Ashely hates conflict


We’ve often talked about the only real danger to a football club: internecine strife:

Internecine, def: pertaining to conflict within a group, mutually destructive.

In football, your enemies can’t inflict permanent harm, that can only come from within.  This morning’s media cover threats from Sevconians to boycott (clearly in homage to Irish tradition) club/company products.  More power to their elbows, they should boycott every piece of tat Newco’s disparate IP rights holders churn out, apart from the occasional novelty duck.

Here’s the thing, before you turn the tanks inwards, you’d better be sure you’ve got the ‘What happens next?’ question sorted.  If you don’t, you’re playing a real life version of Lemmings.

Threatening Mike Ashley?  Aye sure, that’ll work, knock yourself out.  I’m sure Ashley’s known as a big pussy, he hasn’t got the money to face down the malcontents, either.  I bet he’s already writing his capitulation letter, “Dear Sevconians, by noticing that I can’t handle conflict you’ve outsmarted me.  The game’s up.”

What was it Charles Green told John Brown he would do to Ibrox?  Hmmm.

Blame the SFA, SPL, BBC, Celtic, Her Majesty’s lawyers, the Daily Record and Raith Rovers but you need to be on the inside to wreak havoc like this.

Interesting front opened by the English Premier League today on the copycat use of pyrotechnics at football games.  “Someone could get killed”, said policing minister Damian Green.  You’re 20 years out of date, Mr Green.

Here’s the problem: it’s possible to discharge one of these devices in a crowded area without accepting the safety/reputational/fine consequences.  Enormously invasive searches of unconnected people would be required to prevent pyros being taken into a stadium which is just not possible, eradication requires everyone to decide not to participate.

The only practical method I can see of stopping the use of pyrotechnics in Scottish football is to give Sports Direct exclusive distribution rights.  Who’d buy them then?

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  1. Can I Have Raspberry On That Champions League Ice Cream


    12:29 on


    3 December, 2013


    That was for Colin. God bless you pal



    Well done..

  2. Steinreignedsupreme on

    sipsini 12:13 on 3 December, 2013



    “I reckon, we all know they died. Sadly, their new fans seem to think they didn’t and that ideology is vigorously persuade by the press.



    “The problem we have is not playing the reincarnation but the horde that think they are the same. Hail Hail”



    Most Huns (Zombies in new money) were never going to openly accept the facts. Some of those have probably convinced themselves they follow the same club, but the majority are just being defiant.



    Defiance is all they have. I think that is hysterical that they put so much effort into arguing against indisputable facts. And no matter what happens in the future, they will continue with this approach.



    They have absolutely no chance of winning the Scottish Cup. But supposing the Devil worship and black magic helps them pull off a major shock and they do win it, what do you think will happen given they are unable to play in Europe?



    Well, they will invent another lie rather than accept the facts as to why the new club does not meet the requirements to take part in UEFA competitions. That is just the way it is.



    Just laugh at them. It infuriates them even more.




  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    garngadto croy



    Iaskedthis question yesterday. If Celticwinthe double does the UEFA place not go to aleague place ?



    Ifnot isthis why the resolutionhas been adjourned ?



    Ifit is …what happens ifsevco dont make the final ?




  4. Typical, after all my typing, Paul goes and posts a new article.


    Well here it is again:









    Given that there are no rules (no, not even bent, mishappen, even made up rules, designed to accommodate Sevco) which allow for any club (not holding company) to be demoted from the SPL to Division 3, and also there are no official statements made by the SFA or SPL or SFL that RFC were demoted from the SPL to division 3, clearly that didn’t happen.



    So, given this small but critical point, what can possibly account for Sevco FC being in the 3rd tier of Scottish football?



    There is in fact, only one explanation:



    Rangers Football Club (the club, not the holding company) are currently still in the throes of Liquidation. They still exist but have no licence to play anywhere in Scotland.



    Meanwhile, the brand new club, Sevco FC were given immediate entry into Division 3 from nowhere, in complete breach of every rule in the book and with the assistance of many an ‘honest mistake’ (which of course gave them no sporting advantage whatsoever) and have now climbed to the lofty peak of the 3rd tier of Scottish football.



    So, Mr Ogilvie and every other Sevco sympathiser, can you please explain how come, if indeed Sevco are still the same club known as Rangers FC, how come they are down in the 3rd tier of Scottish football.



