Alcohol, if you’re rich enough


As you and I know, alcohol is sold at football games.  If you are in a corporate seat, you can drink before kick-off, at halftime and again at fulltime.  Prohibition only applies to the cheap seats.

Alcohol-related issues remain a problem in towns across Scotland in the hours after big games, but suggestions by First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, that there is a potential correlation between those drinking from cheap seats at games and violence (including the domestic kind) are simply unfounded.  People are free to get tanked up before and after games, the wealthy can do so during games, and millions can do so in pubs and at home while watching games on TV.

I have some concerns about reintroducing alcohol for the rest of us.  Alcohol requires appropriate infrastructure and ambiance – like there is at the Kerrydale Suite, for example.  The North Stand Upper, where I sit, does not have the space, supervision capabilities, or even the toilets to become an appropriate venue to encourage the consumption of any more fluids.  In the 20 years it’s been up, it’s never had enough paper towels to make it to halftime, and may God go with you, if you need to spend a longer visit, but don’t let that be a reason to stop the rest of you.

Modern football stadiums have many safe areas where alcohol can be consumed.  Those who cannot handle their drink, would find themselves supervised to within an inch of a football banning order. Scotland needs to learn what a healthy attitude to alcohol looks like – check out the Kerrydale Suite for a glimpse.

Build the lounges, toilets, and grills.  Put carpet down, dress stewards in black ties, have them welcome fans as “Sir” or “Madam”, treat football fans like responsible adults.  It works in the hospitality areas and in the Kerrydale Suite, it’ll work from Palmerston to Peterhead.

Thank you for the tremendous response yesterday to the line-up for the CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner.  We have (St) Packy Bonnar, Tommy Coyne and Joe Miller for a Q&A, an unmissable address on Jock Stein by Archie Macpherson, and Celtic’s First Lady of Song, Patricia Ferns, for those of you who enjoy a song or dance.  Let me know if you’re still looking for tickets,

And Celtic, how hard can it be to put enough paper towels in the toilets? I love the family approach the club has now, but bringing kids means dealing with the toilets, and that’s never a highlight of the trip.

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  1. saltires en sevilla on




    I am and have always been a big fan of Fergus McCann



    He had a few weaknesses tho’



    When the stadium was being rebuilt a few mates and I had the pleasure of meeting the Bunnet in the director’s box. As we watched the builders adding yet more steel girders to the rapidly growing North Stand, I remember asking him how many seats would be in that stand. “Over 25,000” was the proud reply. We stood in silent amazement, just awestruck.



    I remember thinking that the facilities would be far superior to the old jungle which was notoriously honking under the standing area and regularly flowed with stale urine. It was the only downside to being at Paradise and I was glad it was being fixed.



    Later that day we got talking about the catering facilities and I sent a letter outlining my suggestions to Fergus. He replied to me and I still have his hand signed letter amongst my wee box of Celtic memorabilia. At the time I was focused on the quality of food and the massive opportunities match day could offer in terms of harnessing a huge captive market.



    When the stadium was completed I remember being as enthralled by the place as everyone else. It was simply stunning.



    As we know the food areas were a bit better than the old stadium but the range and quality on offer has never really caught the imagination. The toilets were much nicer but it was really obvious to me that they would come under the usual pressures at peak times. When I raised this with mates at the time the responses ranged from muted to ( I never eat at games and go before I leave). It seemed I was the only one who felt a huge opportunity was being missed.



    I also raised this issue on here and one smarty pants suggested I write to the club and to basically shut up and stop writing on the blog about it.



    In 2006 I watched Australia play Japan in a World Cup match in Kaiserslautern. The stadium was similar in size and capacity to Celtic Park. In the service areas there was a huge range of food including real beer available. For a section the same size as 104 at CP, the toilets had twenty (20) individual WC’s and urinals about 20 metres long with hot water soap and towels aplenty. I assume each similar sized section had the same facilities for punters.



    It got me thinking again about the mentality of everyone concerned at CP. We the fans are as much to blame as the stadium planners and successive boards. The oul’ Germans would never put up with the shoddy service we tolerate. Their stadiums are busy hours before kick-off and afterwards you can make a day of it without worrying about being caught short or catching something nasty. God help anyone with a medical condition and the growing number of people with IBS must think twice about attending events.



    We get the service we demand and match day at CP always has an element of let down for me as we have missed such a wonderful opportunity.

