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You and I are old enough to remember the grief when a star player left to go to England.  Today, with Odsonne Edouard’s anticipated departure, grief is replaced by relief.  This is nothing to do with the player’s ability, he will be missed on the field, but success on the grass is determined by the astuteness in the Asset Management game.  If Celtic are to enhance their chances with the former, they need to optimise the latter.  Eddie has to leave with financial compensation coming the other way.

Whatever Crystal Palace pay, a significant portion will to go Paris Saint-Germain (widely reported as 40%).  We paid €10m when the player signed permanently in 2018, so although the money will have an impact on current and future trading, we will scarcely break even on the player, a sign that his value (€10m plus sell-on clause) did not appreciate during his time in Glasgow.

Ryan Christie, like Stuart Armstrong three years ago, is one I hoped we would be able to hold onto.  Ryan spent three years going nowhere (if you discount loans to Inverness and Aberdeen) before he transformed Celtic when coming on as a halftime substitute against Hearts at Murrayfield in October 2018.  Celtic started that season poorly with Brendan Rodgers unable to conjure a fix until a series of injuries gave Ryan his chance.  He played a significant role in rescuing Celtic’s season, and Brendan’s reputation, as they secured the Treble Treble and remained a key player in the subsequent treble and European campaigns.

Money talks and Celtic players listen when wages above £50k per week are mentioned (Edouard will earn significantly above this).  With only six months left on his current deal, I doubt we will earn much for Ryan, but the principle remains the same; churn them before they leave for free.

Filipe Jota and Georgios Giakoumakis are waiting in the tunnel, so the ‘F5 hours’ should be busy.

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  1. SAINT STIVS on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2021 11:17 AM


    Ange is on the verge of quitting because he has been sold a pup from Dom who is really just Peters puppet.







    I dont care what they say.



    Who are “They”.You can’t just leave us hanging.What timeline would you give Ange for quitting.

  2. I’ve been known to be highly critical of Celtic on a number of fronts over the many years I’ve been a supporter – just ask my son. With the transfer closed I’m sensing a mixture of abject pessimism and unfounded optimism on our prospects. I think we’re going to have to take a deep breath and wait and see how this plays out, We have a new manager, a new system and 13 new players. With the best will in the world all of that will take time to gel. And yep, the retort will be ‘we don’t have time’ but the reality is – we are where we are (for whatever reasons). This transfer window is a starting point for me. Given the postion we are trying to recover from, I’ll be happy with incremental improvements in the coming weeks and months and hopefully we give the manager and the new players some breathing space to get things right on the park. Progress will easily be measured by how close we are to The Rangers come the next transfer window.

  3. ILJASB on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2021 10:55 AM



    I wish I’d read back I before posted. Lol – what he (or she) said.

  4. One thing I will say about PHIL.He is bang on about the Hun finances.They are in dire straits.How they are surviving,well,that’s anyone’s guess.Just how much money can be pumped in by the Board?It cannot go on forever.They owe money everywhere.They have Covid to thank for not having to pay out to SD,but it’s still looming.They are a law unto themselves,but there has to be a Perfect Storm approaching.If we do win the League this season,every chance it’s next year.

  5. Expanding on the ‘fast track bully’ point earlier; I think we very could be such this year and if so, that is a massive improvement on last year.



    We struggled to beat most SPFL teams and a good few of our draws were spawny in the extreme.



    If we keep beating all comers comfortably, we will have a great chance of the league, even if we can’t beat The Rangers.



    Teams who sit back and have muscle in the midfield will nullify The Rangers into more draws than us.



    The next test will be to see if we can be winners, if not bullies, away from home. Livi on 19 Sep after Betis away will be that test.



    I feel like we have moved from 94/95 into 96/96.

  6. An incarnation of the hun will always be allowed to exist in football terms. It sits within that wider social malaise that holds back modern Scotland and needs a social outlet when the marches aren’t on.



    I think all we can hope for is that the malevolent impact it brings diminishes by the generation but it’s a helluva slow burner.



    Not what I’d wanna write but just being realistic.




