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You and I are old enough to remember the grief when a star player left to go to England.  Today, with Odsonne Edouard’s anticipated departure, grief is replaced by relief.  This is nothing to do with the player’s ability, he will be missed on the field, but success on the grass is determined by the astuteness in the Asset Management game.  If Celtic are to enhance their chances with the former, they need to optimise the latter.  Eddie has to leave with financial compensation coming the other way.

Whatever Crystal Palace pay, a significant portion will to go Paris Saint-Germain (widely reported as 40%).  We paid €10m when the player signed permanently in 2018, so although the money will have an impact on current and future trading, we will scarcely break even on the player, a sign that his value (€10m plus sell-on clause) did not appreciate during his time in Glasgow.

Ryan Christie, like Stuart Armstrong three years ago, is one I hoped we would be able to hold onto.  Ryan spent three years going nowhere (if you discount loans to Inverness and Aberdeen) before he transformed Celtic when coming on as a halftime substitute against Hearts at Murrayfield in October 2018.  Celtic started that season poorly with Brendan Rodgers unable to conjure a fix until a series of injuries gave Ryan his chance.  He played a significant role in rescuing Celtic’s season, and Brendan’s reputation, as they secured the Treble Treble and remained a key player in the subsequent treble and European campaigns.

Money talks and Celtic players listen when wages above £50k per week are mentioned (Edouard will earn significantly above this).  With only six months left on his current deal, I doubt we will earn much for Ryan, but the principle remains the same; churn them before they leave for free.

Filipe Jota and Georgios Giakoumakis are waiting in the tunnel, so the ‘F5 hours’ should be busy.

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  1. Oops! My feed is miles behind Bada’s. The pic of Eddie in the Palace strip is the happiest I’ve seem him look in nearly 18 months, BTW.

  2. So far,don’t know if we have backed the right horse with Jota,and would have liked Mc Can in.Happy with the striker,and Juranovic.


    If Jota is a success,then we are stronger in the complete window.




    Wonder if it will review the Saudi flight on the prog.the only flight to leave after flight shutdown.contained a lot of interesting binladen connection.keep a wee eye out,not for to long as you’ll be dead before its shown am sure:-)




  4. SONNAIGH 8.32



    Wonder if it will review the Saudi flight on the prog.the only flight to leave after flight shutdown.contained a lot of interesting binladen connection.keep a wee eye out,not for to long as you’ll be dead before its shown am sure:-)




  5. Go tell the Spartim on




    I didn’t even know they were a thing, maybe their 20 minutes are up



    I’d be disappointed though not surprised if that was it, a poor ending to an interesting transfer window where we addressed some of the issues

  6. We seen how short we were on Sunday, 2 in 2 out,changes nothing…..except the 2 out are much better than the 2 in

  7. Was Willie Wallace our last transfer to Palace ?



    Hope Eddy gets on well … more even games will give the big fella more room …

  8. Joe Hart🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


    Josip Juranovic🇵🇾


    Carl Starfelt 🇸🇪


    Liam Scales 🇮🇪


    James McCarthy 🇮🇪


    Liel Abada 🇮🇱


    Kyogo Furuashi 🇯🇵


    Geo Giakoumakis 🇬🇷


    Joao Filipe Jota 🇵🇹 ( season long loan with option to buy )




    Liam Shaw 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


    Osase Urhoghide. 🇳🇱


    Bosun Lawal 🇮🇪





    13 players signed its a splendid first window for Dom and Ange (remember you posted it was a complete rebuild? ) wantaways as predicted all away by deadline day. If it was as tragic as some posters said last year, and during summer, then you’ll also now know that it will take more than one window to move fully back into where we were, when Brendan Rodgers bailed.



    Jota and Abada on either flank is something to look forward to with Juranovic, Giakoumakis, and McCarthy still to get going, Julien to return, then AP has done a very good job in two months. Kyogo and to a lesser extent Abada have been revelations. The entire squad are now playing for Ange the biggest change at Celtic is that when you watch, you don’t feel down anymore.



