Bayo: opponents will hate him and his goal stats will impress. The Run


I lost count on how many times Bayo was written off by people who had seen less than 10 minutes of him.  Even after the Cluj defeat, when he appeared as an 88th minute substitute, he was described to me as a ‘lamppost’.  Similar things could be said about the Tom Rogic, Ryan Christie, Callum McGregor, Odsonne Edouard and even Moussa Dembele.  It is almost as though players do not get better after they settle in the club/country and grow into the Celtic shirt.

For the best part of 30 years, Celtic failed to improve players compared to the average domestic or European competitor.  We also failed to convert often prodigious young talent into accomplished first team members.  Now there is a steady stream of youth players making the grade, Mikey Johnston being the most recent and players arrive at Celtic with a much better than average chance of improving.

I don’t know what Bayo is going to achieve, but his first start compares to any from a Celtic striker in recent memory.  He is quick, has good upper-body strength, and throws himself around in the air to great effect, something that neither Odsonne or Leigh Griffiths are suited for.  My guess is, opponents will hate playing against him and his goals stats will be better than anyone expects.

The Great Scottish Run is five weeks away.  If you are booked in and not yet linked with a beneficiary, or fancy a crack at the 10k or Half Marathon, there is still time to enter and run for the Celtic FC Foundation.

Running through Glasgow in a Celtic Foundation T-shirt is a life affirming experience.  You get to represent something special, something you believe in.  This is different from any other Celtic experience I’ve had.

If you are a runner, I can recommend it, details here.  I’m going to enter but I’ve hardly put my trainers on this year.  There’s a lot of work to do between now and then….


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    And maybe Ntcham would describe himself as black.



    Tell me if it reads any better



    “Christ knows that I’m no great fan of blacks. Credit where it’s due though. They were responsible for some decent music”



    “Christ knows that I’m no great fan of Catholics. Credit where it’s due though. They were responsible for some decent music”



    Am I misunderstanding what was said? To me it read as “I don’t like jews but I like Paul Simon’s music”

  2. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Btw, mods and Paul67 , there was an anti semitic post on n the last blog. A blogger picked it up and condemned it.

  3. Celtic beat Dundee 4-2 in Reserve Cup Opener, Scorers Aitchison, Burt, Griffiths, Oko-Flex.

  4. My team for Thursday:




    Elhamed Ajer Bitton Boli




    Forrest Christie McGregor Johnston





    I would expect that Neil will go with Jullien instead of Bitton and Ntcham instead of Johnston but what does he know compared to a retired Teacher.




  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    Hot Smoked



    Forster cant play in that game



    I would leave Johnston and Bitton on the bench and go with Ntcham and Jullien, but i wouldnt be averse to Bitton playing instead of Ntcham

  6. Go Tell


    See? Neil does know more than I do !


    I think Bitton has played very well this year but it might be that his style is more suited to games at Celtic Park ( V Scottish opposition) when we are largely attacking.





  7. Bada


    It might surprise some but I woukl not be averse to Madhun. I noticed that the Celtic players seem to respect him and he has shown himself willing to listen to them without treating them like naughty children when they question him.


    The Clown from The Crown or Clancy would be the worst choices for me but I guess, if he hasn`t retired yet, Craig Thomson will be the man in the middle.



  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Hot smoked,


    That is exactly what he said, others exaggerated and lied about it, simple as that.


    Some people go to extreme lengths to manufacture an agenda.

  9. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Yeah, fair enough Paul67- bayo is good.



    Cheque book please.



    FF very welcome. Don’t stop now.






    Nothing humble here, I’m guessing it sounds like a young supporter, one that has only ever known Celtic success, assumes its normal, and is now panicky as sevco get louder by the day (not better, just louder).

  10. mit



    couldn’t believe the post by 16 roads.



    reminds me of some of the comments on hesgol when i was trying to stream celtic game yesterday.

  11. Roccobhoy: from last night.



    I would recommend Waxy O Connors just off George’s Square for the five in a row.



    I watched four in a row there last year. Not too packed but no football colors will be allowed.

  12. RUGGYGMAN on 26TH AUGUST 2019 2:16 PM


    Will be interesting to see what Lenny comes up with for Ibroke’s on Sunday.







    He rates Mikey Johnston very highly, and rightly so. But in the environment, I can see Mikey being sacrificed.










    Ajer Jozo Jullien Holy Boli



    ———-Brown McGregor————–



    Forrest Christie Ntcham







    Is go with that midfield to start on Sunday. Depending what happens on Thursday, he might go with Elhamed at RB and Ajer at CB for Julien. Whoever plays, we need to be up for it. Character as well as skill required.