  7. Funny reading the outrage of some fans on the Jack Hendry fiasco.Absolutely disgusted that we loaned him out with an option to buy to Oostende,who sold him to Brugge for 10 million.Great business for the wee club.


    They are blaming everyone ,except themselves and the thousands of others who called the player for everything,offering to drive the Taxi mob,hounding the guy out of Celtic Park.


    Come back to bite their arse,and they are not happy.

  8. Big Wavy


    Spot on – good to see you posting




    I must be living in a parallel dimension – in this one Jack Hendry was no use in the


    rough and tumble SPL. He may be thriving in a more technical league – good luck to him

  9. Now that the window has slammed shut , Ange can crack on the coaching thing … create space wide … fast wingers , balls screeching across the box for the new blokes to sweep in.



    Dom on the other hand can spend more time getting us up to world class …. Anytime you hear that alarm bells start to ring that behind the scenes There are pockets of rubbish , outdated thinking and behaviour …



    I suspect we are in a position where all the sports techie stuff including recruitment needs to step up several notches (with or without ) current encumbents … the political hot potato of. DoF will be avoided and once Dom and Ange have worked out the what , Dom will hire a Technical Director to make sure it happens avoids media frenzy trying to split manager and DoF …



    After that how to get the best external advice into the club and my guess will be changes in the boardroom, fresh blood , new ideas … Dom proposal to Dermot



    … back to the footie … we just need to stand up to the Hun …. 18 months before we are really flying

  10. TB,



    Football remains a place where typically men (although changing) come together to vent the week’s frustrations (as they do on here). It just is. It’s not a place where copies of Strength Finders sit on our laps and we typically delve into the power of positive psychology. Tribal, guteral utterences only.



    I don;t think we are anywhere near as bad as others (and I do go to the odd Arsenal game where it’s now beyond toxic) but It’s why shirts don’t shrink and all that at Celtic Park.



    Jack’s time with us, like others, wasn;t inspiring. Having watched him at the Euros I’m not sure I seen the growth but fair play to the kid, deserves his chance of fame and fortune and won;t begrudge him that.




  11. See how everyone panicing about the huns getting the 40m bounty if they win the title this year. Surely their debt just now will be miles out of the FFP rules? Did they not get in this year due to covid? Just asking as I don’t really care and I am pretty chuffed with our window, part 1 of the rebuild complete.



    Don’t get the negativity on here at times.






  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    TB – me and WeeBGFC did actually quite like Jack Hendry – thought there was a silky defender in there, and he had height – we were very much in the minority.



    Agree with Big Wavy above re: atmosphere compared to some other grounds. Hate the prevalent English interchangeable chant you hear at many games – “You’re sh!t and you know you are” – how unpleasant, un-humorous and unimaginative is that?!?!



    Was massively annoyed to listen to the numpties from ‘The Bhoys’ – the wee gang of leery neds who sit above us in the Jock Stein top tier belting out a similarly monotonous ‘song’ aimed at Dundee during the 6-nil game.



    Something along the lines – “Dundee is sh!t. Dundee is sh!t. Dundee is sh!t….” ad infinitum. Bunch of total numpties.






  13. I have to say I’m reasonably happy with the window. Brought in some good, seasoned pros used to playing in leagues of a higher standard. Sorry to see French Eddy and Christie of the treble treble seasons go, the ones of this last 18 months not so much. They wouldn’t re-sign, got good money for them, thanks and good luck.


    MOTD pundits? If they weren’t paid eye watering amounts of money thanks to the tv licence payers, it would be funny. Has Shearer EVER offered one insight in all the years he’s been on? Describing what’s evident to everyone watching is NOT analysis! His agent is a miracle worker!

  14. MADMITCH on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2021 9:55 AM



    It’s just my assumption that we won’t part with £6.5m for young Jota when we didn’t do similar with Paddy Roberts at the end of his first season. I also think that every penny is a prisoner at the moment (the reason we didn’t go for Ali McCann?) and that the money will be prioritised for other (defensive and midfield) positions.



    Those are my reasons but I am in absolute agreement with you that whenever we are on an even keel financially we should be spending those sort of sums on young precocious talents for our coaches to improve and develop and to realise large transfer fees when they decide they want to move on.