    I think Ajeti might yet come out from under Edouard’s old shadow and would like to see him get a run in the side, as a poacher. As soon as it was clear that Liam Scales was the fourth left back at the club, there was no chance of another big money splash at replacing Keiran Tierney. It’s Taylor, Montgomery, and Scales. AP recalled Boli had a look in pre season and said no thanks, but honestly who wouldn’t?



    If Julien stops the drama queen act, and gets his head on, then two from three of Welsh , Starfelt, Julien should see us fairly solid in the price frozen nights at CP, in the Europa. I see Juranovic as RB but commend Celtic for extending Tony Ralston’s deal in June. Midfield, is far from perfect, James McCarthy was an easy signing, too easy to be Celtic’s DM week in and week out.



    Reckon we’ll be there or thereabouts come January, won’t need loans or debt and we’ll buy again,because we can.

  9. Tom McLaughlin on

    BBC Radio Scotland show their class by announcing Celtic have signed Filipe Hota on loan.



    It’s Jota. He’s Portuguese not Spanish.



    Reminds me of Chic Young announcing the signing of Horhay Cadete.




  10. If nothing else happens it looks like we have 29 in the first-team squad, including non-contributors Barkas, Boli & Ajeti and also very inexperienced Dembele, Johnston, Urhoghide, Shaw, Murray, Scales & Montgomery – so by subtracting the non-contributors, the new and inexperienced & the two keepers, Hart & Bain – that leaves seventeen experienced regular outfield players…..not a lot for a fifty-game campaign. Let’s hope a good few of the youngsters can step-up – who knows we may get a pleasant surprise…..but I don’t believe it is good enough to win the title back……roof comes crashing down!!!!

  11. CHAIRBHOY on 31ST AUGUST 2021 6:37 PM


    Just reading back and saw your post – whilst I can’t argue that last season saw us sink, I feel the quadruple treble leading up to it is one hell of a floundering about leading up to it.

  12. BURNLEY78 @ 9:35 PM,



    My point, though a bit cackhandedly made, was they proved themselves at a senior executive level outside Celtic.



    Peter Lawwell never has, it is obviously conjecture now he’s retired to suggest he could or couldn’t handle the position elsewhere.



    When PL came in we had, had a decade of incredible achievement with the likes of Fergus McCann, Dermot Desmond and Brian Quinn building a football club from a basket case.



    Not wanting to put words into your mouth but you may feel that the level of achievement and advancement was just not sustainable going into the future and a period of consolidation was necessary.



    For me it wasn’t, I’ve argued for many seasons we should forget the Rangers and look at the likes of Ajax as our peers.



    My issues around PL at the tiller are many, however I appreciate he had strengths and weaknesses and imo, the biggest shareholder had objectives that he wanted PL to concentrate on.



    Doing that as a priority while taking on multiple executive functions did not work.



    St STIVS detailed the salaries of our Board – lots of NEDs, where are the executives?



    Crucial executive roles in a modern football Club include…






    Football/Sporting Director



    Operations Director



    Finance Director



    Chief Exec



    Out of the five roles we have two filled



    Ironically one being finance which is of course is PL’s expertise, the CEO is the other filled position.



    As you say PL went from the operations role to the CEO role.



    We were short of a sporting director, an operations director and a football Chairman, throughout most of his tenure.



    Having DD and PL fill in these gaps in an ad hoc fashion, while concentrating on our “big league” future for me was a disaster waiting to happen.



    Of course I’m not being wise after the event, my views had been stated.



    Peter Lawwell obviously had a function that Dermot Desmond was happy for him to undertake.



    It was not footballing excellence though, he is no Edwin var der Sar.



    We are no Ajax, we are AZ Alkmaar – I wonder how many of us in 2006 would have seen that as success?



    Hail Hail







    Wispy and Yogi went at the same time when JS started breaking up the Lions.






    Ah remember now our Boys Guild team had the old Palace strip , stripy thing down the middle … always kept an eye out for them … passed Selhurst park taxi short cut to Gatwick … it is tiny bizarre that they can shell out mega wages … crazy world

  14. looks like we are building a team from the front and working our way to the back by January – gonna be fun to watch but not looking forward to the usual calamity defending and loss of basic goals.