  13. Sevco will not try to play through the centre of midfield, they get their wing backs on the ball hit diagonals or try get the ball in from 30 yds, so both wide men push onto their wing backs, Defoe is a diving shite, anwhere near the box he is going down he only needs to feel the opponenet near him over he goes, free kicks near our box are to be avoided however I dont know how when he dives as does Morelos, if we can stiffle them we can win, we have plenty talent going forward even better if they push up, 4 5 1 without the ball transferring to 424 without, focus for the full duration of the match, the same for Stockholm, Johnston is still a luxury, bring him on when the game is out of sight would prefer Boli in his position more running power with a left back behind him .

  14. When we go to the Zoo we will need physicality. No room for Mikey there, we will need a strong midfield, personally I’d love to see Ajer tried in midfield, but throwing him in there at the Zoo is not on either.


    I’d probably go Forster, as he would have a chance at saving the penalty, Elhamed Julien, Ajer, Boll.


    Brown, Bitton,N’tcham, CalMac, Morgan, Jamesy, French Eddy.

  15. Scrap my team, I forgot Ryan, how could I have been so stupid. One of the first names on the team sheet.

  16. Corkcelt – for the bigot dome- back 4 and GK same



    Midfield – Broonie, Ntcham, cal Mac, RC, Jamsie



    Forward – French Eddie



    Flood midfield let them break us try and break us down and hit on the break. Seemples.



    What we should have done against the Clujy






    D. :)

  17. GENE on 26TH AUGUST 2019 6:08 PM





    Think he would need a gentler introduction




    yes, i should have added going forward, not against thems.

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    May have conflated posts and apologies to timaloy29 for the abuse

  19. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Do we really have to demean ourselves by getting into a debate about players’ religions?



    I couldn’t care less about the religion, or ethnic origin, of anybody. And that’s in the big real world, not just a Celtic blog.



    I thought this was the territory of the deluded racist supremacists across the river.



    As far as Celtic is concerned, IMO any player who pulls on the Hoops should be supported to the hilt, and judged on the park.



    Whichever God, or none, they choose is their own business.



    And anybody referring to one of our players as “the Jew” should be called out for it. At the very least.

  20. RON67 on 26TH AUGUST 2019 2:37 PM


    team against them on sunday , go for it.





    Eltham– Jozo—Ajer— Boli


    Christie– Brown—McGregor







    BGFC here – pinching the bhoy’s login….



    Like the look of that team, although perhaps one or two comments:



    1. He’ll maybe go with Forster instead of Gordon. Haven’t seen enough of either recently to make a good judgement, but did say to Wee BGFC on Sunday that Forster would save the penalty – he really fills the goalmouth up and might be a good bet given the chances of us facing a Sevco penalty at some point



    2. Like the look of Bayo through the middle – looks lightning fast, and allows Eddie to drift slightly left – which he likes.



    3. Glad to NOT alter midfield too much to accomodate Ncham – I really like him but that seems to imballance the shape a bit – often moving others to less potent positions (e.g., moved Christie out right at the weekend for much of the game, moved McGregor vs Cluj, etc. Maybe two from Ncham, Christie, McGregor at any one time.






  21. Mike in Toronto on




    As I was the person who asked that the post be removed (others may have done so as well, I dont know), and as you are a poster for who I have always had considerable respect, I felt should reply to your post.



    I dont know 16Roads, so this is not about the poster. It was simply about the post.



    I read it and it made me very uncomfortable. so, I went back to read the comments leading up to it, to see the context in which it was said. I thought that perhaps some context may shed some light up on it.



    I didnt see any such context (apologies if I missed it), so the post stood on its own. And on its own, it was problematic. So, I asked that it be removed.



    If several of us all read it one way, then the problem is not with the readers, but with the post.



    It is possible that I, and ohters have read it in a way the 16R did not intend. If that is the case, then I trust that once 16R realizes that the post does not convey the point he was trying to make, and is conveying something very different, he will agree that it is best to simply have it removed, and move on.

  22. Mike in Toronto on 26th August 2019 6:44 pm





    I was offended by 16R’s post, but if he comes on and has a reasonble explanation for it, I will wholeheartedly apologise for misjudging him.

  23. Bolton and Bury have applied to the SFA / Spfl for membership as they understand that in Scotland you can survive liquidation




    Fair play to you to admit you were wrong.



    I’ve met 16 roads a few times, came across as good bloke and will regret how he worded his post. HH 👍🍀

  25. A song for Bayo? Just noticed this on Twitter – “Too high….Too far….Too soon….- you saw the whole of Vakoun…..”

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