Assoc-member club allege inappropriate SFA involvement


In a universe close to you, one side of a football club boardroom battle thought it would be a good idea to undermine the other side by accusing them of leaking company information.  The allegations of a leak [at Newco Rangers, in case you were unaware]were blazoned across The Sun today, who were shown “a copy of explosive minutes from the board showdown at Murray Park where Gers power-brokers voted to sideline (chairman, Malcolm Murray)”.

This is cringe worthy.  At what level of humanity does leaking [highly confidential]boardroom documents about an earlier alleged leak appear to be acceptable behaviour?

The Sun report the minutes from last week’s board meeting record:

“The SFA mentioned to the acting chief executive (Craig Mather) that the Rangers board situation needed addressing as the SFA understood information was leaking from the chairman.

“Given the concerns about confidentiality [no laughing now], credibility and professional conduct and the impact on regulators, a motion was proposed to remove Malcolm from the position of chairman and as director of the company following the completion of the investigation.

“It was decided that Malcolm should not attend to any duties in the meantime and would not be involved in the direction or detail of the investigation.

“The resolution was passed by a majority of shareholders.”

The campaign to blacken Malcolm Murray’s name has been underway for some months but you can ignore that, there are three points from the above worthy of note:

“Malcolm… would not be involved in the direction or detail of the investigation”.  Despite having the minutes, The Sun fail to clarify which investigation is being referred to, the on-going investigation by Pinsent Masons and Deloittes, or an investigation into Malcolm Murray’s behaviour.

As it was proposed to sack Murray as a director on completion of the investigation it’s unlikely the investigation is into his own behaviour.  Sentencing is usually reserved until after guilt is established.

The possibility that the minutes indicate Malcolm Murray will not be allowed to be involved in the direction or detail of the Pinsent Masons investigation renders the exercise pointless.  The investigation into links between Green and Whyte, with consequences for SFA membership, was at the insistence of Murray.  If the persons who removed him are now controlling the scope of his investigation, that investigation is moot.

The other interesting point is that the “resolution was passed by a majority of shareholders”.  I’m pretty sure this was a directors’ board meeting not a shareholders meeting.  It’s a curious comment to make its way onto the minutes.

By far the most concerning comment to be made on an SFA associate member’s boardroom minutes was:

“The SFA mentioned to the acting chief executive (Craig Mather) that the Rangers board situation needed addressing as the SFA understood information was leaking from the chairman”.

It is no business of the SFA whatsoever if a club chairman talks about its business outside the boardroom, the allegation here is of completely inappropriate behaviour by the Association, which makes it our business.

Who at the SFA is involved in this, what did they know, when did they know it, who told them and who did they speak?

Time for some leadership from the SFA board and some proper journalism, or would everyone rather play their part in the Great Football Swindle?

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  1. delbhoy59



    15:17 on 13 May, 2013





    ‘Living Doll’ was No.1 when I was born!



    I believe, therefore, that I comply with the current CQN demographic !









    Snap !!!

  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    15:51 on 13 May, 2013



    I’m off work on the sic





    hahahahahahahahahaha……and I’m sicasevco …….

  3. TheBarcaMole on




    Well done that man; got that tune in one……



    Regards & Hail Hail



  4. The Spirit of Arthur Lee



    I have exclusive minutes leaked (obviously) from the Sevco board meeting.



    Sevco Chairman: Holy underwear! Press leaks! share prices dropping and no season ticket sales! We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen! We must do something about this immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!



    Sevco board members: Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!



    Sevco Chairman: [pointing to a member of the board] I didn’t get a “harrumph” out of that guy!



    Chief Eexecutive: Give the Chairman harrumph!



    Sevco board member: Harrumph!



    Sevco Chairman: You watch your ass.



    Chief Eexecutive: Meeting adjourned. Oh, I am sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to overstep my bounds. You say that.



    Sevco Chairman: What?



    Chief Eexecutive: “Meeting is adjourned”.



    Sevco Chairman: It is?



    Chief Eexecutive: No, you *say* that



    Sevco Chairman: What?