    They (RFC) were not relegated.


    They were not demoted.


    They were not punished by casting them down 3 divisions.


    If I am wrong here, please show me the official statement by the SFA or any other governing body which explicitly states the charges against RFC, the verdict of the trial and of course, the official punishment given to RFC?






    Of course not. Because it didn’t happen.



    RFC lost their licence. They have no licence. They are undergoing liquidation.



    Sevco FC are a brand new club (not holding company) with only 1 year of inglorious history.

  5. A delegation from the Dutch side, headed up


    by Chief Executive Hans Nijland and technical


    director Henk Veldmate met their counterparts


    at Celtic last week and attended the match


    with AC Milan.


    The two clubs first made contact during the


    summer over the transfer of Virgil van Dijk


    which was concluded swiftly and businesslike.


    Nijland told respected Dutch magazine


    Voetbal International: “Celtic and Groningen


    have built up a great relationship since the


    summer transfer of Virgil van Dijk.”


    Celtic have links to clubs in India, Mexico and


    the USA but a deal with Groningen is likely to


    be of most value on the football front with


    Holland recognised as one of the best nations


    for producing footballers.


    Gaining a real insight into emerging players in


    Holland and having an outlet to loan players


    out to would bring multiple benefits for Neil




    Ever since the £1.5m signing of Pierre van


    Hooijdonk in 1995 Holland has been one of


    the most popular destinations for Celtic to


    find players with Henrik Larsson and Jan


    Vennegoor of Hesselink also arriving from the




    As well as van Dijk, Celtic signed Derk


    Boerrigter from Ajax in the summer with


    players from Holland usually adapting quickly


    to the Scottish game adapting quickly to the


    language and weather.


    Having a club to loan players out to would


    also be a big benefit with striker Tony Watt


    currently with Lierse in the Belgian League.


    Further talks between the two clubs are on-


    going with further developments expected


    early in the new year.


    Groningen are currently sitting in fifth place in


    Eredivisie, six points behind leaders Vitesse.

  6. can i have raspberry on that champions league ice cream,



    I remember you mentioning your friend the other night, sincere condolences if Colin was indeed the friend you were talking about.




  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Most dutch players speak better English than Scottish players anyway.




  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Mea Culpa 12.32



    Spot on. Why did they not challenge the “relegation”? Surely there can be no grounds for a club finishing second in the league to be relegated.



    As for the “transfer of membership” – why the need to transfer membership from one club to the SAME club??? Makes no sense at all.

  9. benjybhoy mul



    12:35 on 3 December, 2013



    That’s Mcalpine, not Burnie.



    Just as screechy, whiney and scary looking though.





    I actually think the sevconians are 100% correct on this.



    Ashley’s empire is vast,his shops are everywhere. He has made previously niche and upmarket brands available to the masses.



    Destroying their value in the process,of course,but making a fortune at he same time.



    Yet his vast empire-as you know,a word sevconians are inordinately fond of-is unable to shift even a fraction of the million kits per year that any well-run organisation could do with one hand tied behind their back (like,for example,having no retail infrastructure worthy of the name)



    I too am going to continue my boycott-I like the aside,btw-of this store in support of sevco.



    Well,actually,it’s because if you feel you need a wash after visiting a shop,don’t go back.

  11. Good afternoon.


    While glad we drew Aberdeen at home, For what should be a good, competitive cuptie, I do feel a wee bit sorry for them, Aberdeen.


    For them to succeed in the cup this year, they have to travel to Glasgow to take on the city’s top two sides.




  12. benjybhoy mul


    12:35 on


    3 December, 2013





    Give us a bit of warning that it’s Nationalist crap you’re linking mate. Thanks





    Lovely stuff,bud.



    My sincere condolences to his family and friends.




  14. Re January Transfer Window



    I think that given our biggest games are now the CL qualifiers from July (ish) this is our big window to get players in and bedded in. We are unlikely to experience teams with a much greater budget than us in the CL qualifiers, so as long as we are prepared we should be able to qualify.



    I agree with NFL’s comments that we need a No.9 (i.e. Hooper replacement) and a No. 10 (i.e. a younger Kris Commons/Nakamura type). I also think we need to keep a British core to the side – but I am not sure where we can find these players in the UK Market (which I take to mean primarily the SFPL and the English Championship).



