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You and I are old enough to remember the grief when a star player left to go to England.  Today, with Odsonne Edouard’s anticipated departure, grief is replaced by relief.  This is nothing to do with the player’s ability, he will be missed on the field, but success on the grass is determined by the astuteness in the Asset Management game.  If Celtic are to enhance their chances with the former, they need to optimise the latter.  Eddie has to leave with financial compensation coming the other way.

Whatever Crystal Palace pay, a significant portion will to go Paris Saint-Germain (widely reported as 40%).  We paid €10m when the player signed permanently in 2018, so although the money will have an impact on current and future trading, we will scarcely break even on the player, a sign that his value (€10m plus sell-on clause) did not appreciate during his time in Glasgow.

Ryan Christie, like Stuart Armstrong three years ago, is one I hoped we would be able to hold onto.  Ryan spent three years going nowhere (if you discount loans to Inverness and Aberdeen) before he transformed Celtic when coming on as a halftime substitute against Hearts at Murrayfield in October 2018.  Celtic started that season poorly with Brendan Rodgers unable to conjure a fix until a series of injuries gave Ryan his chance.  He played a significant role in rescuing Celtic’s season, and Brendan’s reputation, as they secured the Treble Treble and remained a key player in the subsequent treble and European campaigns.

Money talks and Celtic players listen when wages above £50k per week are mentioned (Edouard will earn significantly above this).  With only six months left on his current deal, I doubt we will earn much for Ryan, but the principle remains the same; churn them before they leave for free.

Filipe Jota and Georgios Giakoumakis are waiting in the tunnel, so the ‘F5 hours’ should be busy.

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  1. SAINT STIVS on 31ST AUGUST 2021 12:11 PM


    Griff official to Dundee on a seasons loan.







    Eddie official subject to Medical,







    Ryan between Bournemouth and Burnley. with a fee to be announced.







    The want aways that you wanted away, are away, whits you shifting the moaning onto now ?














    rubs hands in a scrooge mcduck type capitalistic manner.

  2. We can’t gamble and wait till January, for players AP knows from Japan,the £40 million for winning the league should be enough to speculate on 3 or 4 in now.

  3. BIG WAVY on 31ST AUGUST 2021 12:23 PM


    Jota is free.





    Lovric is £5m.







    There’s your asset management in practice….










    Only free for a season,then 6.5 million.Maybe the boy will set the place alight,who knows.Wee Paddy did.


    Think Lovric is available for 4.5 million Euros.

  4. one big advantage in buying Lovren instead of Jota is that


    he is a Croat like our new full back from Croatia


    and having 2 Croats would help each other blend in



    Plus from the video Lovren looks a player

  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Caveat – unless the plan is to hold it all back to bring in some Kyogo style talent during Japanese off season in January, which allows us to motor home to,glory. Which would actually make sense and I would take all the criticism back.

  6. Jamesgang



    Re wrong site. I have often had the very same thought !


    Will you be able to go to any games anytime soon?



    Have to go. I`ll check later .


    Cheerio for now.

  7. Watching highlights of game its mental how often we gave them back easy possession thru misplaced much as we need more physicality in the team we need play with more composure and be braver on the ball.

  8. i dont think the issue is mckay – the issue is Bankier! Didn’t he say we will be looking at the side through a different lens?



    It really is quite simple – we have a good manager who has revitalized the football team/club and peaked everyones interest. HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING!



    He has identified CRITICAL gaps in the side IF……IF we aspire to winning the league and rebuilding euro reputation.



    So far Hart, Kyogo, Abada and Josip look like positives.



    Mcarthy and Scales – risky (one is injury and looks legless, the other is potential untried at this level)



    Anyone watching Celtic knows we are desperate for a commanding CH – Are the board prepared to gamble with Scales while waiting for Julien (who was never convincing) .



    We will learn today just how much we want the title – win it and they are financially crippled. Lose it an dyet again we give them a survival shot in the arm.



    WOULD YOU FOR ONCE CELTIC – Use your financial muscle and give the manager what he wants/needs!!

  9. Hi Jim



    The gorgeous Hutchybhoy and his equally handsome brother have taken my tickets for the season.



    And as a self confessed Covid feartie, I think I’ll be avoiding big crowds for a while yet.



    But while not wanting to go all Vera Lynn on you, ‘we’ll meet again….’



    Happy/safe cycling



    HH jg

  10. Jota will have a loan fee,maybe 500k,the loan market is a huge moneymaker for Clubs, as it helps them around FFP,a guy moved yesterday, 2 year loan €6 million loan fee.