  2. Spiers on Sport: how the ‘Deila is a dud’ brigade have gone mighty quiet



    Spiers on Sport


    Graham Spiers


    Tuesday 17 February 2015


    Thursday night in Glasgow promises to be a big moment in the career of Ronny Deila.




    Celtic versus Inter Milan, even in that ugly duckling called the Europa League, is a fixture redolent with nostalgia and glories past, and those of us in the Scottish media have quite rightly gone to town on it.



    What a thrilling home-and-away draw this is for Celtic fans. It also promises to be a fresh measure of their manager.



    At 39, Deila is still young and inexperienced as a coach, certainly in relation to Roberto Mancini, his opposite number in the Inter camp. If Deila does come good, he should have years and years ahead of him in football.



    This is why Thursday, in one aspect, is so appealing. What will it tell us about Deila? What plan can he hatch? Can he rouse his players to make a game of it against Inter Milan?



    This Celtic coach has not been without his critics. I have seen him being described as “hopeless”, “inept” and “out of his depth” in the eight months since he arrived at Celtic from Stromsgodset.



    Deila was undermined from the very start, when it had been perfectly obvious Celtic had been chasing Roy Keane and others. He arrived in Glasgow to a warm welcome from the Celtic support, but also to plenty sceptics who were armed with pens and laptops.



    The leap Deila made from his tiny club in Norway to Celtic was huge. It only further fuelled the cynicism towards him. And then, when his team were horsed 1-4 and 0-2 by Legia Warsaw, only to be redeemed by the Bartosz Bereszynski affair, still more came the view that Deila had been a dire mistake by Celtic.



    Well, here we are in mid-February. And I notice the “Deila’s a dud” brigade have gone mighty quiet. Celtic are top of the Premiership – at last – and sit on eight successive wins.



    A League Cup final looms against Dundee United in four weeks’ time, and Inter Milan are in town this week. It has been eventful, but Deila has done a quiet, solid job in gradually muzzling his critics.



    Europe is an intriguing testing ground for him. And he has had some wretched moments there with Celtic, and not just against Legia.



    The dire botch that Deila and his players made in losing at home to Maribor last August in the Champions League qualifier will live long in the memory.



    Yes, a new manager, a new club, and all of that. But what a botch. What a fist he and Celtic made of that night.



    The next fortnight, here in Glasgow and then in San Siro, should tell us some more about Deila and his growing conviction as a coach. His team is now playing with panache, and with a mental belief in their dugout leader, but all of this has been confined within Scotland.



    Let’s see what happens when Deila enters the European arena again. Let’s see the lessons he has learned from some scolding episodes there in recent times.



    Let’s see if it is true, as someone at Celtic said to me recently, that “the great thing about Ronny Deila is that he is open-minded and is able to learn and implement things.”



    That sounded quite a decent compliment to me. I eagerly await some more evidence of it against Inter in these weeks ahead.



    Right now I admire the way Deila doesn’t hang about. In Gary Mackay-Steven and Stuart Armstrong, his two new recruits, he hasn’t dithered or “slowly bedded them in” in the old managerial way.



    On the contrary, Deila has chucked both straight into the mix, and fashioned his Celtic team around them. There is something bold and instant in Deila which can be refreshing.



    This Norwegian manager of Celtic is still a long way off from touching the coat-tails of some of his great predecessors. The pitfalls remain, and much evidence is yet to be stacked up – good or bad – before we can make a sound Deila judgement.



    But he has self-belief. He shows conviction. He doesn’t seem to lose his nerve. And there is a growing momentum around Deila now at Celtic which appears to augur well.



    So bring on Inter. Let’s see more of what Deila is about.

  3. For anyone going to Vegas for the NACSA hang in there.



    an Update from Tam I said in yesterdays email it was the Hilton well I made a mistake that is the hotel it used to be called the Hilton nothing much to report today problem is I have to wait till Friday till decision is made. The Riviera has asked me to get down there after Friday they will pay my flight. As some of you know I am in Florida right now so I may go down there on Sunday and look things over Monday then fly back to Florida Tuesday, by that time I should have some news. For anyone who has already booked I have told the hotel to tentatively move booking to this Hotel at same rates, they are now negotiating with the Westgate. Hail Hail Tam

  4. ernie lynch


    14:03 on


    17 February, 2015


    You can drink at football grounds in England.



