest, Rogic, McGregor & Johansen. That’s 7 established players who have been out injured not including suspensions. I’ve not included Dirk for obvious reasons :-)



    I don’t know what Ronnie’s first pick 11 has been this season. I doubt even he knows. When you look into it a little more rather than shouting from the side, you can see the problems he’s had over this season. I’m not trying to make excuses for some of the poor performances but I would really like to see all players back from injury to see what his first 11 would look like.



    Source: http://www.celticfc.net/team