    Btw I like the look and stature of young Murray – showed a lot of promise!

  15. EKBHOY



    Remember it well burgundy with a pale blue pinstripe. Yogi scored a 30 yarder into the postage corner on his debut? But sadly the move didn’t work out too well for either I recall.

  16. Some sites saying £2.5M for Christie, yet CQN Latest News article pegs it at £1M. Who to believe?

  17. B-B


    Forgive me for jumping in, but do you not think drawing 3-3 with a championship side and getting taken to extra time and a penalty shootout was floundering a wee bit?



    Doom and gloomers…





    Waaaah! I didn’t want a Scalextric, I wanted a train set…







    christmas 1970.



    doon stairs.



    twins are 4, i am 5



    one carboard box each, selection pack, a pair of football boots each.



    you go first, naw youse go first, the twins open their boxes to find celtic kits, with the sew on badge.



    i smugly, slowly, carefully open mines, ……….



    dark dark blue scotland strip (almost interchangable with thr rangers one, even those socks.



    dont talk to me about disappointing transfer windows.

  19. If that’s it for players in how pathetic is that.



    £53million odd in sales and spent £20 odd million.



    Utterly pathetic, well Ange they are setting you up to fail mate.



    I hope not but our lying cheating custodians are at it again.



    D :)



    On a snowy day while wearing white gutties? Or am I remembering another thunderbolt?

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    MAZZY on 31ST AUGUST 2021 9:05 PM


    Not watching anymore of Sky.





    Genuinely good for you mate.



    If every Celtic fan took a similar stance there would be editorial and personnel changes within a week.

  22. From last blog:


    TURKEYBHOY on 31ST AUGUST 2021 11:01 AM



    Just got word my son,has Covid.Quite a few of his mates have also tested positive.All go on the same bus,and all together at the game.Who knows?Bus or game.




    Had double vacs so just feeling rough like flu.







    I reckon I caught COVID at the St. Mirren game or in transit to or from it by train. Another poster on here said he experienced COVID type symptoms on the day following that game. We both sit on the Main Stand. I know another guy who caught it probably at the same game- main stand too. He reckons he caught it doing the Huddle. Tell your son not to rule out doing the Huddle as a COVID spreader. What could go wrong with 50000 fans with their arms around their neighbours jumping up and down, around 45000 of them without masks.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    IMHO, a very good window but I still think we are a body short.



    Hopefully something happens in next 90 minutes.

  24. prestonpans bhoys on




    I thought that ‘lets all do the huddle’ reckless tbh

  25. Tom McLaughlin on




    Announce it?



    Ha had a 2 page spread in the Scotsman featuring the new Celtic manager Artur Jorge.



    That was the end of his days as a serious journalist as he was told to clear his desk.



    Oh how we laughed.

  26. BASHI-BAZOUKS @ 10:14 PM,



    Well, I did make it clear we’ve had ups and downs.



    For me the Brendan Rodgers era was an outlier and supports my case in point.



    BR was hired by Dermot Desmond who went to an outside consultancy firm to hire him and his staff.



    He showed the ambition lacking before and after his appointment and I’ve stated many times, before, during and after his tenure that that level of ambition was not only desirable but necessary for Celtic to achieve their potential.



    We had record results, record turnover, record profits, record squad value.



    It seems ironic the very thing I’ve bee advocating for many years on here has been used as a stick to prove me and others with my views wrong.



    There is a business model that works for Celtic FC, it about proper investment in the team, coaching staff, sports specialists, football management with everything focused on excellence on the pitch.



    It works, we know it works, yet it has not been practiced by the Celtic PLC as I’ve said, our achievements were made despite our Board not because of it.



    At the height of our success in the PL era, The Daily Mail in England likened Brendan Rodgers’ achievements with us a shooting fish in a barrel.



    What we need to know is why Tony Mowbray, Neil Lennon and Ronny Delia missed so many fish:)



    Hail Hail