    Nats want us to be different to the English in as many ways as possible.



    Therefore nats will oppose any change here that would bring us into line with England.



    It really is that simple.



    One absolute load of ridiculous bollox.The only thing sounding “Simple”is you.

  5. saltires en sevilla



    Good post. Took my dad along to see Still Game at the SSE Hydro and was massively impressed. My auld man was dissmissive. I think the design and ease of service was impressive. I think the concourses could do with an overhaul. I agree with the toilet facilities. I think the key to the North Stand is the road along Janefield Street which has to remain open for emergency vehicles. If that could be enclosed and a roof build you have ample opportunity to put in great facilities and thus create an indoor ring round the whole stadium for improved facilities. It may have been in Fergus’s thoughts but at that time the council and various other bodies did not exactly help with the building of our new ground and Fergus had to pay for the air above the graveyard which I believe cost £1m. I think the scope is there and there are improvements that can be made. I hope that the club are continually looking at ways to improve the match day experience for all attendees. Our ground is now around 20 years old. A lot can change in 20 years. Work is being done though. The front of Celtic Park with the Celtic Way is tremendous. The Kerrydale Suite has been a great addition for the ordinary fan. I guess we are just impatient which is no bad thing.



    Hopefully the club will get there.




  6. Any body that not booked through the fed, expedia ect I would woudnt contact them for till we have confirmed new hotel sometime next week then ask to have them change to the chosen hotel



    Oh and Paul I hope you didn’t mind me posting this, thank you Hail Hail.

  7. hebcelt


    15:24 on


    17 February, 2015


    ALfie you still lurking? Once more can you name the “Green Huns” who post on here. In the absence of a reply or names I’ll have to assume you do’nt have any – fair comment? H H Hebcelt





    Tell me your IQ – absence of a reply, I’ll have to assume you do’nt(sic) have any – fair comment? – maybe your one?

  8. Alfie Noakes.,


    With people such as you championing their cause,is it any wonder the SNP are on course to nearly obliterate the pathetic excuse for a Labour Party that you espouse.


    You are a first class trumpet.

  9. Alfie…



    Dear god man, Sheridan!!!



    A self serving demagogue of the first order.



    Your valid praise of the Labour Party (historical IMO) completely undermined by the reference to the charlatan.



    You are inclined to go over the top, again just my opinion, but this is a whole new level.



    Not that you’ll accept another point of view anyway…probably.

  10. saltires en sevilla-spot on,i think Pracepta and a few more on here maybe have a better solution ,in utilising the space outside the stadium better.I know a few guys who have been to the Etihad (i know..),but said the fan village at the park was really good ,great for families and not too expensive.


    NB- Keep any complaints down to 7 letters in future posts on here :) HH

  11. saltires en sevilla on




    I agree things do take time and there have been some cracking improvements



    but I’m just an impatient sod :-)




  12. Bada,



    Cheers. The postage does seem a bit dear but the girl in our work who deals in that tells me it’s over 6 quid to send out a letter in the manner that my semi tickets were.



    Internet fee bugs me too. I’d rather they just added a quid onto all tickets.




  13. Gearoid1998



    I merely mentioned that I will keep my own experiences off the blog as at present I feel a touch uncomfortable that I have mentioned them.



    The private advice I have already had earlier in thr day from another on the blog and the offer from Philbhoy are humbling and reassuring.



    I hope you understand my reticence in relation to my own personal situation. Mine is minor but I have very close experience of how truly debilitating and destructive it can be.




  14. lionroars67





    You and your ‘fellow travellers’ on here have no interest in the poor, or the working class. You shout about foodbanks – empty rhetoric?



    You all voted for YESNP just to get at the Rangers/the Orange Lodge etc – for your own selfish interests.



    You think that because the Ibrox mob wrap themselves in the Union Jack, that they are representative of the UK – they are most definitely NOT.



    There are some wonderful people in the UK – working class in places like – Newcastle/Manchester/Birmingham/Leeds/Sheffield/London/Cardiff/Belfast/Derry.



    Are you not ashamed to have voted YES against all these good people for a LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR’ reason – i.e. hatred of the Billy Boys.



    I voted NO to protect jobs, pensions. social benefits and living standards in Scotland – I don’t give a damn for the Billy Boys and I would NEVER let them force me into selling-out my class in Scotland, and in England, and in Wales, and in Northern Ireland.