  11. In my opinion, selling Eddie is the right thing to do.


    Parting is such sweet sorrow, though financially negligent to run down his value for potentially little return this season.


    We need to be backfilling.


    The defence needs a lot of work.


    I’m not sure if we’ve the options to improve things today.


    Fingers remain arthritically crossed

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    P67 does like his revisionist articles, BR’s reputation restored by RC, I’m sure that’s what kept his compensation fee down to £9m.



    Whatever we get for the sales of OE and RC should be invested in this window, surely we should be looking at the loan market? As someone on another site posted it took us 7 weeks to sign 7 players not much hope we’ll be signing anyone else after the two guys waiting in the tunnel. Surely even 6 month loans if we’re going to look at the Asian markets.



    To those leaving, thanks for living my dream, you’ll never have it so good again. Good luck, thanks and goodbye.

  13. Freedom for Faith



    As many of you know, COVID lockdown prevented people in Scotland participating I communal worship and when it was allowed again there were significant restrictions that prevented people going to communal religious services or public prayer.



    This did not just affect regular weekly/daily worship but prevented many people attending significant services including funerals and weddings.



    Canon Tom White took a personal action against the Scottish Government and his case was upheld, stating that the ban on worship and some of the restrictions imposed were illegal. The time has now come to pay the legal bill (this week) which is in excess of £100,000. We have raised a significant sum so far but are still short and need another £25,000 so we are making one final push to see if we can bridge the gap. We appreciate that this is a lot of money to raise in a week but if everyone who receives this message and supports us sends it to their own friends and contacts then we may be able to raise the money.



    Remember, this is not just a victory for the Catholic faith but has allowed freedom of worship for all other Christian faiths, the Muslim faith, the Sikh faith, the Hindu faith, the Jewish faith and followers of any organised religion so please share it as widely as you can. Thank you.



    Anyone who wishes to can contribute here:

  14. VFR,



    nice to see you posting.


    As an aside I thought Canon White was tremendous at the unveiling ceremony.



    “Anyone watching Celtic knows we are desperate for a commanding CH – Are the board prepared to gamble with Scales while waiting for Julien (who was never convincing) ”



    Julien was immense in the air in the League Cup Final, never gave Goldson or any other person in their team one header at goal in the whole game, he also scored the winner. I do remember his displays v Livingston at kick-outs etc, not great, but we could work on his positioning for those, but at set-pieces he is immense.

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “we will scarcely break even on the player, a sign that his value (€10m plus sell-on clause) did not appreciate during his time in Glasgow”




    Lazy journalism, Paul. His value was significantly higher in 2020, the natural time to sell.


    The problem with the buy-develop-sell model is that it only works when you have a manager who can develop. If you go off script the whole thing falls apart.


    If players aren’t getting their move, aren’t getting Champions League football and aren’t developing then don’t be surprised if they aren’t happy. And don’t be surprised if unhappy players don’t play so well. Then guess what happens to results…..




    “Brendan Rodgers unable to conjure a fix until a series of injuries gave Ryan his chance. He played a significant role in rescuing Celtic’s season”




    Even lazier journalism! We had scored ten goals in our previous two leagues games prior to the semi-final. Hardly struggling!

  17. I have zero expectation that that this window will close with us having invested or strengthened as much as we or the manager would have like.


    We are mainly reasonable people and understand some constraints but our board continues to under invest and underwhelm in equal measure.


    Transfer fee surplus is very significant for a club of our size and our league however the wage surplus must be HUGE given those having left and this brought in.


    So ticks all round for the bean counters and same old same old for the football supporters.

  18. “As someone on another site posted it took us 7 weeks to sign 7 players not much hope we’ll be signing anyone else after the two guys waiting in the tunnel.”



    7 weeks! is an am amazingly short time to do 7 deals!!! How many staff do you think we have to work on contracts? 1 probably with assistants, por cierto.

  19. !!BADA BING!! @ 12:35 PM,



    That’s very interesting, he maybe overstating the case for lack of sectarianism outside Rangers but when I’ve come across it, it has been either elderly ex-pat Scots on a few occasions but predominantly Rangers supporters.



    He is spot on, it’s that nettle that needs to be grasped.



    Hail Hail

  20. CHAIRBHOY on 31ST AUGUST 2021 12:59 PM


    !!BADA BING!! @ 12:35 PM



    My own personal experience – effectively half century of personal anecdotes – is that I’ve too often been surprised and disappointed to find significant degrees of anti Catholic and anti Irish prejudice among people of whom I’d have expected much better.



    And while it’s more obvious the closer you are to Glasgow, it permeates to a degree across much of Scotland.



    Trainspotting2 is brutally well observed in that regard.