    Chief Eexecutive: “Meeting is adjourned”.



    Sevco Chairman: It is?



    Chief Eexecutive: [sighs, then gives the chairman a paddleball] Here, sir, play with this.




  5. Phil MacGiollaBhain





    Excellent Ibrox source today described situation there to me as “beyond chaos”.

  6. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    We’d be sic without Google…..

  7. Leaks of leaks. SFA doing as the SFA always does for the Rangers and the Sevco.



    If the SFA were a republic it’s main industry would be the growth of bananas.

  8. Neil played down his donating of his medal to the young fan on Saturday.



    He said it was a “show medal” and the real one comes from the SPL.



    I presume it was a sponsor’s medal.



    However, it doesn’t detract from the gesture and the thrill for the young girl who received it.



    Kind and thoughtful.

  9. mungolian bhoy on

    How long is employment guaranteed as an officer of the SFA ? If the same goings on occurred in politics someone would have been forced out. All I can say is – some club owners must be ok with everything. Don’t see anybody but the fans making allegations. The Celtic clubs silence on these matters over a long period of time is curious. Maybe following “legal advice” ?




  10. The Boy Jinky on

    Doctor whatfor



    Bt looking better on friday night…. ask mini bt ..picture :. sir david murray with a grizzly red beard ….. ;)

  11. Wouldn’t be disappointed if we lose Hooper, we have lost many over the year far better. Celtic always find good strikers.

  12. The Moon Bhoys on

    ‘beyond chaos’ does not cut it for me, discontinued, terminated, shut down, any one of these would be much more interesting. We all know the SFA will ‘manage’ the chaos for them.

  13. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    What a shame





    Former Italy midfielder Gennaro Gattuso has become the fifth coach to be sacked by Swiss side FC Sion this season.

  14. charliebhoy


    15:44 on


    13 May, 2013




    Sic is a term that someone who knows their grammar and spelling and punctuation puts against what someone else has written that the sic person knows is incorrect.



    I rarely use it :)

  15. The Moon Bhoys on

    They should change it to ‘Sevco First Always’, that would make things a lot clearer for some.

  16. Phil mac tweeting..


    Excellent ibrox source today described situation there ti me as”beyond chaos”



    Sounds like some fun on the way Bhoys h.h

  17. BT



    A wee story to cheer you up.



    I married a Blant’ur lass, lived up off Stonefield Rd for four years before moving back across the river to my old stomping ground in G71. In-laws still live doon the Village, and some in West End.



    Anyway, got in from a night out last night and logged on to CQN to see if anything was happening.



    ” You’re obsessed with that site” she says, “anyway, what’s so interesting about it?”



    “We’ll”, says I, “there’s a guy on here, goes by the name of Blantyretim, he seems to have gone to St. Blanes and John Ogilvie at exactly the same time as you”



    “Oh! Right!”, says she, suddenly interested. “What else does he say?”



    I reply, “He’s recovering from a knee operation, and reading between the lines, I think his dad used to play for Celtic”



    “Oh!!! I know who that is!!!”, she squealed, ” I used to go out with him! In fact I was thinking about him last week!”



    Me – “WTF!!”



    Her – “Well it’s a young love/first love kind of thing, do you never think about your old girlfriends?”



    Astounded of forehead doesn’t cover it I’m afraid!



    Anyway, she sends her best wishes for a speedy recovery.



    As do I of course. :))))

  18. swatson Neil Lennon’s 6ft skinny twin!


    15:28 on


    13 May, 2013





    Any inclination of what that more important goal might be?




    Playing elsewhere and using what is unfolding as the self evident reason.



    Good for everybody.

  19. Delbhoy


    Im the youngest of the four bhoys mate.


    Thanks for your kind thoughts and those of your good lady…







    And now we know why you grew that ginger beard in the first place!



    Me,I don’t bother wi such things-mine grows in like a blinkin’ Pantone book………..

  21. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Who were the ugly 3 who refused to applaud genius? Ill go for Vine, Wright and M Davidson!!

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