    The ‘clique’ that you, and you like are in, and who espouse their hatred of the Labour Party and anyone who opposes your view, are almost a mirror image of the ‘klan’ and the Billy Boys – you support NOTHING except your narrow little festering interests – you are both so eaten up with hatred and ignore what real life is about.



    I am NOT Jim Murphy – but I tell you this – he is a GOOD man and a force for GOOD in Scotland and for GOOD measure, he is a BETTER Celtic man, than some of the impostors, who lurk and spread their hatred on this forum.

  15. saltires en sevilla on




    Aye, brevity isn’t my strong point.



    There is huge scope and good ideas out there




  16. justafan


    16:16 on


    17 February, 2015





    You should read things properly – I did NOT praise Sheridan – I stated an ironic fact.



    Do you know what IRONY is?

  17. Sir Paul



    Well,lad… This Time Ah must Disagree wi ye..



    Re…the “Rich versus Poor” Scenario..which ye Paint…



    Man.. Ah sure dae..






    “Doncha Know.. that..






    That’s the Real Reason why the Rich don’t Get Too Drunk..(In Public..that is.)



    But.. the “Commoners”…



    Soitenly.. Do ,Do.



    And reason why the Rich..Ur..”Different”?




    Why that’s because.. They HIv Made Thur Pile..n.. that’s because..



    The Hiv… MALAM… Which is anither wey of Saying






    They HIv ..UNCOMMON SENSE.(Which is an entirely Different Animal..than



    the Mair Prosaic..n.. “Common..”…so called.. “Common Sense.”






    And They Hiv Made Thir Pile.. n..they hiv done so..



    Because.. Well… They ur Ayewiz.. AHEID of the CURVE”



    (Jist Like.. Yersel.. Kiddo… YOU UR DIFFERENT TAE..n..



    DON’T ARGUE.. so Ah am sure that Sir Paul Brennan.. wid Never Dream of



    Making a Bloody Fool of Himsel.. in Public.. by Getting … Drunk n Disorderly.






    Yes,Virginia,, The Rich UR Different..






    They UR DIFFERENT.. frum the “HOi POLOI”.



    Yes.. the Rich ..UR .. DIfferent… n..







    That is Jist How it Is..



    Noo.. Ye ..Know..








    Still, Laughin’

  18. Bhoys regarding food outlets in and around Celtic Park .we need to get rid of these Snobs that run our club,that mob are only interested in them fans with cash, the ordinary fan can do with the usual stuff ,pie bovril ,chips.but the main man is only interested in his big bonus ,we supporters should have a vote as to who we want to run our club, after all we all invest a hellava lot of money ,and in return we are treated with contempt.

  19. Saltires en sevilla



    did you get up to Arrochar?


    Beinn an Lochan tomorrow for me




  20. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Alfie showing his true colours.


    Belfast and Derry in the so-called United Kingdom.


    Do not draw these fine Irish cities into your political agenda.

  21. Great stuff, Paul.


    We cater for the boozers, etc, but what about us eejits who smoke,eh? No where to have a crafty wee fag at all. Needs looked at.



    Yeah, before you all start, smokers are the last of a dying breed, and all their smoke damages everybody else, yadaya.



    Off for a puff




  22. Turkeybhoy


    16:15 on


    17 February, 2015



    Careful he’ll be telling you that Labour won’t lose a single seat to the SNP any minute.

  23. Tony Donnelly



    Not seen u post for a while , don’t be a stranger!



    I agree with the earlier point in that the toilets at Paradise should be better, ash trays would be good!!



    Only joking




  24. BTW CQN



    I am not jim murphy…………..will the real Jim Murphy show himself



    Ha Ha Ha

  25. Alfie Noakes @ 4.26



    Do you know what IRONY is?






    I know. It’s what John Collins says when ronnie asks in he’s put the cones out.



    Alfie, such mixed feelings about your posts. Each word of drivel moves us gradually but independently towards another referendum. But it’s drivel of such a draining type.



    I always try to apply the ‘pub rule’ on CQN. Perhaps you should to. In your case perhaps find a corner and counts the dots on your dominoes.



    HH jamesgang

  26. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    With the greatest of respect mate, passive smoking has killed thousands, maybe millions.

  27. Apols



    I typed inexorably. The iPhone typed independently.





    HH jamesgang

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