    I would love to see the youngster from Dundee Utd join us, but (1) that may be expensive; and (2) we would need to ensure he had a solid path to the first team if he was not in the side from the start.

  15. steinreignedsupreme



    12:31 on 3 December, 2013,



    I find the Fenian smirk as they call it does the trick.



    A blue and a maroon hun had a wee disagreement on the dayshift yesterday in work…it went like this.



    Blue hun… How p**h were your mob against the micks?



    Maroon hun….we were that bad they didn’t even need their trainer on, no fight!



    Blue hun… Probably just as well, he would probably have scored.

  16. Twitter



    So the SFA V Rangers were represented by Levy McCrae whose senior partner PWatson is in business with PMurray, Bain,McLelland,Gourlay

  17. Rangers fan group threatens to boycott club merchandise in new bid to oust Board





    Derek Miller



    Tuesday 3 December 2013



    A RANGERS supporters group has said it may stop buying merchandise and season tickets if changes are not made at the annual general meeting.



    The threat comes ahead of a meeting on December 19 when the incumbent board seeks to repel moves by a group of requisitioners to make changes into how the club is run and by who.



    The Sons of Struth yesterday emailed Rangers shareholders, including Mike Ashley with whose company the club has signed a retail agreement, to “make clear that if all existing board members are not removed at the AGM we will use fan power to stop buying Rangers products, including strips and other products”.



    Mr Ashley’s Sports Direct company agreed a deal with the club, under the then leadership of Charles Green, to sell merchandise at his stores.



    The Sons of Struth, named after the legendary Rangers manager Bill, will also protest before tonight’s league match with Forfar Athletic at Ibrox.



    A statement from the group stated it was still not happy “with the corporate governance, business acumen or trustworthiness of the current board of directors”. It added: “We can not support them or their aims.”



    The group, which claims it has strong support from other fan organisations, says it will continue its campaign up until the agm and added: “If after the current board are still in place then we could as customers stop buying season tickets, match day hospitality, club merchandise, match day catering and match day magazines. We have faith in the shareholders to do the right thing at the agm.”



    The statement lists the Rangers Supporters Assembly, Rangers Supporters’ Association and the Rangers Supporters’ Trust as among the bodies “who agree with the aims of the Sons of Struth”.



    However, any boycott would be a significant escalation of protest and it is unclear how fully that would be supported by fans.



    The requisitioners, led by Jim McColl of Clyde Blowers, seek to have four nominated businessmen elected to the Ibrox board at the agm and are specifically urging the removal of finance director Brian Stockbridge.



    Ally McCoist, the Rangers manager, has appealed to fans over setting off flares at matches after the pitch at Falkirk was damaged on Saturday.



    The Scottish Football Association has called for an investigation after the synthetic surface was burned by a flare launched from the stands after the final whistle of the Scottish Cup fourth-round tie, a game Rangers won 2-0.

  18. Good article Paul67….



    “In football, your enemies can’t inflict permanent harm, that can only come from within”



    Think you’re right here, but Big Jock winning The Big Cup sent them on one hell of a doomsday chase, that eventually killed them.

  19. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    The invasive policing certainly worked at Tynecastle on Sunday. The Celtic support had to pass through 4 intermittent banks of police before reaching the turnstiles.

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo



    12:23 on



    3 December, 2013




    Because if Ogilvie is still in post by then, then for me the game is corrupt beyond repair.



    I will still watch games on TV etc, but I’ll not give it any of my emotional energy. I will still want Celtic to win of course but no point taking part in getting involved in what happens outside the 90 minutes if the outcome is predetermined no matter what..



    One of the benefits of being away is that you do not get the papers or hear phone ins and can choose whether or not to get involved via blogs. It is quite peaceful actually.

  21. antipodean red on

    Just posted this after the new article was posted






    I’m down in Halls Head, Mandurah plenty of Tim’s down here as well, we just got a wee club set up this year, meet at Friar Tucks for any reasonably timed games, it’s Celtic TV for everything else.