    HH jg

  21. PLB



    Re J League potential There is a risk we may agree on something.



    Our challenge is to have enough in the tank to be competitive until then.



    I feel Jota is a risk as a Christie replacement but then Christie was a risk as Christie.



    Ajeti has not been given a chance since he has obviously ‘shaped up’ this past 3 months. The new Greek chap won’t have to offer much to be giving more than Ed.



    Scales is well rated as a CH and Julien is decent as cover for almost all games up until January.



    Will McCarthy ( a big signing ) stay fit enough to allow Callum to be a more forward influencing player is the question ? And can Soro step up in the next 4 months if he can’t if he cannot ?



    Montgomery should be given a chance on the left on the basis of all evidence so far.



    I get others will want more. For me there is no point of not better.

  22. Happy to lose Eddy, Christie & Griffith’s as none of them really wanted to be there.



    There is a another few ideally who should go as well Ajeti, Barkas etc



    We are still going to be 5 first team players away from where we needed to be for a strong starting 11 to match up to sevco when it matters or for Europe. The board have let the manager down and the league will be done by Christmas.



    It’s amazing how many Celtic fans think this has been a good window even allowing for our ground zero start. We were too slow, cheapskate and with poor planning have come up significantly short. This is not on Ange when it goes south although some will lambast him as the scapegoat. The guy has principles and he will walk sooner than later.



    Can’t wait to have that bundle of fun Kennedy back. Rather than rinse and repeat just give the guy the job it will save him building tunnels under Ange.



    Celtic total amateurs.

  23. We knew last October we needed players and a new manager.



    So its not just in the last few hours that we have known or been trying to get players in.



    Up to £50 miliion in sales and a £40 million bounty at stake for the league and I would say our custodians have not done the best for our club.



    Get rid of the board, I know I could do better. No ifs no buts.



    Shocking management from our board over the last decade to stagnate nay go backwards at an alarming rate is unforgivable.



    in Ange we trust not the board.



    D :)

  24. B78



    I feel Jota is a risk as a Christie replacement but then Christie was a risk as Christie.






    V droll. Too true!



    HH jg

  25. from the last league game of last season:



    6 starters gone


    1 sub gone


    One starter now a sub (Barkas)


    4 or 5 who were out the picture are now also gone



    Pretty savage turnover



    i think Bain is the only Rodgers signing left

  26. Griff has to go after his off field shite started again. He has done very little over the last few years in the hoops.



    Eduard is a great footballer when he can be arsed. It was a pleasure watching him in full flow, easily the best player in the league but the eduard we have been watching



    It’s hard to tell how prepared we are for the season because we have not saw much of the new players training or playing. My own view is.



    We have a better manager with a very clear plan than was the case last season.



    Gk – Hart is an upgrade is upgrade



    Rb – JURANOVIC is an upgrade on any other from last season



    CB – starfelt is a downgrade on ajer, rest of the players are no worse



    LB – as you were, Montgomery seems a decent option too.



    CM – added mccarthy, shaw, but look while losing christie. ntcham and brown contributed nowt on the pitch last year so are no big loss. Still thin we are little weaker here until mccarthy an should he still has it.



    LW – did we have a left winger last year? jota (if signed) and johnson, keyago if necessary may offer little more depth.



    RW – forrest, abada, dembelle are upgrade.



    Forward – Greek boy (if happens), keyago, ajita onboard. Eduard and griff gone. 50/50 based on last years showings.




  27. DAVID66 on 31ST AUGUST 2021 1:15 PM


    We knew last October we needed players and a new manager.




    Since Cluj 2019 IMHO. No way the club was gong to admit the mistake that early though

  28. The stagnation years, a generation of going backwards.



    A decade of mis management.



    What does success look like then ?

  29. hook or by crook, Angie will have his team tomorrow. the end of the beginning



    hoping for a last minute Frimpong.



    ” shopping and housework ” @Celtic Park tonight.






    be well


    hail hail




  30. Celtic leaving it a little late with new signings for my liking. There simply won’t be enough time for me to assess any incomer’s YouTube highlights on The Zurawski Scale.




  31. We’ll that’s certainly an unwanted record to have – the largest sell on fee ever negotiated. My God was Lawwell intoxicated when he signed off on it ?

  32. LUCKY CODY on 31ST AUGUST 2021 1:13 PM



    Sounds like you want Ange to be unhappy.



    Amateur trolling 🤣😂

  33. success isnt the destination its the journey



    gets a 9/10 from me.



    some folk concentrate on so much doom and gloom cant see the magic of a sunnyday.



    be happy


    be well


    live in peace




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