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My inbox today was full of angst at the latest series of ‘favourites’ for the manager’s job.  There are upwards of 20 journalists working on this story right now, each of whom need to push the story on every day.

No information?  Tough, write something.  Not found a single person Peter Lawwell has spoken to?  Hard lines, get Ownie’s neighbour’s granny on again, she’ll be good for a word.

Who’s fault is this?  The journos are just doing a job, the media have space to fill – and it will be filled with any type of speculation.  We all know the rules so why take the bait?

By the time the news of Neil’s resignation leaked out on Thursday Celtic’s moves were already underway.  Potential candidates jockeyed for position in the limelight for a couple of days, and for most cases they were disappointed the call didn’t arrive.  Even Henrik was talking about returning to Celtic at one point, only to reaffirm his commitment to his current employers a couple of days later.

Agents will also be busy offering their clients, Celtic will respond respectfully, but just because an agent opens a one-sided dialogue doesn’t mean meaningful dialogue is taking place.  Celtic will also speak to applicants out of courtesy.  If a former player or prominent candidate asks to be considered, you can expect Celtic to meet them, whether they have a genuine interest or not.

>90% of this activity will be fruitless.  Some of it will seep out into the public domain but it is vastly more likely that those wanting to raise their profile make the newspapers, as opposed to those Celtic have approached.

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  1. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on




    14:03 on 26 May, 2014


    Just heard from a friend of ours, to let you know he had noticed on twitter that Morts dad has not been well,so that may explain his absence.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    there’s nothing worse than an opportunist lurker who slithers on to the podium.>)

  3. From tinytim @ 12:54 on 26 May, 2014 who’s away to some work unlike the rest of us slackers.




    All on CQN are invited to the first ever CQN POOL TOURNAMENT.


    It take place on Saturday the 5th of July at Scotland’s best pool & snooker venue,Styx in Kirkcaldy.



    The start time will be 2.00pm.



    All are invited to be at the venue for 13.00.



    I hope to raise a wee bit for charity and had a few beers and some good craic.



    This is an open invite to all on CQN.



    You can come along just to enjoy a few beers with fellow Tim’s ,or you can enter and enjoy the tournament aswell.



    We have 15 entrants already.



    I will stress that you do not need to be a pool player to enter.


    This is about a good day out as an excuse to maybe help some others.



    If you have an interest in attending to either play or spectate ( get drunk) then leave a message on here or contact me through Paul67.



    This will be the day after the CQN Golf open at Aberdour ,so some may wish to make a couple of days out of it.



    Aberdour to Kirkcaldy is about 20 mins by car .



    Hail! Hail!




  4. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Well Well Well


    Margaret McGill


    who’d a thunk it


    congratulations :)))))))))))))))

  5. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    Nobody mentioned so far is near good enough,lawwell will just pick the cheapest option as usual

  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Leftlicktic- thanks for the info.



    I shall remember Mort’s dad in my prayers.

  7. Turkeybhoy



    Great post about who we should be targeting for our new manager.



    Surely there must be a decent coach other than those with EPL experience who would want to manage us? As you say Yakin would be a very good choice.



    Btw a disgraceful cheap shot about Neil Lennon in the so called ‘Hotline’, that section those MSM cowards state is from ‘fans’.



    I know we shouldn’t read or react to them but it really is time Celtic do something about them.



    If they did it might encourage a few more season ticket sales!

  8. Question for Paul – speaking as one fan to another, who would you like to see being appointed? You must have a favourite or two who you think would be right for the job. All the rest of us do :) For me: Keane with John Kennedy as assistant.

  9. I haven’t even had a call from Peter.


    Happy Memorial Day from a sunny, for now, eastern seaboard.


    Only 17 days to kick off.

  10. darwinsbeautifulidea



    14:42 on 26 May, 2014



    Who would you go for ?

  11. darwinsbeautifulidea………………Cheapest option?………..Worked for me the last time.

  12. Margaret McGill on

    You podium chasers suck!



    Ok better read what Paul67 said


    Back later

  13. glendalystonsils



    14:39 on 26 May, 2014



    there’s nothing worse than an opportunist lurker who slithers on to the podium.>)



    Ha ha! If only I’d been logged on ;-((, I’d have made a 5th podium place within a week…..woe is me etc;







  14. CQN is staging an event in London with the Wimbledon CSC on Saturday 21st June.



    We will have John Hughes there doing a Q&A session with BRTH hosting. Then BRTH will be joined BT Auldheid for a discussion on Scottish football



    We may discuss the possible escape routes open to Celtic…



    Anyone in the London area wishing to attend please let me know. Email is david@cqnmagazine.com

  15. theglasgowcelticway on

    Let the journalists do their jobs and don’t be stunned if Lord Lucan,Shergar and BMCUWP are meeting with PL as we speak(I’d take BMCUWP by the way).


    As someone who didn’t want NL and was proved totally wrong,I’m just hoping the decision is quick and we can get on with backing the new boss.

  16. Apologies if already posted, but, David Coburn, UKIP, has been reported to Police Scotland for alleged Electoral fraud. Incorrect information re. date of commencement of living in Scotland.







  17. Quincy Adams Wagstaff on

    Afternoon All




    Me and my good lady are celebrating 19 blissfull years of marriage today.



    This of course means that 19 years tomorrow is the anniversary of Big Pierre heading the winner in the cup final against Airdrie(the now defunct club)



    Ah, happy memories!! : )




  18. Margaret McGill on

    Haven’t read back but did anyone answer my earlier erudite fluent articulate and thoughtful moonhowler comments? Just askin ken likesy

  19. Sir Paul



    Ah see that ur keepin yer Cairds close tae yer vest…in this great Parkheid Sweepstakes.



    Good Tactic.



    Me? Well… ye know me well,pal.. Ah will Alwiz be guid fur Breengin’ In.. where… even…Rambo…. wid fear tae Tred!



    lN… Besides… collie, ate the only decent pack of Cairds,in hoose , the ither day.. n.. Ah Canny find


    where…Violetta, pit ma Vest… anywhere.



    So..let’s Get oan wi’ it.. withoot any mair.. Folderol..( Great Word,pal.. Great Word!..ed)( Ah know, that… But.. Whit the Hell diz it Mean?)



    Ah wull be short n sweet..



    Malky MacKay is a Shoe- In..






    If Ah hid Ma Druthers.. n .. Again… that Damn Dug.. His hidden them Somewhere..



    but..If ah Could find them..



    Ah wid..



    Plump fur …



    Jackie MacNamara.



    He is Ma Sentimental Favorite Fur the Joab..



    Nice Chatting,kiddo.. as Alwiz





    Stil, Laughin’

  20. Paul 67


    For what it is worth I have been told that Owen Coyle will get the job

  21. SFTB/1967 ECW



    From previous thread………….


    Once Francis samples Paradise I’m sure we’d have him forever

  22. Margaret McGill on

    See I got cairds you got cairds we awe goat cairds!


    It’s a Hoose o cairds


    Sometimes it’s the ace o cairds


    And sometimes who cairds?


    But as I cairds you cairds three bags full cairds


    Sometimes ye get the 3 o clubs


    Still laughin

  23. Quincy Adams Wagstaff on

    leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon




    Cheers for that my friend – will always treasure that weekend!!

  24. valentinesday on

    Paul67……once again I’ll ask, who do you want


    for our new manager?……don’t be shy Paul, you’re


    amongst frhiends.

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