    I can just about remember the Institute, it was in a state of disrepair when I was inside. Joe Cairns used to ask us questions about the previous days games either before or after his sermon at Sunday mass, probably the most enjoyable masses that I ever attended, don’t know if you remember Tim McGlynn up at St Margaret’s, he used to call folks “pie face” and other one liners from the pulpit, quite a character, now sadly gone, took half of Whitecrook, on a double decker, to Stirling one day for a “shot” on his mates helicopter and a few shots at the clay pigeon range.



    A wee funny from a guy I worked with a few years ago, he was about 14 and going to the Institute on a Friday night. He see’s this Hun and asks him what the feck he’s doing in the Institute, a fight breaks out and our man throws the Hun down that long steep flight of stairs. The polis are called and our man is taken to Hall Street for questioning. His Da is called for and arrives extremely angry that plod has his bhoy in for fighting. At this, senior plod walks in with a sword, “does this weapon belong to you young man”‘ our man replies, naw, no mine, never seen it before. Senior plod says, “ok, it’s just that your name’s inscribed on it and we found it under the seat in the van that brought you here”. Cue a few severe slaps about the head for our man from his auld man………..for getting caught!


    No charges laid, all settled domestically.




  22. Paul 67,



    It’s civil war over there. The sons of struth not truth may I add, the ff and ub are threatening boycotts. Whereas rm are mainly against.



    A good laughin is a coming.

  23. Ashley is an accident waiting to happen for them.



    He bought Original Shoe Co a while back and when the Scottish HQ staff were enjoying the Scottish Bank Holiday on 2nd January he sent up a fleet of lorries to clear the place out.



    He kept the redundancies at one below the number required to make certain provisions for consultation etc and of the staff retained he ensured their working hours were as awkward and uncomfortable as possible. I know one chap who was required to travel to Poole in Dorset to check store displays.



    He doesn’t take prisoners. They should be afraid.

  24. Very pleased ‘the draw’ kept Celtic away from the new club, and MSM


    were prevented in being able to say ‘Old Firm’ another million times


    for the time being, as per their reinvigorated, pre prepared agenda.



    Celtic, if we progress, will face every difficult hurdle en route to the final


    whilst Sevco will avoid any SPL challenge away from their graveyard,


    by which time Sevconia will have whipped itself into a frenzy for the


    Celtic Park showdown, in search of the perfect end to their, penury.



    They will descend on Celtic Park with full attendance equality, then be


    roundly thrashed, in an embarrassingly one sided final. The faux


    followers will refuse to leave until their new team has done a lap of


    honour, because they faced their nemisis, and got humped


    at the first time of asking, by the club that killed their club.

  25. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘It’s civil war over there. ‘



    – or a remake of ‘Life of Brian’.



    ‘The statement lists the Rangers Supporters Assembly, Rangers Supporters’ Association and the Rangers Supporters’ Trust as among the bodies “who agree with the aims of the Sons of Struth”.’




  26. Oglach from this morning



    I may be wrong but In my relatively short time posting on CQN, 2-3 years, I have noted an ever increasing bias against those who chose to question the board, or indeed any group that is anything other than politically centre right.



    First of all, get yourself back on here as soon as you feel fit for it.



    Secondly, “bias” is the wrong word, as it suggests a prejudice. This is a platform and it is fairly neutral, with the main rules being “biased” against swearing and defamation. Sure, there is an editorial occasionally from Paul67 in some articles but me and you and many others are free to disagree and exercise that option frequently. There is no curtailment of opposing views. However, if you afford yourself the liberty of making a criticism, then you have to expect that others will argue back if they feel differently. As Tom McGlaughlin says, we all tend to notice the criticism/abuse directed at positions and arguments close to our own while dismissing criticism/abuse against the opposing view as banter or a legitimate point. I would be very surprised to see that defense of the board was a majority opinion on here but my position on this is open to being tested.



    When you return, why do you not propose a wee vote on who here is broadly in favour of the Board’s strategy and who is against. I would predict that the against votes would win, contrary to your assertion.



    Finally, I see no crossover or conflation in being left wing, socialist or centre-left and being a supporter of the Board strategy. There is nothing in my socialist or republican outlook which tells me that there is a natural opposition to the football and finance strategy of the Celtic club or plc. Of course, the lot of them are overpaid, as are directors the world over, but I am very comfortable in considering myself a socialist and defending a “pay your own way and do not spend the children’s cash” football finance strategy.



    Haste ye back!

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